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Contextual factors Instructional observations Design and delivery of instruction Impact on student learning Self and peer/Mentor evaluations

Statement of commitment Advocacy Philosophy of teaching

Edmond lge institute Edmond language institute is located in Edmond, Oklahoma on the University of Central Oklahoma campus. It mainly offers intensive academic English programs since the majority of the students who attend it go on to a university to study. The institute also teachers reading, writing, listening, and speaking, which are skills necessary to learn a language.Edmond institute has many other classes as well. The institute hosts many special programs in addition to its intensive regular program. Examples of these programs include study vacation programs, executive programs, and career focused programs. The institute also develops private classes for students who want to study a specific skill in English. Edmond language institute offers special work place programs for private companies that can be taught on-site with flexible scheduling. intensive english program: there are nine levels. Classes meet Monday through Friday. Twenty-five, 50-minute lessons are offered each week. Classes include structure and speaking, reading, writing, and electives, plus an optional sixth lesson each day for homework, lab, or test study. Advanced - Levels 7, 8, and 9 When you complete Level 9, you will possess the skills you will need in the academic or professional world. You will be able to:

Function comfortably in any English-speaking environment Participate fully in conversations with very few restrictions Understand speakers in academic or professional settings Read and understand texts and technical papers Gather information from written and spoken sources and write reports in acceptable academic or professional form.

Please note: Levels may be combined at times depending on student enrollment and placement. At intermediate and advanced levels, you can focus your English study by choosing electives. You can work on areas that interest you or practice skills that your advisor recommends before you attend the university. Please note: Not all electives are offered every session or at every institute, but you will have a choice of several.

Internship report
1. Introduction The experiences and observations are gained during the internship in the time of the 12.2.2011 until 18.4.2011 at the Hauptschule . The Hauptschule has 320 pupils, 18 teachers and a social worker. The rate of pupils with a migratory background is circa two per cent. The Hauptschule Schleiden is located in the school center next to a primary school and a special needs school. The School center is located in the National park Eifel. The national park offers special education programs like guided hiking tours with a park ranger which are often used by the by the school for class trips and project weeks. Annotation: Unfortunately I was not allowed to copy any homework or written material of the pupils. The names of the pupils are changed. 2. Learning group one Grade: 5 Teacher: Mrs. M Size: 18 Gender distribution: 6 male, 12 female students English lessons per week: 5 Social aspects: 1 male pupil with attention deficit hyperactive disorder 1 female pupil with a Sri Lankan family background 1 female pupil with a Turkish family background 1 male pupil with a Russian family background Textbook: New Highlight 1 - Cornelsen Verlag, Berlin 2005 The 5th grade which consists of 18 students is the smallest class of the school. Their English teacher is Mrs. M; she is also the headmaster of the school. Right at the beginning of my observation I could see that the pupils were willing to learn. The class has two double lessons and one single lesson of English per week. The whole class has a high oral participation and even the weaker students try to participate actively and regularly. I was very surprised that the whole class is very strong in English and very motivated when it comes to learning vocabulary. Mrs. M takes care that they learn old and new vocabulary on a regular basis. Therefore, once or twice a week at the end of the lesson they all have to stand up and Mrs Mhlbauer asks for vocabulary....

2. Celta Ass 2 Focus On The Learner P

3. Ezekiel Amarh Celta Assignment 2: Focus on the Learner For this assignment, I interviewed Ibrahim A Rabie, a 46-year-old Sudanese student from my intermediate class. Ibrahim works night shifts as a security guard in west London and spends most of the day recovering from the long twelve hour shifts. Ibrahims first language is Arabic which he speaks at home with his wife. He came to England to live with her in 2007 and has been studying English on and off for the last year and a half. Ibrahim completed a law degree in Morocco when he was 26 and now wants to improve his English language skills so he can communicate with ease, and seek legal work internationally in English speaking countries.

Ibrahim says he prefers to learn by looking at pictures and Q&A with a teacher, he does not like asking other students for help. With the help of a VARK questionnaire (http://www.vark-learn.com) we found the results were similar to his opinions. He scored high for V (visual), medium for A 4. (audio/aural), low in R (read/writing) and high for K (Kinaesthetic). The results from the questionnaire show that he learns best by speaking, visualizing and hearing the language, as opposed to reading and writing based activities.

During the lessons I observed the interaction Ibrahim has with his fellow classmates. He is not very confident but tries to engage in exercises and is not shy during group and pair tasks. He is hesitant to speak out by himself especially when a teacher nominates him for feedback. He struggles to express his answers when he is put on the spot in front of the class, due to his lack of English vocabulary. Despite this he still tries to engage in class feedback and shouts out his answers to questions when a teacher is eliciting the class.

Ibrahim admits he is not good with English grammar. I noticed a lack of correct use of definite and indefinite articles and observed that he missed out prepositions which led to disjointed and clumsy sentences. This is...