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THE SURPRISING THINGS: (1) Khwaza Bahauddin Naqshbandi (ra) said what a surprise thing it was that I saw

w a man who was in Masjid e-Haram making tawaaf(moving in a circle around kaabaa) of Kaabaa shareef; but I saw his heart was not remembering Allah for one moment while on the other hand; a man was doing trade living at thousands miles away from Mecca and his heart was so engaged in remembering Allah that not a single moment was left without rememberance of Allah ! [Please note that he said this thing to preach his devotees about zikr-e-khafi (zikr by respiration: Paas Anfaas and Habase dam)] (2) There are few Hadis supporting the poor. (a)The poor people of Ummah shall enter the paradise 500 (five hundred) years before the Rich people of the Ummah shall enter in it. -According to Tirmizi and Muslim. One day of which is equal to 50000 years of this worldly life! Data Ganj Bax Ali Hijweri (RA) has recorded this hadis in his marvelous book-Kashful Mahjub; about which Hazarat Nizamuddin Auliya (RA) said that who have not taken bait of spiritual master, this book would serve him as his spiritual master! (b)Live in the worldly life like a poor traveler- According to Bukhari Shareef (c) If you want to love me (Prophet), be prepared to live in poverty and restrain yourself from attending the assembly of the rich as far as you can.-According to Tirmizi. In spite of these hadis of our beloved Prophet (sav), what a surprise thing it is that the rich are boasting of divine rehmat and karam upon them more than the poor and they are saying this in front of the poor! The Prophet (sav) said that Allahs love is with the poor whereas the rich say that their richness is Allahs fadal ! How reasonable it is that the rich people used to speak against Prophetic words ! The rich people of Ummah are addressing to the audience of the poor people becoming their leader and advocating about Allahs mercy and rehmat! (3) What a surprising thing it is that there are some poor ummah people who cannot bear expenditure to go to Mecca to pray at kaabaa whereas the kaabaa is flooded by the rich now a day, and yet those unfortunate poor are fortunate enough to enter the paradise 500 years early before the rich shall enter the paradise ! Dear leaders and brothers in Islam, this is a matter of great thinking where we are going now a day. How we are going to interpret Islam! The real teachings of Islam(Sufism) is seen only in saying and listening. In actual practice, we are far behind. BY: Ismail Patel Maanchvi Gulaam-e-Khwaza Khairuddinshah Chishty, Qadari, Soharwardi, Naqshbandi and Rifaai.