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Kama Schachter is one of Asia's largest manufacturers and exporters of diamonds and diamond jewelry. Our talented designers, skilled craftsmen and dedicated managers use state-of-the-art technology to produce the finest level of diamond jewelry for leading retailers all over the world. Since its inception in 1996 with 40 employees producing 1000-1500 pcs per month in its first year of operation, Kama has expanded to two factories, with 1000 workers and professionals, producing 30,000 pieces of jewelry every month. Kama also has a diamond office at Pancharatna located in the diamond hub in South Mumbai. Our state-ofthe-art infrastructure ensures excellent craftsmanship, superior merchandise at competitive margins. Kama Schachter's executive offices in Mumbai use a comprehensive ERP system to manage all manufacturing and distribution processes. The manufacturing infrastructure includes three large factories in Mumbai and the diamond sourcing office is located in Mumbai's diamond center. Our partnership with Leo Schachter Diamonds, one of the world's largest DTC Sightholders, allows us direct access to a vast range of loose diamonds of every category. This gives us the unique advantage of functioning both as a jewelry manufacturer and as a diamond source. As a supplier to some of the world's most exclusive retailers, we have intimate knowledge of the cultures and trends of the markets we serve. Our international sales and distribution network in seven cities around the globe allows us to cultivate a close relationship with our customers and guarantees efficient service. The company is named Kama, after the God of Love and Passion in Indian mythology. Kama produces brilliant pieces that are a tangible versions of this passion.

Leo Schachter Diamonds

Leo Schachter Diamonds, founded in 1952, is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. It has factories in Botswana, China, Thailand and India, and sales offices in all the major diamond centers. Leo Schachter is regarded by industry experts as the leading strategically-driven and marketing-focused enterprise in todays quickly evolving global diamond industry. The company slogan is Four Generations. One Passion. The passion for excellence has helped make Leo Schachter the worlds leading manufacturer of fine diamonds. The passion shared by these two companies is combined in Kama Schachter Jewelry. A joint venture dedicated to manufacturing the finest diamond jewelry that will address the needs of the jewelry specialty retailer in all markets. Management: Mr. Colin Shah : Managing Director Mr. Colin Shah, Founder and Managing Director of Kama Jewellery, hails from a family of doctors. Initiated in to the diamond trade at the age of 17, he had hands-on training in polished assortment, diamond manufacturing, and jewelry manufacturing, after which he started his own business at the age of 21, exporting diamonds to Japan. Mrs. Mamta Apparao : Director Mamta Apparao, with a rich experience of 25 years in various business fields (including shipping, construction and hotels), belongs to the family of Ruias of Essar, one of the largest Industrial houses of India. With a keen eye for design owing to her fine arts background, her association with Mr. Colin made perfect timing, and thus resulted in the establishment of Kama Jewelry in 1996 Kama India: Mr. Murari Gandhi: Chief Production Officer A Commerce graduate from HR College, Mumbai, Mr. Gandhi had his own business in construction and manufacturing of electrical fixtures prior to joining Kama. He joined Kama Jewellery at the time in its start up phase and has been one of the driving forces behind the expansion of Kama's production technology. As Vice-President of Kama, he is in charge of all aspects of production and administration. Mr. Pradip Shah: Chief Finance Officer With an educational qualification in Chartered Accountancy, Mr. Pradip Shah has a rich work experience of 28 years, with 13 years specifically in the gem and jewelry industry. In his current role as CFO, he handles finance, accounts and taxation in the organization. Mr. Binay Goenka: VP-Sales Having completed his B.Sc. Mathematics (Honors), Mr. Goenka went on to pursue Management from NIS, and Systems Management from Aptech. He has been with Kama from 2001, and handles domestic as well as international marketing. Ami Gokani: VP-Sales A Commerce graduate specializing in Advertising & Sales Promotion by educational

qualification, Ms Gokani, who has been with Kama from 2002, handles the back-end customer support, customer queries, client meetings & order processing. Mr. Rajesh Shah: CIO Mr. Rajesh Shah is the Chief Information Officer at Kama Schachter. With an experience of 15 years in the industry, he has vast knowledge and expertise in both hardware and software. Under his guidance, Kama strives to use the latest technolgy and provides the best experience to all our associates and customers. Seema Saxena: Head HR & Admin Seema Saxena is a MBA in Finance & a Law graduate in Tax from Gujarat University, having a rich experience of 25 years in Human Resource Management. Khokhan Mandal: Production Floor Manager Mr. Mandal has a rich experience of 25 years in jewelry and specializes in diamond settings. He supervises the entire production process at Kama.

Kama Europe: Headed by Mr. Carl Mueller, Managing Director of Kama Europe, who looks after the overall marketing and financial aspects of the company. He is assisted by Mrs. Isabelle Mueller, Product Development Manager, who works closely with merchandisers of retail outlets. Based on their requirements and after monitoring the market trends, new design projects are forwarded to India for the European market. Mr. Heinrich Elzer, sales manager, who actively participates in trade shows such as Bazel and Vicenza to promote and expand their base in the international market by specializing in pave set jewellery. Kama Europe looks after sales and distribution in Germany. Kama Japan: Mrs. Nami Imaoka, Sales Manager, graduated from the Department of Cross-cultural Studies in Tokyo Womens Christian University. During her career she has worked in Mumbai, the heart of diamond industry, as a loose diamond buyer for 3 years and joined Kama in Sep 2007. She is now head of the Japan office. Kama USA: Mr. Elliot Tannenbaum (Director KAMA US), has been active in the diamond industry since 1974. Elliot began his career in the New York offices of Leo Schachter as a polisher and a cutter and immigrated to Israel in 1983. Working his way up through the business, he was instrumental in leading the company to its position as one of the industry leaders in manufacturing and marketing of polished diamonds around the world and has been the driving force behind some of the industrys most successful branding initiatives. The US-team further consists of Bob Golden (Sales Manager), Sandy Haymann (Sales Manager), Russell Schachter (Sales Manager), Bruce Rubin (Sales Manager), David Gavin (Sales Manager) and Myriam Destin (Merchandiser).

Social Responsibility

Kama Schachter is partnership of two companies that were built on firm foundation of spiritual values. These include concern for the health and education of the communities we work in, the integration of people with special needs into the workforce, and the protection of our environment. Wherever our company operates we support programs that address these concerns. Botswana: Employment and health education benefits to the local population which is impacted severely by the AIDS epidemic, and support for a home for children of AIDS victims. Orissa: Employment and shelter program for workers from this poverty-stricken state in eastern India. Special Needs: Recruiting deaf and mute workers who are trained in the skills of jewelry manufacturing. Education: Continuing education courses for employees and educational programs for underprivileged children in the community. Environment: A commitment to clean manufacturing in our factories and participation in the Go Green Initiative.