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Section A (10 marks)

Making Iced Ginger Tea Making iced ginger tea is very simple and it is an ideal drink for a hot day. First, boil some water in saucepan. Then clean a piece of ginger about one inch length and crush it a little. When the water is boiling, put in the crushed ginger and let it continue to boil for three minutes. When there is an aroma of ginger, pour the boiling water into the teapot. Next, put four tea bags into the teapot. Close the teapot and allow the tea to steep for five minutes. While waiting, get four tall glasses ready and fill them with ice-cubes. After five minutes, remove the tea bags and add about three tablespoons of sugar and some milk. Then pour the tea into the glasses. Finally, put straws into the glasses and arrange them on coasters on a tray. Now the tea is ready to be served.

Based on the instruction above, arrange the steps on How to make ice ginger tea in correct order (1 10). ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) Fill glasses with ice-cubes ) Ready to be served ) Clean and crushed ginger put in boiling water for three minutes ) Put straw in glasses ) Arrange on coasters on tray ) Put four tea bags into teapot ) Add sugar and milk into tea pour into glasses ) Boil water in saucepan ) Close teapot allow tea to steep for five minutes ) Pour boiling ginger water into teapot

Section B (10 marks) Question: Complete the sentences using the simple past tense of the words given in the brackets.

1. Yesterday my father 2. The bell 3. Hamid 4. Swee Ling 5. Alexander 6. Henry 7. The explorers 8. Jishan 9. The teacher 10. Sorah

(drive) to Kuala Lumpur.

(ring) a few minutes earlier than usual. (sleep) soundly last night. (spend) some money at the canteen. (show) his ability to command at an early age. (fall) asleep during the History lesson. (lose) their way. (pay) for the dinner. (punish) him for coming late. (write) to her pen pal in Japan.

Section C (20 marks) Question: Rearrange the words to form correct statements or questions. 1. are kind neighbours they.

2. help can you me?.

3. in live mountains the we.

4. he the hosting show be will?

5. attractive blue in look very you.

6. bill bring me my please will you,?

7. hid I mattress money the the under.

8. are you old how?

9. be graduate happy must she to.

10. drove here jeep she the.

Section D (20 marks)

Based on the picture above, write 10 sentences to explain the situation. 1.










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Instruction: 1. This paper consists of 4 sections. Section A, B, C and D. Answer all question. 2. Write your answer in the space provided.

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