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Excel in Mind, Body, and Character

George Mason High School Newsletter

Tyrone Q. Byrd, Principal September 2011

Special Back-to-School Night Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians of High School Students, Welcome to an exciting, new school year! Thursday evenings BTSN program is designed to give you a good idea of your students class schedule and class content. You will meet your students teachers, counselors and administrators. Youll find your students homeroom teachers name and room number posted throughout the school. The schedule is as follows: Homeroom 7:00 7:10 --During this time there is a 2-3 min. web-based video from the Education Foundation --Homeroom teachers will hand out your students schedule Block 1 7:15 7:25 Block 2 7:30 7:40 Block 3 7:45 7:55 Block 4 8:00 8:10 Block 5 8:15 8:25 Block 6 8:30 8:40 Block 7 8:45 8:55

While this events schedule does not allow for individual conferences about student performance, information about how to contact teachers by phone and email is attached. Please allow me to remind you of some very important happenings here at GMHS in the coming days and weeks. Please note the venue for each as it may be different from the one previously announced.

Tuesday, September 20, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the Mustang Caf: GR8, Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Parent Night Parents and guardians of students in Grades 8-11 are invited to meet with the counselors and other members of the GMHS staff. Some of the topics will include graduation requirements, the importance of participating in activities and student supports, diploma options, the GMHS transcript and the everyday challenges that adolescents and their parents face. We hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about counseling services and opportunities available for your student.



Wednesday, September 21, in the TLC

Senior Make-up Pictures

Senior make-up pictures (#1) will be taken on Wednesday, September 21, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. in the TLC.

Thursday, September 22, in the TLC

Senior Make-up Pictures

Senior make-up pictures (#2) will be taken on Thursday, September 22, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. in the TLC.

Friday, September 23, in the auditorium:

Picture Day

Picture Day for underclassmen (grades 8-11) will be on Friday, September 23. Picture order forms have been handed out to students during homeroom. Extra order forms will be available in the front office.

Thursday, September 29, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Mustang Caf: Senior Information Night Current seniors and their parents/guardians are invited to meet with the high school counseling staff. Parents will receive the College Application Information Guide that was distributed to Seniors in their English classes. It can be found on the www.fccps.org/gm/ website. The steps of the college application process will be reviewed carefully with a critical focus placed on student deadlines. Career goals will also be addressed.

Wednesday, October 12, during the school day at GMHS:


GMHS will administer the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) to all 10th and 11th grade students during the school day on Wednesday, October 12. Students should come prepared with sharpened #2 pencils and a calculator. There is no fee for the test. The only requirement is a good nights sleep and a good breakfast! The test will begin at 8:00 a.m.

Friday, October 14, 7:45 to 9:30 a.m. in the Mustang Caf/Auxiliary Gym/Main Gym: Parent/Teacher Mini-Conferences. This is an opportunity to speak with the teachers of your choice for a few minutes to discuss your student's progress and to make appointments for additional conferences if you so desire. No appointments are required for these October 14 mini-conferences. Students begin school at 10:00 a.m. on this day. Buses will operate on a special schedule to be announced.

We all look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events! Sincerely, Tyrone Q. Byrd Principal




PARENT WALK-INS (PWIs): Parents and guardians of high school students are invited to "walk-in" meetings with the principal on the following dates:

PARENT WALK-INS October 12 November 9 December 14 January 11 February 8 March 14 April 11 May 9 June 13 7:15 a.m. 7:45 a.m. Mustang Caf

The PWI's are informal, agenda-less and open to all who wish to come and ask questions, offer suggestions or simply make comments on matters relating to the school and its programs. Parents are asked to park in the E lot visitors' spaces (near the flagpole) when attending a PWI.

SPECIAL ED PARENT MEETINGS WITH PRINCIPAL BYRD October 25 November 22 January 24 February 28 March 27 April 24 May 22 8:15-8:45 a.m. B121 Mustang Caf

EARLY RELEASE DATES Dismissal at 1:45

GRADUATION Wednesday, JUNE 13, 2012 5:00 P.M. DAR/Constitution Hall

September 14, 28 October 12, 26 November 9, 23 December 14, 22 January 11, 25 February 8, 22 March 14, 28 April 11, 25 May 9 June 13 & 14

Welcome to the Writing Lab!

Dear Parents and Guardians of GMHS Students: I want to inform you about a valuable service that is available for your child Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons from 3 to 4 o'clock in room A-130. Now in its eleventh year, the Writing Lab exists to provide writing assistance to any and all students in any class, any discipline. Whether your child is a proficient writer who wants to brainstorm ideas for a paper or is struggling with the technical aspects of writing, the Writing Lab will provide help. As an English teacher and Writing Lab instructor, I hope to meet and assist many students with their writing this year. I urge you to encourage your children to take advantage of this opportunity. How does the lab work? While students may be referred to the lab by their classroom teachers, the lab is also an informal drop-in program, and students may simply stop by for assistance. The George Mason English Department is dedicated to meeting your child's writing needs in every way possible, and the Writing Lab is just one more way we hope to accomplish this.


Karin Tooze English Department Chair Writing Lab Instructor

Math Lab!
Dear Parents and Guardians, As many of you already know, the Mathematics Department offers a Math Lab during all lunch periods on odd days. This small group and individual tutoring service is available to all students. Conveniently located next to the Mustang Caf, our Math Lab is run by Ms. Judy Knoke in room D101. Students may bring their lunch with them. No appointment is necessary! Whether your child needs help with basic skills, a challenging homework assignment or review assistance for an upcoming test, Ms. Knoke is ready to work with all of our students. Of course, all of our math teachers are available after school for extra help. The George Mason Mathematics Department is eager to provide necessary support to ensure the success of your student. If you have further questions about the Math Lab or any facet of the mathematics program, please contact me at any time. We appreciate your support of this program. Sincerely yours,

Janet Weber K-12 Math CIRT (703)248-5500 X3015 weberj@fccps.org


Phone Numbers and Email Addresses GMHS 248-5500 + Extension Fax Number 248-5533 Email: Staffs name @fccps.org

Mr. Tyrone Byrd, Principal (tbyrd@...) Mr. Tim Guy, Assistant Principal (guyt@) Mr. Ken Siekman, Assistant Principal (siekmank@...) Mr. Jonathon Pepper, Dean of Students (pepperj@...) 248-5505 248-5595 248-5515 248-5515

Ms. Lisa (Johnson) Myklestad (johnsonl@) Ms. Lynette Kemp, Library Assistant Mr. Frank Sheedy (sheedyf@) Ms. Janice Wolner (wolnerj@) 248-5541 248-5542 Ext. 3014 Ext. 3013



Officer Steve Rau (raus@) Ms. Debbie Flanigan, Mr. Byrds Secretary Ms. Edna Baldo, Finance Secretary Ms. Dorothy Clinton, APs Secretary Ms. Janice Nette, APs Secretary Ms. Robyn Savage, Attendance Secretary Attendance Line 248-5549


248-5505 248-5545 248-5515 248-5595 248-5543 248-5501

Mr. Steve Knight (knights@) 248-5532

Ms. Elizabeth Rizzi, *CIRT (rizzie@...) Ms. Bridget Dean-Pratt (deanb@) Ms. Karin Tooze, *DL (toozek@) Mr. Brian Walsh (walshb@...) Ms. Maggie Webster (websterma@...) Ms. Melissa Raeder (raederme@...) Ms. Joy Wagener (wagenerj@..) Ms. Angela Weston, (westona@...) Ms. Christina Leigh (leighc@...) Mr. Peter Laub (laubp@...) Ext. 3100 Ext. 3008 Ext. 3020 Ext. 3007 Ext. 3018 Ext. 3101 Ext. 3047 VM 3111 Ext. 3046 Ext. 3104

Tom Horn, Athletic Director (hornt@) Ms. Vicki Galliher, Athletic Trainer (galliherv@) 248-5598 Ext. 5583

Mr. Steve Papelian (papelians@) Ms. Sandra Patricio (patricios@) 703-248-5523




Mr.Asheesh Misra (misraa@...) 248-5590

Ms. Amy Kurjanowicz, Director (kurjanowicza@...) Ms. Nancy Goldman, Counselor (goldmann@) Mr. Brad McAdam, Counselor (mcadamb@...) Ms. Marcia Schumann, Counselor (schumannm@...) Ms. Valerie Chesley, Counselor (chesleyv@...) Ms. Judy Bracken, College Career Specialist (brackenj@) Mr. Adam Amerine, Asst. Testing Coordinator (amerinea@...) Ms. Heather Richardson, Secretary Ms. Beth Ann Bird, Registrar Ms. Judy Becker (beckerjl@) 248-5525 248-5525 248-5525 248-5525 248-5525 248-5531 248-5693 248-5525 248-5526 248-5540

Ms. Chin Mah, *DL (mahc@...) Mr. Ben Swartz (swartzb@...) Ext. 3108 Ext. 3053

Ms. Sally Larisch (larischs@...) TBA


Mr. John Ballou (ballouj@) Ms. Mary Jo West, *DL (westm@) Mr. Ben Powell (powellb@...) Mr. Marc Robarge (robargem@...) Ms. Maria Shields (shieldsm@) Ms. Pamela Ricker (rickerp@...) Ext. 3057 Ext. 3019 Ext. 4991 Ext. 3037 Ext. 3085 248-5582



Ms. Vicki Galliher (galliherv@) 248-5583

Ms. Linda Johnsen,*CIRT (johnsenl@) Ms. Kirsten Albert (albert@) Ms. Julie Bravin (bravinj@...) Ms.Renata Carvalho (carvalhor@) Mr. Kent Foster (fosterk@...) Ms. Holly Garcia (garciah@...) Ms.Suzanne Planas, *DL (planass@) Ms. Tina Kao (kaot@...) Ext. 3062 Ext. 3040 Ext. 3193 Ext. 3088 Ext. 3048 Ext. 3102 Ext. 3039 Ext. 3075

Ms. Kate Dirga (dirgak@) Ms. Jennifer Jayson (jaysonj@...) Ms. Judy Knoke (knokej@) Ms. Sarah Meservey (meserveys@...) Mr. Will Snyder (snyderw@...) Mr. Erik Healey, *DL (healeye@...) Ms. Mo Smith (smithm2@...)

Ext. 3083 Ext. 3081 Ext. 3089 248-5567 Ext. 3052 Ext. 3023 Ext. 3058

Mr. Bryan Harris, *CIRT, *DL (harrisb@...) Mr. Mark Sokolowski (sokolowskim@...) Ms. Carey Cannon (cannonc@) Ms. Martina Goss (gossm@) Dr. Peter Mecca (meccap@...) Ms. Jennifer Parsons (parsonsj@...) Mr. Jonathan Pepper (pepperj@...) Ms. Jessica Naftzinger (naftzingerj@...) Ms. Maggie Wiseman (wisemanm@) Dr. Dana Wiseman (wisemand@...) Ext. 3049 Ext. 3042 Ext. 3003 Ext. 3012 Ext. 3043 Ext. 3093 Ext. 3184 Ext. 3095 Ext. 3094 Ext. 3184

Ms. Vicki Galliher, *CIRT (galliherv@) Mr. Brandon Dye (dyeb@) Mr. Tony Green,*DL (greent@...) Ms. Jill McConnell (mcconnellj@...) Mr. Chris Capannola (capannolac@) Ms. Wendi Adkins (adkinsw@...) 248-5583 Ext. 3016 Ext. 3079 Ext. 3086 Ext. 3022

Ext. 4805

Mr. Jeremy Shumpert, *CIRT, *DL (shumpertj@) Ms. Tammy Chincheck (chincheckt@) Mr. Paul Ferentinos (ferentinosp@...) Ms. Eleanor Hawkesworth (hawkesworthe@...) Ms. Holly Herrington (herringtonh@...) Ms. Pam Mahony (mahonyp@...) Dr. Nisha Sensharma (sensharman@...) Mr. Chris Pikrallidas (pikrallidasc@) Mr. Jamie Scharff (scharffj@) Ext. 3074 Ext. 3060 Ext. 3051 Ext. 3105 Ext. 3077 Ext. 3001 Ext. 3076 Ext. 3006 Ext. 3063

Ms. Jennifer York, *DL (yorkj@...) Mr. Jamie Lahy (lahyj@...) Ms. Susan Cassidy (cassidys@...) Ms. Alison Johnson (johnsona@...) Ms. Stephanie Ciskowski (ciskowskis@...) Mr. Chris Carrico (carricoc@...) Mr. Diran Cowell (cowelld@...) Ms. Karilinn Sommers (sommersk@...) Ext. 3033 Ext. 3026 Ext. 3196 Ext. 3087 Ext. 3009 Ext. 3036 Ext. 3030 Ext. 3728

Ext. 3015 Ext. 3091 Ext. 3069 Ms. Liz McCarthy (mccarthye@...) Ext. 3064

Ms. Janet Weber, *CIRT (weberj@...) Ms. Erika Simmons (simmonse@...) Mr. Joel Block (blockj@...)

*CIRTInstruction and Curriculum Resource Teacher *DLDepartment Leader