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Jessica Morales

4034 Silver Swan Place, Castle Rock, CO 80109

978.677.894 !essica."orales0140#$"ail.co"
*+C,-.C/0 S1.00S
,*M0, CSS, Javascri&t, !23er4, P,P, an5 P4t%on
M4S20 6ata7ase 6esi$n, /5"inistration, an5 23er4 O&ti"i8ation
9in5ows 7(8 +nter&rise, 9in5ows Server :008, Mac OS, an5 0in3;
36S M/<, /5o7e CS, =inal C3t Pro, Microso>t O>>ice S3ite
/&ac%e 9/MP Server 6e&lo4"ent an5 /5"inistration
Per>orce ?ersion Control S4ste"
So3t%ern -ew ,a"&s%ire @niversit4, Manc%ester, -,
Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics

10(:01: A Present
.** *ec%nical .nstit3te, 9il"in$ton, M/
Associate in Applied Science degree - Multimedia graduated Magna Cum Laude

Bra53ate5 9(:011
@Mass 0owell, 0owell, M/
Graphic Design Major
1(:008 A 1(:010
-ew +n$lan5 .nstit3te o> /rt, Crookline, M/
Media Arts and Animation Major
*%e Co"&3tin$ *ec%nolo$4 .n53str4 /ssociation, Co"&*./ .6D COMP0010:0308:
Network + Certified, =e7r3ar4 18, :013

(:007 A 1(:008
ViaSat, +n$lewoo5, CO
Operations Business Analyst Process and Tools (Web Application Developer)
6evelo&e5 an5 s3&&orte5 a co""3nications we7 a&&lication t%at saves 8:1
%o3rs(4ear 3sin$ ,*M0, CSS, P,P, Javascri&t, an5 !23er4 on a 9in5ows Server
:008 &lat>or"
6esi$ne5 an5 i"&le"ente5 >3nctional an5 non)>3nctional a&&lication reE3ire"ents,
incl35in$ 3sa7ilit4, aest%etics, sec3rit4, 5ata retention, availa7ilit4, an5
.nte$rate5 a&&lication e)"ail >3nctionalit4 wit% cor&orate +;c%an$e Server
C3ilt R+S*=@0 /P. >or inte$ration wit% ot%er cor&orate a&&lications
Con53cte5 5evelo&"ent testin$, 2/, an5 @/* across "3lti&le 7rowsers an5
o&eratin$ s4ste"s to vali5ate client)si5e an5 server)si5e a&&lication >3nctionalit4
@tili8e5 Per>orce >or version control
6rove inter>ace an5 a&&lication i"&rove"ents >ro" 3ser >ee57ack(S3rve4 Monke4
Maintaine5 we7 a&&lication an5 5ata7ase servers in &ro53ction environ"ent
9orke5 wit% "3lti&le 5e&art"ents on 5i>>erent 5evelo&"ent e>>orts
3(:013 A Present
6esi$ne5 @.s an5 "ock3&s >or vario3s a&&lications wit% P%otos%o& an5 Calsa"iE.
Arendal Management, 9o73rn, M/
Web Developer
Mana$e5 t%ree se&arate we7sites >or sister co"&anies o> /ren5al Mana$e"ent
6evelo&e5 ,*M0 e"ail te"&lates incor&oratin$ /(C testin$
Maintaine5 "3lti&le we7sites 3sin$ ,*M0, CSS, an5 Javascri&t
+5ite5 Col5 =3sion 5oc3"ents
3(:01: A 1(:013
Hahn Law Firm, *eleco""3te
Paralegal Assistant
6esi$ne5 @. >or we7 a&&lication so>tware O"ni73s0aw
6esi$ne5 0o$o >or O"ni73s0aw
Per>or"e5 @ser /cce&tance *estin$ F@/*G
/ssiste5 liti$ation law4er wit% 5oc3"ents an5 7illin$
11(:011 A 3(:013
Arber Company, 9alt%a", M/
Web Assistant
Provi5e5 e;ce&tional c3sto"er service
."&le"ente5 a "ore e>>icient wa4 o> 5evelo&in$ we7&a$es
6esi$ne5 new attractive e"ail 5esi$ns an5 &ro53ct a5vertise"ents
9rote new we7&a$es wit% ,*M0, CSS, an5 i"a$e "a&&in$

6(:011 A 10(:011
Best By, C3rlin$ton, M/
Sales Associate
/war5e5 M?P >or e;cellent c3sto"er service an5 sales in t%e co"&3ter 5e&art"ent
*raine5 new %ires in sales o> co"&3ters an5 accessories
3(:010 A 7(:011
!lements "herapeti# Massage of Brlington, C3rlin$ton, M/
,an5le5 all as&ects o> c3sto"er service
Cooke5 a&&oint"ents an5 >ile5 all >or"s o> &a&erwork
Ma5e in7o3n5(o3t7o3n5 calls to s&eci>ic clients con>ir"in$ a&&oint"ents an5
7illin$ iss3es
9(:008 A 1(:010
"he Sharper $mage, C3rlin$ton, M/
Assistant Manager
*raine5 an5 "ana$e5 sta>>
6ele$ate5 an5 acco"&lis%e5 all tasks
/c%ieve5 %i$% c3sto"er service eval3ations
Processe5 inventor4 "ana$e"ent
9(:007 A 1(:008
Re5esi$ne5 e;istin$ we7 a&&lication to inte$rate navi$ation an5 i"&rove 3sa7ilit4
/rt work was selecte5 >or an /l3"ni /rt S%ow
Consec3tivel4 "a5e 6eanHs 0ist
,a5 an art s%ow 5e5icate5 to "4 work