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Sean, Good morning and thank you for the reminder.

Mark Sawkins has asked me to put together a solution and costing for: Installing A/C in the lounges, Solar powered boilers in all the villas Commissioning all the swimming pools Replacing all wooden louvers with glass Installing insulation in the bedroom ceilings and lounge ceilings respectively

My biggest challenge with this is the capacity we have on the existing transformer to accommodate this entire extra load. As we are today we are almost at capacity, and the new lounge a/c alone using the current technology will add another 450amps. This is about 150amps extra on each phase A solution would be to change all our mini panel feeder cables to 185mm cables, upgrade the breakers and add the lounge a/c into the villas. This is going to be a huge disruption to business and very expensive.

Another possible solution is that we remove all the existing a/c in the rooms and install VRF systems. With this we can use one outdoor unit and connect several indoor units, thereby cutting down the consumption considerably. We can replace the 750KVA transformer with a smaller transformer, possible a 400KVA as we will not even use half the capacity of the existing transformer. We then take the 750KVA and place it in an area where we can from the beginning install the 150-185mm armoured cables to take the extra load, add in bigger breakers and re-use the a/c units we have taken out of the phase one villas. This way we have not wasted any of the equipment, and most importantly not disrupted business. VRF systems are more expensive than the current split units we are installing, however we will save long term on energy reduction showing we are a greener resort with energy saving strategies in mind. We need to identify the solar boiler capacities and procure. Ceiling space insulation needs to be added up and procured. Swimming pools we are working through as we speak, however we do need to order new pool plant as some of the motors and pumps need to be replaced. Mark wants us to do this in house as much as possible in order to keep the costs and disruption to business down. Also as we can only take 2 rooms off at a time due to business requirements which means we can manage this project in house.

I would turn to Rudi for the transformer solutions and confirm my ideas.

I am happy to use my team to design and install all this equipment. We will need the services of David your draftsman to finalize drawings etc, along with Malcolm to assist with the costing etc. I will use a contractor I use for smaller projects to assist me in the a/c design, but all installation and commissioning will be from our side.

We could also use the usual suspects to design and we procure, install and commission everything.

Or give the entire project over to the consultants for a turn key solution.