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Items needed:

-round dowel (wood or rubber) that is the diameter of the pipe (it must fit
tightly into the pipe so it doesn't fall out).)

-handlebar grip (the kind used on mountainbike handlebars) basically a long thin
tube of rubber that is a fair thickness like that of a handlebar grip.

-pipe approx. 4-6 inches long which is not more than a few millimeters bigger than
the handlebar grip in diameter.

- lego tires. the ones from the older lego. They were all one piece and kind of
looked like this [ ]------------[ ] the 'rims' that the tires were on were redthe
rest of the lego piece was usually black.

Instructions: take the pipe (I used a metal one with the pipe walls being only
about a millimeter thickness) and slide the rubber handlebar grip all the way over
it so the outside of the pipe is covered with the grip. Now take the lego tires
(take them off the lego 'rims'. all you need is the tires themselves) and slide
them down the inside of the pipe so they are evenly spaced at approx. half a
centimeter from each other all the way down the inside of the pipe.

The tires should be a tight, snug fit as you are pushing down the pipe otherwise
they will fall out of the pipe. so choose your pipe diameter accordingly. Leave
some space free from lego tires inside the pipe at both ends. you will need to
take the dowel (rubber or wood) and drill a hole exactly in the center which is
approx. a millemeter bigger than a .22 cal. bullet.

Now you need to force it in one end of the silencer. This will become the "muzzle"
(where the bullet comes out)of the silencer. Now wrap masking tape around the end
of the barrel of your gun until the diameter of the tape is as thick as the inside
diameter of your silencer. Finally you can now slide your silencer onto the end of
your gunbarrel. Make sure it is a presice fit and that the muzzle of your gun
lines up perfectly with the muzzle of your silencer otherwise the bullet will take
the silencer with it next time you fire the gun.

When you fire the gun you will hear a high pitched noise (like a tweet) simmilar
to what you hear on movies when someone uses a silencer. This takes approx. a
couple hours to make and is fairly easy to make. I got the idea for this from
other articles on this website, all I did was try to think of some alternate
materials which would be easier to find around the house. But this works really
great and you can make a bunch of them really easily and quickly for all your
firearms. I only tried it on a .22 LR rifle using supersonic rounds, but I'm sure
it would work on other calibers as well as long as you always make sure that the
bullet itself is able to easily fit throught all the tires and the end dowel
otherwise your silencer will be history the first time you try it.