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How superior university can provide services to the local community

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All the persons mentioned are the students of MBE.con 2nd semester

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Mr. Mohsin Mubarak

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Sep 21th 2010

1 Superior university Lahore

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2 Superior university Lahore

An organization is established to for the benefits of the organization members only. Another moral duty is to add value to the society. The purpose of conducting this report is what are the ways by which the gapes between the local community (ARIAN VILLAGE) can be minimized and to make valuable contribution to there life. The report will cover all the social and economic issues that they are suffering from. All the data was collected with the help of questioner which is given in the appendices. After conducting the research the result states that the prominent problems of the community are mostly related with education, health, employment and financial matters. From the feed back received from the different people suggest that the local community should be given some special favor and preferences in all the problems those are mentioned above. So on the basis of collected data the it is recommended that all the educated persons should be provided preferences in the employment in university, all the brilliant student of the area should be given special concession for there education, superior should provide loans to persons who want to start there own small business, and university should also sponsor health care facilities.

Superior university is situated approximately 16 km away from the Thoker Niazbag which is considered as a part of the main city. Superior university is surrounded by a small village named ARIAN which has population of around 2500 to 3000. Because of its distance from main city the area is seriously ignored by the government. The purpose of the report is to find out and high light the main problems of the area. And to take initiative to help them and to add value to the local community which is suffering from the financianl, health, education, employment and lack of communication between the local community and the university and to enhance the awareness of the local community about those issues. The research is conducing by the students of the MBE.con the names of the students are mentioned earlier in the report. The main area of concentration are mentioned above further more all other smaller factors will also be discussed which can directly or indirectly increase the social lifes of the people of the local area. No such issue will be discussed in the report which is related with the personal life of the people because all these factors are out of the scope of the report. Such as no political issues of the area will be disused in the report.

3 Superior university Lahore

Problems found
After conducting the research following problems were found 1.1. Health is considered a very important factors in any society the. Arian is located away from Lahore is a rural area is facing the same problems as many of the villages in Pakistan. There is not a single hospital in the area in equipped with the necessary facilities for the local community. There is only one basic health care center for which mostly do not have the proper medicines and the doctors as well. So people have to go o Lahore for any of emergency or serious disease. 1.2 . Another problem is related with the health as well that is about the diagnostic facilities in the local area there is not a single private reliable laboratory in the area. That creates more problems for the local people. They have to go to far away even for a minor test 1.3 .In the local area people do not have the facility of the healthy drinking water. most of the people in the local area are suffering from the water born diseases there in no water filtration plant for the people of Arian 1.4 .Majority of the people in the local community are uneducated. It is commonly observed in Pakistans rural areas that the major problem of higher illness rate in those areas is the lack of awareness about the health care 2.1 .Another problem that the local students are facing is that they do not have any preferences or quota specified for the students of the local area in the university. They have to come through the open merit system 2.2 .Students of the local area do not have any proper lab where they can access the up-to-date knowledge about the out side world and also about their subjects. Library is also not available in the area so the students have no access to their required books and helping material 2.3 .Financial constraint is also another problem for the students of the local area. They are mostly not in the position to pay the fee. And ultimately they have to leave the study or to go to Lahore or some other private institutes 2.4 .Brilliant students of the area have the problem of scholarships. There are no scholarships for the brilliant students of the area from the local business companies .There is also no sponsorship trend shown by the business companies

4 Superior university Lahore

3. No such institutions are in the area those are providing technical education to the students of the local community such as short course like MS Office, auto cad ,graphic designing etc 3.1 .Employment is now a days a very serious problem in Pakistan especially in the rural area the problem. Same is the case with the local community the educated persons are unable to find jobs if some one has some kind of job most of them are suffering from disguised unemployment (they are not on the position for what they are eligible). 4 .There is no preferences/quota in employment for the local public of the area. as there is a trend that the companies often offer preferences for some local area such as ( the residents of Lahore /Thoker will be preferred for this job 5 .There are no shades available on the two bus stops of the area one is superior university and second is Arian stop. People suffers from swear weather condition particularly in the summer. 6 .Another problem that was quite significantly observed in the local area that was regarding the absence of such financial institution those could provide financial assistance to the local area people who want to start their own small business in the area 7 .No entertainment facilities sponsored for the local residents such as arranging the cricket /foot ball match for the local residents.

From the above mentioned problems it is quite clear that the there are problems faced by the local community and there are gapes to be filled by the superior university as well. Superior university can prove to be very beneficial to the local community if they feel and fulfill there duties which are due morally on the organization.

Health is the major problem superior university as short tem plan can arrange free medical camps every week or monthly basis. A doctor should be invited in the university. Camps can also be held on fifteen days basis. Another thing that superior university can do for the local community is arrangement of the different seminars on health care awareness. Such as in the monsoon season a seminars
5 Superior university Lahore

on the topic of how make your self secure from the water born diseases such as cholera, malaria etc. Lack of clean drinking water is also another problem for the area. Lack of this facility is causing many diseases in the country superior university can sponsor a water filtration plant for the local community it would be a very use full addition to the life of the local residents if university do this as many of international organizations do to add value to the society Superior university should can provide medicines to the Basic Center for Health in Arian village it would also improve the lifes of the people health condition. Because of its location near the industrial estate where many pharmaceutical companies are working superior university with the collaboration of any of company can provide diagnostic facilities. Superior university should provide preferences to the local residents for employment that is another big problem of the area superior university should allocate some specific quota for the educated persons of the local community. And there should be preferences for the local residents for the jobs if two candidates apply for the job in the university the local university should provide preferences to the local resident. Students of the university should teach in the local schools to the students for this they should be given certificates that would also be very beneficial for the local community. Superior university should also encourage the school level education should sponsor play grounds, infrastructure of education in the local area that superior has also done in the past that tradition. Brilliant students of the area should be given prizes to the students who obtain highest marks in the local schools and scholarships should also be providing to those students. Students of the local area mostly are not from the strong back grounds. The students of the local community should given concession on the basis of locality to increase the ratio of higher education in the area the concession should be provided for all the programs. Usually university gives concession on the basis of old students. New criteria of giving concession on the basis of local residents should be introduced. About 20% of the fee should be waved for the local students University should offer technical short courses which could enhance the qualification of the people of local area on affordable fee such as auto cad, MS Office, graphic designing, coral draw etc. for this purpose lab of the university could also be used after the classes are over. The local residents should be given access to the library as well for the required books, magazines and journals as well.

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Chaudry Muhammad Akram center for entrepreneurship development is working in the superior university. There are a large number of unemployed educated persons in the area. The persons who wants to start there new small business have two options to enquire loans first is bank and second is the NGO. Problems are that banks usually have very tight policy of giving loans and NGO like KASHAF is not working in the area. So superior university could be third option that not only provides loan to educated persons. Also provides consultancy about the business. The local people should be preferred in this matter because they deserve it more. University should also organized sports festivals in which the local residents should also be allowed to participate. Such as when the universities annul sports are held the local teams should also be invited for participation The local residents do not have shades on the two buss stops. One ARIAN and the second is superior university. Shades on the bus stops should be sponsored by the superior university because in summer people have to wait for so long in the sun. it would be beneficial for those the students and the local residents as well.

7 Superior university Lahore