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A program to develop the living skills and leadership potentials of young people.


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Background: At the March, 1972 Board of Directors' meeting, the recommendation of the Youth Assistance Planning Group was accepted to begin development of the Youth Impact program. This was a vast departure from the traditional "do for" youth programs and activities that had dominated this U.S. Jaycee program area. In September, 1972, the Youth Involvement Planning Session convened and developed methods of seeking Youth Impact through leadership development opportunities offered by the Jaycee organiza~ion.

The Approach: Jaycees working where the young direction, make of relating to with young people to develop participation activities people are invited to participate in planning, provide decisions, solve the problems, and have the opportunity their own ac?ievement, by: existing youth activities by providing relate Jaycee to youth life

* Augmenting

* Identifying different


that will

Aiding young people styles

to understand

the need for positive



Youth Groups:

The value of Jaycee involvement directed toward existing groups are many. Often times organizations go along doing things "the same old way " never offering different challenges to the members whose numbers remain fairly constant. Jaycees can provide a new breath of life through our ability to set goals, organize along action-directed lines and to achieve results in an relatively short period of time. The youth groups listed below offer Jaycees the opportunity to apply our talents and abilities in constructive ways and at the same time develop relationships with our next generation of Jaycees. 1. BOt Cub Scouts, America: Scouts of Boy Scouts, of November 30, throughout Scouting As Explorer Posts) 1973, 1163 the United Units States are sponsored by Jaycee chapters. Some of the existing Jaycee involvement: a. b. c. conditions in your community that would warrant

No Scouting program due to the lack of masculine influence for the young boys. Units lacking imaginative leaders to inspire the youth to stay involved. Lack of programming, eg., individual development activities, fund raising, group programs or qualified Merit Badge Counselors.

To become involved, investigate the local situation. If a Scouting unit exists, offer assistance; if a unit does not exist, you can receive information on starting one by contacting your nearest Boy ?cout office or write: Boy Scouts of America Route 1 New Brunswick, New Jersey


2. Junior Achievement: Jaycees can assist teenagers in understanding the mechanics of the-rree enterprise system by operating their own functioning companies. All youth, affluent and disadvantage alike, can be exposed to the methods of the business world through Junior Achievement. Jaycees can support Program kit: local Junior Achievement groups or write for a

Junior Achievement, Inc. 909 Third Avenue New York, NY 10022 3. Student Associations: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Future Farmers of America (FFA) , Future Homemakers of America (FHA), Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA), 4H, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), and others.

.Often times tile members of such organizations are not involved as much as they would like to be. The Jaycees can open new areas of involvement and also influence existing projects conducted by these groups through Jaycee individual development programs and suggested projects contained in this project plan. To involve your chapter with a student student activity faculty advisor. group, contact your high school's

4. Boys' Clubs of America: Direct youth toward high pursuits, build characters and provide wholesome activities for young boys. Decency, honesty and self-respect are among the ideals which this organization encourages. Your chapter can assist in the operation of a Boys' Club in your community. Many Jaycees continue to be involved with the Boys' Club programs. To find out what is happening in your area, contact the Boys' Clubs of America office nearest you. NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 771 First Avenue New York, N.Y. 10017 EASTERN DIVISION 771 First Avenue New York, N.Y. 10017 NEW ENGLAND REGION 923 Park Square Building 31 St. James Avenue Boston, Mass. 02116 NEW YORK REGION State Tower Building Warren and Water Streets Syracuse, N.Y. 13202 MIDDLE ATLANTIC REGION Bowen Building, Room 330 815 15th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005 SOUTHERN REGION 801 Peachtree Center Office Tower 230 Peachtree Street, N.W. Atlanta, GA 30303 MIDWEST REGION 2705 Kemper Building 20 North Wacker Drive Chicago, Ill. 60606 WESTERN DIVISION 609 Sutter Street San Francisco, Calif.


SOUTHWESTERN REGION 1110 Mercantile Securities Building Dallas, Texas 75201 SOUTHERN PACIFIC REGION 10850 Riverside Drive Suite 203 North Hollywood, Calif.


CENTRAL PACIFIC REGION 209 Post Street San Francisco, Calif. 94108 NORTHWEST REGION 710 Second Avenue Seattle, Wash. 98104 GREAT PLAINS REGION 1213 Forshay Tower Min~eapolis, Minn. 55402

5. Big Brothers of America: Thousands of fatherless boys throughout our country in urban, suburban and rural communities, lack friendship, advice, guidance and affection. Jaycees can assist Big Brother organizations in supplying these needs. If there isn't a Big Brother organization in your area, your chapter can charter one. For detailed information on Big Brother activities in you area, contact:

Big Brothers of America 341 Suburban Station Building Philadelphia, Penn. 19103

6. Reading is FUN-damental: Reading Is FUN-damental program designed to motivate children to read by using Give children inexpensive, attractive, paperback books they know--people, characters, history, events, ideas them; let them choose freely the books they want from ction approved by educators; let them keep the books.

is a national a simple device: about things that interest a wide sele-

In most instances, the books they take horne are the very first books they have ever owned. For the children served by RIF are among the millions who corne from homes where, usually, there are no books, where no one reads for reference, or learning, or just for enjoyment. In summation, RIF's goal is to show children the range of treasure, now and in the future, they will find in books. They cannot know what is in them unless they have the books from which to learn. Reading Is Fundamental, Smithsonian Institution L'Enfant 2500 Washington, D.C. 20560 Phone: (202) 381-6117 Inc.




Although many of the projects presented here may sound familiar, each has a new wrinkle; youth are involved, providing direction, making decisions, working to resolve problems with the objective of having them relate to their own achievement, ego individual and growth, based on involvement and practical experience.

1. Shooting Education Program: The following opportunities vided the youth of your community through this project. 1.

are pro-

In-depth training with emphasis on safety for this lifetime recreational sport. (Interest throughout the country is increasing in all recreational activities, including target shooting.) This program helps to develop responsible attitudes in young people by aiding them in growing both physically and emotionally. Shooting Safety Education course easily accredited for meeting the hunting license training requirements of most states. Team participation activity beginning with local competition, state finals and ending at the International match. Program is first step in developing competitors. future Olympic team





2. Hu h O'Brian Youth Foundation Leadershi the opportunity or boy and girl sophomores rom t e schools in your community to be recognized for their leadership abilities as demonstrated by their achievements. This recognition will be realized in the form of direct participation in the annual Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Leadership Seminar or through local Jaycee chapter and other activities directed toward the youth being considered for the Seminar.

3. Youth Rap Forum: This communications ice-breaker project is designed to promote an understanding of mutual and divergent problems between young people of high school age and Jaycees. This program will demonstrate to young people that Jaycees are interested in their views and ideas on various topics and will provide an opportunity for Jaycees to express their views to a younger generation ..

4. Youth Talks Project: A project designed around the importance of the various media available in the community to provide time and/or space to encourage the youth to voice their views.

s. Teena~ers Can Be Hired: A project intended to utilize the talents of youth In providing employment opportunities for their peers through Jaycee assistance. The National Alliance of Businessmen offers assistance to encourage economically disadvantaged youth to remain in school and prepare themselves for meaningful employment .. Status: National Allicance of Businessmen project materials and information on teenage employments (Federal laws, etc.) is available from the Local Chapter Service Center, request RSVP kit 41-102.

6. Youth Sees Government: The intent of this project is to familiarize your community's youth with a practical exposure to local, state and federal government operations. See how your community is governed; local ordinance drafting, passage, enforcement and courts.

7. Youth and the Law: Programs designed to encourage Jaycee involvement with juvenile offenders to redirect their activities toward constructive achievement.

8. Youth Councils: Often times there lacks an organization for youth in a community. The Jaycees International, Accent on Youth Program deals with filling this void. Through participation in this project the youth gain an understanding of organized methods of achieving desired results.

9. Breakthrou~h: answers intricate questions,today's world, young fit in?" maze of are searching or In the to vital like, "Where do I people "Can I really change the things I feel are wrong?" Unless young people can find real, workable .:..nswers they are in trouble and so is the rest of the society, because often the alternative to being turned on to life is turning on to drugs - alcoholvandalism or simply withdrawing and turning off.


BREAKTHROUGII is a fresh start which awakens young people to the joys of active,\ constructive involvement. It teaches them to interact with.themselves, their peers and their community . I '\ \.

OTHER ACTIVITIES 1. VD Attack: Status: Involve youth Available, in Operation request Venus and VD Attack projects.

RSVP kit 43-201 contact; Operation

2. Youth Alcoholism Project: Threshold Program Manager

For information

The United States Jaycees Post Office Box 7 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74102
.3. Special The ultimate goal this opportunitiesOl~mpics: or sports training and athletic

program is to for all create competition



4. COMPASS: This program works to create an awareness of the importance of maintaining scholastic team and extrcurricular sporting activities in public schools.

5. Dra~ Strip Planning and Operation: Basic information is provided on settIng up a drag strip. This project will ehlp to take the minibikes and other vehicles off the street by providing a safe location for this recreational activity.

6. Meet'n Treat: A Halloween fun time program with a slightly different twist. In place of the traditional Trick or Treat, with its potential hazards, Meet'n Treat promotes adult involvement to meet neighbors and sha~~ in the youngsters fun.

Various sporting activities 7. Physical Fitness Elements in Recreation: are discussed in this manual prepared by the President's Council on Physical Fitness. Basic instruction as well as material and associations are included for further involvement.





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YOUTH RAP FORUM a part of Youth Impact

Program Information Provided By: THE UNITED P.O. BOX 7 TULSA, TELE: OKLAHOMA 74102 STATES JAYCEES

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Background: At the March, 1972 Board of Directors' Meeting, the recommendation of the Youth Assistance Planning Group was accepted to begin development of the Youth Impact program. This was a vast departure from the traditional "do for" youth programs and activities that had dominated this U.S. Jaycee program area. In September, 1972, the Youth Involvement Planning Session convened and developed methods of seeking Youth Impact through leadership development opportunities offered by the Jaycee organization. The continuation of the Youth Impact program has been mandated for the 1974-75 administrative year.

The Approach: Jaycees working where the young direction, make of relating to with young people to develop participation activities people are invited to participate in planning, provide decisions, solve the problems, and have the opportunity their own achievement by: existing youth activities activities by providing Jaycee to youth life

Augmenting Leadership Identifying



that will relate the need

Aiding young people styles

to understand

for positive

Program Development Department The United States Jaycees P.O. Box 7 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74102


Purpose: To develop communication channels between young people and Jaycees. The project is designed to inform your community's youth that Jaycees are interested in their views/ideas on various subjects as well as to give Jaycees the opportunity to express their views to a younger generation. Value of Project: The Youth Rap Forum provides a face-to-face exchange between Jaycees and young people. It is of value for young people to know that an organization still identified in the minds of many as a conservative businessman's group, will take time to have them as guests as well as to discuss topics of mutual or conflicting interests. Project 1. Tips: The project should be planned over a two month period. This will allow sufficient time for the facilities to be arranged, Jaycee participants, moderators and identification of young people. If your chapter has a working relationship with young people, they should be involved in the planning, development and implementation of the project. (See the definition of the U.S. Jaycees Youth Impact program included in this project plan. If your chapter is not involved with young people, a visit with the school's guidance counselor, community center leader and such will aid in the identification of key persons. The ratio of students to Jaycees should be 5-3 with one Jaycee functioning as the discussion moderator. The groups should backgrounds. a. b. c. d. 6. include 11 and 12 graders with broad



4. 5.

The "A" student as well as the "C" student. Private school, vocational-tech school and school drop-out. The long hair and short hair. The content and the discontent.

Arrangements should include Jaycees picking-up the young people and taking them home after the RAP Forum. An informal social period should be planned after the discussion period.


Topics to be discussed as well as the amount of time per subject should remain flexible, but controlled by the table moderator to gain maximum participation and expression of views. Table consensus should be recorded on each subject discussed and shared with the total group, possibly during the social period.



Topics: of communications, a way as to tending to be to minimize the of communications,

Since the purpose of this project is to develop channels it becomes vital that the subjects are presented in such encourage friendly and meaningful discussions. Subjects "black - white, for or against" issues should be avoided chance of confrontation that would result in a breakdown the basic purpose of this project.

Several topics with a time allocation of 20-30 minutes is sufficient develop good dialogue. Often times the group will want to work a particular subject to a conclusion, however, this is not the purpose the project. Off-shoot activities and separate in-depth discussions specific subjects would be a welcome addition to Jaycee chapter programming.

to of on

Sample Discussion 1.


Our society has expressed a need for skilled craftsmen, but a college education is currently considered necessary for a successful life in our country. Do you see this attitude towards college changing? Moderator's Keys for Discussion: (a) Plumber vs Engineer; (b) Unions vs Non-Union; (c) Personal satisfaction vs Academic discipline


Are we, as Americans


and inflexible?

Moderator's Keys for Discussion: (a) Generation Gap; (b) Long Hair; (c) Mod or straight clothe styles; (d) Black vs White; (e) "Ugly American" 3. Are we curing or killing achievements? ourselves through scientific

Moderator's Keys for Discussion: (a) Transplants; (b) Drugs and Medicines; (c) Ecological Problems; (d) Nutritional Chemical Food Supplements; (e) Abortions


Should Government agencies, or community based volunteer organizations accept the responsibility for correction of local conditions or problems? Moderator's Keys for Discussion: (a) Vista, Peace Corps vs Jaycees, or Kiwanis; (b) Roll of the Church in community problems


The first Constitutional Amendment guarantees the right "Freedom of Speech ". Do you believe that the newspaper and television networks have taken advantage of the right. Moderator's Keys for Discussion: (a) Pentagon Papers; (b) Trial of Lt. Calley; (c) Lee Harvey Oswald; (d) Treatment of prominent Sports figures; (e) Watergate


Localized subjects should be included, be presented simular to those above.


they should

Moderator's Keys for Discussion: (a) Right to Vote; (b) Individual responsibilities, school, community, friends, family, self; (c) Environmental issues; (d) Venereal Disease, Alcoholism Awareness

To SPEAK OUT and to LISTEN to the views and opinions of young people, not necessarily agreeing, but facing FACTS and FEELINGS and UNDERSTANDINC another persons IDEAS and VALUES is the objective of the YOUTH RAP FORUM,