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Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Q-1 Please select the right option and state it in the answer

sheet. 1. Utilitarianism refers to, a. b. c. d. Being ethical because it is beneficial to the community and individual Being Ethical for its own sake Never being ethical None of the above 20 Marks

2. The Categorical Imperative is an ethical concept propounded by, a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Adam Smith John Locke Husserl Immanuel Kant Ramlingam Raju Dhirubhai Ambani None of the above

3. Arthur Anderson the famed consulting firm had to wind up thanks to, a. Its covering up of Enron b. It was too ethical c. None of the above 4. Corporate Governance in India is partly enforced with the help of, a. b. c. d. SEBI CSO ISI None of the above

5. Which of the given PSUs have decided to abide by Transparency International guidelines in business to ensure ethical conduct? a. b. c. d. e. NPCIL GAIL GSPC ONGC None of the above

6. Which are the points in HR where ethics is extremely critical? a. b. c. d. e. Performance Appraisal Training Recruitment A and C None of the above

7. Which are areas in marketing where ethics is extremely critical? a. b. c. d. e. Product Aesthetics Advertising Institutional Sales B and C None of the above

8. Corporate Governance is a only a board of directors function? a. The statement is true b. The statement is false 9. Whistle blower refers to a. b. c. d. Some one who likes to whistle Some one who breaks information on an unethical activity Lawyer who fights an ethics case None of the above

10. Who among the following is famed for maintaining Ethics in business? a. b. c. d. Dhirubhai Ambani Narayan Murthy Kumar Managalam Birla None of the above

11. A German company shifted a chemical plant from Germany to Gujarat (abiding by Indian Environmental laws) since the production was banned in Germany, What is your view on this? a. The company is legally and ethically right b. The company is legally and ethically wrong c. The company is legally right and ethically wrong d. None of the above 12. Good Ethics is also Good Business in the long run because,

a. b. c. d. e. f.

Good Ethics creates trust amongst customers and reduces his risk in purchase Good Ethics ensures better talent management within the company Good Ethics allows easier finance Good Ethics ensures good vendors All of the above None of the above

13. Ethics is culturally contextual. a. The statement is true b. The statement is false 14. Which of the following companies has seen two generations of employees retiring (trans generational employee loyalty and retention) from the company, thanks to its ethical and pro-employee policies? a. b. c. d. Reliance Tata Steel ONGC None of the above

15. Which of the following companies brings out an Annual CSR report along with its corporate Annual Report? a. b. c. d. Exxon SHELL Wall-Mart None of the above

16. One of the largest non-profit educational initiative for the poor in India is being supported by, a. b. c. d. e. Vodafone Bharati Videocon IDEA None of the above

17. How are CSR and HR initiatives different? a. CSR initiatives are for society outside the company whereas HR initiatives are for employees within the company b. Both are the same c. CSR and HR initiatives are not different, they are both aimed at the employees d. None of the above

18. Business of Business is Business a. The statement is used to support CSR b. The statement is used to refute CSR c. None of the above 19. The concept of Categorical Imperative means, a. Ethics is a means to happiness b. Ethics is an end into itself c. Ethics is cultural d. None of the above 20. What is Ethical Consumerism? a. Consumers pay for goodness and if necessary buy costly products if they are produced ethically b. Consumers maximize value at minimum price c. None of the above Q-2 Write a Short note on any four of the following, 1) Corporate Social Responsibility - The Indian context 2) Pragmatic Idealism, Utilitarianism and Business Ethics 3) Corporate Governance in India 4) Ethics in Marketing 5) Ethics in HR 6) International Pharmaceutical Patent System and Ethical Dilemmas 7) Arthur Anderson, Enron, British Petroleum and Satyam: Ethics and Corporate Collapse Q-3 Please read the case given The Tata Group Integrating Social Responsibility with Corporate Strategy and answer the questions given at the end of the case, 40 Marks 40 Marks