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International Journal of Project Management 22 (2004) 271–272


Viennese Project Management Days-Project and Emotions

Every year, the Project Management Group of the 2. Research conference, Wednesday 29 October 2003
University of Economics and Business Administration
in Vienna, Austria, holds a project management event, On Wednesday, researchers from universities and
called the Project Management Days, during a week industry met for a research conference. There were 120
between late October and early December. In 2003 it attendees. Highlights were papers by:
was held in the last week of October. The week usually 1. Professor Ali Jaafari of the University of Sydney,
consists of a research conference for researchers from Australia, on the human and behavioural challenges
academia and industry, held on the Wednesday, a facing project managers
practitioners conference for project management pro- 2. Dr. Frank Anbari of George Washington University,
fessionals, held on Thursday and Friday, and seminars USA, and Dr. Maria Romanova of the State Univer-
for practicing project managers, held on Saturday. This sity of Management in Moscow, on cultural differ-
year there was also a workshop for educators and re- ences in managing international projects
searchers from universities to share experiences on 3. Mrs. Andrea Cerny, of the University of Economics
Tuesday. and Business Administration Vienna on projects
Every year the weekÕs activities have a theme, and and emotions
in 2003 it was Projects and Emotions. Conventional 4. Myself on communication and cooperation on
project management emphasizes the rational aspects, projects
such as the management of time and costs using
critical path analysis and earned value analysis. The 3. Practitioners conference, Thursday and Friday 30-31
theme of the conference was that the emotional re- October 2003
sponse of the team and project stakeholders can have
a significant impact on the project and needs to be The practitioners conference, took place as usual on
managed. Thursday and Friday, with the theme Projects and
Emotions. There were 240 attendees. Highlights were
papers by:
1. Academic workshop, Tuesday 28 October 2003 1. Professor Roland Gareis of the University of Eco-
nomics and Business Administration, Vienna, on
On Tuesday, university professors from around the the challenges of emotions on projects
world met to share their experiences of offering edu- 2. Dr. Martina Huemann, also of the University of Eco-
cation programmes (bachelors and masters degrees) nomics and Business Administration, Vienna, and
in project management, and of conducting academic Mr. Reg Hayes of the consultants CMG Logica in
research. There were representatives from universities the Netherlands, on emotions in project auditing,
in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the impact on the audit process
Britain, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Austria, 3. Adesh Jain of the Centre of Excellence in Project
Romania and Russia, with about 20 people in total. Management of India, on the challenges of creating
The professors present described the content of the a project mindset
masters programmes they offered and the philoso- 4. Mr. Josef Semier, of the Austrian Broadcasting Cor-
phy behind the programme. They also described poration on crisis management in the reorganization
their current research projects, and the philosophy of Austrian television
behind their research approach. It was interesting to
compare the similarities and differences from around 4. Seminars, Saturday 1 November 2003
the world, particularly comparing the mature project
oriented societies from Western Europe and North The week was rounded off by two day long seminars
America and the transition economies from Eastern for project managers. There were about 10–12 people at
Europe. each seminar. The seminar topics were:

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272 Editorial / International Journal of Project Management 22 (2004) 271–272

2. Conducting project and programme audits, con-

ducted by Dr. Huemann and Mr. Hayes.
The Austrian Project Management Days are a suc-
cessful annual event, contributing to the development of
Austria as a project oriented society. The social events
and networking opportunities also contribute to the
development and cohesion of the global project man-
agement community. (Fig. 1)

J. Rodney Turner
Wildwood, Manor Close
East Horsley
Surrey KT24 6SA
Fig. 1. Attendees at the Academic Workshop, Tuesday. UK
Tel.: +44-1483-282-344
1. Programme and project portfolio management, con- fax: +44-1483-281-281
ducted by Professor Gareis E-mail address: rodneyturner@europrojex.co.uk

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