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TO READ THIS, FORGET ME IF YOUR DREAMS ARE BROKEN AND DREAMS COME ABOUT TIME TRAVEL, forget me also if your mind were gone in to Mary go-round and say thank you me also if you discover any new possibility. 1885, H.G.Wells write a science-fiction book about Time travel. This was first thought about Time travel and then after Einstein Is also discover about theory of time. But 19th century, Scientist believe they are god of science and they understand all law of nature but Einstein discover about relativity then there is atmosphere like 15th century when pop are god so,19th century Newton is god of science but Einsteins relativity is opposite of Newtons gravitational law. Einstein was right about relativity and time thought.

H.G.Wells - Time machine book (science fiction not science fact yet) In 1921, Nobel pries Goes to Elbert Harman Einstein to his great Work about Photon particle-But Einstein's Greatest Discovery was his relativity but 1921 people not believe in Relativity because any one not understood his theory very well and who understood they Support this theory, In

relativity most different thing was Time Travel because 19th centurion people not believe in time travel. Einstein said to 4th Dimational and now we all know this. It's true we not go to past but I am said possibility to go to past but "Time travel is not possible is not true we not go to past but we go to future unfocusedly

Time Travels future small Model Yet we talk about theoretical possibility but now we talk about real possibilities. If we want to make time machine then we must make a space craft and its speed is either greater or nearly of lights speed (2, 99,792 km/s) then we go to future because time goes only one way then we not go to past or we make paradox. To the make space craft which will go speed of light we must need the fuel because we have not fuel yet to go far distance and unbelievable speed. So, we use dark matter as a fuel and we must need all of state because any one state not gives us finance support. We also need man who are very healthy, intelligent and strong, who nether neither fear nor unconfined in this journey. Stephen William Hawking perfectly understands relativity. He goes to Einstein and said relativity there after Einstein published that theory but main theory was given by Hawking but How Hawking know that theory? Through Einstein so, in hawking time Einstein is main discover about relativity so, there is created Paradox. So, scientist not supported time theory but many people also succeed in this theory. This theory is not mathematician and pure logic. This is most impressive subject of physics. This is also useful to us. But now we see many possibilities in Universe. If we create a time machine and go to past, We stop our past people to create a time machine so, He (Past us) not create time machine and our past is

completely change-we call it paradox. If we go to black hole on it's Event horizon then in Space craft their time going to slower than Earth, for Example - The two boys one of them Parth-13 year and second one is Jaineel - 13 year ,Parth go to black hole for 10 years so,jaineel is now 25 year old but Parth go to Black hole's Event horizon and take few round around it but there is going only one week and Earth's 10 year so, when Parth come then Parth age plus only one week but Jaineel age plus 10 year so, when Parth come he is come in future! So, we call it paradox. There are two types of paradox, Grandfather Paradox and twins paradox. If A matter make time machine and go to the past and A matter stop the Past A matter to make the time machine then Past A matter not go to past and say to other Past A to stop time machine!! So it is make paradox. Another example if you go past, your mood is very sad and upset and one tanager joke with you but you are very angry with him and you are killed him but after his dies you are know that tanager is your grand father!! Then who are you (because you are grand father not live so, your father not born and you also!)? Who killed that tanager? That is Paradox. That is not allowed to go past yet. In 1935, Einstein and Nathan Rosen wrote a paper in which they showed general theory of relativity allowed what they called bridges, but which we are known now worm holes. We know about relativity, in astrophysics main part is fabric of relativity. Black hole has very deep thickness so, it is make deep hole in Fabric and it happens also in other universe fabric according to Stephen hawking when he calculated Einsteins law then he discover about baby universe, all two black holes of different universes they also make deep hole in fabric, joint of holes there make a shortcut way we call it wormhole this very interesting to know how wormhole work as shortcut but these wormholes are particle level wormholes. Any where and also in your house there is wormhole but very small worm hole. In flat surface, usually we know there atom is flat but if we see to the microscope we should know this is not flat but there has a hole in surface, all hole surface this side and opposite side any way of joint we call it wormhole but these are quantum level wormhole. If we make time travel possible then we see quantum level wormhole (because particle level wormholes are very far and we not see them clearly also because black hole bend light) very clearly and understand its structure then we possible to make big wormhole to go shortcut way and passed a space craft but there is problem because if we make big worm hole then earths radiation go in it and it works as a amplifier, then wormhole blast so we make it in radiation tight room but there is another problem we have not any room which stay a big space craft but there is also other possibility many people say surely they see space ships but our radar is catch only few signals so , we usually think they has fastest space ship but may be they use wormhole to the shortcut way to go their planets!! If we create wormhole then we should pass long distance in shirt time and if we do that then we have unbelievable speed, according to relativity if our speed or motion fast then time goes slow so, in wormhole time is slow!! So, we go future but if we go wormhole is shortcut time then we also goes and possible to go past but if we not create paradox and break Einsteins relativity! So, we can use wormhole but that is only theoretical thought not practically prove yet. There is poem to go Pat in time, young lady go to the speed of light and she returned on previous day because if our speed is faster then light then we go past but according to relativity we cant go faster then light so, we not go past yet. There was young lady of Wight Who traveled much faster then light. She departed one day, In a relative way

And arrived on a previous night.

Wormhole graphic- Fabric and other universes fabric joint and make shortcut way because usually we go to long way (light ray red line in photo) but through wormhole we go with shortcut!! If we want to make real and fact possibilities to go future then we take support rule of relativity if our motion is fast then time is going very small. If we make space craft fast as nearly light speed (2, 99,791 km/s something around) then were time was going slow, How that is? Ok, now we try to understand it, If any Astronaut running in space craft as speed is 1 km/s then its speed is 2, 99,792 km/s and that speed limit is going more then lights speed limit and according to relativity that is not possible to go faster then light if we going fast then light then we travel backward in time, so to the stop and not break that limit time is going it self slow so, there is not break any relativity because speed limit is 2, 99,791 km/s and relativity is safe so, time is going slow. In the space crafts astronaut were feel 2 weeks but in the earth there is going 80 years and then they come then their age is younger then other people who had similar age, so, we can travel then future but we nit go past so, we not come back in time and say about future information because it is also create a paradox, If I am go future and see all about my future and comes in my normal (present) life and make changes, also doing only good jobs which give me joy but in my future one he is not about me and not joy in his life but I feel god and my future one feel bad so, my future ones past change that time we call it Paradox! One other possibility also to go future or past in time, but this is very far and very difficult to understand it. S.Chandrasekhar discover White dwarf and then after scientist discover about which make very deep hole in fabric Black Hole. Black Hole is simple solution is the time travel because according to Einsteins relativity If any matter have big number of gravity then its time is going slow and there also black hole has unbelievable gravity force (which force bend light) so, there time going slow and there singularity (center of black hole) then time is be very slow so, we can use black hole as a time machine simply method but there is problem, black hole has a big gravity force so, it falls into black hole but to the escape of black hole we are just moving around black hole (its event horizon). Suppose that one

pf the particle/antiparticle pair (particles) falls into black hole, another partner antiparticle might escape from vicinity of black hole. If so, to an observer at a distance it would appear to be a particle emitted by black hole. You can, however, have a different but equivalent intuitive picture of the mechanism for emission of radiation of black holes. Particle (who fell in to black hole) is traveling in to past. When it gets to the point at which the particle/antiparticle pair appeared together, it is scattered by the gravitational field of the black hole into antiparticle travel in future, so that is possible to travel past and future but black hole is not get yet and also we have not information full of black hole yet so, that is danger to go there.

Black hole So, Time travel is most important, useful and difficult to understand us.

- By Parth R Jani