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SheBuysFashion 9/23/11

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y Annie Im and I am currently enrolled at an international school in Seoul. My goal in the future is to procure a job as a fashion merchandizer, strongly displaying confidence and exertion in my performances and to promote the latest fashion trends, simultaneously providing customer satisfaction. My career plan would give me an overview of what I need to do to achieve my goals. University I would want to attend an art university in the United States, possibly somewhere in New York, that has an emphasis on design and marketing. I want to major in fashion merchandizing and get to know more about the real fashion merchandizing world. Through this major, I would like to learn how to manufacture, buy, promote, and sell fashion items. As a minor, I would like to study design because it is something I have always been interested in and it would benefit and give me better knowledge for this career. First Career After I graduate, I would like to get an internship at a department store and start off as a manager, administrating fashion distribution, controlling stocks, and merchandizing products. Through this, I can learn about clothes manufacturing and design techniques and get a basic idea of what it's like to be a fashion merchandizer.


First Career

Maturation in Occupation and Positions

Stable Position and Authority

Maturation in Occupation and Positions I would want to be stable in a fashion merchandizing company and work my way up. After gaining fundamental experience from my first career, I would gain more confidence about this job and it would be time for me to actually apply the techniques I've built over the past years. I would have to work extra hard during this period, so I can start taking this job more seriously and reach a higher position at the company. Stable Position and Authority After being occupied in the company for a while, my co-workers and my boss would start to acknowledge me for my achievements and distributions to the company. When time comes for me to become the boss, I would work even harder for the growth of the company and improve on expanding of the fashion merchandizing world. .

Qualities to achieve something Confident Endeavoring Persistent

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High school degree College degree in fashion merchandizing College degree in design Intern at a department store (administrate fashion merchandizing) Manager at a fashion merchanidizing company Leader assistant of the company Leader of the company