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fs9 Learner Aircraft ==================== Turn on Word Wrap in the Edit Tab above.

This is the standard Cessna 172 but with a custom panel to enhance learning the principles of Flight and Navigation. This aircraft is useful for learning how to fly Flight Simulator 9 including all facets of aviation navigation. Large gauges are on the panel plus digital readouts for most of the gauges so that there will be no guessing of the readings. The view over the panel is 50% larger than the default Cessna 172. Not on the panel are most of the non-flying gauges such as fuel gauges, engine i nstruments, engine controls, etc. The intent was to keep the panel uncluttered. This program will install a complete aircraft onto your hard disk. No files will be over-written. However, the stock Cessna 172 must be present in your fs9 directory since this Learner Ai rcraft aliases that aircraft's sound files. Since the installation includes both the aircraft files and gauge files, the ins tall path is into the main fs9 directory: If you installed Flight Simulator fs9 with no changes the path is: c:\program files\microsoft games\Flight Simulator 9 The self-extracting file included here assumes that this is where Flight Simulat or 9 is installed on your computer. If your Flight Simulator 9 program is in a different directory, y ou will have the opportunity during installation to identify the correct directory. Just click th e "Browse" button (a rectangle with three dots in it) to the right of a window that will appear sh owing the intended path of installation. INSTALLATION ============ 1) Close your fs9 Program and all other Windows programs. 2) Unzip this file, "learnfs9.zip" into a temporary directory. three files will appear: Readme_fs9.txt ... which you are now reading. fs9_cessna_learner.exe ... The main install file. Learner_Aircraft.jpg ... a full-size picture of the panel. 3) Double click on the filename "fs9_cessna_learner.exe" ... 4) Then follow the on-screen instructions.

5) Again, this installation will not overwrite any existing files. 6) Those uncomfortable with self-extracting files like this one should initially install the self-executing program into a temporary directory then manually move the individual files and f olders into fs9. 7) That's it ... you're finished! 8) You will find this Learner Aircraft in the Flight Simulator Aircraft Listing as: Cessna Learner Thanks to Norman Hancock and Dave Bitzer for the non-standard gauge designs, and to Tom Goodrick for the auto-start/auto-stop timer (which measures in hundredths of a minute, and it starts and stops when your ground speed reaches 35 kts). Thanks also to Kyle Copeland for the great pa nel Bitmap. Note, this is a freeware program and no money may be charged for its use or for the use of any of the non-standard gauges. Enjoy this aircraft. Charles Wood January, 2009 chwood01@yahoo.com