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HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

HVAC Solutions from Texas Instruments.
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Design Considerations
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC ) systems are becoming more sophisticated as manufacturers design features into the product that make them more reliable, quieter, more efficient, and with a higher comfort level in ambient temperature. Texas Instruments offers products to meet the needs of these higher performance systems. Energy Efficiency : Digital signal controller systems save energy. Since most air conditioners operate with a light load, an inverter-controlled air conditioner can adjust the compressor motor speed for a light load by changing the frequency. This allows designers to use a highefficiency compressor motor in the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Power Factor Correction (PFC) : PFC is a technique of counteracting the undesirable effects of electric loads that create a power factor that is less than 1. PFC is needed because of the continuous transients and surge currents exhibited by the electric motor, and it is also used to boost the rectified mains voltage up to 300 V to 450 V, which is then used to power the 3-phase inverters which ultimately operate the electric motor. With TI products, PFC can be performed externally with a separate integrated circuit or it can be done in the digital signal controller eliminating the need for a separate external PFC controller. High-Voltage Isolation : For larger, higher-performance systems where reliability and motor-control accuracy are key concerns, TI offers isolation products that block high voltage, isolate grounds,

and prevent noise currents from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuitry. Integration : Texas Instruments provides fully-integrated solutions such as the digital signal controllers (for digital motor control, PFC , and other system functions), and relay drivers that provide up to 8 channels, zero-volt detection, and 5 V linear regulation for 5 V logic that may reside on the board. Home Network : A home mesh network consisting of home appliances, audio/video equipment, HVAC system, lighting fixtures, etc connected wirelessly and controlled via a remote control is possible today with TIs ZigBee products. TI provides customers with industryleading ZigBee -compliant solutions and a broad range of proprietary RF-IC s that enable innovative low-power RF applications. HVAC and thermostat (or indoor controller unit) manufacturers can develop products that wirelessly communicate with each other. Furthermore, temperature settings can be controlled via a remote control unit. With low-power wireless solutions from TI, home owners will benefit from a universal remote control that: 1. Does not require line-of-sight 2. Has an increased range such that one can remotely control any ZigBee device from anywhere in the home. 3. Allows for two-way communication. Power Management : Offline 24 V power supply lines are typically available in most homes. TI offers buck controllers and linear regulators that convert this offline voltage to something the microcontroller on the thermostat or indoor controller unit can use either 3.3 V or 1.8 V typically.

Application Notes
Most useful technical documents for HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, and Air C onditioning Reliability Data for TMS320LF24x and TMS320F281x Devices (Rev. B) (HTM 8 KB) 701 views 01 Jun 2011 Read Abstract EEPROM Emulation With the TMS320F28xxx DSCs (HTM 9 KB) 2962 views 21 Sep 2009 Read Abstract Flash Programming Solutions for the TMS320F28xxx DSCs (HTM 8 KB) 4098 views 19 Aug 2008 Read Abstract Optimizing Digital Motor Control Libraries (HTM 8 KB) 1839 views 15 Mar 2007 Read Abstract Using Enhanced Pulse Width Modulator (ePWM) Module for 0-100% Duty Cycle Control (HTM 8 KB) 2867 views 20 Dec 2006 Read Abstract Converting Analog Controllers to Smart Controllers with the TMS320C2000 DSPs (HTM 9 KB) 694 views 07 Jun 2004 Read Abstract RS-485 for Digital Motor Control Applications (HTM 8 KB) 1092 views 12 May 2003 Read Abstract Getting Started in C and Assembly Code with the TMS320LF240x DSP (Rev. A) (HTM 9 KB) 1624 views 10 Jul 2002 Read Abstract 3.3 V DSP for Digital Motor Control (HTM 9 KB) 1121 views 29 Apr 1999 Read Abstract Space-Vector PWM with TMS320C24x Using H/W & S/W Determined Switching Patterns (HTM 9 KB) 759 views 11 Feb 1999 Read Abstract Sensorless Speed Controlled Brushless D Drive Using TMS320C242 DSP Controller (HTM 9 KB) 1042 views 20 Nov 1998 Read Abstract Field Oriented Control 3-Phase AC-Motors (HTM 8 KB) 674 views 01 Jan 1998 Read Abstract AC Induct'n Motor Control Using Constant V/Hz Principle/Space Vector PWM- 'C240 (Rev. A) (HTM 8 KB) 1025 views 01 Jan 1998 Read Abstract Creation of Pulse Width Modulated Signal With a Fixed Duty Cycle (HTM 8 KB) 265 views 01 Jan 1998 Read Abstract Creating a Sine Modulated PWM Signal (HTM 8 KB) 421 views 01 Jan 1998 Read Abstract Generating a PWM Signal Modulated by an Analog Input (HTM 8 KB) 266 views

01 Jan 1998 Read Abstract DSP Solutions for Motor Control Using the TMS320F240 DSP Controller (HTM 9 KB) 1192 views 01 Jul 1997 Read Abstract DSP Solutions for BLDC Motors (HTM 8 KB) 1057 views 01 Jan 1997 Read Abstract Sensorless Control With Kalman Filter on TMS320 Fixed-Point DSP (HTM 9 KB) 527 views 01 Jan 1997 Read Abstract Implementation of a Speed Controlled Brushless DC Drive Using TMS320F240 (HTM 8 KB) 601 views 01 Jan 1997 Read Abstract Implementation Sensorless Speed Controlled Brushless DC Drive Using TMS320F240 (HTM 8 KB) 698 views 01 Jan 1997 Read Abstract DSP Solution for AC Induction Motor (HTM 8 KB) 1987 views 01 Jan 1996 Read Abstract DSP Solution for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (HTM 8 KB) 1202 views 01 Jan 1996 Read Abstract

Reference Designs
Description C C 1020 Evaluation Board Reference Design C C 1020EMX Reference Design C C 1101EM 315 and 433MHz Reference Design C C 1101EM 868 and 915MHz Reference Design C C 2500 Reference Design (62 mil layer spacing) C C 2500EM Reference Design Part # C C 1020EB_REFDES C C 1020EMX_REFDES C C 1101EM433_REFDES C C 1101EM868-915_REFDES C C 2500_REFDES_062 C C 2500EM_REFDES Company Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Texas Instruments

Selection and Solution Guides

Most useful technical documents for HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, and Air C onditioning

Selection Guides
Logic Guide 2009 (Rev. Z) (PDF 4.16 MB) 15173 views 23 Jul 2009

Solution Guides
Industrial Solutions Guide (Rev. C) (PDF 2.35 MB) 3512 views 15 Jan 2006

Product Bulletin & White Papers

Most useful technical documents for HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, and Air C onditioning

White Papers
Designing High-Performance and Power-Efficient Motor Control Systems White Paper (PDF 184 KB) 5248 views 23 Jun 2009 Combining Inrush Current Limiting with PFC for White Goods Motor Applications (PDF 379 KB) 780 views 21 Jan 2008

News Releases & Authored Articles

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Authored Articles
TI' Five New 32-bit TMS320F28x DSC development kits - Texas Instruments , TI Press Center 28 May 2008 View Article

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