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DotA Replay Manager 2.10 http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?p=110886 http://rivsoft.narod.ru/dotareplay.html ============== Changelog ================================== **2.

10** - Added back/forward buttons for easier browsing. I haven't tested this feature extensively, expect bugs - Added "Replay options" button in game info tab, containing the options to mod ify replay (as it was before), delete replay and create backup - Fixed morphing heroes such as Dragon Knight sometimes not being detected corr ectly **2.09** - Added ExtPresent tab for new script-based Presentation. Sample script is incl uded, see readme for syntax description - Updated playdota forum icons (:cm:) - Now shows final items for older replays - Fixed a couple small bugs **2.08** - Added hero icons to gold and experience graphs - Added zoom to gold and experience graphs - Added kill details to player info tab - Fixed APM chart - Added option to show empty slots in game info tab **2.07** - Updated for 6.70 - Fixed several bugs as reported on forums and by Blasz: Runes names in game chat and in timeline are now displayed properly Fixed hero levels sometimes being incorrect in game info tab Fixed several icons And others **2.06** - Fixed a bug that made opening replays much slower - Improved support for AI replays - now shows heroes and items of AI players - Improved learned ability detection - Fixed multiple assists in game chat/timeline **2.05b** - Fixed compatibility with new maps - Added final item build to game info tab, added tooltips for icons - Added "Find prev" button in chat log and action log - Fixed copying text in action log, enabled multiple selection - Chat no longer stops when { or } characters are encountered (by Blasz) **2.05** - Fixed chat log search to be case insensitive - Added search for Action Log - Added rightclick menu for Action Log that allows copying lines - Fixed "Copy name" option from rightclick menu in game info tab (it used to co py broken text) - Added assists to "Copy stats" option from rightclick menu in game info tab - Added "Copy matchup" button on game info tab, copies list of players and hero es in one line - Fixed some crashes - Fixed gold timeline (integer overflow ftl) - Finally added drag-and-drop support for folder view (tree view still doesn't support it) - Fixed draft view to work for -cm (note that dota is bugged atm and only lists sentinel picks/bans

in -cd) - Added streaks and kill combos to game chat and timeline view (use Chat Filter s button on top right to hide them) - Added support for -switch mode, colors in chat now correctly display the play er's current color and it doesn't say "has been killed by his teammate" incorrectly anymore - Using blink dagger doesn't drop wards all over the timeline picture as much; the solution is still temporary and needs more replay data to work correctly - Added assists to game chat (disabled by an option in Settings), note that dot a is bugged atm and doesn't store this information correctly - Removed the 8192 size limit on cache; gamecache now uses game date/time as a key instead of filename, this should remove duplicate replays, there is a very low chance that two diff erent replays have the same date/time. As a side effect gamecache file may grow very large, delete it and cache replays again if it causes trouble - Fixed hero chart to show correct heroes and games - Added game mode filter to hero chart (suggested by tk1) - Added buildings to Timeline view, they should correctly disappear when they a re destroyed. Timeline view is now resizable, map image has been updated to the latest version. Dead heroe s now disappear correctly - Fixed odd time marks in graph views (e.g -0:58 to -1:00) - Added PlayDota smiley tags for items (assuming urn will be :urn: when it is a dded) **2.04** - Happy New Year - Fixed some bugs - Fixed hero chart a little, it now shows the heroes in the correct order as th ey appear in taverns - Updated to 6.65 (the only difference between this and automaticaly loading da ta is that icons will update properly) - Added support for new replay data: roshan, aegis, runes, correct gamemode, he ro levels (affects xp timeline) - Now recognizes game start (creep spawn) and adjusts lane detection accordingl y, added option to show all times relative to creep spawn like in actual game - Fixed scepter recipe and items purchased in the side shops - Added Draft tab, showing hero pool for -cd and bans/picks for -cd/-cm (sorry, haven't tested this at all since I don't have any 6.65 -cd replays, so if it doesn't I'll hotfix i t later) - Added Action log tab, which shows a very detailed low level log of the game ( I'll add search function for it soon). It shows hero/item/ability/etc icons and names wherever applicab le, player colors etc, and works with any map, not only dota (the map must be in your wc3 folder under the name specified in the replay). Loading map and re-parsing the replay takes about 10 seconds. - Haven't fixed crashes yet, I'll work for it soon **2.03** - Fixed various crashes - Fixed Sven's icon in hero chart (reported by Jager)

- Fixed other heroes' skills appearing in build view **2.02b** - Added colored names/hero names in timeline tab as well - Fixed techies icon and a few others **2.02** - From now on, instead of resources.mpq the program will come with patch.mpq an d when you run it the first time it will merge the two files - don't rename anything yourself . This way map data you loaded yourself will not be erased after every patch - Fixed some more bugs in reading player stats - Added an option to show hero names in chat log - Colored player names in chat events (e.g. hero kills) - Added chat search function (by text or by player) - Added chat filters (e.g. only show hero kills) - Updated the list of forum icons for Presentation tab (like :puck:) - Added a set of forum icons for playdota.com **2.01b** - Fixed to correctly read recipes again **2.01** - Fixed major bug that prevented players and stats from loading correctly - Fixed to work with 6.60+ - Fixed a bug that prevented upgradeable skills from registering correctly (e.g. all ultimates affected by scepter, Ogre Magi abilities etc.) - Changed hero chart a little to accomodate 9 taverns **2.00** - Major rewrite, the program now reads all DotA data from the map - Hero kills, tower/rax kills etc. are now shown in game chat - Added "Use D-A forum icons" in Presentation tab, which forces the program to use dota-allstars forum icons for heroes (e.g. :cmai:) **1.05** **NOTE** Since much of the program was adapted to unicode and thus gamecache fo rmat has changed. If you see a lot of games with bad game names in the folder view (it should only happen to local games) you should consider caching replays again (button in se ttings). Also since a LOT major changes have been introduced expect new bugs >.< - The window is now resizeable - Added sentinel and scourge total gold in gold timeline mode (suggested by HiT 0Mi) - Reworked a lot of stuff to hopefully work properly with unicode. Game Chat an d Timeline modes should display chinese and other languages properly, and player names us ing non-english letters should work better now. - Added progress bar when folder is being populated (since it takes a while in some cases). - Fixed game mode determination to match the one in DotA, and adjusted lane det ermination to work better with modes that make creeps spawn at 2:00 (MM, VR and AP) - Fixed replay decompression algorithm to work with non-standard replays made a t replays.net, garena and the like - Optimized replay parsing algorithm for caching data - Added minimap image to Game Info mode (click to enlarge) - Added replay workshop (remove chat messages and pings from the replay) - Countless minor bugfixes - Finally added map parser. For now it only parses abilities - that is it shoul

d now correctly determine which skills the heroes have **1.04b** - I hope it now REALLY works for 6.52(c) - Fixed version number in the program **1.04** - Updated for 6.52 (haven't tested thoroughly yet) - Removed the error dialogs that popped up when invalid replay file was opened (to simplify listing through the replays) - Some bug fixes **1.03b** - Added "Copy player name" item to drop down menu in game info tab **1.03** - Fixed both impales and god's strength to work with new versions - Game length is now correct, it indicates when the tree/throne went down (if t he game was finished) **1.02b** - Fixed several bugs with hero chart - Added some support for ladder replays (game info, game chat and action tabs w ork) - Changed date format in rename template from DD-MM-YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD for corr ect replay order when sorted alphabetically (suggested by greater.morphling) **1.02** - Adapted to 6.51 - Made separate repeated action delays for skills and items - Fixed a bug with columns in search mode - Tree view gets automatically updated every time a new replay is detected - Added hero chart, which shows replays for different heroes (another item in t he tree view) **1.01b** - Added your own name box to settings to use when replay saver was not properly identified (if the game was not finished) - The screenshot parser counts copies of the same game once now - Added "Show player stats" button to game info tab to display information simi lar to screenshot parser mode - Fixed some composite items in item build (Orchid and Guinsoo) - Eliminated OpenGL usage in gold/exp timeline and actions (Timeline mode still uses it) **1.01** - Fixed a bug in gold/exp timeline for games less than 5v5 (if, say, purple was missing then yellow will take his place and there will be some problems) - Fixed loading images for 16 bit color desktop (problem reported by RockBuster ) - Added experimental screenshot parsing feature (join a game, press Print Scree n, select Parse screenshot item in the tree view, you will see the list of players that joined the game. Works pretty well in 1280x1024 but has problems with other resolutions) - Added "By date" option for the tree view - When you batch copy/backup a replay cached information will be copied as well , this removes a large delay that can appear if you open the folder with back up'ed replays aft er playing a lot of games

**1.00** - Adapted to 6.50: added invoker, fixed new skills for Drow ranger and Necro'li c, changed recipes/item costs - Fixed time in Gold/Exp timelines - Fixed a bug in presentation mode which caused the program to crash when certa in options were set (by K[a]ne) - Added "Reset" button in settings - It is recommended that you increase Repeated action delay in settings to some thing like 3 or even 5 seconds. The new skill algorithm should fix most errors this change may cause, and I've seen replays where someone managed to click the skill 3 times with a 4 second interval - Added an option to remove basic commands (e.g. rightclick, move/attack/stop, pre subselection) from log files - Added an option to make Gold timeline smoother (because when player buys many items on the same fountain trip the timeline looks awkward) - Added game mode option in Present tab **0.98b** - Fixed old N'aix, Replicate - Fixed one option in the settings which appeared in both tabs by mistake - Improved skill learning algorithm (repeated actions are now handled better) - Added experience timeline tab **0.98** - Made brown and purple a little lighter for better presentation (suggested by RaMbOMaN) - Added player statistics - lists games for given player. Type "Player:<name>" in path bar or right click player in game info and select Find games (suggested by SnowWar ) - Player build and actions tab now share selection (selecting a player in one w ill select the same player in another) - Added button for caching all replays in the Replays folder (you need to click it if you want to use player statistics - Added browse button for replay path **0.97b** - Fixed bottom and mid lanes which were swapped by mistake in one of the last v ersions **0.97** - Fixed a couple bugs that caused the program to crash when players did not sel ect a hero - Fixed -sp mode which was not working correctly - Added keyboard shortcuts for file list view (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Enter, F2, Delet e) - Fixed dagon and necrobook, now base items are properly grayed **0.96b** - Improved winner determination: if none of the methods worked the program chec ks player's positions and if too many are inside enemy base then they are considered winne rs - You can now copy player stats from Game info tab (Ctrl-C) (suggested by FoR) **0.96** - Improved gold timeline visualisation (added lines)

- Added replay search function (next to Explore button in folder view mode) - Enabled loading replays directly from internet (as long as the filename start s with http:) **0.95** - Added longest AFK time in actions tab - Added gold timeline tab, displaying build costs over time for all players on a single graph - Added game mode identification (even if saver wasn't sentinel), added game co mmands to game chat - Enabled detail view in file list (option in settings) - Lane detection algorithm fixed to work better with -rd (from 2:00-5:00 to 3:3 0-6:30) **0.94b** - Slippers of agility fixed, got wrong item id last time =( - Removed the log file which I forgot to remove last time (if you need it it's in the options now) - Fixed setting this program as default replay program, now it works if you did n't install WC3 on the computer (it adds all necessary keys and sets the icon), also if WC3 wasn 't properly installed and replays weren't opened with it turning this option on and off will proper ly bind replays to WC3 - It will now detect 6.49c properly since IceFrog never used 'c' suffix (AFAIK) **0.94** - Added combined items in item build, recipe scrolls now have a scroll icon (op tion available in the settings menu) - Colored skills in skill build view (option available in the settings menu) - Synchronized selection in skill and item build lists (option available in the settings menu) - Added tabs for settings (they don't fit on one page anymore) **0.93b** - Fixed a lot of skills on heroes with engineering upgrade-based skills: Ogre M agi, Krobelus, Syllabear and all aghanim users - Added skill levels to build view (option added to settings) - Added player colors in combo boxes (player selection), also added unselectabl e Sentinel and Scourge entries - Added support for Open With function, added option to set this program as def ault for opening replays - You can drag replay files from Explorer into this program now **0.93** - Uncapped replay speed, now it can be from -99 to 99 (suggested by esby) - Added minimap pings to timeline mode - Tweaked presentations a bit - Added update checking - Added player colors in lists **0.92b** - Fixed fissure in versions < 6.49 - Fixed endgame info for < 6.49 and -sp mode in >= 6.49 **0.92** - Fixed "Watch replay" button. Now instead of "double clicking" the replay it p roperly finds WC3 install path and passes the replay. Also added an option to launch WC3 in win dowed mode. - Added a lot of options to Settings menu - Added wards for Timeline tab. - Rewrote file operations (delete and paste) to use system functions - to show

progress bar and for familiar interface. - Added Presentation tab with tons of options. - Fixed some abilities (that either were not detected or belonged to a wrong he ro). =========================================================== I know there are a lot of other replay parsers around but I'm sure some of my fe atures are unique. Here are some of the features: - Explorer-like replay browser (tree view+list fiew) with functions for copy/pa ste, delete/rename and creating folders. - Auto-copying new replays (from LastReplay.w3g) and batch copying - Replay search with a lot of options like game name, length, map version, play er names and heroes. - Can load replays from internet if filename starts with http: Replay parsing features: - Displays game information like date, patch, map, game name, host, saver, leng th, players, score, winner and observers. - Displays player list with level, buildcost, stats, lane, APM (actions per min ute) and leave time. - Colored chat view, probably works with other languages (tested with russian) - Timeline view - displays roughly *estimated* hero movement over time - an ani mated version of the replay with many features. - Hero builds - skills and items - Action charts - including different action types, group hotkeys used, and APM over time graph. - Gold timeline - compare build costs over time for all players - Presentation tab - format the replay in plain text mode, forum BB codes or HT ML, for example to post a replay in DotA replays forum. ============== User interface ============================= Make sure the folder with replay manager contains file "resources". Launch DotA Replay Manager. The left part of the window contains a tree view of your replay folder. If Warcraft III was not detected (it should be if it was launched at least once on this computer) it will show the folder from which the program was launched and you need to set the proper path in Settings (first item in the list). The tree view also displays the number of rep lay files in a given folder and its subfolders. By default, the tree view is built based on the replay folder structure. You ca n choose to build it based on replay date by checking the "By date" box. Then the tree view will cont ain separate folders for different years, months and days (note that replays with matching time are n early always copies of the same replay and thus are shown as a single file). The program has two main modes: file browsing and replay information. To enter file browsing mode, click on any folder in the tree view. The right pa rt of the screen will show a list of files in that folder (only folders and .w3g files are shown). You can enter a subdirectory by double clicking it (to move to parent directory

double click the [Up One Level] item). Double clicking a replay file will switch the program to r eplay information mode. If you right-click an item in the list a context menu with several options will appear. To search for a replay click on Search button. In the dialog select desired opt ions and click Search. To batch copy files select one or more files (if you do not select anything the n the entire current folder will be copied). Type file name for new files at the bottom (you can use special tags to add information about the file or replay, click Help button for a list of tags. It i s recommended that you use the <n> tag because it ensures that no files are overwritten). Then clic k the Batch Copy button. To enter replay information mode either select a replay file in the tree view o r double click a replay in folder view mode. If you do not see your replay in the tree view and it was r ecently added, try clicking the Refresh button to the bottom of the list. You can also type in the path to the replay and click Open (or use Browse button). The replay information mode has several tabs. - Game Info tab shows general information about the game and a list of players a nd some stats. Note that game score is computed as a sum of deaths of enemy heroes and will not be correct in case of suicides, hero denies and neutral kills. If you right-click a player in the list, a menu will show up, allowing you to view build/actions for given player, copy stats to clipboard or find games for a given player - Game Chat tab shows the chat as it was seen by the saving player. - Timeline tab shows the DotA map and draws hero icons on it in predicted positi on for that hero at a given time. Since the replay file contains very limited information this view i s far from being accurate (it is based on right-clicks) but should give you the general idea of what was happening in the game. If you move the mouse pointer over a hero you will see player name, h ero name, hero level, learned skills and items for a given time. The items are assembled using a rela tively simple algorithm that may also be a little incorrect (and does not know about items transferred between players). If a player was inactive for some time it is considered dead and removed from the screen until the player moves again (the hero will be placed at the fountain area). The amount o f time is changed by the Death treshold option in the Settings (30 seconds by default). Also the program draws sentry/observer wards on the map. The method used for d etecting placed wards may be a little wrong and can display extra wards (for instance when you issue order to place a ward and then cancel it). Wards last 6 minutes by default (this value can be changed in the Settings and is the same for sentry and observer wards since there's no way to find out whic

h ward was placed). - Builds tab shows skill and item builds for a given player. Select the player f rom the dropdown menu. The skill build list will contain the skill order and a time at which each skil l was learned. Note that in some cases a learned skill can be recorded in the replay twice (if late ncy is big enough). To fight that you can set the minimal time between learned skills in the settin gs menu (Repeated action delay). Default value is 1 second, increase it if you see something wron g. Also if a hero, for example, gets levels 10 and 11 in a short period of time (teamfight) and fi rst learns ultimate level 2 and then another skill then the build order will first show the other s kill and then the ultimate skill (you can see that they were learned in a different order looking at the time). This is not a bug, it is a feature. But if you see a certain skill completely missing even though the player learn ed it (the hero will also appear underleveled) then please report it because some skill IDs may be w rong in the program (and they can also be different in other versions of DotA). Item list shows all items bought by a given player (repeated action delay is u sed in the same way it was used for skills). - Actions tab shows action analysis for a given player. Select the player from t he dropdown menu. The first list will show different types of actions and how often the given player used them. The second list shows unit groups (those that are assigned with Ctrl+digit) us ed by a given player. The third list shows APM for a given player at different periods of time. This can be useful for detecting when the player was AFK or especially active. - Gold timeline tab plots build costs for all players. Ticks next to player name s allow you to select which graphs you want to see. - Experience timeline works the same way as gold timeline does but shows player level instead of gold - Presentation tab allows you to format replay information for sharing it with o ther people. There are many options and you can use one of the presets (available from the list). You can also save your set of options by giving it a unique name and clicking the Save button. The program can either output plain text, BB code for forum or HTML code. In BB code and HTML modes you can enable small icons for heroes, skills and it ems by checking the corresponding box. In BB code mode these images should be located in the intern et - URL can be specified in the settings. By default the images are taken from my page created for that, but if you do not want to rely on the stability of the that website/hosting (it's a free h ost) you can use your own hosting. To do that open the "resources" file with any Zip program and put all the files on your

server (do not change filenames). Then change the Image URL option in the setti ngs (make sure to put a slash at the end of the URL). To save a little bit of space you can remove th e files that do not start with BTN or PASBTN. Then you can choose what general information about the game you want to includ e. Then you can enable player list, choose options and whether to group players b y lane. You can also enable detailed reports for some players - that is, build and act ion information. Note: in BB code version winner is displayed in a [spoiler] tag (so it is visi ble only if you select it). - ExtPresent tab is an extended version of Presentation, giving you full control over replay formatting See Script section for more info - Draft tab shows hero pool for -cd mode and captain bans/picks for -cd/-cm mode s - Action log shows detailed low level log of the game. Press "Load actions" to p arse the map and re-parse the replay, it takes about 10 seconds for a large map. Note that the map must b e in your WC3 folder at the correct location. If "Show rawcodes" box is not set, item/unit/ability/etc IDs will be replaced b y icon+name wherever possible - Replay workshop allows you to remove some chat messages and pings from the rep lay. To open the workshop, load a replay and click "Workshop" on Game Info tab. You can remove all message s or all observer messages, and you can choose specific messages to remove (you are only allowed to remove messages during first 15 seconds of the game). You can also remove all or observer minimap pings. Click OK and choose the file to save the new replay to. To find games played by a given player either right-click the player in game in fo tab of any replay and select Find games or type "Player:<name>" in path bar and click Open. You will see a list of games with statistics for a given player. To sort the li st click on any column header. To sort in another direction, click the header again. To make sure all replays are searched for a given player, press the "Cache all replays" button in Settings menu once (new replays will be cached when they are opened). You can quickly build a list of players that joined the current game by pressin g Print Screen after you joined a game, then select Parse Screenshot item in the tree view. The list will contain players in the game, number of games you played with them, their best/worst K-D and number of g ames they won. Also it shows which players have played together to detect friend parties. The program extracts player names from the screenshot and works pretty well for 1280x1024 resoultion,

but usually detects wrong names with other resolutions. You can manually edit pl ayer names by selecting a player, typing the correct name in the box and pressing Modify. To show the list of games played by a given player, double click a player in th e list. You can also view replays for all or specific player for different heroes. Sele ct Hero Chart item in the tree view, type a player name (or leave it blank for any player), press Upda te, select a tavern, hero and you will see a list of games. Double click a game to open it. =============== Script ==================================== Starting with version 2.09, DotA Replay Manager supports scripted replay present ation. To use it, go to ExtPresent tab while viewing a replay, select a preset or create a new one, and press Update. The script itself is written in a simple "language", described below. Comments are started by $$, and continue until the end of the line. Note that co mments may not be placed inside an if/for block. All text not contained in curly braces is copied directly to output. All replay data is accessed through a hierarchy of variables, addressed as {item :subitem:subitem} etc. All variables are of string type. Some variables contain a list of values, such as a list of all players - those c an be iterated through with {for} block: {for:item:subitem:subitem}text{endfor}. For loop adds a corres ponding item to the variable root, e.g. looping through {game:players} adds {player} variable. Conditions are added with {if:condition}text{elseif:condition}text{else}text{end if} block. Conditions are either variables, which are evaluated as true unless they don't exist, or are em pty, or equal "false"; or case-insensitive comparison, in the form of {if:value1=value2}. All conditions c an be prefixed with "not": {if:not first}, {endif} Below is a description of all available variables: root : endl - constant, inserts a newline : first - "true" if current item is first in a list : last - "true" if current item is last in a list : odd - "true" if current item is an odd item in a list : even - "true" if current item is an even item in a list : game - contains global game variables. {game} is a shortcut for {game:name} : name - game name (as hosted in bnet or lan) : map - map name (e.g. "DotA v6.71b") : path - map path (e.g. "Download/") : version - map version (e.g. "6.71b") : major - major version "6" : minor - minor version "71" : build - build letter "b" : wc3version - wc3 version (e.g. "1.24") : mode - game mode (e.g. "-apso") : players - number of players, contains a list of all players, attached as "pl ayer" (see player description) : sentinel - number of sentinel players, contains a list of all sentinel pla yers

: scourge - number of scourge players, contains a list of all scourge player s : observers - list of observers, separated by ", " : length - game length, e.g "1:04:13" : hours - hours : minutes - always 2 digits : seconds - always 2 digits : totalminutes - minutes + 60 * hours : kills - game "score", e.g. "24/18" : sentinel - total sentinel kills : scourge - total scourge kills : host - game host name : winner - reference to winning team, or "Draw" - see {teams} for description : replay - various replay file data. {replay} is a shortcut for {replay:name} : name - replay file title (e.g. "Replay_2010_02_23_0014") : saver - replay saver name, or "Unknown" : time - timestamp on replay file, "15/12/2010 03:20" : year - 4 digits : month - 2 digits : monthname - 3 letters : day - 2 digits : dayofweek - 3 letters : hour - 24 hour mode : hour12 - 12 hour mode : ampm - "AM" or "PM" : minute - 2 digits : second - 2 digits : teams - contains a list of 2 teams (sentinel and scourge), attached as "team" : sentinel - {teams:sentinel} is a shortcut for {teams:sentinel:name}, which e quals "Sentinel" : scourge - {teams:scourge} is a shortcut for {teams:scourge:name}, which equa ls "Scourge" : name - "Sentinel" or "Scourge" : color - web color, "#FF0202" or "#1FBF00" : players - list of players, attached as "player" (see player description) : size - number of players : captain - reference to team captain for cm/cd games : lanes - list of lanes, attached as "lane". {lane:name} is lane name (Top/M id/Bot/None), {lane:players} is a list of players : sentinel - shortcut for {teams:sentinel} : scourge - shortcut for {teams:scourge} : lanes - list of lanes, attached as "lane". {lane:name} is lane name, {lane:sen tinel} and {lane:scourge} are lists of players : draft - information on hero pool, bans and picks (only present in cd/cm modes) . Use {if:draft} to check for existance : first - reference to team that has first pick/ban : pool - list of heroes in pool, attached as "hero" (see hero description) : bans - list of bans ordered as they appear in game. {ban:team} is a referenc e to banning team, {ban:hero} is banned hero : sentinel - list of only sentinel bans, in same format : scourge - list of only scourge bans, in same format : picks - list of picks ordered as they appear in game. {pick:team} is a refer ence to picking team, {pick:hero} is picked hero : sentinel - list of only sentinel picks, in same format : scourge - list of only scourge picks, in same format (tip: use {if:even} to insert separators when listing all picks) : chatlog - full chatlog in BBCode. Uses current chat filters specified in Game chat tab. It can be MASSIVE (~100K) and may cause problems when loading to forum

Player format: : player - shortcut for {player:name} : name - player name : color - web color, "#RRGGBB" : team - reference to teams:sentinel or teams:scourge : left - time player left the game, "End" or "1:04:16" : hours : minutes : seconds : totalminutes - same as {game:length} : apm - actions per minute : lane - lane name : hero - see hero description : level - hero level, in addition to normal hero variables : stats - "KD: k/d/a CS: c/d/n" : herokills : deaths : assists : creepkills : creepdenies : neutralkills : killdetails - list of kills/deaths for each enemy. {killdetail:player} is a reference to othe player, {killdetail:kills}/{killdetail:deaths} is corresponding score : gold - total item cost plus remaining gold : inventory - list of final items, always 6, attached as "item" - see item des cription : items - item build list, attached as "item". In addition to normal item vari ables, {item:time} is time, in same format as {game:length} (including subitems) : skills - skill build, attached as "skill". {skill} subvariables: : name : level - ability level : slot - ability slot (1, 2, 3, or 4, 5 for attribute bonus) : icon - wc3 icon name, e.g. "BTNHydraWarStomp" : time - same format as {game:length} Hero format: : hero - shortcut for {hero:name} : name - "Crystal Maiden" : propername - "Rylai Crestfall" : abbrev - "CM" : icon - "BTNJaina" : pdicon - playdota small tag ":cm:" : pdiconmed - playdota medium tag ":medcm:" : pdiconwide - playdota wide tag ":cmr:" Item format: : item - shortcut for {item:name} : name - "Buriza-do Kyanon" : icon - "BTNINV_Weapon_Crossbow_10" : pdicon - ":buriza:" : cost - gold cost (total cost for combined items) : combined - "true" for combined recipe items (otherwise undefined) Sample script: Map: [color=#5387C0]{game:map}[/color] War 3 version: [color=#5387C0]{game:wc3ve rsion}[/color] Game mode: [color=#5387C0]{game:mode}[/color] Game length: [color =#5387C0]{game:length}[/color] Creator: [color=#5387C0]{game:host}[/color] [img]http://media.playdota.com/replay/line.jpg[/img]

[table]{for:lanes}{lane:name} {for:lane:sentinel}{player:hero:pdiconwide}[color= {player:color}]{player:name}[/color] {endfor} {for:lane:scourge}{player:hero:pdi conwide}{player:name} {endfor} {endfor}[/table] [img]http://media.playdota.com/replay/line.jpg[/img] {for:teams}[table][color={team:color}]{team:name}[/color] [center]Items[/center] Kills Deaths Assists Creeps Denies Neutrals LVL {for:team:players}{player:hero:pdiconwide}[color={player:color}]{player:name}[/c olor] {for:player:inventory}{item:pdicon}{endfor} {player:stats:herokills} {play er:stats:deaths} {player:stats:assists} {player:stats:creepkills} {player:stats: creepdenies} {player:stats:neutralkills} {player:hero:level} {endfor}[/table] {endfor} [spoiler="Winner"][color={game:winner:color}]{game:winner:name}[/color][/spoiler ] First line shows common game info; second and 5th lines are separators Third and 4th lines list lineups per lane, in a table Lines 6-9 list player stats in a table Line 10 is a winner spoiler =============== Settings ================================== Settings are opened by selecting the first item in the tree view. - Warcraft folder: choose the Warcraft III installation path so that the program can find map files and MPQ archives. - Replay folder: choose the path to the replay folder. If the folder contains to o many files it not be fully displayed (to avoid hanging the program if a path like C: is entered). - Maximum number of files: after the program finds this amount of files it will stop updating the tree view (see previous setting). - View replays in windowed mode: when "View replay" button is clicked Warcraft I II will launch in a windowed mode. - Automatically view new replays: when the program detects that LastReplay.w3g f ile in the replay folder has been updated it will open it. - Automatically copy new replays: when LastReplay.w3g is updated the program wil l create a copy of it (new file name is specified by the next option). - Copy to file: specifies the new file name for automatically copier replays. Pr ess Help for a list of available tags. It is recommended that you use the <n> tag because it ensures t hat no files are overwritten. - Show details in folder view: in folder view additional information about repla ys will appear in columns to the right of file names. The following set of options determines which colum ns you want to appear. - Save game cache (speeds up parsing file info): since parsing a replay takes so me time, if you select columns like Game name or Game length file list may take a long time to appear. For this reason parsed replays are cached so that this info can be acquired faster next time. If you c heck this box cached

information will be saved to a file so that it will be available next time you launch this program. Cached information is also used for searches. To cache all games click "Cache all replays" button. - Minimize to system tray: check this box to hide the program window and display a small icon in the Notification area (lower right corner of the screen) when it is minimized. Usef ul when the program is running in background mode, saving replays. - Enable URL in path bar (make sure you type http://): if the requested replay f ile name starts with http: then the program will attempt to look for in in the internet. - Check for updates automatically (every day): check this box to allow the progr am to connect to internet once in a day and check for updates (when you run this program). - Set this program as default for opening replays: check this box to use this pr ogram for opening replay files, uncheck it to use Warcraft III - Your name(s) (if replay saver was not found): list the names you use when play ing (separated by spaces). If replay parser could not be identified for some reason, this information will be used instead. - Repeated action delay for skills (ms): specifies the mimimal amount of time th at should pass between two learned skills - because the replay can sometimes contain several learn skill a ctions when a player clicks the button too quickly. - Repeated action delay for items (ms): specifies the mimimal amount of time tha t should pass between two bought items - because the replay can sometimes contain several buy item action s when a player clicks the button too quickly. - Draw wards: check this box to see wards in Timeline mode. - Ward lifetime (seconds): set the amount of time a single ward lasts. Since the program cannot determine whether the ward is sentry or observer they have a common lifetime. - Draw chat: check this box to see chat in Timeline mode. - Chat fade time (seconds): set the amount of time a chat message lasts on a scr een (it will dissappear faster if game speed is increased). - Draw minimap pings: check this box to see minimap pings in Timeline mode. - Death treshold (seconds): set the amount of time a player has to be inactive t o be considered dead (the hero icon is hidden until the player moves again and then the hero is spaw ned at the tavern area). Increase this option if heroes sometimes dissapear and come out from the tavern area when they shouldn't. - Show skill levels in build view: check this box to append skill levels to skil l names in build list. - Color skills in build view: check this box to use colors for skills: green, bl ue, yellow, red and white for first, second, third, ultimate skill and attribute bonuses. - Show assembled items in itembuild: check this box to view completed items in i tembuild list (colored green), removed items will be colored gray.

- Synchronize selection in build view: check this box to select last bought item when you select a skill select last learned skill when you select an item in build view. - Image URL: set the path to the folder containing images for Presentation funct ion. This path should point to internet server for BB code mode. By default it points to my other pro ject, but I cannot guarantee that it will stay there so if you use the Presentation function a lot it is recommended that you set up your own path (see Presentation tab section for more informatio n). - Smoother gold timeline: check this box to remove sharp jumps in gold timeline (which appear when player buys several items at the same time). - Log actions: check this box to create a log.txt file containing most player's actions with ItemIDs, coordinates, ObjectIDs. - Ignore basic actions: check this box to avoid including basic actions like Rig htclick, move/attac/stop, Pre subselection in log files. - Cache all replays: goes through every replay in the Replays folder and retriev es some information from them for searches and viewing details in folders. Clicking this button is only required for finding games for a player. Note: retrieved information is only saved to a file if "Save game cache" optio n is selected. d07.RiV@gmail.com