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Driving Simulator 2011

Before installing Driving Simulator 2011, please check the system requirements. You need at least: - Windows XP/Vista/7 - Pentium IV processor with 2 GHz - 1 GB RAM - GeForce 6800 or Radeon X1600 graphic card with 128 MB video memory - 1.5 GB free hard disk space - DirectX 9.0c - nVidia PhysX system software under - DVD-ROM drive Note: game controller and steering wheels are supported. Insert the Driving Simulator 2011 DVD into your DVD drive. The installation starts automatically. If the installation does not start automatically please proceed as follows... For Windows XP: Click <Start>, <Run> and enter D:\setup.exe. Then click <OK>. "D" stands for the letter of your DVD-ROM drive. If your DVD-ROM drive has another drive letter, you must substitute "D" with the appropriate letter. For Windows Vista/7: Click on the round Windows-Symbol and enter D:\setup.exe into the dialogue box. Then press the Enter key. "D" stands for the letter of your DVD-ROM drive. If your DVD-ROM drive has another drive letter, you must substitute "D" with the appropriate letter. Then follow the instructions from the setup programme. Please note that installation can take some time. Do not run the setup programme twice. If security messages are displayed under Windows Vista or Windows 7 during execution of setup.exe, you may confirm execution without hesitation. Finally, the newest version of DirectX (Microsoft) and PhysX Software (Nvidia) are installed by default. If you already have installed the latest versions, you can cancel their installation.

Starting the game

You can start Driving Simulator 2011 either via the start menu (START -> ALL PROGRAMS -> Driving Simulator 2011 -> Driving Simulator 2011) or by clicking the icon on your desktop which you can create during installation. Important: if there are problems under Windows Vista or Windows 7 (programme won't start, error message or fault after starting a driving session/missions), always run Driving Simulator 2011 in administrator mode. To do this click on the Icon for Driving Simulator 2011 with the right mouse button instead of the left. In the menu that appears click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

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Game control and settings

When running the game for the first time, you must create a new game profile. Enter the desired name for the profile and confirm. You will switch to the main menu with the following selections: - Free play - Missions - Settings - Exit Free play Clicking Free play will allow you to drive around the level freely without being restricted by traffic regulations. Select the desired town area, the starting point as well as the traffic density. If you have already unlocked new vehicles, you will be able to select them here as well. If you wish to exit free play, press the Escape key to return to the main menu. The driving characteristics are based on the laws of physics and were implemented with the help of the PhysX system software from Nvidia. The vehicles are implemented with their corresponding characteristics. This means, for example, that the bus is much heavier than the racing car which will become quite clear during any collision. Missions: Various scenarios with a large number of missions are available in the mission menu. You can change between different scenarios by clicking the small button (tyre track) with the right arrow directly adjacent to the name of the scenario. Once you have made your decision, click on the lower button named Start scenario. Tip: if you are held up because of an accident or driving error, you can press the R key to put yourself back onto the road. There are a large number of missions within the scenarios. The following are available: a) Deliveries Here you are tasked to drive a delivery van and must make deliveries within a specified time. If you are successful, a truck will be made available that you must use to drive to other destinations. In each case, the mission begins at the yellow 3D symbol. b) Bus Starting with a public service bus, you drive along a bus route in the European town of Hohenkirchen. After you have completed two basic missions, the bus will be made available for "free" driving. A bus service in Mittstedt follows. Make sure you don't damage your vehicle and observe all of the traffic regulations. If the bus is damaged, you can drive to the blue repair symbol. If you are successful, a vintage bus will be made available for driving bus tours around the town. c) Police You drive a police car on patrol and must pursue drivers who drive too fast. The target cars are dynamically assigned and their direction is indicated by an arrow. Switch on the siren (S key) and pursue the speeding cars and force them to stop. Despite being under time pressure, try to avoid damage to your vehicle. If you damage your car, head for the blue repair symbol.

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d) Ambulance Drive an ambulance and attend to injured people. Pick-up the injured person and take them to hospital as quickly as possible without causing an accident. After you have helped someone, a new task will be automatically assigned to you. If damaged the ambulance can be repaired by driving to the blue repair symbol. Similar to the police car, you can press the S key to force other road users to make way for you. e) Timed racing Drive onto a race track and set a new track record! Start with a street racing car and improve your times so to at least be awarded a silver medal. The street racing car will be subsequently made available for "free" driving. If you are awarded a gold medal, you can drive a GT racing car to improve your times even further. f) Street racing Drive as fast as possible from the starting point to the finishing location. A car or estate car is available at the beginning. If you achieve the appropriate result, a sports car and a muscle car will be made available to you. Note: please keep in mind that not all traffic rules are implemented in the simulator. For example, it is possible to drive on the opposite side of the road since this would be actually allowed when overtaking. General notes on the missions: If you play a mission, you will find 3D elements with various signs within the level. Drive towards one of them and stop directly in front of it to activate the element. In some of the missions, you only need to drive through the symbol. Start a mission by driving to a symbol with a star and stopping at it. You will subsequently receive a short description of your task. Then press Enter or click on the tick to the right of the mission text to start the mission. If you drive to a destination, a 3D arrow will be displayed above the car that points in the direction of the destination. When you have completed the mission, drive back to the starting point and stop in front of the 3D element with the chequered flag. Once you have successfully completed the mission, you can drive to the next star to begin the next mission. Vehicle (Pause menu in free driving game mode): In addition to vehicle selection in the Vehicle menu, a number of different settings are available for changing the design. Settings: There are numerous options in the Settings menu for playing Driving Simulator 2011. There are 5 different areas: - Video - Audio - Control - Gears - General In the Video menu, you can adjust screen resolution, antialiasing, screen format (in the case of widescreen, generally 16:10), texture resolution, visibility and reflections.
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In the case of slower computers, it is beneficial to select a lower resolution, switch off antialiasing, set the texture resolution to "normal" and the reflections to a lower value. Visibility can also be varied if necessary. It is recommended to try out various settings to find out which values are the best for your computer. If the texture resolution is set to high or very high and your graphic card is not equipped with sufficient video memory, the screen may turn black and you will need to restart the programme. Tip: if the display starts to flicker during a level, try deactivating the antialiasing. Tip: if the interior view of the mirror does not work, set the video option to a lower level. You can regulate the volume of the effects and the music in the Audio menu. You can configure the current key assignments in the Control menu. To reconfigure a key, simply click on the preset configuration (tyre track will turn black) and subsequently press the key that is to be assigned. The selected key will then be configured. Avoid assigning a key to several actions. You can also use a steering wheel or game controller. Please be aware that the device must be configured in the system before starting the game. You can set the parameters for the gears in the Gears menu. The easiest way to drive is to use the "fully automatic plus" setting. Note: you can simply press the down arrow key to drive backwards. You can activate or deactivate the lane assistant and speed control in the General menu. If you are in cockpit mode when driving, you can change the camera view or your view with the mouse and look around. New profile: You can enter your own name under the New profile button in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Several game profiles can be created at the same time in Driving Simulator 2011. Control: In addition to the buttons listed in the configuration menu, you can change the camera (road and cockpit) by pressing the C key. In an emergency, you can press the R key to reset your vehicle on the road.

Driving Simulator 2011 can be expanded in almost every area. Modding is possible in Driving Simulator 2011 due to the modding functionality and open architecture. You can develop vehicles externally with any 3D software that has the ability of DirectX export. Furthermore, you can build new levels or roads and prepare them for Driving Simulator 2011 with the Level Editor supplied. Even additional missions can be added quickly via LUA scripts. Further information can be found on the Internet at www.fahr-simulator.com.

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If you have any problems with Driving Simulator 2011, you can contact our support at www.excalibur-publishing.com. To contact us for technical support or other queries select the Contact Us button on the menu on the left hand side of the page. In this section you will also be able to see if there are any new patches or updates. Furthermore, a variety of information is available on the developer's homepage of Driving Simulator: Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrivingSimulator Homepage: www.fahr-simulator.com

This software was written, tested and produced with the utmost care. Please make sure that your computer meets the requirements made by the software. The publisher assumes no responsibility for any problems or damage that may result from errors or omissions. The publisher does not make any claim to completeness.

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