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Lipa Cily, Salangas Phane frln.: {043} 758-3459 Manila Phone Ns.: (0?) S2S-8$8? S-mait : filefixPhil@Yahoo.com

February 29, 2010

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Hon. Jose A.R. Melo Clrairrnan COf\dFLEC lntramuros, Manila

Dear Chairman Melo,

of fillng materials for the 2010 elections. plea$e be informed that our product pricing regarding your specific needs has not dramatically changed .Our price traditionaily includes the fi'er and bolt / screw mechanism as one set, therefore your request for a separate quotalion for the bolt mechanism is deemed Llnnecessary ,as this will only entail additionalcost on your part.
ln 2007,our company, Filefix philippines rnc. participated in the voters Registration Record (VRR) Document Projeci under COMELEC Resolution No. 0fi1456 ,dated December 27,2CI96. After a tecJious and cosily process of one bidding failure ,a rebidding and the usualjockeying among pseudo suppliers and middlemen, the project was partially awarded lo us. Accordingty, our iimely completion af that big projecl can attest to our reputation as a Jupplier of coMELEc. However, the final phase of the project for whatever reasons, was again submitted for bidding and awarded to anoUrer company.
ln our letter to then Chairtnan Abalos dated February 14, 2007 before the said projeet was bidded oLrt 4see enetosures), we stipr-rlated our proposa! to supply the requirements af the commission thru Direct Contracting , othewise known as single source prccurement clearly provided far by nepuntic Act No.g1g4, Article '16. Section 48, Paragraph B.lor the following reasons,

yo-ur immediate requirements

we have received your request for quotation dated March 01, 2010, to address


Filefix Philippines has been dealing purely with government entities since1992 up to the present, allthru Direct or Negotiated purchase based on the above cited provisions of Repr_rblic Act No" g1g4; {cusrortrsr LisrArlaEhed}

b)our products are accorded with proper patents and copyrights to protect
the company and alr custorners from unnecessary infiigements;
c) That our company markets the product without independent dealers or subdealers , therefore our customers ar assured oi advantageous pricing directly from us and hisiorically allawed by audii regulations. With the foregoing, we humbly submit our observation that the constant conduct of bidding as one manner of securing an advantageous price in procuring a specific item will not at atltinres be beneficial to government. Otl"rer economically viable ways of procurement can be legally resorted to, specially with - rnade to


order items -which can only be exper{y produced and supplied by one refutable lscaI manufacturer,

with your able new leadership, we aim to serve the csmmission as one of our valued customer again. As our company policy, we are always willing to provide you the samc historical pricing terms as we normally offer aliother givernment

cc: Bids and Awards Committee Comrnittee on Specifications