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buka web ^bukan maksud promosi ni, cm buat lucu-lucuan !

bakal ngakak begitu buka website yang satu ini gimana engga, begitu kita masuk, kita disuguhi 4 halaman. yaitu Home, lalu Brog (blog), Store dan Massage Board (message board cuma ngakak aja, emang mau pijet?) dihalaman Home ini, kita akan melihat foto atau gambar yang bertuliskan bahasa inggris yang kocak banget. (secara namanya bukan seperti dibawah ini

First it was the no walking and now this

Must be crabgrass

Youre welcome

Maybe you will make the purchase

It wont leave

Someone please pick it up

Fully equipped

This explains it

Id like to meet one

Its gonna be OK

Good, because my bicycle life was lame

It is confused

Thats what she said

Delicious Sandwich

Who knew that wind and meadows tastes a lot like chicken salad

If you plan to do your own stunts

If only Jackie Chan had actually used this

How rommttc!

Just dont expect me to call the next day

Rent one today!

Im sick of all these dam rules

When visiting the dam petting zoo, please do not feed the dam dirty apes

So are the prices

Elevators and everything!

What??you said you wanted the body of a God?

I wash, therefore I am

Because cleanliness is next to livingness

Make sure not to have any fun, OK dude?

Vitamin Drink

Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design Most of the Engrish found on is not an attempt to communicate English is used as a design element in Japanese products and advertising to give them a modern look and feel (or just to look cool). There is often no attempt to try to get it right, nor do the vast majority of the Japanese population (= consumers) ever attempt to read the English design element in question (the girl wearing the Spread Beaver shirt for example, had no idea what it said until a foreigner pointed it out to her). There is therefore less emphasis on spell checking and grammatical accuracy (note: the same can be said for the addition of Japanese or Chinese characters to hats, shirts and tattoos found in the US or Europe).

Kalo dari negeri tetangga ^jepun, kan kayak gitu, gimana kalo dari negeri sendiri, check this one out!!! hebat deh pokoknya..

yang ini dibandara sukarno hatta. diatas versi indonesia, yang bawah versi inggris

yang artinya kira-kira: bila anda melihat sesuatu tersangka atau dapat diganggu keselamatan penerbangan

ini hasil jepretan di kantor samsat kabupaten jember

ini halte bus, pertamanya salah tulis, harusnya fly over

setelah direvisi malah halahhhh

kalau kamu di cianjur, jangan lupa sembunyikan narkoba sesuai petunjuk pemerintah kabupaten

kalau bukan sekarang kapan lagi? ya besok!

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