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Greentech (Suzhou) Humorganic Technology Ltd

China Fertilizer Registration Certificate No.

Brief Introduction of Product

Greentech (Suzhou) Humorganic Technology Ltd is a 100% foreign invested corporation located in the Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park, in Suzhou, China. Greentech NutriGrow Humorganic Fertilizers are Humic/Fulvic Acid & Carbon Based Liquid Fertilizers, manufactured from the state-of-the-art American technology developed by Dr George Kaltezas, a former scientist at the US Space Administration (NASA) and his team.

The technology and the product have been refined to perfection over 30 years of continuous research and development. The core material of the environmental friendly Humorganic fertilizer is the natural oxidized brown coal (lignite) which is rich in humic/fulvic acid and organic matters. By the use of the revolutionary technology, additives of numerous essential components, the plant/crop needed nutrients, that is the primary and trace elements are chelated to the humic/fulvic acid. The organic matters in the product are over 25%, plus more than 4% humic/fulvic acids and the total NPK nutrients content are 28-30%. Therefore, NutriGrow possesses all the benefits of organic matters as well as the NPK nutrients.


Its major advantages are completely water soluble, high efficiency, and use less quantity to achieve high yield. It improves significantly the tolerance of plants to environment stress, resistance to plant disease and pest, increases crop yield and quality giving a better economic return. At the same time, it improves the soil granular structure, soil fertility and water retention capability. To summaries, the product has the following unique features: Product features

High Efficiency High Yield High (crop product) quality High Economic Benefit Free from Pollution Amelioration (improve soil fertility)

The products are highly concentrated, need to dilute at least 40 times with water prior to application. 1 kg of NutriGrow can replace about 5 kg of chemical fertilizer. Hence, it saves a lot of logistics in transporting the fertilizer. NutriGrow Liquid Humic/Fulvic Acid Fertilizer application method is versatile. It can be applied to the plants by drenching or foliage spray. It also works well with sprinkler system (fertigation) and hydroponics. It is effective on kinds of crops:

Performance Mechanism
The unique feature of the product is to use humic/fuvic acid as the carrier and the various nutrient elements that are needed by plants are chelated to humic/fulvic acid by means of an advanced scientific method. The specific formulation of different nutrients content can be formulated according to the need, that is, crop specific, site/soil specific and weather specific. The humic acids chelated ions of nutrient elements are in a very effective form when applied to the soil. Soil is a complex four dimensional heteroplasmon, various factors in it can cause nutrients in the form of molecules or ions to become defective. The most popularly used inorganic fertilizer in market, i.e. chemical fertilizers, are applied to soil in ion or molecular forms. In contrast, the nutrients in NutriGrow in the form of ions are chelated to humic/fulvic acid and when applied to soil will not be affected by those unfavorable factors. Hence, NutriGrow has very high efficiency. With the improvement of nutrients absorption, positive correlation effects among various nutrients become more obvious, thus accelerating metabolism and stimulating more endogenous hormones. As a whole, crop quality improves, characterized as bigger and more colorful fruits, higher Vitamin C, sugars, cellulose and protein and lower nitrate concentration. Reactive-radical and carboxy on the humic/fulvic acid structure when applied to soil can improve soil granular structure and aeration, and it balances water, fertilizer, air and heat. As a result, plant growth can be accelerated significantly. NutriGrow applied to soil, significantly increases organic colloid and nutrients, directly or indirectly enhances soil fertility and plant immunity against pests and diseases. The nutrients in the form of ions are chelated with humic/fulvic acids to form soluble humic acids salts. It ensures stable and reliable fertilizer performance. Cementation of humic acids with soil keeps ion nutrients in soil, thus there is no leaching and no pollution of ground water. NutriGrow is scientifically formulated, safe and can be easily absorbed by plants. NutriGrow advantages have been proven by applications in farms nation wide. Its unique performance and benefits are also supported by results of numerous field tests by Research Institutes, Universities and the Agriculture, Soil and Fertilizer Technical and Services Centres in Shenyang, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Jiangsu, and many cities in Hunan and Xinjiang provinces.

Impact of Fertilizer on China National Economy and Environment

The high efficiency of NutriGrow has been proven by many years of application experiences in the farms in North America and was tested by authentic Laboratories and Testing Institutes to be over 90%. In contrary, the studies in China by various Research Institutes had found that the efficiency of chemical fertilizers is between 10% to 50% only. Use the most commonly used chemical fertilizer, the Urea as an example to illustrate Urea, a type of nitrogenous fertilizer, the efficiency of which is between 30% - 50%, which is high as compared to other types of chemical fertilizers. Even then, the highest is 50%, in other words only 50% of the nitrogen would be taken up by plants and 50% are wasted due to leaching and run-off causing soil or water pollution. Economically speaking, if the urea consumption in China is 22 million tons a year, at a cost of US$250 per ton, the overall cost will be US$5.5 billion. Given the loss of 50% of the nutrients run off, there will be an economic loss of US$2.75 billion It is a huge loss and this is not the only loss The facilities investment and depreciation, equipment wear and tear losses, energy, raw material and transportation wastage losses are impossible to calculate; and the economic losses of the over use of fertilizers caused adverse impact on environment and peoples health; the uncontrolled usage of chemical fertilizers caused soil hardening, soil salination and groundwater, river and lake pollution are unmeasurable! The efficiency of other fertilizers, like phosphate and potassium fertilizers is even lower; likewise they cause severe national resources wastage and environmental pollutions. The major factors for severe pollution in China now is the over use of chemical fertilizers. In contrast, with efficiency of over 90%, NutriGrow can enrich soil, and its surplus nutrients are absorbed by the soil without causing water pollution. In practice, its cost per Hectare is lower than chemical fertilizer; the high yield-investment ratio had explained this. In conclusion NutriGrow is a cost-effective and pollution free green fertilizer.

Greentech (Suzhou) Humorganic Technology Ltd

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