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To become more and more convinced of this great truth, that through sanctifying grace Jesus, is really present in my soul, which serves him incessantly as a living Tabernacle. Devotion to Jesus always present in my soul should be complementary to devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. 2. To build up my interior life on this truth, I need to love the spirit of interior recollection, which enables me to remain prostrate like Magdalen at the feet of Jesus present in my soul. 3. In my spiritual reading, my meditation, my aspiration, and in the practice of daily life, to aim at the realization of this fundamental truth, Jesus really present within me through sanctifying grace, it demands my entire being. My whole spiritual life may be summed up in dying to self. He must increase, I must decrease 4. I shall try to give expression in the smallest details of life of my life, I should be occupied with one constant thought- that of pleasing Jesus at all times. 5. In order to allow Jesus to take complete possession of me, I shall try to be perfectly docile to his divine inspirations, My favorite virtue, will be a loving docility to the inspirations of grace. 6. To accustom myself to do nothing alone, to do everything in close union with Jesus. To go with him to prayer, to good works, to my daily duties. To do everything with Jesus is the surest way of doing everything for him and in his name. 7. I shall look upon this life of identification with Jesus as the most complete and loving donation that I can make of my whole being. There is no greater love than that of giving ones life for ones friend. 8. In order to feed the flame of my love I shall accustom myself to the practice of loving aspirations, a simple look of the heart, a simple loving and constant orientation of the soul towards God. Also telling Jesus how sorry I am for having left him alone, for having forgotten him in order to live my own life. 9. I shall have a great devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and shall ardently desire to be united to him in Holy Communion. Fervent daily communion is the best way to increase the life of grace, the life of Jesus within me. 10. To imitate his divine virtues. to be humble, charitable, forgetful of self, full of zeal, thirst for souls of men. 11. To remind myself that Jesus to live his life of suffering in me. I must make up what is wanting to the passion of Christ. Habitually thinking like this I shall face sufferings joyfully and bear them valiantly 12. I shall also apply the methods of this life of identification with Jesus to my relations with my Heavenly Mother. I shall give Jesus the delight of being able to love his Mother as he did when he was on earth.