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B.A Economics

1. What is the demand curve for inferior goods? Draw the demand curve for the same.
2. What is Money - M1, M2, M3?
3. What is GNP? What are the methods of calculating GNP?
4. What are canons of taxation?
5. What are normal profits?
6. What is deficit financing?
7. Draw a production function.
8. What is the economic thought propounded by Keynes?
9. What are invisible in current accounts?
10. What are macro and microeconomics? Give examples.
11. What growth theories are you doing in Planning?
12. What is the Harrod Doman model?

English Literature:

1. What is the orientation of the Forster attitude.

2. What is the theme of "The Passage to India" - Book vs Film ?
3. What is an ode? What are the 3 different types of odes?
4. Which character had the maximum number of lines in Shakespeare's plays? Briefly
interpret Shakespeare's Portia scene.
5. What do you know about Vikram Seth/his latest book? 5/25/2006
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6. Why do you wish to do Management after B.A. English literature? Why not
journalism or M.A?
7. Which year saw the publication of the "Lyrical Ballads"?
8. Who won the Pulitzer prize of 2000?
9. Who is the author of "Beloved"'?
10. Name some Pre-Raphaelites.
11. Name some of Salman Rushidie's novels.


1. Define Continuity & Differentiability.

2. What are the necessary & sufficient conditions for finding out maxima in Calculus?
3. What is Optimisation?
4. Formulate a linear programme model and define it
5. Prove that 1 + 1 = 2. Why is 1 + 1 3?
6. What is the contribution of Maths to our country?
7. Mathematicians make very lousy managers -Agree/Disagree - Why?
8. Some graphical applications of Math. Define a Mathematician? His idiosyncrasies.
Mathematicians assume too much - Agree /Disagree - Why?
9. State Weierstrais's Theory.
10. Apply Weierstrais's theory for optimising a function in a closed interval.
11. Who formulated Set Theory?
12. What are the Canto's Reals?


1. Define political science.

2. What do you mean by applied politics?
3. Define referendum.
4. What is the difference between the parliamentary and presidential forms of
government? Which do you think is more suited to India's needs?
5. Who is your favourite political scientist?
6. What is a hung parliament? How is it different from a minority government?
7. How is the president of India elected?
8. How many kinds of taxes are there in India?
9. Define socialism.

PSYCHOLOGY: 5/25/2006
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1. What are the different theories of motivation? Compare Herzberg, Maslow,

2. Are you Theory X oriented or Theory Y oriented?
Compare Elton Mayo and his theories to Sigmund Freud's theories. Your opinions on
3. What are the theories of X, Y and Z? Which do you subscribe to?
Can you apply Maslow's Hierarchy to yourself?
4. What is the difference between a delusion and a hallucination? What are the
manifestations of the id, the ego and the super-ego? What is a split personality?
5. What is psychology? What are the different branches of psychology? How is
psychology applicable in daily life?
6. Is knowledge of psychology essential in human resource development? How can you
measure the performance of workers?
7. Is there a relationship between psychological disorders and personality traits? What
are the factors responsible for low performance among workers? What are the tests
for measuring the personality, aptitude and emotional problems among workers?
8. Are Sigmund Freud's theories applicable today?


B. Com Computer Maths Maths& Statistics Microbiology Physics


Zoology B. Pharm General Questions CA / ICWA / CS / MBBS /

on Science Other Professionals

1. What factors motivate the workers to perform well? What are the causes of
absenteeism among workers?
2. How does the psychological functioning of the person affect the output of his
3. What are I.Q. and E.Q. How important is E.Q.?
4. What tests can be conducted while employing workers?
5. How can the relationship between the management and workers be improved?
Which theories of motivation do you know? What is equity theory of motivation?
Herzberg's two-factor theory? Compare the two theories. What is Cognitive
dissonance? Is there cognitive dissonance in all cultures?
6. What is Freud's contribution to mankind? What is the function of dreams in Freud's
theory of dreams? How does Jung differ from Freud?
7. What is the Oedipus complex? How does it manifest itself in later life? What is

B. COM.: 5/25/2006
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1. Why do you want to do an MBA? Why not CA?

2. Why did you opt for commerce and not science even after you secured a good score
in standard X?
3. Why do you wish to specialise in finance?
4. Why MBA when Company Secretary is so demanding a field?
5. As a commerce student do you think you have an edge over engineers in an MBA?
6. Explain how you could use accounting concepts in everyday life.
7. What is the time value of money?
8. Do a cost benefit analysis for human resource accounting.
9. What are co-variance, bell curve, sampling, correlation and regression?
10. What is the difference between standard costing and budgeting, fixed costing and
variable costing?
11. What is the difference between an economist's and a cost accountant's interpretation
of fixed and variable costs?
12. What is marginal costing?


1. What is RDBMS? What are the Codds Rules?

2. What is the difference between a DBMS and a RDBMS?
3. What is the difference between quick sort, leap sort and bubble sort?
4. Explain the binary search algorithm. What is the complexity of binary search and
linear search?
5. Explain the difference between Pentium II and Pentium III type processor.
6. Explain the difference between Celeron and Pentium class of processors.
7. Explain MMX technology.
8. What does MODEM stand for? Explain the working of a MODEM. Explain LSI, VLSI
and VVLSI with examples.
9. What is CASE? Explain its usage and advantages. Explain AI and Robotics.
10. Explain systems development life cycle.
11. What is Object Oriented Programming?
12. What are heap and stack?


1. Plot Y= |x|. Is it continuous at x = 0? Explain continuity.

2. What is the difference between plain algebra and analytical algebra?
3. What are complex numbers?
4. What are linear differential equations? What are the practical applications in
industry? How will you solve them?
5. Y = x2. Which geometric figure does it represent?
6. What are the derivatives and integrals of sin x and cos x. Define a parameter. In y = 5/25/2006
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ax +b, what are the parameters involved?

7. What is the integral of f(x) between 0 to 1, if f(x) evaluates to zero for x rational and
to 1 for x irrational?
8. What is the difference between a matrix and a determinant? What is a random
number? How can it be generated?
9. What is a continuous function? Solve: f(x) is a continuous function;
f (3) = 50, f (4) = -90.
10. Then find out the roots of f(x) = 0.
11. Can you express any function as a sum of sines? What is their practical value in
power systems and electrical engineering?
12. Draw the curve of f(?): = (cos? / sin?) for 0 = ? = 2?
13. What is the equation of the circle with origin 0 as centre and radius = 1.


1. Differentiate between a matrix and a determinant.

2. Here is some data given in three forms (student shown a set of points, a graph and
an equation) which form do you think conveys the maximum information?
3. What is Carmer's rule?
4. If the standard deviation of a series is zero, what can you tell me about the series?
5. If there are 10 members in a group, aged between 70 and 80, and their arithmetic
mean is 69 years, what can you tell me about the entire group? What is the median?
When would you use the median as a measure of central tendency rather than the
6. What is the probability that the sun will rise tomorrow and that the roof will cave in
7. There are 63 players in a tournament. How many matches will they play on a
knockout basis?
8. How many subsets are there in { 0 { 0 { 00 }}}?
9. Maximise f(x,y) = (1/x) + (1/y) subject to x + y < = 10 and x, y > 0.
10. Define probability.
11. What is Ramanujan's contribution to maths?
12. Do you think calculators will be completely replaced by log tables?
13. There are two trains, one going from Delhi to Jaipur at 60 kmph and one from Jaipur
to Delhi at 30 kmph. When they meet, which will he further from Delhi?


1. Which are the 5-kingdoms into which life can be classified?

2. What do you mean by Binomial Nomenclature?
3. What is the difference between Resistance and Immunity?
4. What is Entropy?
5. What are Enzymes? How and where are they produced? What is Photosynthesis and
Osmosis? 5/25/2006
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6. What are Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes?

7. What is Cytoplasm and what is Cytoplasmic Membrane? What is the difference
between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?


1. What is Optics? Where is it used in everyday life?

2. Explain the principle of funny mirrors used in circuses and museums.
3. Explain the working of a simple mirror by way of a diagram.
4. What is Bose-Einstein theory?
5. What is a scintollation pyrometer?
6. What is the principle used in an electric bulb and a tubelight?
7. Name an Indian who won a Nobel Prize in physics and explain his work.
8. What are isotopes?
9. What is the atomic weight of Iodine and Phosphorus?
10. How does a GM Counter work?
11. Define liquid.
12. Distinguish liquid from solid and gas.


1. What does Zoology deal with?

2. What as the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell?
3. What are mitochondria? What are their functions?
4. What is a Zygote? Where is it formed?
5. In the classification of animals, to which class does the cockroach belong?
6. Differentiate between Vertebrates and Invertebrates.
7. What are Arthropods?
8. As a twenty something, suggest two things you can do to increase your bone
9. Which animal belongs to Phylum Chordates?
10. Tell us something about the nomenclatures used in Zoology.
11. What is the primary food of Baby Whales?
12. What is the biological classification of the Tiger?


1. What is the scope for this profession?

2. What are the drawbacks of the current pharmacy course? What is hospital pharmacy 5/25/2006
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and how important is it in the context of our country?

3. What is pharmacy?
4. What is toxicology?
5. What is forensic pharmacy?
6. What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control?
7. What is the difference between a chemist's shop and a medical shop?
8. What are the responsibilities of a pharmacist?


1. What is Bose-Einstein physics? Have you read anything about Bose or Einstein?
2. Where in nature do we see fission? Fusion?
3. What is the graph of 1/x? Why is there nothing in the IInd quadrant? Find the area
under the graph with the limiting lines as x = 0, x = 1 and y = 0.
4. What is the process cycle in a thermal power plant?
5. What is the difference between spark ignition and compression ignition engines?
6. How do you solve a transportation problem?
7. What is a recursive algorithm?
8. Solve a differential equation.
9. 8. Solve a sum in simple probability.


1. Why do you want to do MBA?

2. Why are you leaving the job and pursuing MBA?
3. Are you planning to set up your business?
4. Will management education help you become an entrepreneur?
5. You could always employ MBAs, why do you want to shift from your core
6. What has inspired you to do this course?
7. How will a person of your profession with an MBA be better than just a professional?
What is the Code of Ethics of this profession?
8. Which company were you working for? What was your job profile? Who are the
major suppliers/ clients/ customers to the company?


Biomedical Civil / Computer Science/ Computer

Agriculture Ceramics Chemical
Engineering Construction Engineering 5/25/2006
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1. What is FCI, NABARD, IRDP?

2. What is poverty line, why is it so, who fixes it?
3. What is Green Revolution, Operation Flood?
4. Give 3 reasons why tractors should be given to every farmer.
5. Give 3 reasons why tractors should not be given to every farmer
6. What are the main crops of India?
7. What was the production of grains this year and last year?
8. From an Engineering point of view, what would you suggest for Agriculture?
9. What is the average land size holding?
10. If you are made the President of India with total power and no political party what
will you do for agriculture?


1. Classify medical instruments on the basis of their application.

2. Explain the electrical activity associated with the contraction in a muscle.
3. Explain the ECG waveform.
4. Explain the concept of Half-cell potential and mention why reference electrodes are
5. Why are pre-amplifiers used in instruments?
6. Mention the types of leakage currents.
7. Describe the precautions to be taken to minimise electric shocks.
8. How is the continuity of a wire checked?
9. If an instrument is giving a shock, what can be the problems associated with it?
10. List the various Life Supports.


1. How would you explain to a layman the importance of ceramics in daily life?
2. Can you tell me something about the thermal conductivity of ceramics (I'm not a
layman)? About their electrical conductivity? But they super conduct at low
temperatures - why?
3. Why do ceramics break on sudden cooling?
4. What is Newton's law of cooling?
5. Name some ceramic companies in India. Which of these are in the private sector?
Which one has a major market share?
6. Have you heard of Rashtriya Chemicals? What ceramic products do they
manufacture? Name some ceramic companies in South India. 5/25/2006
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1. What is the difference between Polymer and Polyester?

2. What is TEFLON chemically known as and what is it made of?
3. What are the properties of TEFLON?
4. What is fractional distillation?
5. How is crude oil refined? What is crude oil?
6. What do you mean by ON 93 written at petrol pumps? Is it better to have a higher or
lower octane number? What does octane number represent?
7. What is catalytic reforming? What catalysts are used for reforming?
8. What activities are ICI and Dupont engaged in?
9. How is caprolactum manufactured?
10. How will you make methanol? Aniline? Nitric Acid?
11. What are the uses of ammonia?
12. What are the gaseous effluents released by a refinery? How will you treat them?

Civil / Construction:

1. What do you know of the Tehri Dam? What are the civil engineering considerations
2. As a civil engineer, how do you feel a course in management could help you?
3. Why did you choose civil engineering? Do you regret it?
4. What are your views on Chemical Engineering?
5. How will you estimate the cost of this room?
6. How will you estimate the cost of this beam? How will Civil Engineering help you in
7. What is contour map? Do two contour lines ever meet? When?
8. What is bending moment?
9. Why does a column buckle?
10. Discuss low cost housing in India and its potential.
11. Name a few private sector companies in the field of civil engineering.
12. As a person interested soil engineering what are your views/reasons for the land
slides occurring near Dehradun? What is the difference in the method adopted for
constructing a building in your city and in Dehradun? Suppose you have to build an
organisation in Dehradun, what factors will you take into consideration? How are
they different from those in your city?


1. What are your favourite subjects, besides Computer Science?

2. What is the applicability/relevance of Information Technology (IT) to lndia? Give
examples. 5/25/2006
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3. Apply Computer Science to agriculture in India.

4. Would you bring in IT into a problem area where employees would have to be laid
5. What is IT? What has technology got to do with it? The P.M. of India can pick up a
phone and talk to the P.M. of Pakistan - is that an example of IT?
6. What sort of IT would the PM need?
7. How will IT bring peace and prosperity?
8. What is India's software turnover?
9. What is India's software export?
10. Give us 5 ways/steps by which Indian Software would grow 5 times in 5 years from


1. Explain the principle of spray drying.

2. What is the role of a dairy technologist in a dairy plant?
3. How is cheese manufactured?
4. What are the feeds and fodders used in dairying?
5. Marketing of ice cream: what factors would you take into consideration?
6. Which diary product do you like the most? Why do you like this product? What are
the characteristics of the product?
7. What do you mean by animal husbandry?
8. How is cheese made?
9. What are the micro organisms used for making cheese. What is your favourite
10. Questions on the different cycles - Kerb cycle, Electron transport chains, Browning
11. Please draw the Browning Equation on paper.


1. What is telecommunication? Have you done any practical work with it?
2. What are Digital Electronics/Digital IC's?
3. What is the difference between Pascal and Fortran?
4. Write a program within 30 seconds to find n! using recursive procedures in PASCAL
and using subroutines in FORTRAN. What is the difference between recursive
procedure and subroutines?
5. What motor is used in a ceiling fan? Explain why it requires a starting arrangement.
6. Isn't Electronics more exciting than management?
7. What is optonics?
8. What changes has Sam Pitroda brought into the Telecom Commission? 5/25/2006
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9. What is laser? What is maser? What is the principle behind them? What is the
10. Why did you take up Electronics?
11. Do you save Electrical power by using a regulator on the fan, at lower speeds?
12. State Kirchoff's law. Describe a system in any other field where you can find a
perfect analogy with Kirchoff's law


1. What is a Ripple? What is a Ripple counter?

2. Explain the procedure involved in B-C-D conversion?
3. What are the functions and uses of Multiplexers and Demultiplexers?
4. What is the function of a Decoder and an Encoder? What is the operation of a
common-emitter transistor circuit used as a digital inverter switch?
5. What are the basic characteristics of Diodes and transistors operating Digital
6. What is a relay counter? Explain its function.
7. Can you draw timing diagram for EXOR and NOR gates for us.
8. Describe the operation and use of lnverter, NAND and NOR gates.
9. What are the differences between ripple counter and Synchronous counters.
10. What is a Pull-up resistor?
11. Describe the causes and effects of a race condition on Synchronous flip flop
12. Explain D-Latches and D-Flip flop.


1. Give types of I.C. engines apart from reciprocating engine.

2. Which is more efficient, rotary or reciprocating?
3. Why are rotary engines not used widely in cars?
4. What does a refrigerator condenser look like and how does it function?
5. What are the different parts of a refrigerator and a fire engine?
6. How was the distance between the rails optimised for broad gauge?
7. How do you find the CG of an irregular body?
8. How can computer graphics be used in mechanical design?
9. Differentiate the MIG from the TIG.
10. How would you test the welds in pressure vessels?
11. What are the different types of welding to be undertaken in a ship in mid-sea, the
weld being underwater? 5/25/2006
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1. What are the different kinds of weldings?

2. What alloys are formed with Lithium?
3. How much carbon is used in alloy steels?
4. Explain: Hot rolling / cold rolling. Which has better finish?
5. Draw an Iron Carbide (FeC) phase diagram.
6. What is stainless steel, what is its composition?
7. Find a stainless steel object in this room.
8. There are two trucks moving in the same speed - one of them is empty and the
other is loaded.
9. On applying brakes, which will come to stop first?


1. Link mining with management.

2. Name three companies where your MBA and mining knowledge will be useful.
3. What are the different types of mining?
4. How is sulphur mined?
5. Tell me some companies, which manufacture mining machinery.
6. Tell me any two advantages and any two disadvantages of open cast mining over
underground mining.
7. How much coal was produced in India this year?
8. Who is the State Minister for Mines and who is the Union Minister for Mines?
9. Which according to you is the most precious substance in the world?
10. How would you tell me whether the soil under this room contains any diamonds?


1. What do you exactly understand by Machine Tools Control?

2. What is the difference between an open loop system and a closed-loop system?
3. What are the various feedback devices?
4. Is the feedback of a linear or a circulating type?
5. What are your views regarding the production methods followed in your organisation
or in your industry?
6. What are the various production control measures adopted by your
7. What do you mean by 'p' chart?

TEXTILE: 5/25/2006
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1. What is the staple length of cotton?

2. What is the difference between filament yarn and staple yarn?
3. What do you understand by the term Polynosic?
4. What do you think is the future of the textile industry?
5. What has been India's stand on the WTO regarding its Textile Industry?


1. What are the various types of temperature sensors and their principle?
2. What is an immersion parameter?
3. What is the difference between A.C. & D.C. locomotives?
4. Describe the working of a Force/Engine? What is more polluting - 4 stroke or 2
stroke engine?
5. What is PFI?
6. How will you find maximal and minimal of the function Y= f(x).
7. What are the applications of CAD/ CAM?
8. Differentiate between analog and digital telephones.


1. What were your subjects at the final year? What was your favourite subject? Why?
2. Give details of any project done as a part of your course and your contribution in it.
3. Do you remember your X standard History and Geography? What was the philosophy
of yourschool?
4. Tell us something about your college.
5. Tell three things that shocked you in the college.
6. What did you learn from college life?
7. Can a theory be practical? Give me an example of a practical theory.
8. What has your school given you?
9. What did you gain from your college or from your job?
10. What did you contribute to your college/job?
11. How will you cope with your study load?
12. Consider a penholder. Could you use it here?
13. What extra-curricular activities did you pursue? When did you pursue them
14. How do you allocate time between studies and extracurricular activities? Have
extracurricular activities harmed your academics?
15. What motivated you to pursue this activity? What did you learn from the activity?
16. How will you apply the learning from this activity in your life?
17. Describe any major achievements with respect to this hobby/activity.
18. How important are extra curricular activities in personality development?
19. 7. How do you plan to pursue them in the future? 5/25/2006
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1. Tell me something about your hometown. How do you compare the people living
there with people living in your society?
2. Questions on home state: political situation, is it economically advanced? Give
statistics in favour of answer.
3. Name some industries in your state? What are the problems in your state? Compare
the teenage crowd of your city with those to some other metros?
4. Name 3 places in your state of origin worth visiting. Name 3 poets from your state.
5. How many districts are there in your state, in your neighbouring states? Is your city
a district? What is a district? Who is the head of a district? What courses are taught
at IIMs?
6. How can computers be used to increase efficiency in our country? What do you feel
about the problem of drug addiction ?
7. What do you think of the federal form of government? Is poverty the cause of
8. Define the poverty line in rupees.


1. Do you believe that Match Fixing exists? Why?

2. Who is more important: the Batsman or the Bowler? Why? Do you feel that inclusion
of technology like that of the Third Umpire is good for cricket?
3. Should Captains be allowed to carry cell phones to seek advise from their coaches?
4. Do you feel regional politics is hampering the selection procedure in India?


1. Is SQUASH an abbreviation?
2. How did this game develop?
3. Comment on Pakistan's dominance of the game.



1. What kind of novels do you read? Why?

2. Which is the book you have read most recently? What did you learn from it? Of the
books you have read which is the one you have liked the most? Why?
3. Do you like novels? Who are your favourite authors? Why? Have you read 'The
Godfather'? 5/25/2006
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4. Which are the Indian authors you like?

Introduction to Types of Preparation PI Questions Student's Pre-Interview

PI Interviews Bank FAQ forms

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