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| Case ID: 7A-TP-71176 Dr. Michael P. Rickenbach Lab #: 080805005 TO LH / 080811006 TO LH Description of Enclosures: | Table of Contents (1 page) Administrative Notes (32 pages) Evidence Check-In Sheet (3 pages) Summary of Results ~ General (1 page) Case Notes (12 pages) Summary and HS-GC/MS (PV/EI) Data (182 pages) Summary and HS-GC/FID Data (31 pages) Copy of Peer-Reviewed Report (2 pages) Shipping (7-264) Invoice - Report + Ci Satisfaction Surveys (1 page) Table of Contents.doe Page: 1_of J] 09/08/2008 12 (Rev. 7.1006) Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory Division LABORATORY WORK SHEET ‘To: Tampa Date: August 05, 2008 Orlando RA SA Nickolas B. Savage Case IDNo.: TA-TP-71176 ‘TFO John Steven McElyea Lab No.; 080805005 TO LH Reference: Communication dated August 04, 2008 Your No. EE MARIE ANTHONY - VICTIM SSING / ABDUCTED MINOR ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA Tite: Date specimens received: August 05, 2008 Specimens: ITEMS FROM VEHICLE - FLORIDA TAG # G63 XV Q22 Piece of spare tire cover (OCSO Item #22, Q-18) 23. Spare tire cover (OCSO Item #26, Q-21) Q24 Left side of trunk liner (OCSO Item #25, Q-20) Q25_Right side of trunk liner (OCSO Item #24, Q-19) Q26 Debris from trunk (OCSO Item #1, Q-14) Q27 Debris from inside trunk (OCSO Item #3, Q-15) Q28 Debris from trunk interior and fender well interior (OCSO Item #6, Q-17) ITEMS F. OM SHOVEL Q29-Q30 Swabs from shovel handle (OCSO Item #1, Q-22) Q31-Q32_ Swabs from tip of shovel (OCSO Item # 2, Q-23) K3 Buccal sample from BRIAN M. BURNER (CSO Item # 1, K-10) 080805005 TO LH Page 2 of 2 Vaio LTT A ——