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Life Works and Writings of Rizal RC

Course Title: Course No.

School Year: Semester: Prerequisite: Schedule:

2011-2012 First Semester None

No. Of Units: 3 units Faculty

A course on the life, work, ideas and ideals of Jose Rizal which aims to provide students an in-depth appreciation of Rizals contribution to the building of the Filipino nationhood. The course involves the critical and analytical discussion of Rizal in the context of Philippine History.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the student should be able to: 1. Demonstrate knowledge about the political, social ad economic condition of the Philippines during the time of Rizal. 2. Discuss the important and pivotal events in Rizals life and works. 3. Demonstrate the salient points of Rizals work and discuss their importance. 4. Compare and contrast Rizals works in comparison to the contemporary Philippine society. 5. Compare Rizals works together with other Filipino heroes. 6. Appreciate how Rizal and other heroes contributed to Filipino nationhood.

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Major Competency

1. To be able to discuss Rizals life, works, ideas and ideals in the context of the formation of Philippine nationhood. 2. To be able to point out important and pivotal events and factors that helped shape and develop Rizals nationalism. 3. To appreciate the relevance of Rizals teachings and those of other Filipino heroes. 4. To discuss, compare, evaluate and analyze the achievements of Rizal and other heroes in relation to their importance to the life of the Filipino nation. 5. To manifest respect and reverence for the achievements, ideas and ideals of the nations heroes. 1. Develop a deeper understanding of Filipino nationalism and the achievements of Filipino heroes. 2. Instill in students human values and cultural refinement exemplified by Rizal and other Filipino heroes. 3. Inculcate high ethical standards in students exemplified by Filipino heroes. 4. Reflect social awareness in when making decisions and planning activities.

Value Objectives:







a. Rizal Law b. What are the qualities of a hero? c. Rizals time 1. The World 2. The Philippines

3 hours


Rizals Childhood
a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

6 hours

Birth Family and Ancestry Hometown Story of the Moth Sa Aking Mga Kabata Boyhood Influences Education in Calamba and Bian

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Higher Education

9 hours

a. Ateneo de Manila 1. Jesuit System of Education 2. Poems and Artistic Works b. University of Santo Tomas 1. Medical Studies 2. Ala Juventud Filipina 3. El Consejo delos Dioses 4. Champion of Filipino Students


Education and Travels Abroad

a. b. c. d. Universidad Central de Madrid Rizal as a Mason The Writing of the Noli Me Tangere Ophthalmic Training under Dr. Louis de Weckert and Dr. Otto Becker e. Friendship with Ferdinand Blumentritt f. Grand Tour of Europe

3 hours



Homecoming and Return to Europe

a. Return Home 1. Medical Practice in Calamba 2. Uproar and attacks of the Noli 3. The Calamba Land Problem b. Asia and US Exposure 1. Hong Kong and Macau 2. United States c. Rizal as Propagandist 1. Annotation of Succesos de las Islas Filipinas in London 2. La Solidaridad 3. To the Young Women of Malolos 4. Indios Bravos 5. The Philippines, A Century Hence 6. Indolence of the Filipinos 7. Por Telefono 8. Life in Brussels 9. Rizal and Marcelo H. Del Pilars Rivalry 10. Publication of the El Filibusterismo in Ghent

6 hours

Unit III

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Return to the Philippines

Ophthalmic Surgeon in Hong Kong Borneo Colonization Project La Liga Filipina Exile in Dapitan 1. Physician, Farmer and Businessman 2. Water System in Dapitan 3. School teacher 4. Discoveries and Inventions 5. Writings and Artistic Works 6. The Katipunan a. b. c. d.

9 hours

Unit III


Arrest, Trial and Execution

a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Last Trip Abroad Arrest and Arrival in Manila Preliminary Investigation Trial The Last Hours Retraction Ultimo Adios Execution Retrospect: Issues about Rizal Retraction Controversy The Loves of Rizal Was Rizal an American-sponsored hero? How the Filipinos view Rizal? Is Rizal the only National Hero?
9 hours


Rizals Major Works

a. Noli Me Tangere b. El Filibusterismo c. Other Works

3 hours


The Other Heroes and their Works

The Other Heroes and their Works a. Graciano Lopez-Jaena 1. Selected Works b. Marcelo H. del Pilar 1. Dasalan at Toksohan

6 hours

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2. Soberania Monacal en Filipinas c. Andres Bonifacio 1. Ang Dapat Mabatid ng mga Tagalog d. Emilio Jacinto 1. Ang Kartilya ng Katipunan 2. Selected Works e. Apolinario Mabini 1. Verdadero Decalogo 2. La Revoluccion Filipina


Professors Input:

Lecture-discussions Powerpoint/ Video Presentations Facilitating group discussions Recitation Quizzes & Exams

Enabling Activities: Oral Reports Small group tutorials Extensive readings of references Library work Quizzes & Exams Reporting Recitations Interactive/ Collaborative Activity: Group reporting Group discussions

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Integrating Activity: Discussion forums

Textbook and other References

Textbook: 1. Zaide, Gregorio F. and Sonia M. Zaide. Jose Rizal Life Works and Writings of a Genius, Writer, Scientist and National Hero. Quezon City: All Nationas Publishing Co. Inc. 1999. Other References: Abeto, Isidro ZE. Rizal and the Immortal Filipino (1861-1896). Manila: National Bookstore Inc. 1984. Arcilla, Jose S. Rizal and the Emergence of the Philippine Nation. Quezon City: Office of Research and Publications, Ateneo de Manila University, 1991. Coates, Austin. Rizal Philippine Nationalist Martyr. Hong Kong: Oxford University Printing Press, 1968. Del Pilar, Marcelo H. Letters. Manila: National Historical Institute, 2003. Guerrero, Leon Ma. The First Filipino. Manila: National Historical Institute, 2001. Lopez-Jaena, Graciano. Selected Works. Manila: National Historical Institute. 1961. Mabini, Apolinario. The Philippine Revolution. 2 vols. Manila: National Historical Institute, 2001 and 2004. Palma, Rafael. Rizal: The Pride of the Malay Race. Manila: Saint Anthony Company, 2000.

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Rivera, Crisanto C., Domingo G. Landicho and Domingo V. Valenciano. Ang Bayani. Manila: M&L Licudine Enterprises, 1969. Zaide, Gregorio F. Rizal, Asias First Apostle of Nationalism. Manila: FNB Enterprises, 1970. _____________. The Katipunan. Manila: 1932 Instructional Media LCD and projection screen Laptop computer Video CD, DVD CD & DVD player Television Audio equipment Whiteboard & pen


Attendance: Because much of the material and information will come from classroom activities and lectures, attendance is very important. You are allowed 7 absences for the entire semester. Tardiness: You are allowed fifteen (15) minutes to be late in the class. Democratic System Deadliest Deadline. A deduction from your grade will be given for passing requirements way past the deadline. Others please refer to your UST Student Handbook

Course Requirements

1. Active participation in class discussion (Graded Recitation, lectures, and group activities) and in discussion for a (online component) 2. Reaction papers 3. Case Study 4. Online Examination 5. Quizzes (Online and Classroom) 6. Major Examinations

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Computation of Grades

There are three (3) grading periods. 1. First Grading Period (MG) a. Class Standing (Quizzes, Exercises, Activities) - 60% b. Monthly Examination 40% 2. Second Grading Period (PG) a. Class Standing (Quizzes, Exercises, Activities) - 60% b. Preliminary Examination 40% 3. Third Grading Period (FG) a. Class Standing (Quizzes, Exercises, Activities) - 60% b. Monthly Examination 40% 4. Final Grade = MG + PG + FG / 3



WEEK 1 2-3

TOPIC Introduction Rizals Childhood

INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITY Lecture-Discussion Recitation Lecture-Discussion Recall of Childhood Lecture-Discussion Recitation Group Sharing of Experiences in former school


Higher Education


WEEK 1 2-3

TOPIC Education and Travels Abroad Homecoming and Return to Europe

INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITY Lecture-Discussion Map Reading Lecture-Discussion Recitation

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Return to the Philippines

Lecture-Discussion Recitation Video Showing: Rizal sa Dapitan

Preliminary Examination THIRD GRADING PERIOD Lecture-Discussion Group Sharing Debate Video Showing: Bayaning Third World Lecture-Discussion Reporting Reminiscing the Salient Points of the Novels Lecture-Discussion Reporting Video Showing: Rizal


Arrest, Trial and Execution

Rizals Major Works

5-6 6

The Other Heroes and their Works Final Examination

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