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Battlefield Bad Company Par for the Course

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Battlefield Bad Company Par for the Course

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This is page 5 of the complete Battlefield Bad Company Walkthrough featuring Par for the Course.

Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE AB1 Publisher: Electronic Arts Genre: First-person shooter Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 ESRB rating: T (Teen) Release date: June 23, 20081

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Par for the Course

YouTube: BF: Bad Company Walkthrough: Par for the Course Part 1 (Time: 9:56) | 2 | 3 | 4
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Reach the Vista Point

1. CUTSCENE: B Company was offered a deal, infiltration into a neutral country and attempt to capture a high profile target. If they get captured, the Army will claim no knowledge of their events. 2. Head to the route marker. 3. CUTSCENE: B Company watches their chopper get blown out of the sky. HQ orders B Company to take out the missile launchers to get air support. 4. Head down the mountain and into the APC off to the right. Head to the southern most X markers, but be ready for an ambush at the two houses. The APC will get hit by an RPG, so take cover at the nearby rock to the right. 5. Concentrate on the APC first, then take out the soldiers in the house on the right. Move into that house and shoot the men in the house on the left. #TIP: Use the explosive barrels next to the house walls for quicker deaths. 6. COLLECTABLE: The house on the left contains the VSS sniper rifle. Low damage, but fires quickly. (1/8) 7. Hop in the nearby undamaged APC and take the route to the right that leads under the main bridge. You can run over two soldiers in the road for fun or stop to shoot them.
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Table of Contents
Battlefield Bad Company Walkthrough General Gameplay Tips On Foot Vehicles

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Battlefield Bad Company Par for the Course

8. This is also a good place to fire on the machine gun nest at the end of the bridge. Snipe the gunner or fire from the APC. Move across the riverbed and head up into the town. 9. There are two RPG soldiers in town, so be careful where you park. Take out the machine gun towers first, and then systematically kill the men in the green houses. 10. COLLECTABLE: In the first green house on the right, pick up the NS2000 South African pump shotgun. (2/8) 11. Once the town is cleared of pesky soldiers, grab some C4 in the lower level of the building with the missile launcher and head up top to blow it up. Instead of hopping back in the APC, trade up to the light tank in the nearby warehouse. 12. Take the east road to the next missile launcher. Careful of the two soldiers ahead as the guy on the right has a RPG. There's another light tank ahead if you need to swap it out. 13. Proceed to the town on the right and fire on the area from the road. Once the area is cleared of soldiers, use the machine gun (Press Y) to clear the trees near the missile launcher and blow it up with the cannon from the road. 14. Drive over the bridge and along the north road. Stop at the fork in the road to kill three soldiers in a sandbag embankment. 15. COLLECTABLE: Hop out and pick up the PKM light machine gun. It's not the one marked by the X, but rather in a burned out hole about 10 yards to the west. (3/8) 16. COLLECTABLE: Ready for the swim? Head out to the island to the north. Go to the white X and pick up the M24 sniper rifle. (4/8) 17. GOLD: There is a gold bar next to the collectable on that island. It's on a little porch area. (1/5) 18. Swim back and hop in the light tank. Take the northern-most road and head northwest. Be ready to shoot at a nearby light tank in the clearing. Drive from small unguarded houses at the end of the road. 19. COLLECTABLE: The house on the left will contain the M16 assault rifle. (5/8) 20. GOLD: It's in the middle house to the left of the entrance. (2/5) 21. Hop back into the light tank and head south to the final missile launcher. There are plenty of RPG guys at the final base, so be ready to evade their shots. Hang back to destroy the area with the cannon, and then mop up the rest on foot. 22. COLLECTABLE: The upper right white X marks the MG# light machine gun. It's near several gas tanks and a brown fence. (6/8) 23. Take out the final missile launcher with the cannon or another explosive. Regroup at the smoke.

Supply Drop
1. CUTSCENE: Sarge calls HQ and they authorize chopper support. HQ is also sending a care package along. 2. Hop in the light tank and head to the drop zone under little to no resistance. 3. At the supply drop, pick up the laser guided missile set and be ready for an incoming heavy tank. Hold LT to use the laser system and hold RT to lock onto the heavy tank. 4. TIP: Unlike the guidance system, you can move around while targeting the tank. Plan a route between cover objects if you are having trouble. 5. After the lock is set, the missile has to be guided by you. Use the Right Thumbstick to guide the missile to its target destination. 6. Regroup at the smoke.

Welcome to Bad Company Stop the Artillery Shelling Protect the Convoy Objective Ram Objective Mustang Objective Impala Objective Bronco Objective Taurus Acta non Verba Proceed toward the Riverbank Operation Backfield Objective Offside Protect the Tanks Assault East Zabograd Secure Harbor Crossing Over Saving Private Haggard Cover Your Tracks Chase the Gold Scout the Harbor Locate the Gold Par for the Course Reach the Vista Point Supply Drop Reach the Supply Station Reach the Palace Capture the President Air Force One Destroy Military Infrastructure Move Out Cut off Serdar's Supply Lines Reach the Refuel Base Crash and Grab Locate Squad Inside The Village Learn the Locations of the Squad Rescue the Squad Reach the Old Castle Reach the River Mouth Park Ghost Town Reach Sadiz Reach the Gold Defend the Gold Achievement List Single Player Online Achievement Tips

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Reach the Supply Station

1. CUTSCENE: HQ informs B Company that they stirred up trouble. HQ gave them a location of a supply station that needs to be cleaned out. 2. Hop in the APC or light tank and head south. Shoot the machine gun tower from a distance to avoid damage to the vehicle. 3. Approach the supply base slowly and fire heavily on the buildings. There are two or three RPG / grenade launcher soldiers in this area and a light tank eventually appears after reaching a certain point in the road. 4. Take out the rest of the soldiers on foot and leave the light tank behind. There's another ahead. 5. COLLECTABLE: As you enter the base, head into the first house on the left to pick up the PP2000 submachine gun. It's marked by a white X. (7/8) 6. GOLD: There is a bar of gold just north of the collection of tanks. It's near a bench and a monument. (3/5)

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Reach the Palace

1. Hop in a heavy tank and make your way along the road to the marker on the map. The road will be easy until crossing the large bridge. There will be a grouping of infantry and RPG men on the opposite side waiting for you. Pop a couple shots early to scatter their forces. 2. A bit further down the road, a golf cart and light tank will emerge. Take out the light tank first and then the buggy. At the upcoming house on the right, another light tank will be waiting and a couple soldiers in the house. Feel free to let the tank get hit as a fresh tank waits at this section. 3. Before getting into the new heavy tank, look along the ridge ahead to see an enemy tank waiting. Call in a guided missile to take it out before it sees you. 4. There will be two more heavy tanks on the path before the sharp curve to the right. The first will be on the right on the golf course and the second will charge up the road ahead of you. Using the guided missile system is preferable in both situations rather than wasting time with trading tank shells. 5. GOLD: At the white X at the tip of the curve to the north, a bar of gold will be sitting beside an old outhouse. (4/5) 6. Grab a fresh heavy tank and continue south along the road. Stop at the top of the hill to call in a guided air strike on the light tank below. Also approach the next white X on the road very cautiously. There are two heavy tanks ahead, one to the left on the golf course and the other to the right next to the tree line. 7. Drive to the gate and take out the tower on the right first, followed by the shack on the left. 8. COLLECTABLE: Inside the guard tower you blew up, there is a UMP submachine gun. It's marked by a white X. (8/8) 9. Fill up on ammo while here, then hop back into the tank and head to the route marker. Don't drive too fast as the bridge is rigged with explosives. Back up quickly and head over using the metal footbridge to the right. 10. TIP: There is a nearby sniper rifle by the entrance to the metal bridge if needed. 11. Be ready to shoot ten infantry soldiers who storm the bridge, five on each side. There's also a guy

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Battlefield Bad Company Par for the Course

with a grenade launcher near the smoke marker, a sniper in a window of the green house to the right and a manned shielded turret beside the house.

Capture the President

1. CUTSCENE: The president is calling for help over a PA. B Company heads into the palace to free the president. 2. Charging up the direct entrance is foolish due to the gun placements. Approach from the extreme right and use the large concrete block for your cover. 12 to 15 mercs will swarm the area. 3. Stay in cover at all times and pop out to shoot the mercs. Try to take out both shielded machine guns first with headshots as well as the merc to the left side on the grenade launcher. 4. The mercs are fairly predictable as well. Once you kill a merc, watch as another take his buddy's exact same place. 5. After the first wave of mercs are dead, approach the house and wait as two men will charge out and others will fire from the inside. Switch to a machine gun at this point and lob grenades into the house over and over until everyone is dead. 6. GOLD: Don't go upstairs yet! Walk through the opening hall and into the second room. The gold bar is on the right. (5/5) 7. Head upstairs to extract the president. 8. CUTSCENE: The president is inside practicing his golf swing. B Company tires to convince the president that it's time to leave. Sarge calls HQ only to find out that extraction is denied and that B Company has been cut loose. Fortunately the president offers a way out of the country; a gold plated, military chopper on the roof of the palace. Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

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