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WITT In verifying and validating the name of the patient has always been a protocol.

This is to lessen and prevent the giving of the wrong drug or intervention to wrong patient. It must be practiced universally so there will be similar and equanimity among institutions. The explanation of the procedure to be done in a patient is to inform him/her and to give insight to the patient because it is him/her that is involved so at least he must be oriented of the procedures. And the introduction of oneself is one sign of respect to the patient and to establish rapport and to gain the trust of the patient.

It was not observed in the whole setting in the movie and has been neglected many times. But, still Nurse Susie follows the standard protocol. I remember the scene that she is going to insert a catheter, though she knows that Vivian is already unconscious and unresponsive, she still explained to Vivian about what she is going to do. I am disappointed with what i saw in the movie but I learned that all the things or all the procedures that were going to perform can affect the health of our client. We must do the right thing for the benefit of our client.

Vivian bearing is a literal English professor who has been diagnosed with advanced (stage 4) metastatic ovarian cancer. During the story, she reflects on her reactions to the cycle the cancer takes, the treatments, and significant event in her life. The people that watch over her are Jayson Posner who finds faith in being a doctor; Susie Monahan, a nurse with a human side that is the only one in the hospital that cares for Vivians condition; and Dr. Kelekian , the head doctor who just wants results no matter what they are. Jean Watsons Human Caring Theory, can support Vivians situation. This theory conceptualized about human caring model. She emphasized that nursing is the applications to help persons achieve mind body-soul harmony, which generates selfknowledge, self-control, self care, and self healing. She also included health promotion and treatment of illness in nursing. She believed that a person is a valued being and to be cared for, respected, nurtured, understood and assisted; a fully functional integrated

self. Vivian bearing has diagnosed advanced (stage 4) metastatic ovarian cancer in her case and she needs a lot of care, she wishes to have more truly caring human interaction from people who see her as a person and not just a research experiments. Caring promotes health more than does curing; a caring environment offers the development of potential while allowing the person to choose the best action of her at a given point in time and nursing caring is not just an emotion, concern, attitude or benevolent desire. Caring can notes a personal response.

When Jason Posner did the internal examination (IE), he performed the procedure without explaining to the client what he is going to do. He just position and drape the client inappropriately, and its obvious that he doesnt know what he is doing. Vivian felt uncomfortable in every procedure. We must have confidence with what we are doing and we should know the procedure and the steps to perform it well. Jason Posner doesnt follow the standard protocol.

According to Fundamentals of Nursing by Kozier, prior to performing a procedure, we must first introduce our self and verify the clients identification by their identification band/wrist band or by agency protocol. Explain to the client procedure or what you are going to do, why it is necessary, and how she can cooperate. Discuss how the results will be used in planning for further care or treatment. It is important that the nurse encourage the client to feel relax, take a deep breaths. Provide clients privacy and perform hand washing because it is very important. Drape the client appropriately and avoid exposure of body parts that is not included in the procedure.

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