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Dictation on Saturday, December 17, 2005

2:06 a.m.

At the Place ofRefuge R17

Dictating Friday, December 16,2005.








The Lord had taken me into session twice. The second time was a testing of five ladies who were with me. Two were sent out and three received a training of a more focused faith, explaining that we cannot enter the temple and come into the Lord's presence with a scattered faith, with our attention everywhere except on the head. We must focus on the Priesthood head over us, and thus God.

We continued having Naomie type the transcript and I was preparing for meeting the First Presidency around 5:00 p.m. I was ready in my suit. I met with Kathie and the two new young ladies Alyshia and Noleta Colleen Blackmore, and they got acquainted with me. I told them they would be sealed to me and to be ready by 8:00 p.m. I have been yearning concerning this people on this land, because I have been told to stay in hiding in my home, not even let my family see me or know I am here. Some of the ladies have figured things out because of some activity going in and out of the rooms, and also some are just inspired and feel that I am near. The Lord showed me that we still did not have a quorum of wives ready. I am yearning He will forgive these ladies and work with them. As I was ready to send a note for the First Presidency to come, yearning to know how to be in hiding if these marriages were done, the Lord took me in hand again around 6:00 p.m. I sent Patricia and Millie out and Naomie stayed, and I was in session until 7:45 p.m.

The Lord showed me to go ahead with the four weddings tonight, which was Richard Steed Allred recelvmg Joanna Roundy, J.D. Roundy's daughter; Ben Edward Johnson received Janet Steed, David Steed's daughter. The First Presidency were present.

I then called in these two young ladies with Kathie, Millie, and Naomie present. I explained to all that these girls were to be sealed to me to protect them at a time that they were able to be

sealed, and that I had their father's permission and the Lord's direction. I delegated Wendell Nielsen to be mouth to perform these two marriages for time and eternity. There was first sealed Alyshia Rae Blackmore to Warren Steed Jeffs, and then Noleta Colleen Blackmore to Warren Steed Jeffs. We felt a powerful Spirit of peace, and more especially the second one, the younger one received that burning witness of burning peace. All present received that peace.

I talked to J.D. Roundy before he left. He was witness to his daughter's marriage to Rich Allred.

I told him he was to continue in the mission being a

strength to David Allred and his company but to be on call and prepare for further training. After the weddings I called in the dentist, John Y. Z. Barlow, Nielsen now is his name, told him the Lord wanted him to set up an office on this land privately. I placed all these people under covenant who had arrived here - J.D. Roundy, his daughter Joanna Roundy Allred, Janet Steed Johnson now is her name -- they have all been placed under the covenants of the redemption of Zion mission and the fulness of the United Order.

We received from the tithing and consecrations from Short Creek what we counted one hundred sixty-six thousand. I sent eighty thousand to R23 to Jerold Williams through Rich Allred so they can put the addition on the storehouse. I sent five thousand to Jonathan Allred at the house in hiding.

I sent five thousand to Shem Jeffs, five thousand to

Wendell Musser Johnson, five thousand to Roy Allred, and five thousand to Warren Steed, all through Rich Allred, dedicating it all to the Lord to protect them. J.D. Roundy and John Y. Z. Barlow Nielsen are leaving at 3:00 a.m. in the morning

with Rich Jessop, driving back to Albuquerque to get the dentists' car, and then Rich Allred and Ben E. Johnson by 4:00 a.m. in the morning they are each of them taking their new wife; and then three of my ladies going to R23.

While the First Presidency were with me, Brother Merril Jessop mentioned that the sheriff Doran of Eldorado told him that the F.B.I. were close and watching very closely for me. That is all in the Lord's hands.

The Lord showed me in the evening heavenly session my ladies still are not one. He showed me

Record of President

Warren Jeffs

Page 713

Saturday, December 17, 2005