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1. Recently Sea link started in which Indian city? 2. What is operation Black-Board related to? 3.

Who wrote Discovery of India? 4. Who wrote My country, My life? 5. Highest peak of Nilgiri Hills? 6. Largest Botanical garden in india is situated in which city? 7. Cyclone Nargis hits which country most worstly? 8. International date line passes through which sea or ocean? 9. Asia's first human DNA bank in which city? 10. What is green banking? 11. Which indian cricketer scored triple century in test cricket? 12. Army Operation 'Hand to Hand' is joint operation of India and which other country? 13. Kuchipudi dance belongs to which state? 14. What is the name of first indian nuclear submarine? 15. Mascot of Commonwealth games 2010? 16. What is project arrow related to? 17. Who is the chairman of Planning commission of India? Descriptive questions(General awareness): 1. Write in brief about global awareness against terrorism? 2. Effect on economy in recent recession time? Descriptive questions(Electrical): 1. Speed control of shunt & series motors and compare thier merits & demerits? 2. Why is parallel operation of alternators required and conditions for parallel operation? Hi all....i wrote the ONGC GT exam held on 25 oct 2009..thought i will share wid you my experience...first of all...ONGC exam is supposedly one of the hard nuts to crack..dats wat its made to look..u'l c dat wen u chek out the samples available on d net..but compared to all dat...dis years exam was on d easier side..n guys ..i can assure you..put some whole hearted efforts on your tech..some 4-5 days full effort will do d trick...d GK part was easy.You wil get the mark division fron deir site. I appeared for the electrical section i wil tell you the pattern for dat....questions wer from control systems...machines..instrumantation..a few from circuits n networks..b clear about the basics..dat wud solve quite a lot of dem..esp control sytems..stability stuff..n al the motor n generator basics..wat they ask for are the basic ideas..few from non core areas like..semioconductor n gates ... Sample questions in tech.. - numerical from sensitivity of meter..from instrumentation.. -numericals from CS stability part..Routh hurwitxzn is given n find whether stable or not.. -machines some basic questions..transformer numericals.. -a few circuits..for the theorem stuff..

-a gate has high output wen both inputs are low....wich is the gate..options..EXNOR and NAND,EXNOR n NOR..n so on _a mosfet acts as which of the following in on position..Battery..capacitor.. -the voltage n current are given for the collector side...wid emitter grounded..wats the efiiciecny.. problems from load factor...divesity factor..numericals.. Sample questions from GK(mostly current ask all historic stuff..but dis time not much of them) -the name of cricket team owned by SRK....! -civil services wer indianised under which viceroy ...sumthin like dat.. -operation hand in hand with which nation.. -warfare brought from which nation -author of My country My life -Author of Discovery of India -Elephanta pass wer? -Kuchipudi which state -check out latest GDP rates n ll..such stuff was asked.. Descriptive side NON tech -Global awareness on terrorism -India during recession times Tech -Speed control of motors both series n advantages n disadvantages -Paralleling of alternators..necessity n conditions Prepare well....b sure about the basics..all the best! In GK they ask history, economics, current affairs, and ques related to famous personalities. few ques i remember. full form of DRDO, NISSAT. which letter in computer keyboard comes after Q ? who starts golden quadrilateral project ? which country never wins bookers prize ? pulizter prize : related to which country ? 2-3 ques on GDP growth rate ? what is present share of service industry in GDP ? 4-5 questions on simple reasoning. which of the indian govt. bodies decides the electoral of parliament ? No confidence motion is decided by ? Powers of president , and chief justice of india magasayay award: related to which country. Alongwith these there are subjective questions... GK : short note on RED CROSS and SAARC : both 5 marks eack and u have to write about 100 words Essay on RABINDRANATH TAGORE or BHARAT RATNA ( 7 marks ) 1. 2. General Awareness section: how many judges are there in judicial system? in 1919, which movement took place ? a. Dandi March b. Chauri Chaura movement

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

c. Lathi charge d. Partition of W. Bengal Which two continents are mirror images of each other? Which of the foll. continents are arranged in descending order of their areas? If a country is 12 hours GMT ahead of the other, then it must be situated at? If a circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle of side 23 units, then radius of the circle is? There was a graph of area vs. Productivity & related to it was asked Production was high in 1979 & 1985 bcoz of? India can increase production if? The new compost in India is? The non-conventional sorce of energy out of the foll. is? Gupta empire declined bcoz? If a judge has to resign, he should give his application to? The judges are elected by the consent of President &? The responsibility of elections is on?

Descriptive: 1. How should India conserve energy? 2. If you get selected in ONGC, what steps will you take to conserve energy? General awareness 1)which is the highest peak in south Africa? 2)according to Indian constituency the reservations are on what basis? 3)recently who won the Rajiv Khel Rathna award? 4)yuki Bhambri relates to which sport? 5)who brought the Gandhi's memorials in south Africa? 6)who is the chairman of drafting committee of Indian constitution? 7)the quit India moment started in which year? 8)the border line between India and china? 9)lalgarh is related to which state? 10)obama won noble prize on his contribution to? 11)the first or starting page of any website is known as? 12)vitamin B12 is known as? 13)(some lake name i forgot) is in which state? 14)lowest growth of population in which state? 15)vasco di gama came to which place in India on his see route? 16)before India has selected for 2010 common wealth games, which only country in Asia conducted these games? Subject specialization descriptive questions 1)what are the problems cause in urban areas due to large scale migration? 2)write a short notes on the following? 1 process annealing 2 normalizing 3 case hardening 2 define tool life? types of mentioning tool life? illustrate how wear land increase with machining time?

tips: For general awareness study daily newspapers and general awareness book

General Awareness-40 1. Where is the next climate summit COP going to take place? 2. Who was the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi? 3. The new Jawaharlal Nehru Mega nuclear project is going to achieve 20000MW is to end in (2015,2022,2030..) 4. What is the origin of Krishna River 5. In which state Tapaimukh dam is going to be made? 6. Who was the leader of congress party in 1907, when extrimists and moderates were separated? 7. In which article it is mentioned that No child of age less than 14 yrs should be employed? 8. In which country, Football world cup is being held in 2010? 9. What is the minimum age limit for chief justice of India? 10. The president of India submits its resignation to whom? 11. In which country is bear lake 12. Moplah rebellion was started where? 13. Who wrote Neel Darpan while Indigo movement in India? 14. What is the sex ratio in India from the last census? 15. From the census 2001, in which state has there been minimum decadal growth of population ? 16. In which state latest election, all seats were won by a single party? 17. Deficiency of which vitamin leads to Pallegra ( Calciferol, Naicin, Retinol, Riboflavin) 18. Who is the head of UN watch dog , IAEA? (yukio Amano) 19. What is the power of nuclear reactor used in INS Arihant?(200W, 120 W, 80W,.)

20. KONKAN is a joint naval exercise between which two countries? 21. Who was the head of Army Tribunal meet which recently took place? 22. Where is the Indias first aerospace SEZ being formed? 23. Who leads the scientific advisory team of Prime Minister? 24. Which is the highest peak in Satpura range? 25. Which river cuts the tropic of Capricorn twice? 26. In which session was fundamental rights resolution passed? (Lahore, Karachi, Calcutta) 27. Where in India is National environmental institute located? 28. Where is SAC institute located? 29. NH 15 connects which two cities? 30. Who started Mansabdari system ( akbar, Jahangir,) 31. Where was first Buddhist council held in India? 32. When the earth is at largest distance from the sun, what is that distance called?( apogee, perigee, apehilion,perihelion) 33. What keeps the satellite balanced while rotating in the orbit? (centripetal force and its inertia, gravitational force and inertia.) 34. Which is the sweetest sugar? ( sucrose, maltose, fructose, glucose) 35. What is the highest position of a satellite called when it is in an elliptical orbit? ( zenith, apex,..) 36. Rajiv Gandhi sadbhavna Award 2009 (Gautam BHAI) 37. Parmirajan won which trophy ( he is related to Chess, youngest Indian) 38. What is biological name of red blood cell? 1.Tipaimukh dam is located in which state. Ans: Manipur 2.Untouchability movement in india is started by. 3.First Aerospace Special Economic Zone is established in. Ans: Hattargi (Karnataka)

4.Centre for space station is located in.Ans:Bangalore 5.Bear lake is located in. Ans: Canada 6.Blood pressure is measured by. Ans: Sphygmomanometer 7.What do you call when the sun is nearest to the Earth. Ans: Perihelion 8.The lowest decadal population growth is recorded in which state. Ans: Nagaland 9.The Buddhist first council is held in. Ans: rajagraha/rajgir 10.The President of India submit his resignation to. Ans:Chief Justice of India 11.The chairman for Scientific Advisory Council to Prime Minister is.Ans: C.N.R.Rao 12.The National Environmental Engineer Institution is located in. Ans:Nagpur. 13.In which assembly of Indian National Congress the topic of fundamental Rights raised. Ans:Karachi session 14.The First private company to have CISF .Ans: Infosys 15.Nar.. book on Indigo Movement is written by. 16.Maphlol rebellion movement is raised in.Ans:Somkiat 17.The Grand Master Piramanji Negi won which of the following cup. Ans:Politiken Cup 18.Tadri Mega power project is going to start in which state. Ans:karnataka 19.Who was the president of Indian national congress when surat split b/n moderates and extremists in 1907.Ans: w.c.banergee. 20.Mansabdri system was started under the rule of which mughal emperor. Ans:akbar 21.The 17th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavan award was awarded to. Ans:Gautam Bhai 22.The Solar Mission of india was to produce 2000MW power by the year. Ans:2022 23.2010 world cup foot ball is held in. Ans:South Africa.

24.The next COP 16 programme on environment is going to held in. Ans:Mexico 25.The political guru of Mahatma Gandhi. Ans:Gopal Krishna Gokhale 26.Arihant submarine nuclear plant is constructed to produce power of ____________ KW. Ans:80MW 27. KONKAN naval programme is between which two nations. Ans:INDIA AND ENGLAND 28.Pallegra disease is caused by deficiency of which vitamin. Ans:niacin, 29.The Child act of children under 14 should not work in factories and hazardous conditions is written in which article. Ans:article 24 30.The highest peak of Satpura range is.. Ans:Doopgarh. 31.The present chief of UN nuclear watchdog,IAEA. Ans:Yukiya amino. 32.In which state all the seats of legislative assembly won by single party.Ans:Sikkim 33.According t o constitution of India the min. age for Chief Justice of India.Ans:No min. age required. 34.The source point of River Krishna is. Ans:western ghats near mahabaleshwar 35.The NH-15 connects which two cities. Ans:Kandla and pathankot 36.The Armed Force agency chief is.ANS: A.K.Mathur 37.According to latest consensus the female sex ratio is.Ans:933 38.The Red Blood Corpuscles are also called as.Ans:erythocytes 39.The naturally formed sweetest sugar is. Ans:sucrose 40.tropic of Capricorn cuts twice which of the following river.

Descriptive. 1.write impacts of globalization on rural economic growth. 2. Explain UNITY IN DIVERSITY in india