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45 MINUTEMAN EDITOR'S NOTE When the subject of American-type homemade weapons iy discussed it is only natural to think in tenns of “back alley” zip guns, clubs, knives, etc. More sophisticated devices are usually associe ated with foreign countries and, more specifically, partisan or underground activity, In the last few years, a lot of “how to” books and plans have emerged to an eayerly awaiting market whose motivation seems more educational than political. However, none of these weapons has ever equalled the Minuteman submachine gun. ‘The term “Minutemen” — relevant to, the American Revolution — lay dormant between the covers of history books until the early 1950's when author ‘Taylor Caldwell fictionalized a» patriotic American underground group called- the #Minute- ”. It can only be speculated whether or ‘not wned the “for teal”, Minute- m in the late 1950's. ‘This militant anticommunist underground or- ganization operated, largely, as a “mail arder” type distribution network for printed material consisting, of training lessons and membership bulletins which contained a lot of how-to information. Probably. the of their how-to efforts came in the form set of plans for a home eonstructed submachine apex Inspired by the thouyht that-Athericans might ‘one day have to fight a “last ditchibattle” and the fact that if the yum grabbers have their way, this fight might have to be conducted with improvised weapons, the Minuteman submachine gun was born in a basement in suburban Kansas City, Missouri in the mid-1960"s. ‘Vouted by some as a weapon that could be constucted by anyone with simple hand tools for an expenditure of under $7.00, it raised the eyebrows of accomplished gunsntiths and engineers. It was a simple design resembling the Sten in outward appearance, With open bolt slam firing, blowback aetion, full auto only and no safety, it used M3 Grease Gun magazines singe it fied the +45 ACP cartridge, Yes, boys and ‘gifts, in those MAC 10 days 45 ACP ammo ahd Grease Gun nes were both plentiful and inexpensive Such a submachine gun design, surprising to many, is usually easier to “homebuild” than any semi-tutomalie weapon, ‘The sear mechanism, typically, is no more complicated then the catch on your kitehen cupboard! 20 HIREPOWER NEBSROUND MG The curiosity and nostalgia attached to this particular weapon could no longer be ignored, so we assigned the task of actually building one to FIRE: POWER stafler Gary Hill, who besides being a Master Machinist is, also, a Class 1 manufacturer, The-result was most interesting. With only a few modifications, Gary produced a classic SMG with quality exceeding thal of most factory made, “out of the box” weapons. It will even chamber and fire primed empty cases and will spit out anything in Uke way of live ammo that you eare to stuff in the magazine to the tune of 1100 rounds per minute! a By Gary Hill SS Wher f began building the Minuteman sub- niachiye gun based on plans from the famous manu- aly hriprovised Weapons Of The American Under. xroum,’ my original Intention was to construct it exactly fx specified in the original machinist’s draw- tas “This was to be done in an effort to evaluate the bakic’ denign of the gun itself and then report the ofoslts:to FIREPOWER readers. But as the manufac. fiwing ‘and assembly progressed. a few deficiencies avere®yfuted which required correction in order to build (4 felishle working prototype weapon. With these things in mind, the task evolved into ono of ‘constructing Lhe parts as originally drawn and pub lidhddh execpt where design changes were necessary in omey"to make the gun function correctly Ltodk this project one step further and addud féw “bustom”™ features which anyone building the gun uiight choose to include or delete according to personal taste. My reason for adding these features was {g"improve comfort, controllability sand accura ey..Néiiher the onginal published plans nor my drawlags presented here are all inclusive in regard to features which could be included on a weapon of Uys lype, wffording the home builder the oppar tufity #0. Add his own “custom” features, Mldy *hiving huilt and tested the prototype SMG, | was pleased with the final results and teel that this is i worthwhile endeavor for those readers who have the desire and resources to build il, If you have never built a complete firearm before, this is 1 wood “first gun". ‘The design is about as straight: forward as you ean possibly get. The weapon fires feom an open bolt, is non-selective, and has no man- ul safety. ‘There are not many parts to manufacture SEPT/84 The high cyclic rate of the Minuteman SMG Is evident by the number of rounds of brass in the air at one time, ad w mensions Tm, but to maintain your sanily 1 BULLDING THE COMPONENTS Glow a reasonable cleurance belween highly recommend that you stot torture Fused Improvised Weapons OF Th sto ensure free moversent un yourself by try oni Ef you don’t have ax ‘ver possibile thy vo sot Leave the Admerinan Underground as the guide (0 hang munutacture of guns to the boys consliucting this SMG, and any part 10 bf a jn mnt huts im Afghanistan, where t's which wledgs of the use of a ylmost u national pastime cording ta specs. won't be detail See Lathe, milling machine, drill press, you can have @ machine shop Geeeetacture the components tht yuu Reet ake yousseli, One caution co nigh, is nat to build the after your approved BATE mes back lw you. At that n constricting the +e 8 some ridiculous adver cur pny imilar to the jming that the hom je of ineinwunetrutn any machine Laks Then amd i, 4 The complete Minuteman SMG field stripped. You will nate the original design was | PY improved by adding 9 barrel shroud and wooden ar FIREPOWER = 21 The origital plans, as reproduced in the book Weapons Of The American Underground’, with minor riodifications, were Used to construct the Minuteman sub: ‘machine gun, ‘An owner applied, organic finish such as “Arm Kote! , c/o SIONAC, provides an ideal way to finish this SMG, Time not permitting, our qun was sprayed flat black for photographi The siarls whieh required modification ’ BUTE soil face - of akiminamn. “and etteebed? $0 however, will be sliscussed here, This sm aft tetBidn tar asad “rsealver blag. Toure Wb, "47 yore information vill update ond complet ing the Minuteman because of This was tested and after abowt fhe ofiginal drawings: from Improvised ite good strength sine apieurance dns, tie ccrows legit J Wedpans OF The Aimerican U GGER & SEAR HOUSING barrel bushing, allowing the bushing a ound, Wence forth s6( trod, simply-a & GRIP. The frame houses the barrel to slim forward every time iafiab pled" Waders er and seur, and, is, welded directly halt fed w live round into the’ AnCulVen cincdngrintsed Weap- 10th ot in receipe "ifort = Tha) .4S, ACP, Foul hbeloon ey cn ‘oni, (he dimensions on’the drawing for Will work exactly” ag drawn in, the case mouth, and -the inertia of th the receiver are incomplete. The revised I, tut I shortened the Overall forward slamming. bol forced th De ee ea eee rice teagth in or0dtvfor rod ace* BULE The Tousen sty’ site tS dw Int 1 Raha tuta ly"anatutuite thd siceteer 0H guard is still very large receiver through “which they pass is included in this article, The rece ily accomodate a wloved’ elongating the: serew *hdlef’ én em Jngimicted-of 1-3/8 OD x 063" wall aM winte! fing. 1 personally stroke. ‘this, movement of the bush Hove ata RU ateh hated, Could shorten iH gist altel rtlagte, aca barrel oocytes Yl A130 coaislese Sweet tubion The mage, and grip frnine in order torbe more tions sunt’ INe-asserably. Was pus rite" Woustad sind tigger sfraine are SMPECt werd ofigihghpOUftoM and lait d aatly nc aa als When The frame as drawn in the manual four serows re-tightened, ising this. Hould be taken so as makes ovision [or grip pancls, s0 to T never Ubls “ailment the iuhing Since warpage will resul 1/2" steel spacers, welded in the e i, , Cee Nite ah clanya Wate hich A Nat pce then, atluched,. The ss cld-in place by 180 LOADING The original design didn’t provide 2 ALIGNMENT PL barrel shroud. This necessitated holding TH barrel the weapon by the magazine. The type was mad result: muzzle rise. Improvised Weay 22 FIREPOWER 6 buttod fied: Cap Now 10-32 spavors, Any suit into th othe Panels, which can be desired. ne erin itself could be fe stunidafd, .45-auto at the builder want RAMP & BARREL, G design is the One criteria for good SMG UG (Barret Bus capability of being antigtot Sue peto= GR eat nak vse is per the drawing in FIREROWER Mamas, cuts loose ping construdted. the Minuteman SMG, SEI