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HP Global Delivery India Center

Experience you trust. Services you can count on.

With comprehensive service offerings
powered by mature IT Services processes
and unrivalled experience in global
delivery of complex projects, the HP
Global Delivery India Center offers you
great opportunity to effortlessly maximize
the returns on your IT investments.

The assurance of having some of the

world's most competent teams handling
your complex IT needs, and the definite
cost advantage, sets you free to focus your
resources on core business issues.
Effectively allowing you to pull ahead of
Benefits without borders The India advantage
Successful companies adapt to change by embracing solutions The HP Global Delivery India Center has been a vital
that deliver new capabilities quickly and cost effectively. Key to component in HP's global delivery strategy for over 15 years.
this is partnering with an organization capable of providing Our prominence and success are a direct result of the
mature solutions and sterling domain expertise in a long-term unsurpassed commitment to quality exhibited by thousands of
relationship. knowledgeable professionals.
The HP Global Delivery India Center helps you increase agility We use customer-proven processes and methodologies to
and enhance the value of your IT investment by providing a streamline our ability to consistently deliver high quality
comprehensive array of flexible, high-quality services - services. Our high level of technical expertise is reflected in the
delivered by a worldwide team of highly experienced substantial contribution that the HP Global Delivery India
professionals, to: Center has made to HP products and services.
• Leverage industry expertise and respond rapidly Our single-point-of-contact approach and strict accountability
to market changes. protocols help reduce the risks associated with delivery of
• Closely align IT infrastructure with your business goals via complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform global solutions. So you
improved customer satisfaction and loyalty levels by can trust the HP Global Delivery India Center to quickly deliver
providing higher levels of service quality. extraordinary value.
• Make your investments work harder.

With a deep
HP Global Delivery India Center Services Stack
knowledge base
Application Infrastructure Technology Foundation
spanning a broad Services Services & Engineering Services
spectrum of
services, the HP Application Server, Database & Product Engineering Enterprise Helpdesk
Development Storage - Remote Services
Global Delivery and Integration Management Services

India Center
Packaged Application Messaging &
possesses the Services Collaboration Services
Embedded System Technical Product
capability to Engineering Support Helpdesk

provide domain
Application Managed Web Services
specific expertise Management Services

across a host of
Virtual R & D Event Management
industries. Application Software Packaging &
Modernization & Distribution, Image
Migration Management

Process & Quality Consulting Tools, Security & Process Solutions Service Desk

Communications, Media Manufacturing Solutions Financial Service Industry

& Entertainment Solutions Solutions
Experienced people, proven processes, An infrastructure as reliable
superior technological expertise as our services
The flagship of HP global delivery operations, the HP Global Services from the HP Global Delivery India Center are
Delivery India Center has successfully combined people, delivered from a world-class facility that includes seven state-
infrastructure, processes and technology to deliver cutting of-the-art data centers with over 1.2 million sq. feet of secure
edge solutions and services to customers around the world. space - allowing us to respond quickly to your changing
Staffed with thousands of highly educated and skilled needs.
With over 15 years professionals, we can quickly scale up to meet almost any Redundant, high-bandwidth networks help provide round-the-
demand. Our domain expertise and world-class project clock availability. An in-city fiber backbone with radio backup
of successful management skills translate to reliable and cost effective and hot standby service delivery desks in alternate locations
business solutions for our clients. provide business continuity and fail-safe disaster recovery.
engagements, the
Our commitment to quality was recognized with a Level 5 Focus on quality, communication and transparency
HP Global Delivery Certification in the Software Engineering Institute's Capability
The HP Global Delivery India Center maintains the highest
Maturity Model (SEI-CMMI) - the de facto standard for
quality of service delivery with ongoing investments in
India Center uses assessing the maturity of software processes. In 2004, HP
processes, tools, methodologies and standards. As part of the
Global Delivery India Center was one of the first companies in
global delivery network, we follow HP best practices and
customer-proven the world to receive the BS 15000 certification, a specification
knowledge management processes, and have access to
that defines the requirements for an organization to deliver
reusable software components that help us deliver solutions
processes and managed services of the highest quality to its customers.
on time, for a faster return on your investment.
methodologies to Our technical strength is demonstrated by extensive
As part of our emphasis on quality, we have established the
knowledge of a wide range of IT platforms and environments.
Office of the Customer. The Office provides high transparency
streamline our This is manifested in our ability to make a significant
and prompt resolution of service delivery issues.
contribution to HP products and solutions. For example,
ability to deliver the HP Global Delivery India Center has developed a large To facilitate clear communication with our operations, HP
repository of proven and repeatable intellectual property, provides experienced project management teams which follow
consistently high such as methodologies, best practices, business processes and proven techniques to help reduce the risks inherent in global
workflows, tools, components, modules and code, as well as delivery.
quality services. development frameworks and models. The HP Global Delivery India Center delivers agility
Through our R&D work, the HP Global Delivery India Center The HP Global Delivery India Center helps enable your
has formed a close connection with HP Labs (HP's world- organization become an adaptive enterprise by providing
renowned product research facility) giving us immediate rapid implementation, scalability and versatility for faster
access to the latest product and technology developments. return on IT investments while mitigating risk. We have what it
This provides a deeper understanding of HP products, right takes to help you be more agile with globally delivered
down to the source code, enabling us to select, integrate, and solutions designed to:
customize your solutions better. Access to HP's worldwide
partners further enhances our technical expertise and ability to • Accelerate solutions
deliver high-quality services for multi-vendor environments. • Manage cost
• Increase quality
In addition to deep expertise, the HP Global Delivery India
• Mitigate risk
Center delivers breadth. We provide expert services in a broad
range of IT environments with an open systems approach that The HP Global Delivery India Center provides the right
support your platform of choice, including Microsoft® combination of services and skills to make your IT
Windows®, .NET, Enterprise servers, UNIX® (AIX, Tru64, Linux®, infrastructure increasingly efficient, cost effective, timely and
Solaris®, HP-UX®), Legacy (IBM, VAX, VMS, MVS, MPE) and reliable. We support your success by increasing product
Embedded O/S (RTOS). quality, boosting customer loyalty, and helping you get more
from your IT budget - everywhere your business competes.
Service Descriptions
Enterprise and Industry Solutions
Manufacturing Solutions Access, manage and interpret cross enterprise information • Procurement & Sourcing
for fast, effective business decisions • Product Lifecycle Management
• Business Integration & Collaboration
• Supply Chain Management

Communications, Media Design, build and operate systems that enhance revenue, • Intelligent Network/Interactive Voice Response Solutions
& Entertainment Solutions leverage capital expenditure and cut network costs • Operational Support Systems
• Business Support Systems

Financial Service Designed to help financial service companies offer innovative • Payment Solutions
Solutions channels to address the demands of their customers • Next-generation Banking

Process and Quality Services to improve IT performance goals, project execution • Enterprise Process Strategy
Consulting efficiency and process capability by using best practices, • Program/Project Management Office (PMO)
process tools and experienced consultants • Quality Management Office (QMO)
• IT Governance Process
• IT Multi-vendor Outsourcing Model & Governance
• Model/Framework-based Consulting
(such as CMMI, ITIL, ISO 20000 etc.)
• Process Automation Tools & Services
• Software Engineering & Project Management Training
• CMMI Training & Appraisal Services
• Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Application Services
Application Development Custom software development to address specific business • Architecture, Design & Consulting
and Integration Services issues. Development environments include J2EE, .NET and • E-commerce Development for:
Oracle, among others. Helps an organization extend IT - E-business portals
investment, improve operational efficiency, contain costs, - E-commerce and collaborative commerce solutions
provide real-time integration and integrate B2B • Enterprise Application Implementation Services leveraging diverse
relationships among business partners technologies in Integration Middleware, Messaging Middleware,
J2EE Application Servers, Web Services and Biztalk Server
• Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Packaged Application Implementation, assessment, analysis and operational start- • ERP: SAP & Oracle
Services up of industry standard packaged applications • CRM: Siebel, Clarify, SAP, OVSD and Oracle
- Analytical CRM
- Sales & Service Automation

Application Management Brings simplified management and high availability to your • Application Call Management
Services application environment • End-user Support/Helpdesk
• Database & Application Monitoring and Performance Enhancement
• Corrective Maintenance
• Bug fixes and Code Level Support

Application Support replacement, porting and re-engineering of • Migration Planning & Assessment; Analysis
Modernization and packaged and custom-developed applications so they work & Design; Implementation Services, including:
Migration Services correctly in a new environment - Application migration
- Database migration
- System migration
- Product porting

Infrastructure Services Efficient, effective remote delivery facilitated via mature • Operations Bridge
processes and a strict quality regimen which increases • Infrastructure Management Services
quality of services and decreases cost of delivery, thereby • End-user Workplace Management
enabling you to focus on core competencies and streamline • Networking
IT investments • Messaging & Collaboration
• Tools, Security & Processes

Technology and R&D engineering services to enable product development • Device-level Embedded Capabilities
Engineering Services and reduce time to market. Focus on system software, • Operating System Development
embedded software, storage software and telecom (HP-UX, Tru64 UNIX, OVMS, Linux and Windows)
protocols. Includes firmware development and testing, as • Drivers and Compilers
well as ASIC verification appliance engineering • Storage Systems
• Telecom: Protocol Development & Communication Stacks
• Platform & Middleware Engineering
• Product Lifestyle Management Services
• Process Tool Services

Solution Center Based on service level agreements, we can assist in • Enterprise Helpdesk
Services establishing a dedicated helpdesk that responds quickly - Dedicated team supporting users on Shrinkwrap,
to the needs of your IT users to resolve their problems Custom Applications and Hardware issues
• L1 / L2 Technical Product Support Helpdesk
- Provide Reactive and Proactive Software and Hardware
support on a range of products such as Desktop,
Peripherals, Servers and Storage Devices
• Event Management
- Event logging and taking ownership, including all
activities till closure such as follow ups, ticket status
update, SLA tracking and escalation
To know about the definitive business advantages
of the HP Global Delivery India Center, call your local
HP Services sales representative.

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