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power Supply
ATX 12V 2.0 Version

User's M anual > >

Thermaltake TR2 - 550W Power Supply Revision A 2005.10
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ATX 12V 2.0 Version ATX 12V 2.0 Version

Note : Table of contents

1. Introduction --------------------------------------- 01

2. Installation

2.1 Usage Illustration --------------------------- 02

2.2 Installation Steps --------------------------- 03

3. Product Specification

3.1 Output Specification ----------------------- 04

3.2 TR 2-550W Power Supply ------------------- 07

4. Trouble Shooting ------------------------------ 09

Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply

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ATX 12V 2.0 Version ATX 12V 2.0 Version

1. Introduction

We live up to the promise of Thermaltake logo in Should you have any questions regarding the
our unending quest for excellence. aforementioned steps, please contact Thermaltake
Shall you have any suggestion or comments, directly. Failure to follow the proper procedures may
please access our web site : cause sever bodily harm or PC component damage. For Support or General Inquiries, please contact us at:
or e-mail to : 1 Thermaltake Technology USA Toll Free: (800)988-1088
we appreciate your kindly feedback and you will Email:
receive the prompt response from our customer
service team. 2 Thermaltake Europe B.V.
Thank you for choosing a quality Thermaltake TR2- Email:
550W PC Power Supply. We trust that you will find it
providing you with many years of service. 3 Thermaltake Beijing Co.Ltd.
Tel:+86-10-82883159/3189 ext.16
You can always find a Thermaltake TR2-550W PC Email:
Power Supply that is suitable for all of your modern PC
power needs. 4 Thermaltake Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd
Please take the time in familiarize yourself with the power Email:
supply, its connectors and the contents of this manual
before proceeding with the installation of the power unit. 5 Thermaltake Japan Inc.
You will need a Phillips crosshead screwdriver, perhaps Email:
your PC case manual and most certainly your
motherboard manual.

Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply

TR2 - 550W PSU >> 09 TR2 - 550W PSU >> 02

ATX 12V 2.0 Version ATX 12V 2.0 Version

4. Trouble shooting 2 Installation

2.1 Usage illustration
Condition 1: N o D C o u t p u t . T h e f a n o r f a n s a r e m o t i o n l e s s 2.1.1 Do not pull the AC power cord when the power supply is in
use or else damage to components will result.
1-1 Is the AC inlet plug firmly plugged into the PSU inlet
2.1.2 Do not store the Power Supply in a high humidity and high
1-2 Is the wall socket, extension power cord, power strip
temperature environment.
or surge protector in use, fully functional and wall power
switch turned 'ON'?
1-3 Is the Main Board socket (24pin) plug fully and firmly 2.1.3 When using an ATX type power supply under testing
inserted? conditions where the power supply unit is not installed in a
PC with its components, please follow the steps below:
Condition 2: T h e f a n o r f a n s b e g a n r o t a t i n g a n d t h e n s t o p p e d . 1)Please take a paper clip and untwist it.
The system hangs without proceeding any further. 2)Make sure the power supply unit is in the "OFF" position.
Check: 3)Locate the 20 or 24 pin motherboard connector from the
2-1 Are the peripheral connectors firmly plugged into power supply unit.
accessory devices, such as the main hard drive, CD ROM 4)Plug one side of the paper clip into the green wire hole.
, etc?
5)Plug the other side of the paper clip into any of the black
2-2 If a plug has been inadvertently connected in an off-set or
wire holes.
reversed position, unplug the AC power source, reconnect
6)Turn on the PSU to see if the power supply fans turn on.
the offending connectors and then wait for 30 seconds
before replug in the AC power source and try again.
2.1.4 High voltages exist in the power supply. Do not open the

Note: power supply case unless you are an authorized service

If the power supply still cannot or is still unable to power up after technician or electrician.
following the above instruction, please send the unit back to
your dealer or retailer for after sales service. 2.1.5 All warrantees and guarantees shall be voided should there
be a failure to comply with any of the warnings and cautions
covered in this manual.

Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply

TR2 - 550W PSU >> 03 TR2 - 550W PSU >> 08

ATX 12V 2.0 Version ATX 12V 2.0 Version

Technology Features
2.2 Installation steps
To prevent electrical shocks, please disconnect the power cord
from your existing power supply unit. TR2-550W PSU has
Voltage Selector which will change to 115V / 230V. 12 cm Fan - High New 24(20) pin Dual +12V Rails
thermal performance Main Connector

Installation Steps
2.2.1 Disconnect the power cord from your old power supply.
2.2.2 Follow your computer case manual and disassemble the case. Mirror Coating
6 pin PCI- 5-pin S-ATA Connector
Express Connector
2.2.3 Disconnect all the power connectors from the motherboard
and from the peripheral devices such as case fans, hard drives, Cable Application
floppy drives. etc.
Intelligent Cable
2.2.4 Remove the existing power supply from your computer case Management:
>Black cable sleeving
and replace it with your new Thermaltake TR2-550W PSU. >Optimum air-flow

2.2.5 Connect the power connectors to the motherboard and

peripheral devices (refer to the rest of this manual to match
Total Output Connector
the various one-way key-locked connectors to the motherboard
and accessories).
2.2.6 Connect the 6-pin PCI Express connector to PCI Express X1 X1 X8 X2 X4 X2
24-pin 4-pin 4-pin 4-pin 5-pin 6-pin
graphic card if you need. Main Connector +12V Power Peripheral Power Floppy Drive S-ATA Connector PCI Express
Connector Connector Connector Connector

Note: Please read the user manual supplied with your graphic card
+3.3 V +5 V +12 V 1 +12 V 2 -12 V +5 VSB
for detail usage instructions.
Load 30 A 28 A 14 A 15 A 0.3 A 2.0 A

2.2.7 Close the computer case. Load 0.5 A 0.3 A 1.0 A 1.0 A 0.0 A 0.0 A

2.2.8 Make sure your power supply switch is on "OFF" position, Load 16 A 2.5 A
and Connect the supplied power cord to your Thermaltake Reg. +5% ~ -5% +5% ~ -5% +5% ~ -5% +5% ~ -5% +10% ~ -10% +5% ~ -5%

Ripple 50 50 100 100 100 50

TR2-550W PSU. V(p-p) mV mV mV mV mV mV

Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply

TR2 - 550W PSU >> 07 TR2 - 550W PSU >> 04

ATX 12V 2.0 Version ATX 12V 2.0 Version

3.2 TR2-550W PSU Specification 3. Product Specification

Features: 3.1 Output specification

Main Power Connector

-Complies with ATX 12V 2.0 Version. Voltage Color Color Voltage
-Supports 2 PCI-Express, 4 S-ATA, and 20+4 pin connector. 24 12 +3.3 V Orange 1 13 Orange +3.3 V
23 11 +3.3 V Orange 2 14 Blue -12 V
-PFC function, improved energy effici ency and reduced 22 10 COM Black 3 15 Black COM
current load on AC delivery systems. 21 9 +5 V Red 4 16 Green PS_ON#
20 8 COM Black 5 17 Black COM
-Low noise 12cm fan and mirror effect housing. 19 7
+5 V Red Black
6 18 COM
18 6
-Power ON/OFF LED indicator: 17 5 COM Black 7 19 Black COM
16 4 PWR_ON Gray 8 20 N/C N/C
green light indicates power SPECIFICATION
15 3 +5 Vsb Purple 9 21 Red +5 V
P/N W0101 W0102
on and orange light 14 2 +12 V1 Yellow 10 22 Red +5 V
Maximum Power 550 Watts 13 1 +12 V1 Yellow Red +5 V
indicates stand by mode. 11 23
Color Black +3.3 V Orange 12 24 Black COM
-Protections against Over
ATX Logic on-off additional power
Current, Over Voltage, rocker switch

PFC (Power
and Short-Circuit. Factor PFC N/A
-Safety / EMI Approvals:
UL, CUL, TUV, and CE One 12cm Fan:
SPEED : 2500 RPM(+/-10%)
certific ation. Cooling System DIMENSION : 120 x 120 x 25 mm PCI Express connector (6 pin)
AIR FLOW: 98.6 CFM Color Signal Pin
Yellow 12V 1DC 1
Noise 17dB at 1300 RPM Yellow 12V 1DC 2
P. G. Signal 100-500
- ms
Yellow 12V 1DC 3
Over Voltage +5V output 7.0 Vmax
+3.3V output 4.5 Vmax Black COM 4
Recycle AC to
Reset +12V output 15.6 Vmax Black COM 5
Unit Size 14cm(L)x15cm(W)x8.6cm(H)
Net Weight 2.1 kg 1.86 kg

Input Voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC

Frequency 47 ~ 63 Hz

12cm Fan Design - Optimum Input Current 10.0A / 5.0A

- Time 8ms(minimum) at 80%
Air flow and Lowe Noise
Efficiency > 70%

Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply

TR2 - 550W PSU >> 05 TR2 - 550W PSU >> 06

ATX 12V 2.0 Version ATX 12V 2.0 Version

+12V connector (4 pin)

Color Signal Pin Serial ATA Power Connector
Black COM 1 Color Signal Pin
Black COM 2 Yellow +12V 1DC 1
Yellow +12V 2DC 3 Black COM 2
Yellow +12V 2DC 4 Red +5VDC 3
Black COM 4
Orange +3.3 VDC 5

Peripheral connector (4 pin)

Color Signal Pin
Yellow +12V 1 DC 1
Black COM 2

Black COM 3
Red +5VDC 4

Floppy disk connector (4 pin)

Color Signal Pin
Red +5VDC 1
Black COM 2
Black COM 3
Yellow +12V1DC 4

Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply Thermaltake TR2 Power Supply