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Comprehensive & Fully Integrated Plantation Management System


Symphony Plantation Management System provides fully integrated functionalities to let you manage your plantation more effectively with easy access to key operational information for decision making.

BENEFITS Integrated the people, process and information that help you manage your plantation operation Tools to monitor, manage and improve your plantations budget control Working with operational information easily and make informed business decisions Easy to use - Keep users productivity high Generate accurate checkroll and payroll easily and quickly Create an enterprise-wide platform for reporting multi-estates Multiple users can access the system and work on the same information without causing system conflicts Maximize your return on investment Keep your system up-to-date with free system updates, upgrade and new releases You are investing in an affordable, dependable software that grows with your plantation Count on expert support and training

In todays competitive global agriculture market, plantation organizations are constantly under pressure to increase productivity and reduce production costs. In order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, plantation organizations need to optimize the deployment of resources and maintain high production yield and quality. duction Increasingly more plantation organizations are depending on Symphony PMS to help manage their plantations more effectively. Symphony PMS is a fully integrated plantation management solution which provides unparalleled plantation operation and management capabilities including Financial nagement Accounting, Payroll & Checkroll, Human Resource Management, Store Management, Machinery Management, Budgeting, Agronomic Statistics, and anagement, GIS support.

Improve productivity and efficiency
Symphony PMS provides an integrated environment to manage all aspects of your plantation operation including field maintenance, crop harvesting and collection, payroll & checkroll, financial accounting, store operation, machinery, work program and agronomic statistics. Information on these activities is readily available from the system for reporting and analysis.

Monitor estate budgets

Maintain tight control over operational objectives and spending. Symphony PMS allows you to create and monitor estate budgets effectively. Access real-time actual versus budgeted information easily. time

Easy to use
You will find Symphony PMS to be an easy-to-use, yet powerful plantation management solution. Designed for ease-of of-use, the systems intuitive and easy to navigate interface enables existing and new staff to learn and master the system easily.


System at a Glance
Financial Accounting
Manage estate finance with customizable account structures; maintain journals based on double-entry accounting principle. Tools to monitor and maintain control over financial expenditure.

Store Management
Manage the inventory of consumable items for field and machineries. Track the usage of the items and manage the inventory level and costs, order management and inventory adjustment.

Payroll & Checkroll

Symphony Solution Indonesia. is a specialist IT solutions for plantation management system that offering world class application services to help your organization exceed its technological expectations. At Symphony Solution Indonesia we know it is not writing code that you are looking for, it's delivering solutions that work. Delivering solutions On-Time and On-Budget. One can have a very good pool of technical resources, but it takes a proven methodology to achieve the desired results. And that is what we have to offer

Save time and resources, prepare accurate payroll that complies with government regulations. Integrated payroll processing that automatically computes income tax deduction, jamsostek and more. Supports monthly pay, daily pay, contract, piece rate, overtime, allowance, deduction and more.

Human Resource Management

Manage estate human resource more efficiently by tracking crucial personnel information and key career events such as training attended, certification, promotion, disciplinary record and more.

Monitor estate expenditure budget on real-time basis to ensure that the plantation operation meets the management objectives.

Machinery Management
Monitor the utilization and maintenance of machineries. Track the running cost by individual machine or category.

Agronomic Statistics
Utilize the agronomic statistics for quantitative and trend analysis on the effectiveness of fertilizer, chemical and work programs conducted. Key agronomic information available include nutrition, soil analysis, leaf analysis, tree census, historical yield and pest and diseases record.
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Identify, extract and analyze information you need using the report criteria. Over 120 reports are available to assist you on every aspect of the plantations operation, which can be exported to Microsoft Excel and Pdf.

Server Specification
O/S : Ms Windows Server 2003 Database : Ms SQL Server 2005 Hardware : Intel Xeon 2.8 / 2 M Ram / 80 G HDD

Client Specification
O/S : Ms Windows XP Hardware : Intel Pentium III 700 / 512 M Ram / 20 G HDD