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to dave burgess, troy regas, ob dave _ are u hells angels or earths hell --- so

you are hells angels ( you say _ or assume - but what does that mean? i mean
really, i'm curious to know if you have a divine element that implies your status
and conditions your auric health ? are you here to make our earth a living hell
for everyone who resides here . unlests they are initiated into the club as slaves
and puppets & or your followers and groupies and worshippers and puppets and
pawns and affiliates and supporters? i know from talking to several of your
brothers in the club that one of your ambitions and goals ( actually the ultimate
foundation of your hells angels club is to make sure that your bloodlines ( are
the only ones that survive and are allowed to dwell on this earth - and i know
that your bloodlines that you kill to protect are what? what is your divine
bloodline and birthrights that your hells angels club are in the process of
destroying overthrowing & wiping out every other power or government or religion
or belief or nationality or species or race or culture ? i have talked with
several ( hells angels over the past 13 years and it is unbelievable how easy it
is to get them to talk - by doing some meth with them and some alc0hol & wearing
a low cut shirt and short skirt or tight jeans , it is possible to get your
brothers to talk about or admit and or agree to just about anything - i kind of
now realise that i could have even gotten much much more conformation than i
already have acquired ( but i didn't hound them or ask to many questions - i
usually instead started the topics and then spoke as if i already knew the acts
and deeds and secrets of those who i ( gently interrogate ____ which, for the most
part - i did know - so it wasn't totally bluffing , i mean i had hunches and
strong feelings about what was really going on, because of so long gone esp that i
had back then , and because of some of my visions and intuition and instincts- so
anyhow almost regret that i wasn't more of a bitch back then that i have now
become- being more persistent and aggressive than i already was in dealing with
you hells angels and your brethren- but i suppose that at that tyme i was more
concerned about you guys liking me and bringing me into my divine feminine so
that i could empower you to be the real leaders and kings of the earth. well not
all of the hells angles , but you know who , about 7 , and also i have picked out
others thru tyme that i also had the same hopes for , believing that some of them
along with some of you would and could and will be the kings of the grail - the
earth fathers and i truly used to feel your ancient auras and energy's as being
so immaculate and powerful and divine and - so so connected to king david and
jesus and mary magdalene, well theyre is still no doubt that you all who i still
bother with are indeed decended from king david and mary magdalene and jesus //
and even before them ( the osiris before he was slain, anyhow - yes i do still
knoe that you are all members of our ancient family and clan, although you have
diluted your divine bloodline by severing your divine umbilical cord to the
divine feminine , who in turn would bring you back into your divine masculine
state ..... anyhow , i have been here for a long time for all of you , telling
you what is to come and telling you or introducing you to the others men that
the powers that be sent me to find , still the main ones are jean de cabalis,
zsniel , pindare, michael rodgers_draken- jim corder- frater imhotep - dave
burgess- troy regas- ob dave william roemer and last but not least --- george w
bush--- these are the names of those of you who i came to earth to infuse and
empower with my divine feminine, which could only be activated in me by the means
of you healing , purifying, teaching and magically making ready and worthy and
capable - then i would have been able to transfer and infuse you with your grail
powers and only then will you really have wings--- well - at this point in tyme
i realise that who you once were in your divine and empowered state -shortly after
creation - is not who you are now---- you can only bring back yourself to
yourself by acknowledging your divine origin and he or she or that that
originally originated you making you original, so as the old saying goes, few are
chosen and called and even fewer will come -- but see - your own judgement day is
only to be judged by you- those that refuse to evolve with stagnate and break down
to the tiniest molecules on the lowest hellish planes , ---if your energy's and
vibrations are not vibrating on the higher frequency's then you will not be able
to exist th eyre , you will not be invisible - because you wont be th eyre- not
even a residue or your identity or personality will vibrate on the higher
frequency's , if you do not return and complete the circle so to speak, i am
trying to be nice , but i don't feel like it--- anyhow so for at least 2 thousand
years or maybe more - if you choose not to acknowledge and accept your creator and
your clan and your own divine archy type and entity with identity and accept your
divine birthrights and thrones and crowns , then you will be reincarnated over
and over and over being born and dieing and being born and dieing and every
single tyme that you are reborn into the dimension of your choice ( hell) then you
will(every single tyme be -- the children -- suffer the little children the bible
says and you knoe---- the laws of nature and karma are omni potent and universal ,
and they're is no way to escape your karma, everything you put out comes back to
you and everything you do to others shalt be done unto you,,, i knoe you never
believed that ---- and you probable wont believe it until i'm gone and your
alone, and when i'm gone,, i'm not going to be back,, to get you out any tyme
soon,, i will come back --- but not in this world or in this life , i will come
back the next tyme your creator opens the rainbow bridge and lets down the
stairway to heaven which could be several hundred thousand years, i don't knoe,,,
anyhow so it is and will be reminded to all government and military and illuminati
that you )the leaders of the hells angels ___ and 1 %er's - entire motives and
cause behind the club us to wipe out every bloodline and government and religion
and species and culture and belief system except the ones they create and choose..
and the crazy part about it is is that almost all hells angels are are on
crystal me th and heroine or cocaine or alcohol ... or what ever -- and are not
doing a good job at being obedient and intelligent and comply with your rules and
orders, most hells angels are slaves to the very drugs you make and sell ,,, you
thought that by keeping them stupid and not letting them knoe about what really is
going on and by keeping them servants and slaves would make them obedient and
the most desirable army at your side [[[ you thought that they would not be
able to interfere with your ( powers or = your ranks = or take your thrones if
you kept them high and stupid... well like i said- i told you how easy it is to
get the hells angels to talk-- so many of them are so ( uneducated and
unenlightened that the only things that they have to talk about or knoe is what
they hear or experience or are told, but see by them telling me what they hear and
are told , lets me see more than you could imagine... i have spent alot of tyme
with the hells angels weather you realise it or not- you knoe though, william
roemer actually has never told me anything ever--- in my hotel room in reno when
big tyme was they're in the room also and me and big tyme were fighting big tyme
and will was refereeing - and so anyhow--- i'm curious to see how powerful and
how much magic and potential your bloodlines really have- will they cause the
world to adore you and to empower you and to love you ? well already now that dave
burgess has been busted for child pornography- ( the entire world knows about it
and because he is the leader - it casts a shadow over the entire hells angels -
and dave burgess is so frigging ridiculous - he actually put on his web site that
the cops could get him any other way so they had to go after his reputation and he
wrote that no one could ever take away dave burgess reputation as he is loved
and adored and supported by so many and also by his club--- that is such bull
shit- i mean a frigging paedophile - i knoe and you also knoe that the hundreds
of pictures of the children that dave burgess had- are children that are in your
cults or are bought and sold in the black market by and for and thru and to and
from you guys ... and i also knoe that they're are cops and magistrates and
lawyers and judges , etc that are in your clan(not the hells angels clan but the
bigger regional clan . which these clans exist in every town in every city an
country in the world and are all under the umbrella of the illuminati which
ultimately will lead you to the british royal family and the rothschild's(pindar
and elizabeth -----so anyhow --- as it stands -- the hells angels are never
going to be loved as much or adored or respected or looked at the same ever again
-- you knoe people are talking behind all of your backs all over the place- and
also so many people that worked at or around or were affiliated with me and you
guys an d the ranches in any way now (since dave got caught with those pictures
-- are all remembering everything i have been telling them for years and years -
about the child pornography ring and black market and snuff films and ritual
sacrifices etc. alright , so when (-if i decide to post my entire storey and all
i knoe on every yahoo or google group and my space and every blog- and i mean
are so so so many places on the web to go chat and post that contain members
that are in all shapes and sizes and all walks of life- basically - if i decide
to post what i know, the entire world will knoe because it will spread like wild
fire because i have my facts and i knoe what i'm talking about and i even may
have some information where more than one of your victims body's are disposed of
- and also i knoe about the chemicals mixed with tar with broken and cut up bones
and body parts remaining after of your victims after ever torturous death they
endured, then you mix the tar and the bones and these chemicals and some smashed
up quarts and pyrite and chunks of cements and various other rocks - and scatter
them about so they become rocks--- many of your victims (most probably are
scattered all over - but one tyme i was at the place where the chemicals were
that you guys use and where ethe kettle like thing was - and i also knoe where
many of the rocks are not to mention i may knoe where body's are buried in
various places,,i also have much much more information and details about yvonne
and ingrid and jay and kenny - and shirley and johnny colletti and troy and sean
and joe and sally con forte and brandy and bridget and bk= who bk is so old he
may not even be alive . but me and him got really close and became real good
friend in carson city and also champagne who dave burgess dated- the blond
hooker - well she used to have access to dave butrgess car and house , and
anyhow she was able to give me alot of info and also the old owner of the kit kat
= and also troy jack and the list goes on and on and on,,, and anyhow i have a
very thorough understanding and knowledge the hells angels the ranches the
cults the people and what goes on behind closed doors, i know where some of the
children live-lived that are in your cults- that were -= are used in child
pornography- i knoe who 3 mother hens were and i kneo where sealed up entrances
are leading to many places on the ranch property and in lockwood and out on w
seventh street - and lake tahoe and carson city - and i also knoe about where
some of the filming has been done and also i knew the truth about why all of the
ranches have the wrecking yards and what they are used for and where the
( contents are acquired i knoe about the old gun shop and 8 ball saloon and what
and who went on they're- i also knoe about michael and his old girlfriend who was
the hooker - well we became very good friends for a while - and del ray - i hung
out with her -- and also anna marie before she died and i could go on and on and
on with many more names and addresses and locations and -- deeds done--- i
have a very thorough storey with so much proof and validation that it will be
very clear and easy for anyone who reads what i might post- to see that it is
true,,, even if none of you ever go to jail for this- the only thing that gives
you your powers is your ego which is fed by your followers and supporters and
groupies - and the public- - so if i decide to post my story -- the public will
knoe and because i have so much accuracy including the gooseberry mine and
scientology and storey county and pallas scientology and the dun berry damn and
the many lower level under storey county and etc, because i have so much that
can be proved and validate - my storey will be accepted and believed by the
readers-- do you knoe why? because its the truth- and so it would soon be
realised that dave burgess kitty porn isn't some individual perversion or hobby
or pastime- it will be come clear that it a part of a much much much bigger
organisation - headed by troy re gas and yvonne and ingrid - and dave burgess and
some others- but really the main ones - are troy regas - yvonne regas ingrid
regas- and the guy she was with when i was they're - robert - he is also very
much a partner in your upper echelon--- and johnny colletti is also still
involved - but he inst ___ in your direct company although he still does
business with your ( _ people _ and jonny colletti and shirley colletti and joe
conforte are pretty much the top 3 - in their upper echelon - joe conforte
has shirley and jonny taking care of things here for him because dave burgess- his
nephew - let ingrid and troy and yvonne regas take control of everything which
made it so joe conforte wasn't able to make as much money or have as much powers
because troy regas doesn't obey or listen to or serve joe conforte ,, so -
anyhow this goes even deeper -- point is , if i post and publish what i knoe= it
will expose not only the reno hells angels and the 1 %er's and the regas and
conforte and perry family's 0 but it would snowball and then it would be come
clear that the illuminati orders ( and their people they have stationed in
the police department and as judges and lawyers and cops and reporters and even
scientist- etc , then it will eventually expose all of you , because all of
you whom i write are directly or indirectly involved and active in your magical
orders and fraternity's and clubs and charters and cults --it is safe to say that
i have the knowledge and connections and information and personal experience and
understanding and potential to activate the apocalypse- now when i say this i
don't mean anything mean- knoe that i am not threatening or blackmailing any of
you or anyone- i'm not being mean - i am simply respecting you and your
intelligence enough to let you knoe what i have been up to and have been doing and
am considering doing- -- and weather i post my storey or not - i don't knoe,, i
don't want to cause any of you to have to go thru the exposure and shame and or
imprisonment - if you you don't deserve it- and what you have done - well it
could all be made right - by doing something good and right and honourable,..
act kingly ,,, in other words if any of you choose to act as a earth father and
of this world then i would only encourage u and empower you and love you and
adore you and make sure veryone else does too because i will just as easily be
able to shine the spotlight to point out the earth kings and heirs and earth
fathers to the world - just as easily as i can shine the spotlight on your
shame, as the spotlight shines on you and the world will see you with your bare
ass in the air and blood and semen dripping from your mouths and dicks and
fingers - that is really how it will look, i mean - what i am saying is that
either way you are going down in history and if you think your famous now - that
is nothing compared to how famous you will become.,. because i will show the
world you - regardless- but what i show them will be what i see=== so show me
something to show the world,... i'm not a terrorist person and i belong to no
church or club or order or school or college or clan i have no close friends and
no close family - actually i am just one girl. with enough love to pay off the
entire karmic debt and reverse the curse and i have bigger balls than any guy or
girl i knoe - its easy to have courage when you have the ability to perceive --
i also have courage because i have faith not just in god but in man== but also i
have courage because they're is nothing any of you can do to me that i have not
had done to me or endured before.. y6you could put me in prison or a mental
institution or give me a lobotomy or lock me in a basement or torture or
sacrifice or kill me, - -- i actually half expect one or all of these things to
be inflicted on me again my some of you who hate the truth and so you hate me -- -
i mean even in this life my 8 year old son demetrius was tortured and murdered
by _ - well i knoe exactly by who- but i cannot get into bohemian grove to
find his body if anythings left of it--- but he was killed last year - and i
have many letters telling me about taurus -- but that will will be alright and i
will see my sons again if i cooperate .., well i dint cooperate-- and so
demetrius is now dead-- and i knoe this -- but even so - i kn oe his death wont
be in vein because i will make sure that this world is healed and brought back
to its divine destination - so when he reincarnates he will be born into teh
most awesome heaven on earth =-- and no one ill be here that would hurt him or
anyone else again---- i will make sure this world becomes a safe home and
heaven on earth - i just need to be purified and cleansed and educated and
helped to be able to activate the divine feminine in me so that i can transfer and
infuse you because i guarantee you they're is noon else in this world who is
doing what i am doing and no one who has loved you or our creator or our world as
much as i do and have and will continue to do so-- so there for i am the the
dormant divine feminine .. anyhow the options and opportunity's are endless
---as far as everything but i mean = well,, if you choose to ignore me and do
nothing - except what you are doing then, well that is what i will show the world,
i will show the world and publish your storey - no matter what - either way
your storeys are going to be posted and published all over the web and then
other forms of media and communications will begin to do shows on you like oprah
and 20 minutes and time magazine and playboy-- you have the point- but either
way you can ll expect to eventually be front line news (feature storeys ,,,, all
according to the storey i tell-- and listen - i will not lie - i will not
lie- if you show me something to show the world or do something to show the
world that is great enough & honourable and creative enough to impress the gods
themselves , .. then this is what i will show the world,,, if that doesn't
happen i will show them what i see - all in all i am going to show the world
you------ --i will show them what i see- if i don't see anything then i can only
show them what i knoe,,, they're are ways to create something that we can all
live with ----