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i am forwarding your messages to our office of disability policy

yosef fraser <tontolion@yahoo.com>

09/19/2006 02:34 am

to: fheo_webmanager@hud.gov
subject: fwd: picture proof of my allegations, please reopen
complaint refference
number 04-06-0119-8

since hiring our former lawyer, we were told that we were

waiting for some insurance company. they were going to come
and investigate this matter which turned out to be a blatant lie.
because our lawyer was in the process of double crossing us.
when this was suspected, on our own accord we requested a
transfer as according to the new lease that we were supposed to
sign at a future date. only then, did all that have conspired against
this family show itself.

1. it is also a fact that know we have been labeled as defendants,

and we have not been served with legal documents. it will be much
appreciated that we are served with legal documents. especially
since it appears that some sort of corruption is taking place, due to
the fact that my complaint has surfaced in many places, and the
dishonest behavior expressed by my former lawyer. and the
authorities involved in this matter. this behavior is not a chance at
fair and equal opportunity housing. especially since theses actions
make the legal system appear as an engine of discrimination. the
result of theses actions are sick children. that d.c.f. may attempt
to remove from a home because the children are sick. the legal
system, and the housing departments actions have been purely
hypocritical considering the facts at hand.

2. this endeavor of my entering a law suit against l.k white and

severia franklin. was because white was the attorney for
housing, and severia made promises to my wife in which she
never intended to keep. while doing so severia franklin plotted to
have the fraser family forfeit there dwelling.

3. multiple cases were filed against this family buy the housing
authority. this family contracted a lawyer found through the
lawyer referral service. this lawyer took my legal action and for
who ever it concerned misrepresented our case, and placed this
family in legal jeopardy, when none existed prior to his hiring.
this lawyer entered into three defendant case actions when none
existed, biasly and deceitfully placed this family as defendants.
when in fact this lawyer was hired as a plaintiff against tha, and
lary k white. it is also ironic how the opposing council even
though a female the names could be used to loose a file perhaps,
because they are so similar. our lawyer was given evidence as he
requested maliciously, because he never intended to use this
it would also greatly be appreciated that we are served with
legal documents, not to do so will be a gross infraction of the law.
and also insight the idea of corruption being the cause of this
tainted legal endeavor. these pictures i have provided will speak
louder than words and prove the deceit that has taken place in
order to run the housing authority like a slum lord project that is
above the law and also has the right to make your children sick
due to the apparent lack of maintenance. please notice the black
paste used by the fumigator, this stuff needs a steam cleaner to
clean it up (which has blown up in my face and burned my hands),
the particle board that constantly falls from the dilapidated
cabinets, the areas that have not been maintained which allow
places for these insects to hide and live, the evidence that
obviously we have cleaned so much it is damaging the walls and or
paint, the soot that is sweating from behind the wall in the shower
stall because it is in drastic need of repair also, the counter top is
also shedding black particles which end up in the food as well as
the particle board, last but not least notice please notice that there
is lots of fumigator paste as well as lots of roaches. meaning that
the use of this paste has only created a great mess and has not
solved any infestation problem. it is also inconceivable that this
authority would attempt to manipulate the legal system as well as
deceive the court in order to continue to be an apparent slum
lord. according to pictures labeled sept.8 2006, the fumigator
has entered our home to take care of this problem in the second
note this is the second week and they will be back next week.
when there is a problem like this, it is not fair to make the tenants
stay in this situation especially when the tenants did not create the
problem. i also placed a pictures of our living room to illustrate
that we live modest and clean except for this problem which is
beyond our control. since this matter began again we have lived
here my kids have been getting sick, and most of all when they
leave who has to clean up these chemicals that are dripping every
where. i know this is not what is considered equal housing. we
are supposed to sign a new lease on sept. 20, 2006, and some
kind of matter ratification would be greatly appreciated. it is also
evident that if such an infestation problem is taking place tenants
should be moved to ensure that none of there property is broken
or contamination of food and clothes. please note that the children
in this home suffer from allergies and asthma. i will send pictures