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Center for a Sustainable Future

2011 FALL CLASS SCHEDULE - Please Post, Please Share

You can be Ready to Roll with job skills for CTs new clean energy economy with Gateway courses! CTs new sweeping energy legislation will create unprecedented job opportunities here!
Workforce Investment Board approval pending for most courses listed below. New state-of-the art solar PV and solar thermal labs on GCCs North Haven campus will help you get a mindson, hands-on learning experience in these non-credit courses. Get the real-world know-how and access to certifications CT employers need NOW to take the lead in clean energy for business and consumers.
Solar PV Entry-Level Advanced Solar PV Design and Installation Solar PV Technical Sales Solar Thermal Entry Level Solar Thermal 24-Hour Course for Licensed Plumbers and Pipefitters - Grant Proposal Writing - Sustainable Business Development - Energy Efficiency Part 1: Applications in Home Performance Contracting - Advanced Grid-Free PV: Solar PV Battery Systems - Sustainable Building Advisor Program 48-Hour Class. (No class l0/10/ 2011, Instructor: Gail Burrington

CRN# 4090 Solar PV Entry-Level: Mondays 5 9 pm, 9/19 12/12 Columbus Day.) Class includes Saturday field trip ($700) NABCEP entry-level exam eligible

The best overall preparation for a solar energy career! This full semesternon-credit course provides both knowledge and hands-on skills. You should have some familiarity in using basic tools. Preparation to take the NABCEP (NorthAmerican Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) entry-level exam (optional).The CT Clean Energy Finance Investment Authority now requires that at least one full-time employee of an approvedinstaller company will have taken the entry level course and passed theNABCEP exam. Students have had a VERY high PASS rate on the NABCEP exam after taking the GCC course. Will that be you?

CRN# 4091 Advanced Solar PV Design and Installation Wednesdays 5 9 pm, two Saturdays, Wednesdays; September 14, 21, 28; October 5, 12, 19, 26; November 2, 9, 2011; Saturdays: October 15, and November 5, 2011. Total hours: 36 on Wednesdays and 12 on Saturdays=48 hour class. ($700) Instructor: Gail Burrington NABCEP entry-level exam eligible
Gain real world knowledge and experience at the intermediate to advanced level, as this course coincides with the final installation of state-of-the-art solar PV and solar thermal systems in GCCs new labs. Learn minds-on, hands-on techniques for proper solar design and installation, as well as electrical layout, structural engineering, mechanical design and engineering, wire selection and sizing, balance of system components, solar array design and panel selection, inspection fundamentals, electrical calculations, OSHA standards, and permitting and contracting. An ideal course for contractors and those seeking to move up the career ladder in their jobs.

CRN# 4092 Solar PV Technical Sales Friday evenings 6 9 pm, 9/ 23 12/ 16, 2011. Twelve 4-hour sessions and one Saturday field trip. 44 Hour Class. ($700) Instructor: Robert McGonigle.
Do you have sales experience or a sales personality and want to take advantage of CTs new burgeoning opportunities in professional PV sales? Gain the information and tools you need to sell grid-connected, residential, solar photovoltaic systems. Learn how to conduct a PV solar system sales estimate, explain the benefits to the homeowner, and close the contract. Learn about the solar resource, problems associated with shading and optimizing orientation, and tilt for PV arrays--all critical aspects of design to serve the customers electrical loads. As a final class exercise, students will prepare and perform mock presentations of a residential PV sales proposal focused on securing a signed contract and deposit.

CRN# 4097 Solar Thermal Entry-Level and one Saturday field trip. 48 hour class. ($700)

Thursdays, 5 9 pm, 9/ 22 12/15, 2011. Twelve 4-hour sessions Instructor: Gail Burrington.

CT state incentive programs for residential and commercial buildings make learning solar thermal technology a big winner among new clean energy jobs! Ideal for contractors, plumbers, pipefitters, home repair professionals, and people with basic tool skills. Learn handson technical skills, as well as thermal energy principles, for installation of solar thermal hot water and heating equipment. Learn site assessment, solar thermal systems and components, installation techniques, system adaptations, start-up, troubleshooting, and workplace safety. The technical skills training for this course takes places in GCCs new state-of-the-art solar PV and solar thermal lab. GCCs entry-level solar thermal course follows the task analysis and learning objectives recommended by NABCEP.

CRN# 4103/4138 Solar Thermal 24-Hour Course for Licensed Plumbers and Pipefitters: (Pending State Approval)

Two courses: Fridays and Saturdays with 6-hour sessions: Offered twice this fall: CRN#4103, October 14, 15, 21, 22; CRN#4138 November 11, 12, 18, 19; ($350 each) Instructor: Mike Kocsmiersky
If you are a licensed plumber, you can learn this technology to offer your customers the renewable energy source with the greatest return-on-investment, yet the fewest number of qualified installers! This potential career bonanza is a professional development program for licensed plumbers who seek to install solar thermal systems. Learn solar energy fundamentals, including theory of solar light and energy wave forms, insolation values and how they are effected by location, season and climate, Redbook and Sun Path tracking data, and heat transfer dynamics. Learn highlights of different types of solar water heating appliances, types of panel and tube installations, SRCC certifications, collector losses and efficiency curves, system sizing and design theory, practical/real world results vs. computer simulation, solar fraction calculation, and roofing standards. Installation best practices, project planning and audit reporting are covered as well as the theory behind system piping, pool heaters, safety relief valves, and other uses for solar heated water.

CRN# 4088 Grant Proposal Writing: Friday afternoons 3:30 5:30 pm, 9/23- 12/16, 2011. ($200). 24 Hour Class. (No class November 25, 2011, Thanksgiving.) Instructor: Linda Kobylarz
Grants can stretch the budget dollars of your non-profit organization or government agency in these lean times and even add a new item to your resume! Learn the basics of researching and finding grants from foundations, corporations, and larger government bodies for your projects and some of your communitys most important needs. Learn to use a template for successfully developing grant proposals, and help in writing them. Learn how to tackle huge government and foundation grants, as well as how to find and build on the small funding opportunities in our communities that often go unnoticed. Follow a grant proposal example from the RFP (Request for Proposal) and SGA (Solicitation for Grants Application) announcement to the actual submission. Understand the funders perspective from the evaluation process to the grant award, and gain a how to guide on grant management.

CRN# 4087 Sustainable Business Development: Friday afternoons, 1 3 pm, 9/23-12/20, 2011. ($200). 24 Hour Class. (No class November 25, 2011, Thanksgiving.) Instructor: Peter Curtis
The best strategies and practices in the step-by-step development of a green business plan for your new or existing business. Handson practical help and mentoring by the instructor and a team of special guestsyour coaches!who are financial management experts, attorneys, accountants, bankers, marketing specialistsa community of experts who bring you their know-how and willingness to share. Designed for both new businesses looking for a jump-start in the emerging green economy and leaders of existing companies transitioning to sustainability. Learn practical business development and leadership skills, and write and present your own business plan proposal as a final class project.

CRN# 4089 Energy Efficiency Part 1: Applications in Home Performance Contracting: Tuesday evenings, 6- 9 pm, 9/13-12/20, 2011, plus two Saturdays of 4 hours each. ($700). 50 Hour Class. Instructor: Andy Mayshar.
Designed for home performance professionals with solid experience in the residential building/remodeling industry. Current building performance energy analysts and certified Building Performance Institute program graduates will find this program beneficial in bringing their knowledge and skills to the next level in their careers. This is the basic applications course in home performance contracting. Site visits will take place on two Saturdays to both demonstrate and provide practical experience in the use of home performance diagnostic tools, accurate completion of audit forms, and effective use of energy modeling software.

CRN# 4099 Advanced Grid-Free PV: Solar PV Battery Systems: Installation, Operations, and Repair: Friday evenings and Saturdays, December 9, 10, 16, and 17, 2011; Friday evenings from 5- 9 pm and Saturdays from 10 am 3:30 pm, 18 hours total. ($200) Instructor: Gail Burrington.
Look beyond simple grid-tied PV and still feed power to critical appliances when electric service is not available. In this four session, advanced PV short course, learn about using solar charged battery technology for communications, outdoor signs and lighting, and stand-alone solar electric installations. "Hands-on learning experience in the college's new solar PV lab will focus on appropriate installations, start-up tests, troubleshooting techniques, and workplace safety. This program will interest those who have taken the Solar PV Entry-Level course, home owners interested in small PV applications, and those in the PV industry seeking a more detailed understanding of grid-tied battery-based installations. This course provides an excellent in-depth understanding of battery systems that has proven to be a great way to prepare for the NABCEP solar PV entry-level exam.

CRN# 4094 Sustainable Building Advisor Program: Fridays from 9 5 and Saturdays from 9 3pm, Program begins November 4, 2011. One weekend a month for nine months. ($3,045) Instructor: Michelina Docimo Professional Certification Eligible
GCC and The National Sustainable Building Institute offer architects, engineers, contractors, and other building professionals this specialized training to apply sustainable concepts in the design, development, and construction of buildings to insure they are energy and resource efficient, environmentally responsible, and healthy working and living environments. The Sustainable Building Advisor Program is a comprehensive nine-month program that meets for two days of one weekend of each month and includes four field trips. Graduates can take a national exam for professional certification. Enhance your career by advising employers and clients on strategies and tools for sustainable buildings. This course satisfies LEED maintenance credits. (Please request separate program brochure.)

CRN# 4100 NABCEP Entry Level Exam: ($100) Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 6:30 9:00 pm; CRN# 4098 Review session (No additional charge) Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 6 9 pm. Are these courses right for you? Talk to Dr. David Cooper at (203) 285-2323 or Theresa Kasun at (203) 285-2448. For more complete course descriptions and registration information go to and click on Center for a Sustainable Future, or call (203) 285-2448 See us on Facebook by searching for Center for a Sustainable Future at GCC.