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: Sunday, August 7, 2011 ~ Noon - 4:30 PM

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Significant Music

Come, enjoy --- new works, emerging artists ... and much, much more! @ this City of Pickering, Bicentennial Event
~ Sunday, August 7, 2011, Pickering Museum Village: Noon to 4:30 PM ~

A family day of toys, games and music with a nostalgic theme at the turn of the 19th century! Festivities will include games, crafts, storytelling, vintage lms, Ragtime music and a piano competition for youth!
Event Partners and Sponsors City of Pickering Pickering Museum Village Ontario Historic Society Yamaha Canada CBC-Radio 3 Radio CKDO 1580 AM | 107.7 FM

Celebrating: City of Pickering Bicentennial Events Newly anticipated Rag compositions from composers Avi Shragge (Shragges Rag) and Jin Y Kang My Own Soliloquy to be featured alongside a new Joint-Rag composition by students Fallyn Forrest and Minal Patel of Alexanders Music Studios (Pickering). Live Eclectic Related Music performances include: Island Fiesta, as interpreted by Toronto Child Prodigies Band ~ 7 year old child prodigy Catherine He, piano; 15 year old Isaiah Gibbons, drums

PROGRAM ~ Sunday, August 7, 2011

12:20 PM - Welcome! & Intro.What is Ragtime? 12:30 PM - Students from Alexanders Music School (Pickering) Perform Steve Riches, Studio Owner, Teacher Amiel Ang, Ariana Ang, Melody Mirafzal, Sebastien Seto, Matthew Kvrgic, Chudy Azubuike, Chidinma Azubuike, Stefan Draghici, Rhiannon Thomas, Daniel Kvrgic, Faith Reynolds, Korey Antony Craig-Davis, Amaka Azubuike, Stephanie Glinos, Casey Quintos, Matthew Baleanu, Kevin DSouza, Sheila Mirafzal, Rachel Fernandes, Joseph Persaud, Samantha Persaud, Olivia Henry, Andrew Fernandes, Fallyn Forrest, Minal Patel. 1:00 - 2:30 PM Avi Shragge, Guitar Selections: Maple Leaf Rag; Mario Brother's Theme Music New Discoveries ~ New Works of Original Rag Compositions Avi Shragge, Guitar | Jin Y Kang, Piano --Shragges Rag Jin Y Kang, Piano - My Own Soliloquy Fallyn Forrest, Minal Patel, Youth Rag Composition Competition: From Riches to Rags Students from Alexanders Music School continue to Perform

2:30 PM

Durhams Ragtime Legacy:Dominion March to Hawkins Hill Rag Ennio A. Paola, Presenter

2: 45 PM - Students from Alexandras Piano Studio (Toronto) Perform Alexandra Weiss, Studio Owner, Teacher Morgan Huang, *Catherine He, *Isaiah Gibbons, Jonatan Soedirga, Jason Luga, Tejesh Arjuna, Leonardo Greene, Mayuri Sritharan, Nadheeran Sritharan, Andrew Manga, Akshat Vimal *Toronto Child Prodigies Band - feature: Island Fiesta Premier Performance 4:10 PM - Coda ~ Take the Cake! ~ Presentation of City of Pickering Bicentennial Certicate


Avi Shragge Avi Shragge is a talented young Musician and Composer, bridging old ideas with new sounds. He has achieved a M. Arts in Composition from York University, a B.Mus in Performance- Jazz Guitar from McGill University and a diploma in Jazz Arranging/ Composition from Humber College. With performances in Toronto, Montreal and the United States as a solo and ensemble player, Avi has a wealth of experience, skill, professionalism and dedication to his craft. He has taught guitar, bass, composition and music theory in a variety of settings, including the Toronto Piano Music Education Center, ABC Academy of Music, and York University. Avis diversity of inuence and style has fostered a deep appreciation for the cultural signicance of the music he creates. Currently he is working on creating and recording his own compositions and working with other emerging talents in the musical arts. Jin Y Kang Jin Y Kang is an emerging young composer in Toronto.She holds a B.A degree in piano performance from Trinity Western University, where she studied with Ron Moir. Then, she came to York University to pursue a M.A degree in composition, where she studied with Prof. William Westcott and Prof. Michael Coghlan.While at York, she had an opportunity to broaden the horizons as a musician. As a pianist, she was a member of contemporary graduate music ensemble, Isospin, where she had honor of performing original compositions by David Mott and David Lidov. As a composer, she has written music for dance ensemble and showcased at York University. Also, some of her compositions have been premiered at Music Gallery 345.

Alexandras Piano Studio

Tel: 416-879-2416 Email: alexandra416@gmail.com Website: www.youtube.com/user/alexandra416 Ph. D. (Music performance & composition, in progress), York University. Currently, Ms. Weiss is a Doctoral student at York University (music) and GBC (video production). She teaches piano to undergraduate students at York University. Her film "MUSE" premiered on Rogers TV; her music students appeared on Rogers TV show "Toronto's Talent" and most recently, on CTV News & Canada AM. Alexandra's students participate several times a year in Music Showcases & in numerous piano festivals. Alexandra studied classical & jazz piano in Canada and USA. For the past several years, she performed for Carnival Cruise Lines and the Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines as a pianist and a keyboardist for Broadway-style shows. In addition to teaching theory and harmony classes, her students enjoy playing in a variety of musical styles, including jazz, blues, R&B, reggae, and soul. Her studio is located at York Mills Rd. & Victoria Park Ave. in Toronto.

Catherine He Catherine He was born in Toronto in December 2003 and started playing piano 4 years of age. She participated in Christopher Nortons Toronto Spring Tours in 2009-2010 and won special prizes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH8dUx4Ucxk). Catherine attended the 2011 North York Music Festival (NYMF) winning 1st Place in the 7-year-old group. She was invited to play piano in Rogers TV show Torontos Talent (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3qfkSrcNTo ) and was interviewed by Toronto CTV (http://watch.ctv.ca/news/top-picks/piano-prodigy/#clip446569). Recently she passed RCM grade 9 Piano exam with 91% - First Class Honours with Distinction. Catherine was also a main actress in her piano teacher/lmmaker Alexandra Weiss lm Muse which premiered on Rogers TV in November 2010. Catherine participated in Scarborough Summer Music Festival in 2010

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEUYydCYSUw). http://watch.ctv.ca/news/top-picks/piano-prodigy/#clip446569

Toronto Child Prodigies Band


Isaiah Gibbons Isaiah Gibbons embarked on his musical and creative journey when he received his rst drum kit at the age of 2. He was always encouraged to create and improvise while growing up in a musical and artistic home. He has also been musically inuenced and artistically engaged, from the age of 4, by attending studio sessions and professional gigs at venues like The Top of the Senator, Harbourfront Centre and Lula Lounge. Isaiah is currently in his 6th year at the Community Young Jazz Ensemble Program at Humber College Community Music Program under Mr. John Maharaj. He has also been studying percussion privately, over the last 8 years, at Merriam School of Music in Oakville under Mr. Anthony Giles, Rhythm Department Head at Merriam, Oakville. Isaiah has developed into a dynamic and popular . Grade 9 student who excels in academics as well as athletics. He is especially passionate about basketball. In his spare time, Isaiah enjoys creating new songs and arrangements with his father Jeremyah and younger brother Elijah. He is inspired and inuenced by world renowned drummers: Tony Williams, Tony Royster Jr , Art Blakey, and Neil Peart as well as local professional drummers: Archie Alleyne, Chende Leone, Alberto Saurez, Marcus Chonsky, Quammie Rudy Williams and Luisito Obrigoso. Isaiah has been producing and composing instrumental dance and thematic music over the last 2 years. He enjoys fusing contemporary jazz, hip-hop, house, j-pop and r and b grooves with 80s inspired synthesized pop rhythms and themes. Musically and artistically, Isaiah is most inspired by Michael Jackson. Isaiah is steadily performing with various Toronto musicians in and around the GTA. His most recent performance was at The 2010 Aroni Awards Gala (Dec 2010) with the youthful Meagan de Lima Quartet (all under the age of 19 years). Isaiah has also performed with local musical artists Divine Brown, Jesse Bear, Chris Rouse, Toya Alexis, Karen Figuiera , J.D Vishus, and Luisito Obrigoso. Isaiah has also been performing with a homegrown collective called Pangaea Sound. Pangaea Sound represents over 10 years of creative collaboration and exuberant jam sessions in the Gibbons Family "music room". This collective also comprises of: Jeremyah Gibbons (Isaiah's father), Nigel Pitt (Isaiah's godfather), and spoken word poet/mc J.D Vishus. Pangaea Sound made its debut performance at the Rivolis (September 2008) monthly event FootPrints hosted by renown Toronto DJs, Jason Palma, General Eclectic and Stu Li. NOW Magazine described Isaiah in September 2008 as a 12 year old drummer prodigy... who is truly talented and leads the band more than backs them up." Isaiah Gibbons is currently enrolled in th Arts and Culture Program Arts&Culture Specialist High Skills Major at Iona Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga. Isaiah has always been driven by staying focused and performing at his best at all times.

Isaiah Gibbons




Ec l e c t i c R e l a t e d MUSIC D

In Retrospect: with a nostalgic look back | In Ordinary | & | In Prospect: with a whimsical look forward
~ I S L A N D F I E S TA ~ P R E M I E R P E R F O R M A N C E ~ A U G . 7 , 2 0 1 1 ~

Toronto Child Prodigies Band

Child prodigy, 7 year-old Catherine He & 15 year-old drumming sensation Isaiah Gibbons are students of Alexandra Weiss and perform as the Toronto Prodigies Band (Toronto, Canada). Appearances have included numerous Television Programs and Award Show Galas. A Musical Duo not to be missed! ~ Ennio A. Paola, Composer


Catherine He, Piano

Currently, Ms. Weiss is a Doctoral student at York University (music) and GBC (video production). !She teaches piano to undergraduate students at York University.! Alexandra's students participate several times a year in Music Showcases & Festivals.
Island Fiesta
Time = 2'30" Soli: Lento Tutti: Subito Energia delle Isole m h = 96 Ennio A. Paola

Piano Keyboard

1 &2 u f ?1 ! 2

5 3

u ! ..

4 2



~C~ ~~

j .. 3

.. j

Con Pedale

j . .. j

Island Fiesta
Celebrating Form & Syncopated Rhythms in stylized festive fashion! New! ... & to order ...

& ?

j .

j . w


&w ? . j

w . J

Isaiah Gibbons,Drums

Signicant Music

2009 Ennio A. Paola ~ / 2009 Significant Music International copyright secured. All rights reserved.

Contact: sigmuse@pathcom.com

August 7, 2011

Significant Music
4th Piano Competition Congratulations!
aA aA

Category D: Original Rag Composition (Co-Winners)

Minal Patel & Fallyn Forrest

Racing from Rags to Riches

Alexander's Music Studios

Your RCM Practical Exam Centre in Pickering CONTACT US for a FREE, no obligation consultation and student assessment.
STUDIO LOCATION: 1360 Kingston Road | Pickering ON L1V 3M9
(across from Pickering Town Centre) 905-420-6741

Biography - Steve Riches -

B.Mus, B.Ed, ARCT

As Principal of the School of Music at Alexander's, Steve brings a wealth of experience in music and education to the studio, with particular expertise in piano performance, musical theatre, and orchestral conducting. Steve is at home playing both piano and organ, and with a bachelor of music degree, has extensive experience teaching woodwind, brass, and string instruments also. In addition to an active private teaching schedule, he is also in demand as a piano accompanistand coach forsingers & other instrumentalists preparing and performingfor auditions, exams, concerts, and recitals. He alsoregularly performs as a soloist for weddings, memorial services, receptions, and other special events, and is equally at homewith classical, sacred, and popularmusic styles. Blessedwith a highly developed musical ear, hehas committed thousands of these selections to memory. Steve'snumerous credits include Canada's highest conducting award when in 1977 he waswinner of the prestigiousDr. Heinz Unger conducting competition in Toronto. For over twelve yearsbetween 1992 and 2005, as conductor of the Pickering Philharmonic and later the Festival Players, he brought outstanding classical performances for families to the Pickering and Ajax communities. More recently, he has been teaching string orchestra and concert band classes at local elementary and secondary schools, as well as providing leadership in Christian music ministries.His commitment to high standards is reected in the studio's philosophy of music education and mission statement, as well as the goals, methods, and courses of study being developed at AMS.

Achievers Comprehensive Program Students wishing toprepare forRoyal Conservatory accreditationon an instrument or voice rather than just learning casually for a recreational experience might best be served by one of our Achievers Plans. These programsprovide training for students for the purpose of acquiring Conservatory certicates forHigh School credits, as well astraining for thosewho may wish to some day pursue music as a career and/or perform at a high level of prociency. We guarantee First Class Honours achievement on all conservatory exams for all students who choose one of these special programs.

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