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THE MARK OF THE BEAST ON [Conscience] OF THE (toutoutoutou)


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THE MARK OF THE BEAST ON [Conscience] OF THE (toutoutoutou) FOREHEAD IS: "3 = 2";


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The "God Can Count to Three" Bible Series



1. Membership in the Millennium ( - 1959)


2. Bible Commentaries


3. Documenting That: 3 = 3


4. Documenting That: 3 = 2


5. The Great Debate: 3 = 2 (1992)


Public Announcement


6. Seven Spirits of God: Chart


7. The Miracle of 2006 in My Life ……………….


8. Coming of the Lord in AD 77


9. The Pope’s Woes Today ………………………… 45

10. The Death Is Destroyed (Rev 20.11-15) ……….


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“The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong Assembly (Ecclesiastes) 9.11.

but time and chance happen to them all” -

The Bible is the word of God (Qeou), describing periods of rebellion against God, and also reformation from apostasy. The reformers must admit their guilt, and come out of the apostate church. King Jehoshaphat, of Judah, was a church reformer, and he destroyed the temples of Baal. Josiah was a second reforming king of Judah. The Lord Iesous the Anointed (O Kurioj O Ihsouj O Cristoj) was the “Greatest Reformer” of them all. Then Martin Luther, and Melancthon, and Zwingli, and John Calvin were later reformers of the congregation called, “The Mother of Abominations.” However, the periods of rebellion were longer in duration, and more frequent, than any of the reformations. The third greatest period of spiritual enlightenment in the New Testament was the "thousand year reign with Anointed" (Rev 20.4; AD 1859-1959). The Son of God, in the flesh; "Immanuel" (God with us) was of greater glory than all other periods on earth (for, Who can compare to God?). Second to this was the apostles' ministry with the, "Gift of the Holy Spirit"; or, Pentecostal Power. Did you know that the Bible expositors used to believe in this period [Millennium] of Favor from God? That is, until the Great Apostasy in 1948. The servants of Iesous brought the Millennium in by “putting the Seal on Satan.” This was coupled with Iesous’ victory of sending the Ten Horns to cause the “tenth of The City to fall.” See: Revelation 20.1-6, 11.11-13. These miraculous events are preserved in the annals of history forever. However, several of these historical publications have been discontinued by Gog and Magog since the captivity of the Millennium (Rev 20.9a). The “seal on Satan” is historically documented just as the Old Testament prophecies were documented by historians as they would be accomplished. This was the message taught to the little children in the congregations, in my youth. This “seal” was to identify: the Beast, the False Prophet, the Great Prostitute, The Mark of the Beast, and the False Prophet of the East; and to teach what the Bible (and history) has recorded about all of them. The reformers were the Watchmen on the Wall of New Jerusalem, sent to warn those who would listen. The captivity of the Millennium was accomplished by Gog and Magog when they removed the “seal on Satan.” Then the little children had no one to love them, and to warn them of their enemies. “To know your enemy is half the battle.”

All of the mighty deeds done by the reformers were undone by Gog and Magog. Therefore, we can accurately date the death of the Millennium by the discontinuance of the teaching of the “seal on Satan.” Read Revelation 20.3, where the Son of God (O Yioj Qeou) teaches this fact. Had the reader been there before, and after, this act of capturing, then he would be qualified to judge these statements. But you can be assured of the truthfulness of these propositions, for they are historically documented. The “Beast and the False Prophet,” and the “Scarlet Lady,” had been named in the public assemblies, and their identity is preserved in the Bible commentaries written before, and during, the “thousand year reign with the Anointed.” The “thousand years” was a symbol for a “hundred year period.”

Iesous (Ihsouj) has blessed me tremendously, in that, I was privileged to hear the Bible message


before Gog and Magog captured the Millennium, and banned the Bible message worldwide. Did the reader ever wonder why the churches only talk about Iesous being in the past, or in the future? My wife, and I, have attended congregations for 50 years and never heard a word about Iesous being Alive! Dead - - Dead -- Dead. Everything heard about Iesous being Alive was heard before 1949. What is this fascination with the Dead Jews? Does that constitute the entire Bible message?

Did churches teach this "missing God" in the past? Absolutely not! All churches have united in the banning of the Bible message. Any congregation with a different message would enjoy tremendous growth. Even the “church doctors” have been writing magazine articles, and books, for several decades now about the “church being dead.” When they admit that their leadership has produced a dead church, men should believe them. Their sincerity about believing that “God is dead” was demonstrated by the “Death of God Theology,” in the 1960s. [A Documentary History of Religion in American Since 1865; copyright 1993, Edwin S. Gaustad, page 436. This “theology” was explained by these writers: William Hamilton, and Thomas J. Altizer, and Paul Van Buren, and A. J. Robinson, and Gabriel Vahanian, and Richard Rubenstein; ibid., page 519.] Paul Van Buren wrote for the Christian Standard magazine, published in Cincinnati, and purchased by the Lansdowne Church of Christ, in East St. Louis, Illinois where I had attended for many years. But our congregation was never informed by the Christian Standard that he was an Atheist! These plots can only work by keeping them secret. The membership would have immediately severed ties with the Christian Standard if they had known Mr. Van Buren’s true colors. Even the congregation of my youth, where I heard the Bible message, has gone back to the Mother of Abominations, and banned the Bible message. This is an independent Christian Church. We switched our attendance to the Church of Christ. They had also banned the Bible message. Dead --Dead -- Dead. One Church of Christ congregation even had an elder announce in the morning worship that they had finally recognized that “the congregation was Dead!” When the leadership pronounces death on their congregation, you should believe it.

“Where is the proof?”

The elder of the dead congregation produced these facts for his conclusion: The majority of the membership was over 50 years of age; and, They had been unable to convert younger people to their religion for several decades. This is the logical response to these charges of all churches changing their doctrines, “Where is the proof?” Alexander Campbell was a publisher of monthly Christian magazines from 1823 until his death in 1866. The Christian Churches and Churches of Christ today evolved from the efforts of Campbell and his associates. But they have a new teaching! They do not believe the opinions of the founders of their religious movement. Campbell believed in the entire Bible, including the book of Revelation, and the story of Spiritual Babylon, and the False Prophet. The Christian Churches, and Churches of Christ today deny all of these things. They even promote seminars “against” the book of Revelation. At one of these functions, a “mighty church doctor” declared: “Revelation is just like First Corinthians, it is confined to the first century.” (Campbell, and his fellow-laborers in the 1800s, never taught anything like that.) Every once in a while, the lecturer would interrupt his message to entertain questions from the audience. This is how our conversation went. ME: “Mr. Doctor.” DOCTOR: “Yes.” ME: “You said that Revelation is confined to the first century like First Corinthians.” DOCTOR: “Yes.” ME: “First Corinthians is about the resurrection.” DOCTOR: “Oh well, he only said that because they did not know anything about it. Blab, blab,



No one in the audience was disturbed to learn that their precious “church doctor” was a liar. They continued their worship of the “doctor” as if nothing had happened. But the reader can verify all of these things for himself. Check out a copy of “Halley’s Bible Handbook.” This was published in about

1945. This was the last book published about “Iesous being Alive!” Halley had named “The Beast,” and

“The False Prophet,” and “Apostate Woman;” and by these means “Satan was sealed.” Halley’s conclusions were in general agreement with the Protestant expositors for the last 250 years. Knowledge was progressively increased as more and more prophecies were fulfilled. But the ground rules for interpretation were: Iesous is Alive; and, He has been Alive eternally; and the Bible is a Living prophecy.

Men identified prophecies from Revelation that had been fulfilled in their lifetimes, and others that would be accomplished in the future. For instance, the Geneva Bible, of 1560, determined that they were presently in the “42 Months,” and that Babylon would fall in the future. The Matthew Poole commentary, of 1680, was from the Puritans. Poole had the same conclusion, but he added the dates for the beginning, and the end of the “42 Months.” This was considered to be: AD 606-1866. Today, the Puritans have a new teaching. Matthew Henry, and Albert Barnes were Presbyterians. Henry identified the Scarlet Lady. Barnes concluded that Armageddon was then in progress and would end with the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire (which ended in 1918). Today, the Presbyterians have a new teaching. In 1949, a Southern Baptist preacher identified the False Prophet and the Mother of Abominations on public television. Today, the Southern Baptists have a new teaching.

Why did all of these denominations change their beliefs?

This was taught to me, before the fact, in 1943.

Where did the new teaching come

The men of God had this answer to these two



“Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be loosed from his prison and will go out to

deceive the nations

” - Rev 20.7-8.

Gog and Magog released Satan from his prison. I was there when it happened! Years later, in 1989, I purchased a copy of the Scarlet Lady’s Bible Translation with Notes, and I was shocked to find that this was the source of the new teaching of all these ex-Protestant denominations. Therefore, the Baptists, and Christians, and Church of Christ members, and Presbyterians, and Pilgrims have all embraced the dogma of the Mother of Abominations. All of the churches in existence today have gone back to the Mother of Evil. They all teach her teaching that Revelation is not a continuous, and progressive prophecy.

“We learn from history not to make the same mistakes.”

Gog and Magog banned history in the churches and the membership was condemned to repeat the same blasphemies that produced the first Dark Ages; dated: AD 500-1000.




We have a small library which contains commentaries from many famous writers, and from several denominations. Then we also have commentaries written after the “Great Apostasy,” in 1948. Besides the commentators of the denominations, we have books on church creeds. The editor submits descriptions of the various beliefs which have been written by the spokesmen for those denominations. On one point they all agree, even the Premillennialists, and this is that: 3 = 2.

When Iesous teaches “three,” and the False Prophet teaches “two,” the churches all receive the testimony of the Mother of Abominations. This demonstrates the “traditions of men,” and their Evil effect, which Iesous (Ihsouj) taught to the apostles. Most of the writers of today’s Bible commentaries do not have the slightest idea where this tenet (3 = 2) of their Faith originated from initially. This will be explained in detail under the heading, “The Great Debate: 3 = 2 (1992).”

The Protestant expositors, Matthew Poole, and Joseph Mede, and Robert Fleming, and Matthew Henry, and Dr. Adam Clarke, and George Croly, and Robert Milligan, and William Hurte, and B. W. Johnson, and Andrew Fausset, and Henry H. Halley, all believed in "the seal on Satan." This was: Beast = Papacy; and False Prophet = Pope; and Mother of Prostitutes = Roman Catholic Church, and False Prophet of the East = Muhammad. All of this "enlightenment" in the former Protestant denominations was banned by the Ecumenical Movement. They surged to power in 1948, founding the World Council of Churches (dedicated to merger with the Pope). It is hilarious that the Pope would never accept them. But still, they served him faithfully. Billy Graham was interviewed on television, and he was asked, "What was the greatest disappointment in your career?" Without hesitation, Mr. Graham replied, "It was that the Pope would not join me."

At odds with the churches denying that "3 = 3" is First Corinthians (15.22-24); Anointed's resurrection (AD 32), and "Coming of the Son of the Man resurrection" (AD 77); and in Revelation (20.11-15; Rev 21.7-8), the Final Resurrection (End of Time). As the Pope teaches that these three resurrections are limited to two only – so were the Premillennialists. The Premillennialists, while admitting the "Three Resurrections" (but teaching there will be two End of Time resurrections; and no First Century resurrection); they also deny "The Great Confession of Peter"; recorded in these words:

"You are the Anointed (O Cristoj), the Son (O Yioj) of the Living God (tou Qeou tou zwntoj)" - Mt 16.16.

The "deceivers" of the churches, with their abominations to the Lord (church creeds), are very bold to deny the simple facts stated in the Bible. And the church memberships are very eager to believe lies.

The apostles had interpreted the Six Propositions, limiting the "70 Weeks of Daniel" (Dan 9.24), to have ended with the "dipping" of Cornelius, and other Gentiles (Acts 10 & 11 - about AD 35). Premillennialists claim the "power" to divide the "70 Weeks"; placing a 1900 year gap between the 69th Week and the 70th Week; or, a 1900 year gap in the middle of the 70th Week." But such power belongs


only to God. And, there is no precedent for interpreting periods of prophecy with 1900 year gaps. [But then, give credit where credit is due. Although they do misapply Scriptures, they are the only theory of "Speculative Theology" to accept all three resurrections in First Corinthians (15.22-24) and Revelation (20.11-15, 21.7-8).] One Premillennialist editor declared that the Seventh Day Adventists are the only denomination believing in God being eternally alive. Although this is close to the truth, it is a shameful thing for a writer to admit about himself. But the Seventh Day Adventists deny a host of statements about the "abolishing" of the Law of Moses. See: Heb 8.13. So then, the Seventh Day Adventists to not believe in the "Eternal God" in the New Covenant. Jehovah's Witnesses also declare the Living God, but they are an Antichrist, denying that Iesous Anointed was God in the flesh. See: 1Jn 2.22, 4.1-3; Mt 1.23. So then, the love of the Pope's blasphemies had led all astray. And, What are men to do?




1) FIRST WE WILL PROVE THE BIBLE TRUE. A) THE 7 HEADS. Although the Bible is a continuous story of prophecies predicted, and fulfilled, from beginning to end, we will limit our proofs in this chapter to the: "7 Heads" (Rev 13.1; 17.9-11). Salvation, and the Covenants of God, and Judgment and Reward or Punishment, all ride on the backs of these "7 Heads." Many nations have recorded the history of these "7 Heads." The evidence is insurmountable. These had been correctly identified by B. W. Johnson, in his book, "The Peoples' New Testament with Notes"; published in 1891. His conclusion was recorded: Egypt (Exodus.), and Assyria (Isa 7.8, 2Ki 18.9-12), and Babylon (Jer 25.11), and Media-Persia (Isa 45.1, Dan 5.25-28), and Greece (Dan 8.20-21), and "the Beast with Iron Teeth" (Rome - Dan 2.32, Lk 3.1), and Eastern Rome (Dan 2.33, Rev 9, Rev 17.10), and "the Eighth Head”; Spiritual Babylon (Rev 17.1-5, 11; 18.2, 8, 10); which was Papacy and Pope in Rome

Only B. W. Johnson, of the major Bible commentators, had the "Eighth Head" properly identified; and some of the others also mislabeled the "Seventh Head." But history had confirmed Mr. Johnson's conclusions. Many, in the late 1800s, and first half of the 1900s, believed Johnson's opinions. These "Eight Heads" had all been predicted by the prophets of God (Qeou), before their rise to power, to be expected to persecute the Israelites and the Christians. Therefore, we will present for the reader's examination, both the prophecy, and the fulfillment of the prophecy. (1) EGYPT: told to Abraham (Gen 15.13 - 2054 BC) to "afflict his seed." This affliction was documented by Moses. God also promised punishment of Egypt, which was the "Ten Plagues"; resulting in the Exodus (Ex 12.40 - 1635 BC). By faith in God's words, Abram knew the future over 400 years distant.

[The sons of God have always known the future, as I know Papacy and Pope are being punished now by lawsuits against their Homosexual priests, and this will result in them "being cast into the lake of fire" (Rev 20.10) as they had been "cast into the lake of fire in 1870" (Rev 19.20). And the Protestant writers for 200 years had been predicting the doom of the Pope.]. (2) ASSYRIA: was foretold by Isaiah (7.8; in the year that Uzziah died - 756 BC), to be going to make the Ten Northern Tribes; or, Samaria; "cease to be a people." This was accomplished in 721 BC (2Ki 18.9-12). Media and Babylon exterminated Assyria in 612 BC. (3) BABYLON: Babylon was raised up to afflict Judah. God put it into the king's mind to destroy Judah, Jerusalem, and the temple. Later God condemned them for "helping forward the affliction" (Zec 1.15), which meant to attack, "unwalled villages" (Eze 38.11). The Prophet Jeremiah pronounced the doom of Babylon (Jer 50). (3) JUDAH: Babylon was declared to be going to carry Judah away, leaving nothing (Isa 39.6 - written about 714 BC). The accomplishment of this deed was recorded to have been in the "19th year of Nebuchadnezzar" (2Ki 25.8 - 588 BC). (4) MEDIA-PERSIA: Cyrus, the Persian was named by God (before he was born), "My shepherd," and "My Anointed" to "subdue nations" (Isa 44.28-45.1; written about 714 BC, and recorded to have overthrown Babylon in 539 BC (Ezra 1.1). Alexander the Great took Persia in 331 BC. (5) GREECE: Alexander the Great was foretold to be going to smash the Persian Empire (Dan 8.21; written about 550 BC); and this was accomplished at Issus (333 BC), and later at Susa (331 BC).


Greece was split into 4 Horns (Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, Macedonia) in 290 BC. The 4 Horns were conquered by Rome in 165 BC, and Syria and Israel became Roman states. (6) ROME: which Daniel termed, "the Beast with Iron Teeth" was alluded to in Daniel (2.33, 7.7; written about 598 & 550 BC), and was declared to be the successor to the Greek Empire. The Lord Iesous Anointed (Ihsouj Cristoj) predicted the Fall of Rome, and Eastern Rome, in His book of Revelation, written in AD 67. Rome fell to Odoacer and the Herulii, in AD 476, and "the third of the Sun was darkened" (Rev 8.12). This was announced by God 409 years before it happened! (7) EASTERN ROME: Diocletian divided the Roman Empire into "East" and "West" in AD 284. Antioch was destroyed by "the locusts" (Arabs) in AD 632, and Constantinople by the "200 million Horsemen" (Rev 9). Muhammad II took Constantinople on May 30, 1453; and the Muslims still control "the great city" today. But they have changed the name to Istanbul. (8) THE EIGHTH HEAD: the Beast and False Prophet (papacy & Pope) had their crimes against God and man recorded in AD 67, as well as the Fall of Babylon, in 1870.

"The Beast (physical Babylon) that was (626-539; 518 BC), and is not (in AD 67), is himself also the Eighth (AD 600), and is of the Seven, and is going to destruction (AD 1870)" (Rev 17.11).

Babylon fell in One Day (June 4, 1859 - May 1860), and in One Hour (Sept. 1870; Rev 18.2, 8,


One Day was from the battle of Magenta, on June 4, 1859 to the battle of the Two Sicilies, in May 1860. "The tenth of the city (Babylon) fell"; being the Papal State of Lombardy, and one of the Ten Papal States (10 Horns), when the follow-up battle of Solferino took place on June 24th. "7000 were slain"; symbolic for 39,000 deaths on both sides of the battle line. See: Rev 11.11-13. And, this was "in the same hour" that the Two Witnesses, who had been killed, came to life, and ascended up to Heaven (Government of the congregations). God's Two Witnesses are the Old Testament and the New Testament. Church reformers in the United States and Great Britain had a movement intended to bring in the Millennium. Both nations had a monthly magazine, the Millennial Harbinger and the British Millennial Harbinger. In 1959, they reported their first successes in the mission field, completing their restoration of Bible rule. Alexander Campbell, of the Disciples of Christ, was the principal leader of this "restoration movement'; restoring (in their opinion) "the ancient order of things." So then, the Lord Iesous (O Kurioj O Ihsouj) is seen to be a "Teacher of Dogmatism," even naming the exact "hour" (figuratively speaking) when the Millennium began. These three battles, Magenta, Solferino, Rome, are recorded in all encyclopedias -- even the New Catholic Encyclopedia! When the Catholics record the Papacy and Pope being run out of Rome, you can rest assured that it is true. Several Protestant expositors: William Hurte, and B. W. Johnson, and Henry H. Halley, had associated the Pope's demise with the fulfillment of this prophecy;

"Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl, and the kingdom became full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues because of the pain. They blasphemed the God (ton Qeon) of the heaven because of their pains and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds" - Rev 16.10-11.

God had declared repeatedly, to Judah: "In Day, the-this (588 BC) you will know that I [am] Lord of [Earth] 'He Is' (hwhy ynda yna)" (Eze 24.27).

Ezekiel repeated, "You will know" in these verses: 6.7, 6.10, 6.13, 6.14; and many more. From this, men have concluded that: "God is made known by the fulfillment of prophecy." In the same manner, the fulfillment of the prophecy of the "7 Heads" proves to the "children of Light" (Eph 5.5) that God is


alive; and the Lord God Almighty is "the True and Living God."

* The prophecies before the Beginning of Time (Gen 3) were the Curses of the Serpent, the Woman, and the Man. The Serpent was a Beast (described to have four legs in the Bible), and he was Cursed to do these things:

And I will put enmity

between you and the Woman, and between your Seed and her Seed; He (Iesous) will bruise your head, and you will bruise His heel" - Gen 3.14-15.

" on your belly you will go, and you will eat dust all the days of your life.

The Whales and Pythons have hip bones to the present day. The Atheists make much ado about this, but this is further proof of God's prophecy being fulfilled.

"I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; in pain you will bring forth children; your desire [will be] toward your husband, and he will rule over you" - Gen 3.16.

This is about monthly period pains, and the pain of child-birth, and the man being physically stronger, and so, ruling over the woman.

"Cursed [is] the ground for your sake; in sorrow you will eat [of it] all the days of your life. Both thorns and thistles it will bring forth for you, and you will eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of your face you

will eat bread till you return to the ground

" - Gen 3.17-19.

The ground is still Cursed today, and outdoor labor results in sweat. Therefore the wisdom, and knowledge, and foreknowledge of God are evident in our lives today, as well as the power of God to punish one and all. B) DECLARATIONS OF THE TRUTH OF THE WORD OF GOD.

"The calling of Me (YT) in you (Israel), the day, of the Heavens (Governments) and with Earth (Body of Israel) for perishing (dba) you, (T) will perish of (Y) Her (N) (!ydat) from on the Earth that with them (M), ones passing over of the Jordan, that there, to possess her, she will not prolong days on her of there, the destroying (dbvh), you (T) will be destroyed of (W) her (N) (!wdbvt)" - Deut 4.26

And, who knows not that Israel was destroyed?

But this was written in 1594 BC, and they did

not completely perish until AD 70. The truth of the Word is obvious.

"All of saying of her (T; Israel), God of Her (hwla), refiner of Her (H) (hpwdc,), this shield to ones of faith in Him" - Prov 30.5.

"But He answered and said, 'It is written (Deut 8.3), Man shall not live by bread alone; but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Qeou)" - Mt 4.4.

"Heaven and Earth (Israel) will pass away (AD 77), but the words of Me will by no means pass away" - Mt 24.35.

This statement is true today.

"All Scripture breathed of God (Qeopneuotoj) and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for the (thn) instruction in righteousness" - 2Tim 3.16.


"… having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through [means] word of living God (logou zwntou Qeou) and remains into the age" - 1Pet 1.23.

"knowing this first, for all prophecy of Scripture not coming of private urging, for prophecy was not ever brought by will of man, but under Holy Spirit holy men of God (Qeou) spoke, being moved" - 2Pet 1.20-


"These things He says, The [One] holy, The [One] true, The [One] having the key of the (tou) David (meaning, the right to sit on the throne), The [One] opening and no one, he will shut her (authn), if not The [One] opening and no one [else] he will open" - Rev 3.7.

"These things, He says, The Truly (amhn), the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of the God (tou Qeou)" - Rev 3.14.

The Word of God is declared by God to be True.

2) COMPARING PAGAN RELIGIONS. The pagan religions are all of recent origin, when compared to the Bible. As the Ecumenical Movement had seduced men to leave the Bible, so the pagan religions are rebellions against earlier forms of paganism. Buddhism is recorded to have begun in 563 BC. Shintos and Confucianism are believed to have been organized about 600 BC also. The tribal religions of Africa are difficult to date because they have no written history, and they have only become literate in the last 300 years. American Indians share this fate of religions without records. The oldest are believed to be the Incas, and Mayans, but both are believed to have originated only 100 years before the Spanish invasions, in about AD 1532. Greek Mythology is credited with writing about 1000 BC. But this cannot compare to Moses dates from 1635 to 1594 BC. Roman Mythology was much later than that, their date of origin being 756 BC. The Syrian calendar is dated 323 BC. Only Egypt has writings of ancient origin. But they have no continuing religion for that long national history.

But Moses began writing in 1635 BC. Besides this, Moses' writing covered events back to 4148 BC. Then the pagans do not have prophecy. This was impossible while they were illiterate.

Judaism denies her own Scriptures, and so, is also without prophecy. Muslims were founded by Muhammad between AD 620 and 634. They have no prophecy, although they respect Muhammad as a prophet. New Age has no history to speak of, but pervert the Christian Scriptures.

In view of these facts, since the Ecumenical Movement, and Popery, deny prophecy, they are as useless as the recent pagan religions.

3) HOW GOD COUNTS TO THREE. The truth of the Bible message has been confirmed, in our opinion, and we hope, in the opinion of the reader. Therefore, we will quote Scriptures, "counting to three," and confess our belief that these lists are true facts. However, our next chapter, "Confirming that" "3 = 2"; will document a number of writers disputing that, "God can count to three." However, more of that in good time. Presently we are concerned with Bible lists of, "three things."

A) THE THREE KINGS OF ISRAEL (1) Saul was anointed by the high priest, Samuel, to become the first king of Israel.


"Tomorrow about this time I will send you a man from the land of Benjamin, and you will anoint him

' And

Samuel saw Saul, 'He Is' (hwhy) said to him, There he is the man of whom I spoke to you. This one will reign over My people'" - 1Sam 9.16-17.

captain over My people Israel, that he may save My people from the hand of the Philistines

And Saul reigned about 40 years (1090 - 1050 BC; Acts 13.21).

(2) ISHBOSHETH WAS MADE THE SECOND KING. Saul died in battle, and his son, Ishbosheth, ruled Israel for the next two years (1050-48 BC).

"Ishbosheth, son of Saul, [was] forty years old when he began to reign over Israel, and he reigned two years. Only the houses of Judah and Benjamin followed David. And the time that David was king in

And there was a long war between the

Hebron over the house of Judah was seven years and six months house of Saul and the house of David" - 2Sam 2.10-11; 3.1.


Therefore all

the elders of Israel came to the king at Hebron, and King David made a covenant with them at Hebron before 'He Is' (hwhy). And they anointed David [third] king over Israel. David [was] thirty years old when he began to reign; he reigned forty years (1050-10 BC). In Hebron he reigned over Judah seven years and six months, and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty-three years over all Israel and Judah" - 2Sam 2.4;


"And the men of Judah came, and there they anointed David king over the house of Judah

Three kings = Saul, Ishbosheth, David.


"For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of the Man (Adam; O Yioj tou Anqrwtou) will be three days and three nights in the belly of the earth" - Mt 12.40.


"When Joseph (from Arimathea - vs 57) had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and laid

it in his new tomb

" - Mt 27.59-60.

Understanding of this story is only possible by remembering that the Jewish day was from sundown to sundown.

"And the Evening and the Morning were the first day" - Gen 1.5.

Therefore, the Lord's three days in the tomb began at sundown, as well as ending at sundown.


"On the next day, which followed the Day of Preparation (Seventh Day), the chief priests and Pharisees gathered together to Pilate, saying to him, 'Sir, we remember, while He was still alive, how that deceiver said, "After three days I will rise"'" - Mt 27.62-63.

The "Preparation of the Great Day" was identified by John:


"On the Last Day (Eighth), that Great (Day) of the feast


- Jn 7.37.

The crucifixion was on the Seventh Day of the Passover, from sundown Tuesday, as we count

days, until sundown on Wednesday. days.

This will be confirmed at the resurrection, by counting back three

The Eighth (Great) Day was defined in the law of Moses to be a Sabbath.

"For seven days you will offer an offering made by fire to 'He Is' (hwhy). On the Eighth Day you shall have a holy convocation, and you will offer an offering made by fire to 'He Is'" - Lev 23.36.

These "holy convocations" in the middle of the week, and identified by the day of the month, were yearly "Sabbaths." Therefore, the Seventh Day was the "Day of Preparation for the Great Day." And the "Eighth (Great) Day" was a yearly Sabbath. This was the First Day in the tomb, from sundown on Wednesday, until sundown on Thursday; and we will label this day, "Thursday."


"That Day was the Preparation (Wednesday), and the Sabbath (Thursday) drew near. And the women who had come with Him from Galilee followed after, and they observed the tomb, and how His body was laid. Then they returned (on Friday) and prepared spices and fragrant oils" - Lk 23.55-56a.

Friday was the shopping day, for they were forbidden to work on a Sabbath, and also were confined by restricted travel (a Sabbath day's journey).


"And they rested on the [weekly] Sabbath (Saturday) according to the commandment" - Lk 23.56b.

This day was from sundown Friday till sundown Saturday. So then, the "three days and three nights in the belly of the earth" were: Thursday, Friday, Saturday.


"But after Sabbaths (Thursday and Saturday), at the dawning into (eis) one (mia - 52 Xs) of Sabbaths, Mary Magdalene came and the other Mary to see the tomb" - Mt 28.1.

The "three days and three nights" ended at sundown on Saturday, and the tomb was found empty Sunday morning. God can count to three!

C) THREE AGES OF MAN ON EARTH. Does the reader think that God can do it again? (1) PETER TESTIFIED OF THREE AGES.

"For this they willfully forget: that by the word of the God (tou Qeou) the Heavens (Governments) were of old, and the Earth (Population of the Governments) standing out of Water (Nations) and in the Water (Nations), by which the World [that] then existed perished, being flooded with Water (Literal Flood)" - 2Pet 3.5-6; First Age.

"But 'the Heavens and the Earth' (Israel) [which] are now preserved by the same word, are reserved for


But the Day of Lord (h hmera

Kuriou) will come as a thief in the night, in which 'the Heavens' (Governments) will pass away with a great noise, and 'the Elements' (Sun, Moon, Stars) will melt with fervent heat; both 'the Earth' (Israel) and the works that are in her (Temple) will be burned up" - 2Pet 3.7, 10; Second Age was destroyed by Titus.

fire until the day of judgment (AD 77) and destruction of ungodly men

"Nevertheless We (You and Me), according to His promise, are looking for 'New Heavens and a New Earth' (New Jerusalem - Rev 21.1-3), in which Righteousness (Iesous) dwells" - 2Pet 3.13; Third Age is to the End of Time.

"The Elements melted," were Antipas (Sun), and Levitical Priesthood (Moon), and Jewish Prophets (Stars). The prophet, Joel, and the apostle, Peter, only mentioned two of these "Elements" in their prophecies:

"The Sun (Antipas), he will be turned to darkness, and the Moon (Levitical Priesthood) to blood, to face of coming of the great 'and the he will fear' (arwnhw) Day of 'He Is' (hwhy)" - Joel 2.31; Acts 2.20.

Josephus recorded the murder of Antipas, and identified him as of "the royal lineage" - Wars


Josephus also described the priests (Moon) dying at the altar - Ibid., 5.1.3. So then, the Pre-flood Age ended with the Flood; and the Old Heavens Age ended because of the War with Rome; and the Resurrection (AD 77); and New Jerusalem remains until the End of Time


"For indeed Gods (myhla) dwelling on the earth? Looking, the Heavens (#4), and Heavens (#3) of the

Heavens (#1 & #2), they cannot contain You, for also (pa) this temple that building of me (YT)?" - 1Ki


"Heavens" is always dual in form, for the Sun represents the daytime Heaven, and the Moon and Stars symbolize the night time Heaven;

(#4) " - Zec 5.9.

and they lifted up the basket (with Babylon) between Earth and Heavens (Literal - Sky)"

Also, men praying were said to lift their hands to the Heavens (Sky); (#3) The Eternal Abode of God (Rev 5 & 7) is "Third Heaven" (2Cor 12.2). (#1) The physical kingdom of Israel was the First Heavens; (#2) New Jerusalem was, and still is, the second Heavens.

(3) Isaiah described New Jerusalem replacing physical Israel in these words:

"For, looking of Me (ynnh), creating of (arwb; Genesis 1.1) Heavens, new ones, and a New Earth; and the former (Israel) She (T; New Jerusalem) will not remember Her (HN) (HNRKZT) and not She (T) will come Her (HN) (bl l[ hnyl[t) she coming against heart" - Isa 65.17.

(4) We have already considered the testimony of Peter on this subject (2Pet 3), but even the apostle, John wrote of this event:


"Now I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, for the first Heaven and the first Earth had passed away. And the Sea (Gentiles) is not [any] longer" - Rev 21.1.

When "the former" (Israel) was not remembered, then because Gentiles were "non-Jews"; there was "no more Sea." God consistently, and repeatedly, recorded the "Three Ages of Man" in the Word of God. As with other subjects, we find complete lists of the "Three Ages," and partial lists; as in this example.


"For as in Adam all die, even so in Anointed all will be made alive. But each in his own order: (1) Anointed the firstfruits (from the dead), (2) afterward those [who are] Anointed's at His coming. Then

the End, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father

(3) The Final resurrection is in Revelation 20.11-15; and will be at the End of Time. NOTE: Paul, in Corinthians and his other letters, only taught what would happen to his generation (AD 28-77). It would have been confusing, and fruitless, to discuss future events that would come about after their resurrection in AD 77. The lack of knowledge of this this fact has caused much confusion in Bible study. Iesous taught, "Truly, I say to you, this generation no not pass away till ever

(an) these [things = Resurrection; verse 24.30] happen" (Mt 24.24). You can trust Iesous' words!

" - 1Cor 15.22-24.

These are described sequentially in Iesous' Revelation;

a) "Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last. I [am] He who lives, and was dead, and, look, I am alive

into the ages. Truly (amhn). And I have the keys of Hell and of Death' - Rev 1.17-18;

b) "Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many messengers (holy ones - Jude 14) around the throne, the

Living Creatures, and the Elders; and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand (Jude 14), and thousands of thousands" - Rev 5.11;

c) "The Sea (of Glass - Rev 4.6) gave up the [saved] dead who were in her, and Death and Hell delivered up the [lost] dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works" - Rev 20.13. The resurrection of the Lord Iesous is pictured in (a), while the Old Heavens resurrection is seen in (b), and the Final resurrection is described in (c). Notice that there will be no Rapture, and we will all die. The Rapture was in "10 Days" (Rev 2.10; AD 67-77). Also it was "quickly," which is stated six times. Paul declared the imminent return of the Lord Iesous in these words:

"The Night is far spent, the Day is at hand" - Rom 13.12.

James preferred these words:

"Therefore be patient, brothers, until the coming of the Lord (tou Kuriou). See the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord (tou Kuriou) is at hand. Do not grumble against one another, brothers, lest you be condemned. Look, the Judge (O Krithj) is standing at the door!" - Jas 5.7-9.

AND -- these words condemn the Pope's interpretation of, "Only two resurrections." [The Pope has many blasphemies against God, and his writers often contradict each other. Some are Preterists (The Lord is only past tense). Others are Futurists (The Lord will only be at the End of Time). The St. Joseph's Edition of the New American Bible, 1986, teaches both messages.


"The book is, then, an exhortation and admonition to Christians OF THE FIRST CENTURY


In these words Preterism is embraced.

" - page

"Rev 20.7-10: A description of the symbolic battle to take place Satan is loosed AT THE END OF THE WORLD", page 406.

In these words Fururism is embraced, and the notion of a "Living God" is never mentioned.

The Lord Jesus also spoke in unmistakable words about the imminent resurrection:

"For the Son of the Man (O Yioj tou Anqrwpou) will come in the glory of the Father (tou Patroj) of Him with His messengers (dead holy ones), and then He will reward each according to his works. Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste of death till they see the Son of the Man (O Yioj tou anqrwpou) coming in His kingdom (New Jerusalem - Rev 21.1-3)" - Mt 16.27-28.

E) GOD CAN ALSO COUNT TO SIX. Paul had a partial list of "Three General Resurrections," because he was only addressing the First Century population. However, the Word of God contains "Six Particular Resurrections."

(1) "And Enoch, he/she* went ($lhtyw) with the Gods (myhlah); and desiring not (wnnyaw), for Gods (myhla) taking with him (wta)" - Gen 5.24. NOTE*: We run into sporadic “dual Person Indicators” in the Hebrew. The “soul of man” is referred to as, “she.” So then, “he/she” would represent Enoch and his soul.

We have calculated this event to have been in 3466 BC. Enoch was the "type" of the Old

Heavens resurrection for the Pre-flood inhabitants of the earth. Much later, the Lord Iesous taught that this was "Paradise"; or, "Abraham's bosom" where the saved awaited the resurrection. See: Lk 16.23;


(2) "Then it happened, as they continued on and talked, that suddenly a chariot of fire [appeared] with horses of fire, and separated the two of them; and Elijah [whyla = him (W) Her* (H) of (Y) God (LA)] went up by a whirlwind into the heavens (Paradise)" - 2Ki 2.11. NOTE *: Here we have a “double Person Indicator’ in a suffix. I believe that this means:

God (LA) of (Y) Her (Israel; H) him (Elijah; W).

This was about 896 BC, and Elijah was the "type" of the Old Heavens resurrection to the Old Heavens population. Therefore, God gave a sign of the resurrection to every Age of Man.

(3) "And as they went to tell His students, look, Iesous (Ihsouj) met them, saying, 'Rejoice!' So they came and held Him by the feet and fell down [to] Him" - Mt 28.9.

The Lamb of God "opened a fountain for the house of David (Iesous) and for the inhabitants of [New] Jerusalem, for sin and for uncleanness" - Zec 13.1. Daniel's "70 Weeks" dated the resurrection to have been in AD 32. The Lord was "cut off in the midst of the week" (AD 28-35; AD 32).

(4) Number Four was the Old Heavens resurrection pictured in Revelation, Chapter Five, and Chapter Seven, and Chapter Fourteen (14.1; 14.14-16), and Chapter Nineteen (19.1-5). This is repeated because


to deny the First century resurrection is one of the "Three Blasphemies of the Beast" (Rev 13.6). This blasphemy reads, "those who dwell in heaven." This “blasphemy of the Beast” (Papacy) includes the Old Heavens Resurrection (AD 77) and the “First Resurrection” (AD 1775), which is also denied by the Beast and his subjects.

(5) "And they cried with a loud voice, saying, 'How long, The Lord of (O Despothj), the holy and true, until you avenge the blood of us on those who dwell on the earth?" - Rev 6.10.

These were the martyrs of the First Resurrection, who had been killed in pagan Rome's persecutions (for Rome is the subject of this chapter).

"If anyone worships the Beast and his Image (Holy Roman Empire), and receives his mark in his Forehead (Mind) or in his hand, he himself will also drink of the wine of the wrath of the God (tou Qeou) Here is the patience of the holy ones (First Resurrection), those who keep the commandments of the God (tou Qeou) and the faith of Iesous (Ihsou). And I heard a voice from (ek) [place] of the (tou) heaven, saying, ‘Write, “Blessed the dead ones in Lord (en Kuriw) from now [Final Resurrection at End of Time; Rev 20.11-15] …" - Rev 14.9-13.

"And I saw [something] like a Sea of Glass (Rev 4) mingled with fire (persecution), and those who have the victory over the Beast (First Resurrection); over his Image and over his Mark (3 = 2), and over the number of his name (666); standing on the Sea of Glass [before the throne of God], having harps of the God (tou Qeou)" - Rev 15.2; First Resurrection.

"And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw [different subject] the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness of Iesous (Ihsou), and for the word of the God (tou Qeou), who had not worshipped the Beast or his Image (Holy Roman Empire), and had not received his Mark (3 = 2) in their Foreheads (Minds) or in their hands. And they lived and reigned with

[priests] of the Anointed (tou Cristou) (Rev 5.10) for a thousand years - Rev 20.4-5.

This is the First Resurrection"

This is the "type" of the Final Resurrection; or, the New Heavens Resurrection. Therefore, God had recorded a "type" for each of the "Three Ages" to give hope to the people. These were: Enoch (Pre- flood), and Elijah (Old Heavens), and First Resurrection (New Heavens). But the Beast denies all these facts. We are saved by "keeping the Mark of the Beast (3 = 2) from on [conscience] of the (tou) Foreheads (Minds)." The reader can see why the Beast ridicules all these Bible facts. The First Resurrection is dated by "the first bowl of God's wrath on the earth" (Rev 16.2). This was linked to the First Resurrection in Chapter Fifteen by "the seven angels having the seven last plagues" (Rev 15.1). In our opinion, this was the American Revolution, in AD 1776. The date then would be AD 1775 for the First Resurrection, and the Sign of Hope (or, "type") for believers. B. W. Johnson limits "the first bowl" to the French Revolution (1889), but we include them both. [But even if we are wrong, the date would still be AD 1888.]

(6) The last of these Six Particular Resurrections will be the Final Resurrection at the End of Time (Rev 20.11-15; 21.7-8). In the next chapter we will document that: 3 = 2. And, there are many opinions supporting this false and wicked allegation.





(1) "Dissertation; page 854: Saul king 20 years [


David king 40 years" - Josephus; The Works

Of; William Whiston, AD 1736; Hendrickson Publishers, Peabody, Massachusetts.

] [

(2) Douay Bible, AD 1609; "Historical Index, page 300; Saul anointed king [

] [

(3) Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, James Strong, S.T.D., LL.D., April 1898;

The second king, Ishbosheth was omitted.

Ishbosheth was omitted.

] David king."

"Chronology; 1020 BC, Saul was first king [


1009 BC, David is king of Israel.

] [

(4) "

Ishbosheth was omitted. after the defeat of Saul and the destruction of his family [


David, king of independent

Judah was invited by the Israelites to become their ruler also" - Encyclopedia, c. 1967.

] [

Ishbosheth not named.

NOTE: The reason for this omission is probably because of this verse:

"And then they asked for a king; and the God (O Qeoj) gave them the Saul, son of Kish

him, He raised up to them the David into king

But the problem did not stop with these reference books, for preachers were frequently referring to David as "the second king of Israel." Many charts even had Saul, David, and Solomon all ruling Israel for 40 years, and Ishbosheth was never mentioned.

[But, we will remind the reader, David only ruled Israel for 33 years.] This demonstrates the evil of the traditions of men in place of the word of God. The church leaders had confirmed in their minds, and in the minds of the church membership that: "3 = 2." At first glance, the reader may think that this is inconsequential, but this was the beginning of much brainwashing. NOTE: Paul was giving an abbreviated summary of the events happening to the nation of Israel. This summary excluded all kings after David (d. 1010 BC) up until Zedekiah was overthrown by Babylon, in 588 BC. And the Babylonian captivity and subsequent affairs of Israel were not mentioned. So then, slighting Ishbosheth in his summary proved nothing. But the history of Ishbosheth proves much.

And removing

" - Acts 13.21-22.


(1) "He continued in the grave just as long as Jonah continued in the fish's belly, three days and three

he was buried in the afternoon of the sixth day of the week

" - Matthew Henry, Vol 5, Mt 12.40, page 176

nights; NOT three whole natural days

[Friday], and rose again in the morning of the first day

[Henry was a non-conformist Presbyterian].

"He was buried in the evening of the sixth day of the week [Friday], and he arose in the morning of the first day of the following week, so that he lay in the grave about thirty-six or thirty-eight hours" - Ibid., Mt 28.1-10; page 437.


(2) "The period during which He was to be in the grave is here expressed in round numbers, according to the Jewish way of speaking, which was to regard any part of a day, however small, included within a period of days, as a full day" - Andrew Fausset; Jaimeson-Fausset-Brown, Vol. 3, Mt 12.40, page 75 (Anglican; Trinity College).

So then, Mr. Henry and Mr. Fausset had confirmed that: 3 = 1.5.

(3) "Ver. 40. Three days, &c. NOT complete days and nights; but PART of three days, and three nights, taken according to the way that the Hebrews counted their days and nights, VIZ, from evening to evening" - Rheims New Testament, page 17 (Roman Catholic)

(4) "Jesus says (Matt. 16.21) that he will 'be raised again the third day.' Hence, in Jewish usage of the third day must mean the same as three days and three nights. It was and is customary with the Orientals to make ANY PART of the day STAND FOR THE WHOLE twenty-four hours" - The Peoples' New Testament with Notes, 1891, B. W. Johnson, page 74 (Christian

(5) But then, all of this substituting "parts for wholes" is too vague. We will share a sermon by a Bible College president (Christian Church) on this subject. "The president said, 'One hour on Friday was "one day and one night." Then, 24 hours, from sundown Friday till sundown Saturday was "one day and one night." Finally, the resurrection was at dawn on Sunday, and these 12 hours were "one day and one night."'"

That is what we like, a man who speaks his mind in clear and uncompromising words. So then, "3 = 1.5." The churches all agree.


"The title of Dr. Ironside's book was based on his teaching that there is a 'Great Parenthesis' between the 69th and the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy found in Daniel 9.24-27, which he said had already lasted over 1900 years. Later in my life, looking back at this, it seemed to me that anyone would have known that nothing comes between a 69th and a 70th week, in anything; that where one ends, the other begins; and it has seemed this way to me for many years now" - Matthew 24 Fulfilled, 1996, John L. Bray, Lakeland, Florida; p. 278 (Southern Baptist).

The "Three Ages of Man" have lost the third age to the "Great Parenthesis" in many minds today. Mr. Bray had another thought, after expounding his belief with many Scriptures, and a logical mind, that the "Coming of the Son of Man" was in AD 70:

"But God's past dealings with His people do not mean all prophecy has been fulfilled. A world cannot be visualized which is to have no future resurrection and final judgment for all of mankind (Revelation 20.11-15). This world still has to meet God. All lost people must give account to God for their rejection of Christ. And Christians in this present age, have a glorious future not only in this life but also in the life which is to come" - Ibid., p. 273. NOTE: Mr. Bray sent letters to the buyers of his book (INCLUDING ME) containing news of the Preterism movement. In one of these updates, Mr. Bray announced that he had changed his mind about the "Final Resurrection." So then, neither Dr. Ironside nor Mr. Bray had a "Third Era of Man." This documents that: 3 = 2.



"This interpretation requires a prophetic postponement (older writers referred to this as a 'gap' or 'parenthesis' between the events of verses 26 and 27 [of Daniel, Chapter 9]" - Dictionary of Premillennial Theology, 1996, Mal Couch, General Editor, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan, p. 77 (Dallas Theological Seminary).

Again, we encounter the "great parenthesis," but this time it was written by a believer of “the

But, the Third Age is gone no matter who tells the

parenthesis”, and not an observer, like Mr. Bray. story.

(3) DR. DON TAYLOR; CHURCHES OF CHRIST. Dr. Taylor has a seminar at Belleview-West high school, for about 5 Church of Christ congregations. These were his words on "the Third Age":

"Revelation is confined to the First Century, just as First Corinthians is confined to the First Century."

And so, the Doctor had no "Third Age." But we will inform the reader what we informed Dr. Taylor; "First Corinthians is about the resurrection; 'For as in Adam all die, even so in Anointed all will be made alive. But each one in his own order: (1) Anointed the firstfruits, (2) afterward those who are Anointed's at His coming, then the end, '"

when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father

- 1Cor 15.22-24.

(3) Revelation 20.11-15, Rev 21.7-8 picture the "Third General Resurrection." Which is one of

the "Six Particular Resurrections" (see: above).

(4) THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. She allows a certain amount of liberty to her writers, and some are Preterists, as Mr. Bray, and others are Premillennialists, as Mr. Couch. These two views are brought together in the, "St. Joseph's Edition of the New American Bible", 1986. The battle of Armageddon is taught to be in the future, at the end of time; and the Final Resurrection is to follow. But everything else is interpreted in a Preterist manner; or, a past tense concept. We consider this "The Big Gap Theory." And, the Papists have no "Third Age."

D) THREE GENERAL RESURRECTIONS. The current views of these "three resurrections" are adequately explained under "The Three Ages of Man." They boil down to two beliefs: A) There are only two resurrections; and: B) There are multiple resurrections at the End of Time. The expositors will deny that "God can count to three" in their own words.

(1) "Shall not taste death till they see the Son of Man - Mt 16.28. The reference is not to his final coming to judge the world, but to his spiritual coming to establish his kingdom. This was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost" - B. W. Johnson, 1891. NOTE: Johnson only admitted belief in two of the "three resurrections."

(2) "But the most generally received opinion, which seems to be best, is, that the coming of the Son of man here meant is, his resurrection from the dead, his ascension into heaven, and sending the Holy Spirit, after which the kingdom of grace came with a mighty power, subduing all nations to the Lord Jesus Christ" - Matthew Poole Commentary, Vol. 3, page 78 (Puritan).

(3) "The First Resurrection; Rev 20.4.

[First & Final]; the first, of martyrs, which shall antedate the general resurrection a thousand years: but

I must confess I find a

Those who think thus, judge there will be two resurrections

the Scripture no where else* mentions more than one [general] resurrection


difficulty to allow this; it is too great a point to found upon a single text**, in a portion of holy writ so clouded with metaphors as this, and I know no suffragan text" - Poole, Vol. 3, page 1002. NOTE *: General Resurrections: Old Heavens - Mt 16.27-28; 24.30; 25.31-34; New Heavens - Rev 20.11-15; 21.7-8. NOTE **: First Resurrection - Rev 6.9-11; 14.9-12; 15.2-4; 20.4. Both "the second, of three general resurrections" (AD 77) is denied; and the "First Resurrection" (AD 1775). Then also, Enoch and Elijah are denied as being resurrected by these bold statements. NOTE: We feel obligated to point out the absurdity of denying that an important issue can only be mentioned once by God, and still bear any weight. The Israelites petitioned God over whether to go to war, or to refrain from military activities. When the answer was received, they did not seek a second answer to their prayers. The false prophet, Balaam, is a good example that this is frowned upon by God. He prayed to God as to whether he should accompany Balak, king of Moab; or not. God said, "No." Balak continued his petitions to Balaam, and Balaam consulted God again. This time God said, "Yes." And Balaam was killed as a result of his disobedience to God. The matter seems settled then, "Once is enough!" See: Num 22.12, "No!"; 22.20: "Yes."; 31.8: "Balaam killed." Therefore we have confirmed that: "3 = 2." Or, stated more dogmatically, "The words of Iesous are being denied by the churches."

(4) "Mt 16.28

Pentecost, and its final triumph after the destruction of the Jewish polity; as if He had said, 'Some of you, My disciples, shall continue to live until these things take place.' The destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish economy, which our Lord here predicts, took place forty years after this; and some of the persons now with Him doubtless survived that period, and witnessed the extension of the Messiah's kingdom" - Bethany Parallel Commentary, Dr. Adam Clarke (Methodist).

our Lord evidently speaks of the establishment of the Christian Church after the Day of

Although this is the best interpretation, other than the Preterists, Dr. Clarke still did not believe Iesous' words.




The Devil had deceived me, as well as the rest of the world, to believe that: 3 = 2. I did not learn to count to three until I was 59 years of age. Or, stated differently, I did not believe that Iesous could count to three until I was 59 years old. Therefore I have experienced what goes on in your minds today. You and I have shared the same phenomenon. As a child, I was brainwashed by the congregation of my youth to believe in the Scarlet Mother’s teaching, that: 3 = 2. And, I was very smug about my imaginary wisdom, and considered any different opinion to be foolishness. Does that sound familiar to you? Whenever the preacher would read from the Bible that “Iesous would come quickly” (in the first century), then he would explain that this was at the End of the world. And -- I believed him! [What a shame to bear!] When the preacher would read (Mt 24.29-34) that the resurrection was connected to the fall of Jerusalem, in AD 70, then he would explain that this would be at the End of Time. And -- I believed him! (But we will go into more detail later.) But this was the mind of a Fool. Today I can count to three due to the Mercy of the Lord Iesous. (I use my fingers!) In 1992, two preachers from Oklahoma even had a public debate about: “3 = 2.” This was nationally advertised in the Churches of Christ in the United States. (Did you hear about it?) Both men believed that #666 was correct in his blasphemy that: “3 = 2.” So then, “What were they arguing about?”

All churches are involved in this dispute: “Which one of God’s numbers do we throw away?” Both fellows agreed about Number One being true. This was: "Anointed, the firstfruits" (#1). And, the first disputant proved -- from the Bible -- that Number Two (#2 - First Century) was


His adversary was equally adept -- from the Bible -- in proving that Number Three (#3 = End of Christian Dispensation) is true. So then:

“One -- two -- three -- all true.” See: 1 Cor 15.21-24 & Rev 20.11-15, Rev 21.7-8.

These were the “3 = 2” preachers, who had been deceived by the False Prophet, and who established the fact (unknowingly, of course) that: “God can count to three.” Iesous is working miracles today to save your soul from #666!

“The ten Horns are ten Kings

to change times and law (3 = 2)” - Dan 7.24-25.

and another (Little Horn = #666) shall rise after them

and shall intend

Iesous has taught us the very words by which we can spot the False Prophet, “He thinks to change times and law” (Dan 7.25). Usually when the Bible records Iesous, or His apostles, teaching that there are three subjects, then the False Prophet declares that Iesous is wrong, and there are actually only two subjects. This has been going on in the churches for 1900 years. Today, the churches still profess their belief that: 3 = 2. We have testified to many leaders of the congregations about their inability to count to three. But they were unimpressed. Paul wrote:


“Anointed (Cristoj) firstfruits (#1 - AD 32), afterwards the [ones] of the Anointed (tou Cristou) at the coming of Him (#2 - AD 77), then the end, when He shall deliver the kingdom to the God (tw Qew) and Father (Patri; #3)” - 1Cor 15.23-24.

The Lord Iesous had His angel command John to write of the Final Resurrection (#3).

We have read Roman Catholic literature about changing “three” to “two.” Here is how the Pope deceives the simple. (1) His messengers read the Bible translation faithfully. (2) Then they repeat the message in these words: “Christ is the firstfruits, then the resurrection of the just, and the resurrection of the unjust.” [But the Bible never mentioned the “just and the unjust”!] (3) They continue their story by saying that they know that the “just and the unjust” are resurrected together. [Although the statement is true, about the saved and the lost being resurrected together, Paul was addressing, “the From Calling” (ek klhsia) of God which is at Corinth” (1Cor 1.2), and there is no mention of the “lost” or the “unjust” in Chapter 15 of Corinthians. Also the words “just” and “unjust” are not mentioned in Chapter 15. In fact, the word “just” was not mentioned one time in the entire letter to Corinth; and “unjust” was only mentioned one time. See: 1Cor 6.1.] (4) Finally, the papists proclaim that since the “just” and the “unjust” are only one resurrection, therefore “Number Two” and “Number Three” equal “one Number only”; and so, Number One plus One [or, Numbers Two and Three] equals only two resurrections. And so: 3 = 2! When the Pope speaks, people listen. But consider for a moment the Pope’s resurrection of the “unjust”:

“Then the end, when He [Anointed] delivers the kingdom to God the Father” - 15.24.

If that will be the resurrection of the “unjust”, then I certainly want to be numbered among them!

There is no condemnation, or hint of guilt, in this account of the resurrection. Who authorized the Pope to change this to the “unjust”? Did the Devil make him do it? Now the two preachers, of the “Great Debate,” will express their opinions -- in their own words.


Don Preston of the Ardmore Church of Christ in Ardmore, Oklahoma, will defend the proposition, “The Bible teaches that the second, or final coming of Christ occurred at A.D. 70 in the destruction of Jerusalem.” Bill Lockwood of the Marlow Church of Christ in Marlow, Oklahoma, will defend the

proposition, “The Bible teaches that the second, or final coming of Christ is yet future and will occur at the end of the Christian dispensation.” Place: Civic Auditorium in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Time: November 30 through December 4 (except Wednesday) at 7:00 each night.

A second debate will be held in Marlow on this topic in May, 1993.

[This was in 1992.]



“For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so, in the Anointed all will be made alive. But each in his own order:

Firstfruits Anointed (Cristoj) (#1 - AD 32), then the [ones] of the Anointed (tou Cristou) at His coming (#2 - AD 77), then the End, when He delivers the kingdom to the God (tw Qew) and Father (Patri) - 1 Cor 15.21-24.

NOTE: There are no references to the "unjust." So then, the papists’ argument is folly.

"And the Sea (of Glass) gave up the dead in her (auth), and the Death and the Hell gave up the dead in them (en autoij). And they were judged (#3) each one according to the works of them" - Rev 20.13.

NOTE: Here the "Just" (Sea) and the "Unjust" (Hell) are pictured together. And there will be no “live”(Zec 12.7) souls, as in the First Century rapture. God had declared the Old Testament resurrection

had greater glory than the New Testament (and I believe it is because of the “living” meeting the Lord “in the air.” The Old Testament resurrection was, “the dead and the living.” See: Mt 16.27-28; 1Thes 4.16-


Current addresses: Don Preston, PO Box 1313, Ardmore OK 73402; Bill Lockwood, 25 Cherrywood Circle, Marshal TX 75670-7609.

Drop these fellows a line and share your appreciation for what they have done, in delivering us from the prison house of darkness, of the Woman drunk with the blood of the holy ones, and teaching us to count to three! Now let us consider the extent of this teaching of: 3 = 2.

1. Iesous teaches: Saul (#1), Ishbosheth (#2), and then David (#3). See: Saul - 1 Samuel 9.16, 10.1; Ishbosheth - 2 Samuel 2.10; David - 2 Samuel 5.5.

A) The False Prophet teaches; David is #2. (3 = 2.)

2. Iesous teaches: Iesous was 3 Days and 3 Nights in the Earth. Matt 12.40; Acts 10.40.

A) The Beast teaches; 1.5 days = Good Friday. (3 = 1.5.)

3. Iesous teaches: 3 General Resurrections - 1 Cor 15.21-24; Rev 1.18 (#1), 14.14-16 (#2), 20.11-15 (#3).

A) The Lamb with 2 Horns, who spoke like a Dragon, taught - only two! (3 = 2.)

4. Iesous teaches: 6 Particular Resurrections. Enoch (3466 BC), Elijah (896 BC), Iesous our Savior (AD

32), “this generation” (AD 32-77) or the “Old Heavens,” and the “First Resurrection” (AD 1775), and the End of World, or the “New Heavens” Resurrection.

A) #666, and his progeny teach - only two! (6 = 2.)

5. Iesous teaches: 3 Dispensations of Man on earth. Pre-flood, and Old Heavens, and New Heavens - 2

Pet 3.6-13.

A) The Mother of Abominations, drunk with the blood of the holy ones, teaches - only two!.


taught that the students "would inherit (future tense) the name [onom(a); Strong’s #3686] of the

kingdom"; Mt 5.5; Heb 6.12. Added to this, Iesous taught He must go away for the Holy Comforter to come (Jn 16.7). Therefore the Day of Pentecost was a "sign" of the GOING AWAY OF ANOINTED. The Pope teaches that Pentecost WAS THE C OMING OF THE SON OF THE MAN. And so -- who was right?

She teaches that the "kingdom of heaven" began on the Day of Pentecost. But Iesous and Paul



Iesous teaches: Blessed the [one] - Reading (#1), Hearing (#2), Keeping (#3). See: Rev 1.3.

A) The Deceiver of all Nations teaches - only two!

“understanding” (Hearing). (3 = 1.)

“Keeping the word” is scorned, as well as

"Partial Indulgence: Enmchiridion Indulgentiarum, 1968 edition, no. 62.

A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who use Sacred Scripture for spiritual reading with the veneration due the word of God. A plenary indulgence is granted if the reading continues for at least one half hour. (Encchiridion Indulgentiarum, 1968 edition, no. 50); page 4, NAB.

NOTE: Paul taught that reading the Scripture is useless without the presence of the Holy Spirit:

"But a natural man receives not the [things] of the Spirit of the God (tou Qeou), for they are foolishness to him, and he is not able to know, for they are spiritually discerned" - 1Cor 2.14; cf 2Cor 3.13-16.

7. Iesous teaches: 3 Dippings of the Holy Spirit. The Jews - Acts 2, the Gentiles - Acts 10.44, New

Jerusalem - Zec 12.10, Rev 1.7, 22.1-2.

A) I Protera (tenth “first of two”; #666) taught: only two dippings of the Spirit! (3 = 2.)

8. Iesous teaches: 3 Traits of a Prophet: Immediate Message, and Short-term Prophecy, and Long-term


A) The Little Horn taught - only two! (3 = 2.) Long-term prophecy is boldly denied.

"The first eight chapters of the Book of Zechariah contain articles which certainly belong to him while the last six (sometimes called Deutero-Zechariah") represent the work of unknown authors", page 1090, NAB.

"The complete Book of Isaiah is an anthology of poems composed chiefly by the great prophet, but also by his disciples, some of whom came many years after Isaiah", page 824, NAB.

NOTE: Isaiah's sign that Hezekiah would live 15 more years (Isa 38.5) was from 713 BC to 698 BC; which was the last date in the book, and Isaiah lived through this period with Hezekiah - Sid. So then, the Pope teaches three (3) Zechariahs and two (2) Isaiahs to deny the gift of prophecy. [We suspect this opposition to prophecy is because no Pope has had the gift of prophecy.]

Iesous is not allowed to be a Prophet in the churches today. They deny the Lord's prophecies in these ways: 1) Revelation is confined to the First Century, 2) God is only in the future, 3) They teach that prophecies completed before AD 77, are about today. They really teach that the majority of the Old Testament prophecies are uncompleted. These include: The End of the Law (AD 77), and The End of the "70 Weeks" (455 BC - AD 35), and "the death of Gog" (Nebuchadnezzar; 572 BC; Eze 38 & 39), and the End of the 2300 Days (167 BC - AD 77; with a multiplier of "38"), and the End of the 1335 Days (1258 BC - AD 77), and The Founding of the Kingdom of God, New Jerusalem (AD 77). Besides this the churches deny almost all of the prophecies in Revelation that the Protestant expositors had identified as being completed. The major ones are: Fall of Rome, Five Months, Fall of Constantinople, Fall of Babylon, Armageddon (AD 1820-1923), The Mark of the Beast is on [conscience] of the (tou) Forehead (Mind) and in the Hand (Utility & Donations). We will show why both preachers in, "The Great Debate (1992)"; were partially correct in a later chapter, entitled, “AD 77.”




The Bible commentators did not identify the Seven Spirits of God.

1. Matthew Poole, AD 1680, vol. 3, page 96o: “”… that is, the Holy Spirit in his sevenfold dispensations

of grace. [It – neuter gender – Sid.] NOTE: The Anointing of Iesous = the Seven Spirits of God – Isaiah 11.1-4. The Anointing of Iesous = the Holy Spirit – Matthew 3.16. “In mathematics things equal to the same thing are equal to each other.” So then, the Seven Spirits (1) are equal to the Holy Spirit (2).

But one (1) is particular, and the other is general (2). So then, Matthew Poole did not identify the Seven Spirits of God 2. The Christian Baptist Monthly Magazine (1823-1830); Alexander Campbell, Publisher and Editor. Eleven articles on Holy Spirit by two writers, and no list, or mention, of Seven Spirits of God.

3. The Peoples’ New Testament, 1891, B.W. Johnson.

Revelation 4.5: “and are here expounded to be the seven Spirits of God, that is, the Holy Spirit in his* seven-fold (that is, manifold) dispensations of grace.” But Mr. Johnson had no list of the seven Spirits.

4. Halley’s Bible Handbook, 1945.

“Seven Horns, Seven Eyes, Seven Spirits of God (Rev 5.6) belonging to the Lamb, meant All- Conquering Might, All Knowledge, and All Power He Knows the Future, and is Able to Control it.”

But – this is not a list of seven.

5. Reason and Revelation, 1868, Robert Milligan. “The fact, that the Holy Spirit really and truly dwells in the hearts of all children of God.” No list of seven Spirits.

6. The Book of Revelation, 1966, Foy E. Wallace, Jr. “The seven horns and eyes are the symbols of perfection in all of his divine attributes, and the

seven spirits of God, which were sent forth were symbolic of the perfection of the truth of the testimony of his witness.” But then – no list of seven Spirits.

7. Revelation, 1992, Leon Morris. “The seven lamps are explained as the seven spirits of God, which seems to mean the Holy Spirit

as in 1:4 (where see note).”

Rev 1.4; Note: ‘An unusual way of designating the Holy Spirit” But then – no list of seven Spirits.

8. Interpretation; a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching Revelation, 1989, M. Eugene Boring.

The seven spirits of God. This image kaleidoscopically, the angels of God who minister in his presence and are sent out to all the world, the “eyes” of God by which he keeps watch over the universe, and the fullness of God’s spirit by which he is present in his creation. But then – no list of seven Spirits. SUMMARY: God seems to have kept the identity of His seven Spirits hidden until AD 1997.

The “receiving of the Spirits by Prayer,” and the “operations of the Spirits” will be discussed in


our third book, "Receiving the 7 Spirits of God." Now we will look at various lists of the “holy seven,” from the Bible, in side-by-side columns. This will demonstrate the fact that each one of the seven Spirits of God has a multifaceted personality. For instance, “Faith” is represented as the “Teaching of Iesous” (One Faith), and as “the answer to Prayer” (Counsel), and as “Trust” and “Prayer” (Faith). The other seven Spirits will be seen in different lights also.





1) Righteousness

Face of Man

Extreme Love

One Body

2) Counsel

Face of Lion


One Faith

3) Knowledge

Face of Ox


One Hope

4) Fear of He Is (hwhy) 5) Wisdom and

Face of Eagle Holy Spirit before


One Dipping


the throne


One Spirit

6) Judgment

Iesous on the

Peace and

One Lord



7) Might

God on the

Goodness and

One God



(1) The Spirit of Love is represented as “the Face of a Man,” and as “One Body,” and “we (the Body) are the Righteousness of God in Him (Iesous).” If we do not Extremely Love man whom we have seen, how can we Extremely Love God whom we have not seen? (2) The Spirit of Faith is represented as “the answer to Prayer” (Counsel), and as being “Lion-hearted,” in our Belief in God, and as “One Teaching.” (3) The Spirit of Knowledge is pictured as “the Ox plowing to sow the Seed,” and represented by the Joy of “sowing the Seed,” and as “the Hope of the message of the Seed sown, which was the resurrection in AD 77.” Our Hope today is in the promised resurrection at the End of Time. (4) The Spirit of Forgiveness is the result of Meekness, and the Fear of He Is (hwhy); for many are too proud to submit to the One Dipping. The Eagle is the symbol of “Urgency” in the Old Testament, for Gods (myhla) and the pagan nations, are predicted to swoop down like an Eagle destroying the enemies of Gods. Iesous taught that “unless you forgive your brother, you will not be forgiven.” The word, “power” (Rev 5.12) is employed to represent, ”forgiveness of sins.” (5) The One Spirit of the Body represents Obedience to One Lord and One God; this is the Spirit of Obedience “on earth.” The seven Spirits before the throne are from God in “Third Heaven;” and also, the Spirit is Longsuffering. (6) Iesous on the throne is the One Lord, and “He is our Peace,” and He demonstrated "Self-control" in going to the cross, for “He opened not His mouth.” Then, “all Judgment is committed to the Son,” and in a general list (which follows), Iesous is our Atonement. (7) Our Heavenly Father is the One God on the throne with One Lord, and He has the Spirit of Might, or Strength, to destroy nations and individual men; or to deliver nations and men, and Body and Soul. The “new Body of man is immortal; or, incorruptible.” God is also the Spirit of Adoption; this Adoption is into the Body on earth first, and then, into Third Heaven finally.

These terms must be studied in the proper context in the Bible to realize their true meaning. Man can be taught these facts by someone who has received the Spirit, and even have demonstrated how they work; and, for some, that is all that God expects, for "we are One Body with many members," and not everyone is equipped to achieve Wisdom independently. But these seven Spirits of God are intended to be received by the local Body. Therefore, as a member of the corporate Body, all members can receive


Wisdom. As a young boy I was taught subjects that are the Wisdom of God by the men of God. But It was not until about 50 years of age that I began to do anything on my own. Now we will observe another chart of parallel lists of the seven Spirits of God.





1) Extreme Love



Extreme Love

2) Faith




3) Knowledge 4) Brotherly








5) Perseverance




6) Virtue and Self-control




7) Godliness




By means of these two charts we have brought together some of the various lists of the seven Spirits of God. These seven Spirits of God are represented by the symbol, “Lampstand.” See: Zechariah 4.2 and Revelation 1.12, 20; 2.5; 11.4. [In Revelation 11.4, “two Lampstands” is an error in translation, and should read: “the two Olive Trees and (7) Lampstands BOTH standing before the God of the earth.”] For additional lists, see: Ephesians 6.14-18; Jude 25. These Spirits are referred to as Gold (Wisdom) and Silver (Knowledge):

"Blessed is the man who finds Wisdom, and the man who gains Understanding; for her proceeds are better than profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies, and all things cannot compare with her" - Prov 3.13-15. See: Prov 8.10, 8.19, 16.16.

We learn from "elders" (older men), and they guide us into the paths of righteousness. The elders used to take us young boys with them when they went "witnessing." This is better than trying to learn on your own. The "student" (disciple) must be nurtured by a mentor. James, in his wisdom as an apostle, warned us all, "My brothers, let not many of you become teachers, for we have the greater condemnation" (Jas 3.1). Instructors must be able to control the tongue so as not to contradict the Bible message. This requires decades of Bible study. And, never give an opinion if there is the slightest doubt of its truthfulness. Learning to Love Extremely is a demanding job. Not many today know love as it is defined in the Bible. The lust for a big church drives some to practice all-inclusiveness. But Iesous, our Lord, wants a separated, and pure Body. Therefore, love requires that heretics be rebuked in the Body in order to protect the weak in faith and knowledge. But churches do not like the operation of Iesous today. We have fallen on hard times. Who will protect the babes? Respect for the rich is harming the churches, although even the law of Moses condemned this act. Think spiritual at all times! Spiritual qualities, such as, meekness, longsuffering, faith, love, peace, are of more value to the spiritual sojourner in this world, than the secular gifts of management, oratorical skills, book learning, and computer skills. Seek the character of Iesous Anointed, and imitate Him daily. Ask, hear, knock = open the door of your heart, and if you have obeyed Him, He will gladly come




"Then the students came to the [place] of the Iesous (tw Ihsou) privately and said, 'Why could we not cast it out?' [Evil Spirit.] And the Iesous (O Ihsouj) said to them, 'Because of your unbelief; for assuredly I sat to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you. However this kind [Evil Spirit] does not go out except by prayer and fasting'" - Mt 17.19-21.

We have heard preachers explain this Scripture to mean that if a man works diligently, and has faith, he can move a mountain one wheelbarrow of dirt at a time. A good example of this was Alexander the Great who had his army build a "mole" in the Mediterranean Sea out to the island of Tyre. Supposedly this was done in five months. Nebuchadnezzar waged war for 19 years against Tyre, and never received a reward. See: Eze 29.18-19. This is a cute story, but totally misses the mark. Iesous said, "you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there', and it will move" (Kingdom; Mt 17.20), and the words spoken against the kingdom of Israel are documented below. So then, the Mountain (Israel) was spoken to by Paul, and moved by God; and so, "faith moves mountains" (Mt 17.20). The power of the Spirit of God in man is partially demonstrated by this message;

a) "I will show wonders in Heaven above (Government) and signs in the Earth beneath (Population):

blood and fire and vapor of smoke. The Sun (King) will be turned into darkness, and the Moon (Priesthood) into blood, before the coming of the great and the glorious Day of Lord (Kuriou) (AD 77)" -

Acts 2.19-20; Joel 2.30-31;

b) "For it is written that Abraham had two sons: the one by a bondwoman, the other by a free-woman

which things are symbolic. For these are the two covenants: the one from Mount Sinai which gives birth


out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman will not be heir with the son of the free- woman'" - Gal 4.23-29.

to bondage

and corresponds to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage [to Rome, and to sin]

And the Mountain (Israel) "was moved from the kingdom to outside the kingdom."



c) "

For if they did not escape who refused him (Moses) who spoke on earth, much more if we turn away from

Now this, 'Yet once more,' indicates the removal of those things that are

Him who speaks from heaven

being shaken [the Law and Israel], as of things that are made [physical], that the things which cannot be

shaken [Spiritual] may remain" - Heb 12.24-27.

of Iesous (Ihsou) the Mediator of the new covenant

See that you do not refuse Him who speaks:

The Mountain (Israel) "was moved from the kingdom to outside the kingdom. Paul only had to speak to them, in order to move the Mountain;

d) "So Titus retired into the tower of Antonia, and resolved to storm the temple the next day

for certain long ago doomed it to the fire

" - Wars of the Jews - 6.4.5.

God had

2) LUTHER MOVED HALF A MOUNTAIN. Pope Leo X was raising funds to rebuild the cathedral in Rome by selling "Indulgences." This was "forgiveness of sins in the future" bought and paid for now. Martin Luther was a monk in Germany, and he opposed this scheme, as well as promoting belief that we are "saved by faith." Luther named Pope Leo, "Antichrist," and condemned his greed. Luther was "shown the door" (excommunicated), and many left with him. The Protestant Reformation Movement was born (about AD 1520), and is recorded as a "new Mountain" (Kingdom).


"Looking, Day coming to 'He Is' (hwhyl), and spoil of you [Gold = Wisdom] will be divided in midst of you. And gathering of Me (YT) of all of the nations to battle [against] [New] Jerusalem; and the [Holy] City, he will take Her, the Houses [Congregations] they will be robbed, and the Women [Brides] She (T) will be queened Her (HN) (vgl; raped). And half the [Holy City] going in captivity; and the rest of the people, he will not be cut off from the City (Rev 12.14). And 'He Is' (hwhy) going forth and He

will fight in nations, the-those, in day, the fighting him, in day of battle. And standing them, feet of Him

in day, the-that, on Mount of the Olives [where Iesous was Captive]

And the Mount of Olives

[Captivity = Babylon] that faces to Jerusalem from east, and he will be split in two, Mount of the Olives, from east and west, [making] a very great Valley [between Popery & Protestantism], and half of the

Mountain [Babylon] moving [toward] north Her (hnwpc; "her" = population) [Protestant Europe], half of him [Mountain = Babylon] he will south (hbgn) [Catholic Europe]" - Zec 14.1-4.

Luther spoke against Pope Leo, and the Mountain [Babylon] moved. "Faith" is represented as "speaking for God" when done in strict agreement with the Word of God. NOTE: The "false interpretation" that this is about "Jesus' second coming" does not make sense. The primary subject is "moving the Mountain." Added to this, Iesous only promised to return "to the clouds," and the believers alive at that time, "met Him in the air" (1Thes 4.17). There is no mention of "moving Mountains" in the descriptions of the "coming of the Son of Man on the clouds with power and great glory" (My 24.30). Besides that, "The coming of the Son of the Man" is in verses 13.7-9.

3) THE MILLENNIUM MOVED BABYLON. The Matthew Poole Commentary, published in 1680, spoke against "popery" (Babylon), and proclaimed the end of the "42 Months" to be expected in AD 1866. This was partially accomplished by the "Fall of Babylon in One Day." This began June 4th, 1859; with the battle of Magenta, and ended with the battle of the "Two Sicilies" in May of 1860. One Day = Jun. '59 - May '60. The bootheel of Italy and the island of Sicily were named the "Two Sicilies." See: "Italy" in encyclopedia.

"Babylon, she fell

in One Day

in One Hour" - Rev 18.2, 8, 10; Rev 14.8.

Multitudes of later Protestant expositors foretold the doom of the Pope. Alexander Campbell, of Virginia, published a monthly Christian magazine entitled, "Millennial Harbinger." The Millennium; or, "The Everlasting Good Message"; was pointed out to be linked to the Fall of Babylon (Rev 14.6-8). Babylon was identified, and condemned by the Word of God, and the "Mountain was removed, never to be again" (Rev 18.23). The servants of Iesous speak, and nations tumble.

4) MOUNT MAGEDDON (AR Mageddon; Rev 16.16.) Armageddon is a compound word meaning, "Mount of Megiddo." The Bible records a few battles there, but it is obvious that the "plain"; or, "valley" is where the battles took place. The geographical location of this battle is made clear by the mention of "the great river Euphrates" (Rev 16.12), and "Meggido," and "the great city divided into three parts." The Ottoman Empire had ruled "the Euphrates" and "Megiddo" and "Istanbul" (being the new name of conquered Constantinople) since May 30, 1453. For these reasons, the Protestant expositors identified Armageddon as "the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire." The rulers of the Empire surrendered unconditionally to the British general, Edmund Allenby, on Oct. 29, 1918. (1) MATTHEW POOLE COMMENTARY; AD 1680.

Rev 16.12. "And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates

Euphrates; upon the Turkish empire

Upon the great river

14. And the water thereof was dried up; their force, power, and


strength shall be destroyed" - Vol 3, page 992.

Good work! The First World War was brought about when Kaiser Wilhelm, and Austria- Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire tried to take over the world oil supply in Persia, and Arabia. The Kaiser also attempted to rule all of Europe. But the war of Armageddon had begun in AD 1820, with the Greeks attempting to retake their peninsula. By AD 1830, they had regained some of their land, and also support from Britain and Russia. The second stage of the war is recorded:

The reference

there was supposed to be to the Turkish power, and the analogy of interpretation would seem to require that it should be so here. There is every [reason], therefore, to suppose that this passage has reference to something in the future history of the Turkish dominions, and some bearing of events which are to occur

(2) "Rev 16.12. And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates

in that history on the ultimate downfall of the Antichristian power referred to by the "beast." - Barnes Notes on Revelation; Albert Barnes, 1851, page 370.

(3) "The rebellion of the Egyptian pasha, Mehemet Ali, soon followed (AD 1827)" - Barnes' Notes, page


Therefore, Mr. Poole predicted the war beginning in AD 1820 (without mentioning a date), when he wrote in AD 1680. On the other hand, Mr. Barnes, writing in AD 1851, declared that the war was already going on, and would conclude in the future.

(4) "In 1823 the Turkish naval power was destroyed by England, France and Russia at the battle of

In 1876 Herzeovina

revolted, and Montenegro raised its war-like standard. In 1877 the Russians intervened, and the war that followed resulted in the loss of the greater part of the Turkish possessions in Europe, as well as Cyprus and a part of Armenia" - Vision of the Ages, 1881, B. W. Johnson, page 315.

Navarino, and in 1829 the independence of Greece was completely established

Now Mr. Johnson had testified that Armageddon was on-going, and would result in the overthrow of the Turks, which came about in AD 1918.

(5) "And great Babylon was remembered before [face] of the God (tou Qeou), to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath" - Rev 16.19; See: (2).

Mr. Barnes had tied the fortunes of the "Beast" to Armageddon. But then, Papacy and Pope were run out of Rome in 1870, and Pope Pius IX declared himself, "the prisoner of the Vatican." However, the Catholic monarchies, which supported the Papal Inquisitions, were severely punished in the First World War. The European nations were all at war: Catholic against Catholic. Russia was fighting Germany and Austria-Hungary; and France and Britain, and her former empire (Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand), and Italy were also fighting "The Triple Alliance" (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire). The Germans were too powerful for all these nations until the United States entered the war, and turned the tide. But 5 million Catholics were dead by then. And so, God had triumphed once again, and the Word of God was demonstrated to be true -- once again.


"And after the three and one-half Days a breath of life from [place] of the God (tou Qeou) entered into them [Two Witnesses - vs 3], and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell on the [ones] who saw them [meaning "believers"]. And I heard a loud voice from of the Heaven (Government) saying to them, 'Come up here.' And they ascended to the Heaven (Government) in the Cloud (Glory) and their enemies saw them. In that the Day there was a great Earthquake (Fall of a Government), and the Tenth of the City


[Babylon] fell. In the Earthquake 7000 names of men were killed, and the rest were afraid and gave glory to the God (tw Qew) of the Heaven" - Rev 11.11-13. NOTE: Frequently, God had employed "days" to represent "years"; and then the "years" are equated to "360 Years." This was partially true of Daniel's "70 Weeks"; where 490 "Days" represent 490 "Years." Also, the reader must recognize that this was the End of the "42 Months" (vs 2). And, the "42 Months' were believed by many Protestant expositors to be "1260 Years" (AD 600-1860). Many expositors were baffled by the "three and one-half days,' and so, they had no "closure" for this prophecy. Besides this, their interpretations for only "three and one-half Years," were highly speculative, and unable to be documented by history. Common sense is needed, where "42 Months" equals "three and one-half Days"

Truly we live in an age of progress. The reign of Anti-Christ has passed: the

Church is coming up out of the wilderness: the Two Witnesses have been received up into heaven; and the vials of God's wrath are now being poured out on all the enemies of truth and righteousness" - Robert Milligan, Jan. 1858, Millennial Harbinger;

a) "The Last Fifty Years

b) "When was the dragon bound? When his secular dominion was taken away, which is most certainly

when the Italians entered Rome in 1870 and claimed it for Italy. That act completed the consuming which had been going on for centuries. It was the last link of that great chain which had been gradually enclosing the body of the monster, and with it also the binding was complete" - Catechetical Commentary on the New Testament by William Hurte; No. 93; Rev 20-22.

Both men were perceptive, and filled with faith; but both were a little off. Mr. Milligan cannot be correct, for there were no "7000 killed," and "the tenth of the City did not fall in 1858." In like manner, Mr. Hurte was wrong for the same reasons. There was minimal resistance in the Fall of 1870, and no fall of "the tenth of the City," for -- all ten "tenths" had fallen by 1870. We can find no record of any number killed at that time. But the battles of Magenta, June 4, 1859, and of Solferino, June 24th, had recorded 39,000 deaths. Also the Papal State of Lombardy fell, being only one of the "ten Papal States.' The Two Witnesses were the Old and New Testaments; or more accurately, Two Male Heads and Two Female Bodies, who wrote the Old and New Testaments. “Gods” (MYHLA) was the “husband” of Israel (Jer 31.32), and the nation of Israel was the female [Wife of the] “Husband.” And they wrote the Old Testament “Anointed was the Head of the Body” (Eph 5.23), “the From Calling” (ek klhsiaj), who wrote the New Testament.

The Beast (Papacy) and the False Prophet (Pope) had killed them off, figuratively speaking. The church reformers bringing in the Millennium had completely restored the Two Witnesses to congregational government in 1959. "The Seal on Satan" was that: Beast = Papacy, and False Prophet = Pope, and Great Prostitute = Roman Catholic Church. The Protestants had taught this for three centuries. But in the 1800s, Alexander Campbell began to teach: Daughter Prostitutes = Protestant Denominations. This was confirmed by Joel when describing the Millennium:

"And making innocent of Me (YT) blood of them not [having] making innocent of Me (YT). And He Is (hwhy) dwelling in Zion" - Joel 3.21.

The Protestants were guilty of Inquisitions, just as the Pope was guilty. But the Millennium witnessed the ex-Protestants leaving their denominations and joining the Disciples of Christ, and Christian Churches, and Churches of Christ. These were all united in the "Restoration Movement," which


s founded on the principle that: "All the churches are wrong." Campbell, and friends, had all agreed on this principle as a starting point.


“Now when the thousand ears have expired, Satan will be loosed from his prison (Rev 19.20), and will go out to deceive the nations (churches) which are in the four corners of the earth (globe) …” – Rev 20.7-8.

A man of God warned me that this was in the future, in 1943, and I lived to see it happen in 1960 (but it

had begun in 1959). The “Restoration Movement” ceased teaching that, “God is alive!”; and began to teach the Pope’s, ”Big Gap Theory.” Dr. Don Taylor, quoted earlier, was typical, and still is typical, of the “Big Gap” teachers. The reader will recall that he said, “Revelation is confined to the First Century as First Corinthians is confined to the First Century.” “Revelation” is the last book in the Bible, and so, if Dr. Taylor was correct, then, “You have no Living God today”; nor was there, “A Living God and a Living Word of God” after the First Century AD.” And this is the message of your church today without the book of Revelation! The Millennium was: AD 1859-1959.


“But after these things he (the Dragon = Satan) must be loosed for A LITTLE while” – Rev 20.3.

The Pope has been ruling the world, uncontested, since 1959.


The Miracle of 2006 in My Life.

The Jews banned the two names of God, "He Is" (HWHY) and Gods plural (MYHLA) in their Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament Scripture.

Knowing of three other names of the Gods banned in all Bible translations and churches, I determined to write a Hebrew Manual for Translating. Becoming familiar with the Hebrew grammar, and

in particular participles and Person Indicator prefixes; Iesous Anointed led me to understand the name,

"He Is" (HWHY; Gen 2.4; and 6,400 times). This name was unknown since 250 BC, and the publishing

of the Septuagint.

However, the components of this name, prefix "Y" and participle "HWH" were generally properly translated throughout the entire Hebrew Scripture. So then the Jews hatred of the "Name of the God" appears to be the only reason for corrupting this holy name in their Septuagint publication, and man subsequent publications by Jewish writers. AND -- they all admit that they are liars! Teaching that the name of God is too sacred to be pronounced, they admit substituting "the Lord" whenever they come to "HWHY" in their readings. The translation of "HWHY" is "He Is", relating to "HYHA" translated, "I Am" when God was


speaking. "A" = I. "Y"= He (when Moses was writing). This translation agrees with common Bible translations of the two components "HWH" (Strong's #1934; which should be translated, "being" eleven (11) times in Genesis, Chapters One to Fourteen); and "Y" which when prefixed to a verb is translated, "he." This name of God (HWHY) does NOT mean "the Lord"; which is YNDA (Strong's #136); and which is never found with the prefix "H"; translated, "the." In other words "HWHY" does not equal "YNDAH." Below is a list of four (4) web pages translating "HWHY" to read: "He Is."

A) The Tetragrammaton:: it actually comes from Hebrew which is spelled; Y (yod) H (heh) W

(vav) H (heh) or YHWH. NOTE: Hebrew reads from right to left; or, HWHY; Sid Williams. According to one Jewish tradition, the Tetragrammaton is related to the causative form, the perfect state, of the Hebrew verb HWH (ha-weh, "to be, to become"). Compare the many Hebrew and Arabic personal names which are 3rd person singular imperfect verb forms starting with "y"; e.g. Hebrew Yoseph = Arabic Yazid = "He [who] adds"; Hebrew Yihyeh = Arabic Yahya = "He [who] lives." Source from the Internet, but the name of the site has been lost.


The Sacred Name appears in the Hebrew Scripture as four Hebrew letters Yud, hey, v av, hey, which is closest represented by the letters YHVH. This format is known as the Tetragrammaton. According to Jewish tradition it is regarded as 'not to be uttered' in order never to profane it in any way. In Judaism it is therefore pronounced as 'Adonai'; meaning 'Lord.' Not with standing this prohibition, the Sacred Name is acknowledged in its usage as part of the names of many Biblical characters, as referred to above -- and as any Bible concordance or reference book will provide.

Because of these prohibitions, translations of the original Hebrew scrolls have, throughout the ages, replaced the Tetragrammaton with 'the LORD' (in capital letters) and the Sacred Name, in so doing, became 'lost' for many centuries. Since the sixties, there has been a movement in modern theology and especially amongst sincere Bible students throughout the world, to restore the newly 'rediscovered' Sacred Hebrew Name. Sacred Name publications which chose to restore the Sacred Name in the almost 7000 instances in the Bible, appeared one after the other and the 'Sacred Name Movement', towards the nineties and the turn of the millennium, became a flood which today literally engulfs the world. Although there is no firm consensus on the actual pronouncement* or spelling** of the Tetragrammaton YHVH, there are several representations in use by theologians and Bible students. Some of the more popular are YAHVEH, YAHWEH and Jehovah. A comprehensive list of the various usages that abound are presented further down on this page.***

NOTES: * The word of God lists the Jews as: "blinded" (Isa 6.9-13), and "divorced (Isa 50.1), and "Satan" (Zec 3.1, Lk 10.18, Rev 2.13), and "Antichrist" (Rev 2.13). The Jews were condemned again, "You have made the word of God of no effect by your traditions" (Mt 7.13). Despite several curses on anyone adding to the word of God, the Jews had claimed "oral traditions", claiming to have memorized every vowel in the Old Testament for 500 years before they began to add them to the Hebrew manuscripts. These "imaginary" dots and dashes were called, "vowel- points."

The Hebrew language has NO VOWELS. It does have a letter "A", which is a consonant. The encyclopedias define Hebrew as a language "with 22 letters and no vowels." The Jews do not translate the Hebrew WORDS. Instead they translate VOWELS (all of them of their own making.) So then their obsession with pronouncement is always faulty. HWHY is pronounced, "He Is." ** Their "spellings" (listed above) are all phony. The spelling is HWHY.


*** The usages below will include, "He Is."

For the purposes of this Web Site and out of respect for the Sacredness and sanctification of the Name, we will print the Tetragrammaton form YHVH* throughout the studies of this web site and leave the reader to either substitute* or pronounce it the way they find comfortable. * Moses commanded not to mention the name of other gods (Ex 23.13). "Yahweh" is another god besides "He Is."

The mystery attached to the Name of the Almighty, is related to the verb 'to be' (I am, I was, I will be*) which is the Hebrew verb 'Hoveh' (the 'v' * pronounced as in victory), meaning "to be", in the "***

present tense.** YHVH therefore, means: "YAH Hoveh"; which means "YAH is

(YAH being His abbreviated (actual?) name as reflected in Psalm 68.4 in some translations. NOTES: * HYH is the participle, "being." ** HYHY is translated, "I am"; and "I was"; and "I will be"; and so it has no verb tense. The Jews were blinded by their Greek verb conjugations. The verb tense is supplied by the translator from the context of the message. *** YAHH was "invented" by the Jewish "vowel adders." Their "imaginary" dots" doubled the letter "H." HY is translated, "He (Y) [of] Her (H). "Her" was Israel.

LAWY (Joel) reads: "He (Y) of (W) God (LA)." WHYLA (Elijah) is possibly: "God (LA) of (Y) being (WH)," HWH = "being." 'SYLA (Elisha) reads: "God (LA) of (Y) moment (H'S)." http://www.revelations.org.za/NotesS-Name.htm

C) http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/%20Tetragrammaton%20)

In appearance YHWH is the third person singular imperfect* of the verb "to be"; meaning, therefore, "He Is". This explanation agrees with the meaning of the name given in Exodus 3:14, where God is represented as speaking, and hence as using the first person -- "I am". It stems from the Hebrew conception of monotheism* that God exists by himself, the uncreated Creator who doesn't depend on anything or anyone else; therefore "I am who I am." * Monotheism is from Zoroaster, a pagan from Media, who wrote from about 650 to 575 BC. He is the earliest writer to mention "monotheism." He named his "imaginary" god, "AhuraMazda." On the other hand, Moses began to write in 1634 BC about "plural Gods." Genesis 1.1 (written by inspiration of the Gods) reads:

"In beginning Gods (MYHLA; plural) creating of the heavens and of the earth." "He Is Gods" (HWHY MYHLA) - Gen 2.4; and hundreds of times. "He Is Gods of hosts"; Gen 1Sam 1.3; and many times. "He Is Gods of Israel."

"He Is Gods of you. "He Is Gods of us."

D) YHWH (from Forerunner Commentary)

YHWH: The Eternal first introduced* His name as YHWH (LORD) in Exodus 3 where Moses records the account of receiving his commission from God*. In verse 15 God* calls Himself YHWH Elohim translated "LORD God" in most English-language Bibles. In the Authorized Version, whenever we find the name "GOD" or "LORD" printed in small capitals, the original is YHWH (see: Genesis 2.4- 5, 7-8).

NOTES: * This statement is false. "Gods" (MYHLA; plural) first was introduced by Moses as, "The Gods" (HMYLA; plural, vs 1.17). Secondly He declared, "I Am who I Am" (vs 3.14). Thirdly, Moses wrote, "He Is Gods of (HWHY YHLA) fathers of you"; Exodus 3.16. This was written after the entire dialogue, for Moses recorded "He Is" (HWHY) in verse 3.2


before he learned, "I Am" (HYHA) in verse 3.14. Also, this is how we know that Moses wrote the book of Genesis, because "He Is" (HWHY) was recorded throughout Genesis, but Moses was declared by "Gods" (MYHLA) to have been the first to have known this name; "I Am" (AHYH). When Gods spoke, His name was, 'I Am.'" But these words would be blasphemy for men to speak. Moses taught that "I Am" should be changed to "He Is" (HWHY) when men are speaking.

The original Hebrew text consists of consonants only and no vowels, and thus the Creator's name* is spelled YHWH. This is often referred to as the tetragrammaton, meaning the "four letters." YHWH derives from a form of the Hebrew verb to be and has the same meaning as the name "I Am" (hayah) in Exodus 3.14. Hebrew scholars say YHWH could mean "He exists" or "He causes to be." English equivalents to this would be "the Ever-Living" or "the Eternal." God and His name are both everlasting (Psalm 135.13). The meaning of the name and the permancy behind it are crucial to properly recognizing His sovereignty.* * Possibly, this permancy was limited to the period of time before Iesous Anointed began His public, and fleshly, ministry. In the Greek the Son of God declared Himself, "I Am" (ego eimi). In place

of "He Is" the New Testament writers recorded, "Who Is" (os estin). But then Iesous predicted a "new name" for

"My God" which is: "Lord, The Almighty God." Also "My new name" was promised (Rev 3.12) which is "The Word of the God" (Rev 19.13), and/or "The Lamb" (Rev 5.12).


E) David Biven; posted Tuesday April 05, 2005 10:06 am (1) God's name is not "Jehovah" or "Yehovah." In my article I explained that this term originated

due to lack of Christian awareness of Jewish custom. The Masoretes superimposed the voowel signs of the word adonai upon the four consonants of God's name. This was to remind the reader he should not attempt to pronounce the unutterable name.* Thus YHWH would be read as adonai. In 1518 A.D., in his De arcanus catholicae veritatis the Italian theologian and Franciscan friar Galatinus, not realizing that the Masoretes had placed the vowel signs of another word with the consonants YHWH, fused the vowels of adonai with the consonants of the divine name and thus gave the Church "Jehovah," a word which has no meaning in Hebrew. The first consonant of the word, the "y" sound, was transliterated by "j"** in Latin, and the third consonant, the "w" sound, by "v." To our embarrassment, we continue to perpetuate this error in Christian books, hymns, songs and translations of the Bible. The American Standard Version and The Living Bible use "Jehovah" for YHWH throughout. NOTES: * The Jews' "unutterable name" is commanded to be "uttered" by God:


"And being (HWH) all of who he will call in name 'He Is' (YHWH) he will be saved

" - Joel

** There was no letter "J" in "Ancient Latin alphabet" or in "Roman alphabet for Latin." Source: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/latin.htm

http://JerusalemPerspective.com :: View topic= Jehovah and Jeshua. NOTE: Mr. Biven admits the Jews' practice of "adding to the word of God." He admitted that it is their practice to "change the name of God." Many other sources had recorded this practice of the Jews. So then, no Jew following this practice of "name-changing" is qualified to translate the Bible. This included the Septuagint translators. [Possibly, they started this Jewish tradition.]


The names of the two (2) "Gods" in the Hebrew Scripture were: "He Is" and "Gods" (plural). But they have been banned since 250 BC -- by the Antichrist Jews. See: First John, "and every spirit [of prophecy] which does not confess Iesous (Man) Anointed (God) having

come in the flesh is not from of the God. And this is the [one] of the Antichrist

" - 1Jn 4.3.


Lexicographers, such as James Strong, and Bible commentators, such as Matthew Henry and Robert Jaimeson, had translated MYHLA (Gen 1.1) as plural "Gods." Even the Jews who had banned this name translated MYHLA as plural "gods" when referring to pagan gods. See: Judges 10.6. The Son of God, Iesous Anointed, translated MYHLA into Greek as plural "gods" (theoi; see: Ps 82.6.) The Jews even translated MYHLA as plural "gods" in this place. In all, they rendered "gods" plural about 200 times.

Except for my book, "A 'Real Words' Mini-Bible"; the Bible translations still have these two names of the "Gods" banned. However, Iesous Anointed (Jesus Christ is wrong) is currently enlightening the world about the names of the Gods. There are other sources with "He Is" identified, but these examples should be convincing. Now, the test is, "Who will change?"



God can count to three! He has recorded “Three General Resurrections” in the Bible. See: 1Cor 15.21-24 and Rev 20.11-15. The False Prophet teaches that: 3 = 2. Who do you believe? Α) “THE 1335 DAYS.” See: Dan 12.7-12.

(1) 1260 Days: 1258 BC - AD

(2) 1290 Days: 1258 BC - AD 32. (30 Days = AD

(3) 1335 Days: 1258 BC - AD 77.

(4) “And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up,

there shall be 1290 days” - Dan 12.11.

2. (Time, times, and half a time.)

2-32; Zec 11.8.)

(45 Days = AD 32-77; Jn 12.35 + Jn 16.16 + Mt 12.40 + Acts 1.3.)

This event (4) began all three periods of Days; the 1260 and 1290 and 1335 Days. The beginning of abomination is recorded for us like this:


(5) “And they increased sons of (ynb) Israel to doing the evil in eyes of He Is (hwhy), and they served of the Baals and with (taw) the Ashtoreths, and with gods of (yhla) Syria, and with gods of (yhla; see:

Genesis 1.1) Sidon, and with gods of (yhla) Moab, and with gods of (yhla) Aram, and with gods of (ymhla) Sidon, and with sons of (ynb) Ammon, and with gods of (yhla; see: Genesis 1.1) Philistines; and they forsook of He Is (hwhy) and not serving of (W) Her (H; Israel) Him (W) (whwdb[)” - Judg 10.6.

This is dated to be a record of the year 1258 BC. We begin at the End of the “70 Years Captivity

in Babylon” (518 BC). Then we add 70 years giving us: 588 BC. Then we add a very involved justification of the reigns of the Kings of Israel and the Kings of Judah, which was a period of 502.5 years. This brings us to 1090 BC, when Saul became king of Israel. Then Samuel judged Israel for 20 years, beginning in 1110 BC. Also the high priest, “Eli” judged 40 years, from 1150 BC. Then we count backwards in the book of Judges, noting the periods of “rest” and “affliction.” This brings us to 1259 BC, beginning Judges, Chapter Ten. And, Verse 10.6, calculates to be 1258 BC.


Days: 1258 BC - AD



Days: 1258 BC - AD 32.


Days: 1258 BC - AD 77.

Β) “THE 30 DAYS” (One Month). The “30 Days” were pictured as:

“And I hid of three of the shepherds in One Month (30 Years). And soul of (yvpn) [Me], She reaped in

them, and also soul of them (mvpn) in sickness in Me” - Zec 11.8. [Computer would not single space.]

Augustus Caesar was selecting someone to replace him as the emperor when he would die. He rejected his son, Agrippa Posthumus, and recalled Tiberius from exile, in AD 2. Agrippa was Number One cut off. Augustus died in AD 14. He was Number Two cut off. Iesous, our Lord, was crucified in AD 32. Our Savior was the third Shepherd cut off. Our Heavenly Father loathed Iesous, because He

became sin who knew no sin. Iesous abhorred; or, feared, the Heavenly Father because He was separated from God, and became contaminated with the sins of the world. These were the 30 Days, or the “One Month.”

C) “THE 45 DAYS” (A Little).

“A little, and you will not see Me, because I go to the Father; and again a little, and you will see Me” - Jn


This period of prophecy, recorded “a Little,” was recorded several times. But only one time indicates the beginning of the prophecy. This is similar to the “70 Years in Babylon.” No matter when the period of prophecy was mentioned, whether before it began (Jeremiah 25.11), or after it was over (Zechariah 7.5), the beginning and ending years remained unchanged. [70 Years: 588-518 BC.] We have concluded that “a Little” began the day before Iesous was crucified. See: Jn 12.35.

1 Day (Jn 12.35) + 1 Day (Jn 16.16) + 3 Days (Mt 12.40) + 40 Days (Acts 1.3) = 45 Days.

Iesous (Ihsouj) was not seen after 45 literal Days (a Little), as He prophesied. Then He returned

in 45 prophetic “Days;” or “Years.” [AD 32 + 45 Years = AD 77.] This interpretation of Iesous’ words agrees with our interpretation of Daniel’s prediction of the 1335 Days.


(1) “

Life” - Rev 2.10.

and you will have Tribulation 10 Days.

Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of


John identified this period to begin on “the Day of the Lord” (Rev 1.10), which was the first year of the Jews’ war with Rome. (A “Day” in prophecy usually equals “One Year.”) The first year of the war was: AD 66-67. "The Day of the Lord” (th Kuriakh hmera) was described to be the “Day of the Lord’s Wrath.” Amos had this to say about the “Day of the Lord.”

(2) “Woe, the from She desiring of them (mywatmh) the Day of He Is! (hwhy) For what good is the Day

of He Is (hwhy) to you? It will be as though a man fled from a lion, and a bear met him!” - Amos 5.18-

19. [Computer would not single space.]

Joel (2.31), and Peter (Acts 2.20) described the Day of He Is (hwhy) as blood and guts.

(3) “

(Priesthood) into blood, before the coming of the great and glorious Day of the Lord” - Acts 2.19-20.

blood and fire and vapor of smoke. The Sun (Antipas) shall be turned into darkness, and the Moon

The “Day” is “one year,” and the first year of the war was from the middle of AD 66 to the middle of AD 67. [AD 67 + 10 Days = AD 77.] Now, “1335 Days,” and “a Little,” and “10 Days” all provide the same conclusion. The Old Heavens resurrection was in AD 77! E) “I COME QUICKLY!”

(1) “

Spirits of God) from its place” - Rev 2.5.

reform and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your Lampstand (7

(2) “Reform, or else I will come to you quickly and fight against them with the sword of mouth of Me” - Rev 2.16.

(3) “Behold, I am coming quickly!” - Rev 2.16.

The False Prophet has had his way long enough. The time has come to believe that Iesous knows what “quickly” really means. Did the Lord keep His promises? Besides these numerical proofs, the Bible records that: “some standing here shall not taste death” (Mt 16.28), and, “this generation shall not pass away” (Mt 24.34), and, “the Night is far spent, the Day is at hand” (Rom 13.12), and, “the Judge is standing at the door” (Jas 5.9), and, “it is the last Hour” (1Jn 2.18). The time has come to begin to believe the Bible! But although the Preterists are correct in their conclusion that Iesous raised up the Old Testament souls in AD 77, they are still guilty for denying the “first resurrection” (Rev 20.6), and the “final resurrection” (20.11-15). Their proof, “The False Prophet says so,” is faulty. There are no statements in the Bible that declare that God is limited to only two resurrections. (These “two-only” resurrections are taught to be (1) that of the Lord Iesous, and (2) the one at the End of Time.) Paul had listed three resurrections in chronological order, and John listed the first (Rev 1.5), and the second (Rev 5 & 7), and the third (Rev 14.12-13, Rev 20.11-15, Rev 21.7-8).

(4) “For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in the Anointed all shall be made alive. But each one in his own order:

The Anointed the firstfruits (#1 - AD 32), Afterwards those who are the Anointed’s at His coming (#2 - AD 77), Then the End, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father (#3 - End Time)” - 1Cor 15.21-24.

(5) "And the Sea (of Glass), she gave up the dead, the [ones] in her, and the Death and the Hell, they gave up the dead, the [ones] in them" - Rev 20.13.


This is one of our Current Projects, to convince men that Iesous’ words are to be believed, and that “quickly” means “quickly,” as it is used in the Bible, and not a period of “over 1900 years.” The Preterists are helping promote this message of “quickly” really meaning “quickly”, but their idea that God ended everything that He will ever do in AD 70, and all of the Bible message has already been fulfilled, is a serious blow to their credibility. However, the Premillennialists teach almost the same message. In their opinion, God has finished everything that He will ever do until the Rapture; or, until the Tribulation. These include Pre-, and Mid-, and Post-Tribulationists. But they all agree that God has finished everything up to the beginning of the End of the World. The reader should consider that there are no 1900 year gaps in the Old Testament history. Also, there are no 500 year gaps in the Bible story. In fact, there is not even a one day gap in the Bible record. Our Heavenly Father is Eternal, as is our Lord Iesous the Anointed, and this word “Eternal” means “every day!” F) THE SAD STATE OF THE CHURCHES. The memory of the men and the women in the Millennium, who believed in the Bible, is very precious to me. My time in the Millennium, with these wonderful people, was too short for my satisfaction. The murder (figuratively speaking) of God’s Two Witnesses (1959), which are the Old and New Testaments, has brought us into the second Dark Ages, and has delivered New Jerusalem into captivity. Iesous had explained the second Dark Ages like this:

“They went up on the breadth of the (New) Earth and surrounded the camp of the holy ones and the City, the [one] having been Extremely Loved (New Jerusalem)” - Rev 20.9a.

“Satan” (the False Prophet), and “Gog and Magog” (the Ecumenical Movement), are intended by the subject, “they,” in this sentence. Together, the Mother of Darkness and her Daughters, confined the citizens of New Jerusalem to captivity. All churches have been in collusion to bring about this captivity through the diligent exercise of “strict censorship.” No one is allowed to speak of Iesous being Alive, or of Revelation being True in their assemblies. The ban of the Bible message also extends to their presses. Therefore, as has always been the case, the World (Churches) is in darkness outside the Walls of the Holy City. The “dogs” bark outside the “camp of the holy ones,” while God and the Lamb are the “Light” within the boundaries of New Jerusalem. The 12 Gates are open continually, but no one will enter because of their love for the Wicked Lady. Or, this could be phrased, because of their fondness for the “3 = 2” teaching.” But, friends -- Iesous (Ihsouj ) is the Savior! (O Swthroj).

G) YOUR HOPE TODAY; WHICH IS BANNED IN THE CHURCHES. If you will reform of your sinful Life, and renounce the False Prophet, and accept the Lord Iesous as your Lord through the trials of Life, and Obey His words -- you can still be Saved! But the Good News is more dogmatic than that statement by itself. Iesous had prophesied that the Devils running your churches will be exposed as the enemies of God and mankind. The “Filthy Five” has you enslaved to the Devil. Has your preacher warned you about the “Filthy Five?” Why not? Iesous had named them for us;

a) “And Fire came down from [place] of the God (tou Qeoueou) out of Heaven and devoured them (Gog and

Magog). The Devil who deceived them (the Nations) was cast into the Lake of Fire where the Beast the False Prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night into the ages of the ages” - Rev 20.9b-10.

Compare this Scripture with the front page news;

b) “The Lord Iesous Anointed is driving the Beast and the False Prophet into the Lake of Fire. The Pope's

woes are front page news.


“The Boston Archdiocese ordered the closing of 80 churches, after they were sued by many men raped as boys in the Catholic Churches. After consulting with th church spokesmen, Dan Rather, of CBS, reported, “The Catholic Church is in serious trouble. They expect these troubles to spread nationwide.”

The St. Louis Archdiocese paid a $1,675,000 settlement for a lawsuit. They also closed many churches and schools.

The Seattle Archdiocese declared bankruptcy to avoid paying penalties in two suits underway.

But the Ecumenical Movement is suffering too. They have been reporting membership loss since the 1970s. On August 24, 2004, CBS reported that Protestantism was at an all-time low. They had footage of a church sign, “Baptist - Presbyterian.” They did not have enough members in any denomination to support a congregation. The report went on to say, “For the first time in the history of the nation, the Protestants are below 50 % of the population.” NOTE: This was a flaw in terminology, for there are no more Protestants. Therefore Ecumenicalism has promoted death.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 26, 2004. Archdiocese of St. Louis paid $2,000,000 for settlement of 18 lawsuits. Mention was made again of the previous settlement of $1,675,000. The article closed with mention of further lawsuits unsettled.

On September 20, 1870, the “Ten Horns” (Ten Papal States) drove the Papacy and the Pope from Rome, and Babylon fell, never to be again. This is confirmed in all encyclopedias under the topic, “Italy.” So then, God created the nation of Italy to replace Babylon, and the Papacy and the Pope. Even the New Catholic Encyclopedia contains this story. Protestant expositors interpreted this event to be the fulfillment of Revelation 16.10-11:

“Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the Beast (Papacy), and his kingdom became full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues because of the pain. They blasphemed the God (ton Qeon) of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds” - Rev 16.10-11.

The Pope’s current woes are the fulfillment of this prophecy:

“The Devil who deceived them (nations - vs 8) was cast into the Lake of Fire and of holy God where the Beast (Papacy) and False Prophet (Pope) [are]. And they will be tormented day and night into the ages of the ages” - Rev 20.10.

So then, the Lord God has struck down the Pope once, and is in the process of doing it again. Expect a “Stroke of God” similar to being run out of Rome in AD 1870. These are exciting times. “The fulfillment of prophecy is a miracle of God.” We are now witnessing a miracle of God. This should increase the faith of the children of God. Praise the Lord! During the Millennium, the Beast and the False Prophet had been cast alive into the Lake of Fire. But Gog and Magog helped them out of the Pit. See: Rev 19.20, 20.7. The reformers who brought about the Millennium had already named the Beast and the False Prophet. The other three Devils were responsible for removing the “seal off Satan.” That is easily documented. These are the rulers of your church today.

1. Gogs = Rulers of the Ecumenical Movement [Bible Seminary Professors].

2. Land of Magog = Training camps for Devils [Bible Seminaries].

3. Devils = Rulers of your congregations [Preachers].

4. Beast =Senate of the Mother of Abominations [Papacy].


5. False Prophet = CEO of the Mother of Abominations [Pope].

Gog, and Magog, and the Devil That Deceived the Nations, have been witnessed taking the “seal on Satan” away, by Sid Williams, and banning the Protestant teaching, which is recorded in Bible Commentaries, and monthly Christian magazines of the 1800s. Sid Williams, who was warned in 1943 that this would happen, saw the prophecy completed. Besides that, anyone familiar with the Bible knows that every new Bible translation is more corrupt than all of the previous ones. History informs us that the “Beast and the False Prophet” invented “Gogs and Magogs and the Devils that deceived you.” In your assemblies they all recite the words of the False Prophet, and consistently deny the words of the Lord Iesous. See: Article, “3 = 2.” But then, listen to this:

“Though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet” – Hymn.


(1) “Why do you wait, dear brother? The harvest is passing away.” (2) “Her (12) Gates shall not be shut at all by Day (there shall be no Night there)” - Rev 21.25.

We are in the Seventh Day of the Parable of Creation. The Jewish “day” was from sundown to sundown. So, 12 Hours of Darkness is followed by 12 Hours of Light.

(3) “So the Evening (Night) and the Morning (Day) were the first day” - Genesis 1.5. (4) The apostle, Paul, identified the last “Night,” in AD 58.

“The Night is far spent, the Day (AD 77) is at hand” - Rom 13.12.

Pride is the greatest barrier to submission to Iesous. Literally dozens of men and women have informed me that: “they are equal to God!” The declaration was phrased like this: “They are wrong, I Know that I am right!” These deluded people, considering themselves, “equal to God,” have adapted this phrase as a patent answer to all discussions.

(5) When the announcement of Don Preston’s debate about a resurrection in the first century arrived in Illinois, these were the exact words of our preacher:

“He’s wrong; I Know that I am right!” (We could name him, but that would be cruel.)

Well, Don Preston had the proof of a resurrection in the first century, and no one can prove him wrong! Anyone reciting these blasphemous words (He’s wrong; I know that I am right) should not be believed on any subject. There should be no words of blasphemy, for Don Preston logically, and biblically, confirmed the resurrection in the first century. Therefore, the statement is not against Don Preston, but against the Lord Iesous. None of these arrogant people are “equal to God!”

(6) “We are all wrong about many things.” (7) “Most are wrong most of the time.” (8) “Some are wrong all of the time.”

If you would inscribe these statements on the tip of a railroad spike, and drive it into your head, then, maybe there is Hope for you. I) THE KINGDOM OF GOD.


(1) The kingdom of God began in AD 77, at the resurrection of the “Old Heavens.” Paul stated the matter in these words:

“Now this I say, brothers, that flesh and blood (literally) cannot inherit the kingdom of God (Qeou); nor does corruption inherit incorruption” - 1Cor 15.50.

(2) The reader is advised to do a word study of “inherit,” and of “inheritance.” That the kingdom of God was in the future when the Bible was completely written, is proven beyond any doubt. “Where is the wise? Where is the scribe?” Check it out fellows. Our Lord Iesous, the Savior of the whole world, had established the same fact (which was, that the kingdom of God began at the resurrection -- in the first century), when He spoke these words:

“Come you blessed of Father of Me, ‘inherit’ name (onom[a]) of the kingdom (New Jerusalem), the [one] having been prepared for you from the foundation of the world; kingdom” - Mt 25.34.

(3) What does the Devil teach? The “Beast and the False Prophet,” and the subjects of the “Woman with the golden cup” teach this message:

“The kingdom of God began on the Day of Pentecost” – quote from the Pope.

This is the “3 = 2” deception. The Day of Pentecost was about “flesh and blood!” Also, there was no mention of a kingdom founded then, in the entire Bible. Therefore, the False Prophet has taken this event in the “third Dispensation of man,” and moved it back to the “second Dispensation of man.” Also he teaches that the only resurrection of the Body is at the End of the World. Therefore, he has taken the historical event, in AD 77, and moved it to the End of the World. The Scarlet Lady holds you captive by convincing you that her words, outside the Bible, are more important than Iesous’ words, inside the Bible. You are being held captive back in the dead second Age (Second Dark Ages is now!), and being taught not to believe in the live third Age. (4) But then, you cannot say that you were not warned! “He (Little Horn = #666) shall speak words against the Most High, and shall intend to change times and law (3 = 2)” - Dan 7.25.

“Come out of the first century, and be Saved!” NOTE: Check the last chapter for an update of, “The Pope’s Woes.” The Lord Iesous Anointed is serious about exposing the Papacy and the Pope as, “The Beast and the False Prophet.” They are both seen to be enemies of God, and even of the general public.




“The Boston Archdiocese ordered the closing of 80 churches, after they were sued by many men raped as boys in the Catholic Churches. After consulting with the church spokesmen, Dan Rather, of CBS, reported, “The Catholic Church is in serious trouble. They expect these troubles to spread nationwide.” The St. Louis Archdiocese paid a $1,675,000 settlement for a lawsuit. They also closed many churches and schools. The Seattle Archdiocese declared bankruptcy to avoid paying penalties in two suits underway. But the Ecumenical Movement is suffering too. They have been reporting membership loss since the 1970s. On August 24, 2004, CBS reported that Protestantism was at an all-time low. They had footage of a church sign, “Baptist - Presbyterian.” They did not have enough members in any denomination to support a congregation. The report went on to say, “For the first time in the history of the nation, the Protestants are below 50 % of the population.” NOTE: This was a flaw in terminology, for there are no more Protestants. Therefore Ecumenicalism, which replaced Protestantism, has promoted death. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 26, 2004. Archdiocese of St. Louis paid $2,000,000 for settlement of 18 lawsuits. Mention was made again of the previous settlement of $1,675,000. The article closed with mention of further lawsuits unsettled. On September 20, 1870, the “Ten Horns” (Ten Papal States) drove the Papacy and the Pope from Rome, and Babylon fell, never to be again. This is confirmed in all encyclopedias under the topic, “Italy.” So then, God created the nation of Italy to replace Babylon, and the Papacy and the Pope. Even the New Catholic Encyclopedia contains this story. Protestant expositors interpreted this event to be the fulfillment of Revelation 16.10-11:

“Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the Beast (Papacy), and his kingdom became full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues because of the pain. They blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds.”

The Pope’s current woes are the fulfillment of this prophecy:

“The Devil who deceived them (Nations/Churches - vs 8) was cast into the Lake of Fire and of holy God where the Beast (Papacy) and False Prophet (Pope) are. And they will be tormented day and night into the ages of the ages” - Rev 20.10.

So then, the Lord God has struck down the Pope once, and is in the process of doing it again. Expect a, “Stroke of God” similar to being run out of Rome in AD 1870. These are exciting times. “The fulfillment of prophecy is a miracle of God.” We are now witnessing a miracle of God. This should increase the faith of the children of God. Praise the Lord!


“The Boston Archdiocese ordered the closing of 80 churches, after they were sued by many men raped as boys in the Catholic Churches. After consulting with the church spokesmen, Dan Rather, of CBS, reported, “The Catholic Church is in serious trouble. They expect these troubles to spread nationwide.”


The St. Louis Archdiocese paid a $1,675,000 settlement for a lawsuit. They also closed many churches and schools. The Seattle Archdiocese declared bankruptcy to avoid paying penalties in two suits underway. But the Ecumenical Movement is suffering too. They have been reporting membership loss since the 1970s. On August 24, 2004, CBS reported that Protestantism was at an all-time low. They had footage of a church sign, “(Denomination not remembered) - Baptist - Presbyterian.” They did not have enough members in any denomination to support a congregation. The report went on to say, “For the first time in the history of the nation, the Protestants are below 50 % of the population.”

NOTE: This was a flaw in terminology, for there are no more Protestants. Therefore Ecumenicalism has promoted death.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 26, 2004. Archdiocese of St. Louis paid $2,000,000 for settlement of 18 lawsuits. Mention was made again of the previous settlement of $1,675,000. The article closed with mention of further lawsuits unsettled.

On September 20, 1870, the “Ten Horns” (Ten Papal States) drove the Papacy and the Pope from Rome, and Babylon fell, never to be again. This is confirmed in all encyclopedias under the topic, “Italy.” So then, God created the nation of Italy to replace Babylon, and the Papacy and the Pope. Even the New Catholic Encyclopedia contains this story. Protestant expositors interpreted this event to be the fulfillment of Revelation 16.10-11:

“Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the Beast (Papacy), and his kingdom became full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues because of the pain. They blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds.”

The Pope’s current woes are the fulfillment of this prophecy:

“The Devil who deceived them (nations - vs 8) was cast into the Lake of Fire and sulfur where the Beast (Papacy) and False Prophet (Pope) are. And they will be tormented day and night into the ages of the ages” - Rev 20.10.

So then, the Lord God has struck down the Pope once, and is in the process of doing it again. Expect a, “Stroke of God” similar to being run out of Rome in AD 1870. These are exciting times. “The fulfillment of prophecy is a miracle of God.” We are now witnessing a miracle of God. This should increase the faith of the children of God. Praise the Lord!

September 20, 2004: CBS Evening News, and Dan Rather, reported the Catholic Church in Tucson, Arizona had filed for bankruptcy due to lawsuits over homosexual priests abuse of boys. Previously, 11 lawsuits had been settled, but 22 new lawsuits forced the Catholic Church to move to bankruptcy.

September 26, 2004: St. Louis Post-Dispatch; An archdiocesan study has proposed that 25 Catholic parishes in north St. Louis County be combined into 10, and the number of Catholic grade schools in the area shrink from 13 to eight. November 11, 2004. A Roman Catholic priest stole $226,000 from the church in Edwardsville, Illinois. The archbishop of the diocese, in Springfield, has declined to prosecute him. He has submitted to counseling for gambling addiction. Source: KMOV Noon News, St. Louis, Missouri.

Holy Family Catholic Church, in St. Louis, Missouri, which is being closed down, had its final service in December, 2004. The membership was reported to have cried over their loss. From: Radio.

A Roman Catholic religious order, Christian Brothers of Concord, California, agreed to pay $6.3 million


to settle three lawsuits for sexual abuse.

Louis Post-Dispatch, December 26, 2004.

The lawsuits are among roughly 900 filed in California - St.

Natick, Mass. - Police arrested two parishioners who attempted a vigil to keep the Roman Catholic

Archdiocese of Boston from closing their 114-year-old parish, one of 83 churches slated to be shut down

or consolidated by year’s end - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 26, 2004.

Court rules against Roman Catholic Church, and will allow prosecution of crimes committed thirty years ago to continue, in cases of priests molesting young boys - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 26, 2004.


[NOTE: The Constitution contains a seven year statute of limitations on all crimes except murder. judge ruled against the Constitution and the Roman Catholic Church.]

The Brooklyn (New York) Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church announced plans to close 80 schools at the end of the current school year. 4,000 students will be displaced. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Missouri, February 13, 2005.

80,000 lawsuits against the Catholic Church since 1950. These were about Homosexual priests molesting young boys. Dan Rather, CBS, February 19,2005.

Brooklyn diocese to close 20 schools. NBC, February 21, 2005.

Catholic schools: 8,000 nationwide. 34 new schools. Enrollment down 165,000.

St. Louis Archdiocese to close 10 churches, and 5 schools in South St. Louis.

churches and 4 schools in South St. Louis. Earlier 25 churches in North St. Louis were reduced to only 10 churches.

Conflicting report of 8

The price of the lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Churches had reached "one billion dollars" on June

9, 2005; CBS evening news.

A Roman Catholic priest, at the age of 71 years, was convicted in St. Louis, Missouri of sodomizing a

young boy at the "Old Cathedral" located by the famous "Arch" on the Mississippi River, in the 1970s. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison - KMOV, Channel 4 News, about September 20, 2005.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 25, 2005, reported the Roman Catholic Church was petitioning

an Appeals Court to stop prosecutions for Homosexual priests' sins 30 or 40 years ago. The reporter cited

a law of 1969, when "heinous" crimes were allowed prosecution. [This was after the "seven year limit of guilt in all cases except murder" (US Constitution)]. Last year, a similar appeal was denied. [But, sad to tell, the Constitution is gone.]

KMOV, Channel 4, St. Louis, MO; Archbishop Burke, of St. Louis Diocese, excommunicated St. Stanislaus Catholic Church because they had money, and he ordered them to give it to him, and they refused; January 2006.

CBS Evening News, January 11, 2006; the Roman Catholic Church was reported to have a petition before

an appeals court, requesting the constitutional "seven year statute of limitations for all crimes but murder. Their Homosexual priests had been being convicted, and the Catholic Churches losing lawsuits for their practice of Homosexual molestation of boys that happened 20 or 30 years ago. A Roman Catholic bishop, who had been molested at the age of 15 years, appeared before the court soliciting a continuance

of this violation of the "seven years statute of limitations,"




A Holy Family Catholic Parish that was closed down six months ago, was sold to Marian Middle School. [The St. Louis Archdiocese closed down many Catholic Churches in St. Louis County and in the City of St. Louis. The reason given was that they did not have the money to operate that many churches. The reason that they did not have the money was because of lawsuits by the Catholic membership, because of child molestation by Homosexual priests.]


"CBS Evening News, hosted by Bob Schieffer, announced over 100 Iraqis had been killed in the last two days. A professor of Middle Eastern Studies was consulted, and asked, "Does this constitute Civil War?" He answered in the affirmative. February 23, 2006."

The word of God had defined Muhammad as the "False Prophet" (of the East). See: Rev 16.13. The prophecy was fulfilled in the First World War when the Ottoman Empire (Muslims) surrendered unconditionally to the British General, Edmund Allenby, on October 29, 1918.

The Muslims are also identified in the word of God as the Antichrist. See: 1Jn 4.1-3. Anyone denying that Iesous (Jesus; Man) Anointed (Christ; God) had come in the flesh is the Antichrist. The name Immanuel (God with us) also condemns the Muslims. They tried to conquer the world in the First World War; and they paid the price. In the last few years, they have had efforts around the globe, to conquer the world; and they are paying the price once again.


CBS Evening News, hosted by Bob Schieffer, annoinced, "1300 Iraqis killed in the last seven days." Suicide bombers, and mortar and rifle rife, resulted in these fatalities. Shiite mosques were bombed by Sunnis, and Sunni mosques were hit in retaliation. [Civil War is being embraced as a way of life by the Iraqi antichrists (Muslims.]


KSDK, Channel Five, St. Louis, Missouri (by telephone); August 27, 2008, Belleville Roman Catholic Church convicted of “child molestation,” and victim was awarded, $2.2 million punitive damages, and, $2.3 million [additional].

News Democrat, Belleville, Illinois, November 9, 2008: “NEW YORK: A third theologically conservative diocese has broken away from the liberal Episcopalian Church in a long-running dispute over the Bible, gay relationships and other issues. The Diocese of Quincy, Ill., took a vote at its annual meeting that ended Saturday. Two other dioceses – San Joaquin, based in Fresno, Calif., and Pittsburgh – have already split off. Next weekend, the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, will vote whether to follow suit.

NOTE: The Ecumenical Movement banned the Bible message in 1948, and founded the World Council of Churches. Their state goal was, “Unity with the Pope.” [They are – in my opinion – Gog and Magog “deceiving the nations (churches)” (Rev 20.7-8). Gog = Seminary, or Bible College professor; and Magog = Seminary, or Bible College. The Devil that deceived the nations (Rev 20.10; churches) = the Preacher. I had observed these three (Bible College Professor, Bible College, Preacher) “deceive” the congregation of my youth (Lansdowne Church of Christ. “Seeing is believing.”]


Belleville News-Democrat: “Fort Worth is 4 th diocese to leave Episcopal Church. 80 percent of members OK split.” [In my opinion – these are acts of God, who controlled the minds of His enemies at times. God called the pagan, Cyrus of Persia, “My shepherd, and My anointed” (Isa 44.28 – 45.1) – before he was born. Cyrus was predicted to build the second temple. And, there are many other pagans listed in the Bible as “servants of God”, to do his military acts.





“And I saw a great white throne and The [One] sitting Himself on it, from whose face the Earth and the Heaven fled. And a place was not found for them” - Rev 20.11.

WHOSE THRONE IS THIS? Although this is confusing, by design, it is very important. The Bible is “spiritually discerned” (1 Cor 2.14), by the men of God, and other men have their “minds corrupted from the simplicity that is in the Anointed by the Serpent” (2 Cor 11.3). [The battle of life is summarized in the preceding sentence.] Part of the answer to the question, “Whose throne is this?” is contained herein:

“For the Father neither does judge no one, but all of the judgment He has given to the Son (tw Yiw), so that all will honor the Son (ton Yion) just as they honor the Father (ton Patera). The [one] not honoring the Son (ton Yion), does not honor the Father (ton Patera) The [One] having sent Him” - Jn


The Bible has recorded several visions of the throne of the God, and reference is made to the throne of the Son of man. The difference between the two is very basic. However, we were all confused on this issue at one time in our lives. Spiritual maturity provides the explanation. Comparing the scenes in Chapters 4 & 5, of Revelation, with this account in Chapter 20, we spot the difference immediately. All creatures of earth, and Spirits of Third Heaven, pictured for us in Chapters 4 & 5 & 7, are “saved!” On the contrary, Chapter 20 combines the account of the “lost and the saved.” Therefore, we have the throne of The God and of The Lamb (Rev 22.1) in the first instance, and the judgment throne of the Son of the man (Adam) in the present case. What this conveys to the logical Man is that, “The Judgment Day” (with filthy sinners), will be outside of, “Third Heaven” (Abode of God).



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