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Industry Air Pollution System Control



Smog-Hog Industrial Air Cleaners

The most effective electrostatic precipitator (ESP) unit on the market today is the genuine SMOG-HOG, manufactured only by United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS). No other ESP unit can match it for efficiency, effectiveness and long-term cost savings for the collection of oil smoke and coolant mist. That's because, for more than 30 years, UAS has invested in constant improvement of electrostatic precipitator technology. UAS now offers the most advanced ESP units available - better than electrostatic units of the past and superior to every alternative mist collection system. ESP is a sophisticated electronic solution that leaves no particle untouched. While centrifugal, cartridge or bag filters provide mechanical filtration that removes only the largest particles, SMOG-HOG electrically charges even microscopic contaminants, then captures them, much like a magnet, in the ESP collection cells. Along the way, the SMOG-HOG collects recyclable coolants and oils for reuse, discharging only safe, breathable air back into the workplace.

Only electrostatic precipitation removes microscopic oil smoke and coolant mist particles that pose a serious hazard to employee health. SMOG-HOG removes dangerous contaminants that can cause respiratory problems and create safety and maintenance concerns as particles settle on expensive machinery, work surfaces and finished products - a situation that can cost you increased absenteeism, workers' compensation claims and OSHA compliance violations.

SMOG-HOG Mist Collectors successfully remove dangerous airborne contaminants to provide a safer, cleaner and more productive workplace. And for heavy-loading applications, automatic in-place cleaning systems are available to reduce maintenance time - an option no alternative technology offers.


Filter design


The housing has a rectangular design and is made of 2mm sheet steel (St. 37.2) as standard. Alloy steels are possible.

The collector elements (5, 6, 7, 8) are made of aluminium.

Our SH-(XB) series can be integrated into ductwork and extraction systems with an external fan. It has particularly low pressure loss Tandem and multi-pass systems are available for special capturing conditions.

The standard housing is up to 2,500Pa underpressureresistant. Designs featuring greater pressure resistance are possible. The permissible waste temperature is 65C. air

The housing base is specially shaped to collect the contaminants, which are removed by means of a siphon system. The unit control box (2) is mounted on the unit or optionally supplied detached. The built-in fan unit (3) is mounted on vibration dampers and fitted with standard electric motors. *(upon end user request)

Optional item (8) :Odor Control Module Activated carbon Bank

The housing can be supplied in both directions of air flow (right - left and left - right). It has fixtures for both floor and ceiling mounting (4), an inspection door at the side (9) and a rail system welded in to accommodate the filter elements.

Benefits of a SMOG-HOG Air Cleaning System o Lowest Operating Costs o Removes Grease, Smoke & Odors
SMOG-HOG effectively cleans the grease laden air exhausted from restaurant hoods, eliminating the visible exhaust plume, odor problems and reducing exterior maintenance. The energy-efficient SMOG-HOG costs less to operate than incinerators or other high-efficiency air cleaning systems.


o Stop Neighborhood Complaints

Offensive odors are generated from old grease which accumulates in exhaust ducts. By keeping the ductwork clean, neighborhood complaints of odor and settled grease on their parking lots, buildings and property can be eliminated.

o Highest Efficiency
SMOG-HOG has the highest-rated air cleaning efficiency in the industry. (95-99% efficient by particle count and 99.9% by weight)

o Prevents Roof Damage

SMOG-HOG eliminates damaging build-up of grease on roof-top surfaces and reduces HVAC maintenance.

o Complete Retrofit Package

Standard, pre-engineered SMOG-HOG units are designed to be easily installed into the existing exhaust system

o Extends Duct Cleaning Intervals

Elimination of grease from exhaust air greatly reduces maintenance and cleaning of ducts.

o Custom Designed System

Well work with you in the planning stages of a new develop a custom-designed SMOG-HOG system to serve your particular requirements.

Sizing and selections of SMOG-HOG

Kitchen Exhaust Capacity (CFM)

Model recommended

Unit dimension (W x H x Depth)

Power consumption 415 V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz (watts)

Static pressure drop (inch)

Weight (kg)

1500 - 3000 3000 - 6000 4500 - 9000 6000 - 12000 9000 - 18000 12000 - 24000 15000 - 30000


12 14 22 32 24 34 44 54

1136 x 943 x 677 2183 x 943 x 677 1136 x 1546 x 677 1136 x 2150 x 677 2183 x 1546 x 677 2183 x 2149 x 677 2183 x 2752 x 677 2183 x 3958 x 677

75 150 150 225 300 450 600 750

95 143 165 246 281 420 590 700



SMOG-HOG Proven Performance

UAS is the world leader in providing air cleaning solutions. SMOG-HOG unit are at work worldwide, capturing particles generated by industrial and commercial operations. You can count on SMOGHOG and UAS for experience and innovation in restaurant air cleaning technology.


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