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Suzu uki

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Suzuki M Motor Corp poration

Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Headquar rters

Public (TYO: 7269) c ) Autom mobile 1909 (as Suzuki Loom Works) ( Michi Suzuki io amatsu, Shizuo Japan oka, Hama Osamu Suzuki, Cha mu airman of the B Board,

Key people

Presid dent, CEO, CO and Repres OO sentative Direct [1] tor

Automobiles Engines es Motorcycle ATVs Outboard M Motors


Revenue Operating g income Net incom me Employee es

$33 billion (20 [2] 3.46 008) 13 billion[3] ($1.48b)[4] 201 37.6 ( 10 61 billion[5] (2 1.2 2010) 14,266 (2009)[6] 6

uzuki Magyar Su Maruti Suz zuki Pak Suzuki Motor i

Subsidiar ries


Globa alSuzuki.com

Suzuki M Motor Corp poration ( Suzuki K Kabushiki-Ka aisha?) is a Japanese J multinati ional corpora ation headqu uartered in H Hamamatsu, Japan that sp pecializes in n

manufact turing compact automob biles and 4x4 vehicles, a full range of motorcycle all-terrain 4 es, n vehicles (ATVs), out tboard marin engines, w ne wheelchairs and a variety of other sm internal a y mall combusti engines. Suzuki is th 9th larges automobile manufactu in the wo by ion he st e urer orld 7] productio volume,[7 employs ov 45,000 p on ver people, has 3 main prod 35 duction facilities in 23 ed] countries and 133 dis s stributors in 192 countrie [citation neede Accordin to statistic from the es. ng cs Japan Au utomobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), S M s Suzuki is Jap pan's second d-largest manufact turer of small cars and tr rucks. "Suzuki" is pronounc [suzuki] in Japanese, with a high tone on the [ki]. It is pr ced h e ronounced kee sh, ressed zu. Th pronunciation is used by the his d /s zu ki/ s-ZOO-k in Englis with a str Suzuki co ompany in marketing ca m ampaigns dir rected toward English-s ds speakers.

Conte ents

1 History o 1.1 Hi istorical time eline 2 Maruti Suzu uki 3 American S Suzuki Moto Corp. histo or ory 4 Pakistani Su uzuki Motor Company L r Limited 5 Suzuki Can nada Inc. hist tory 6 OEM deals 7 Automobile es 8 Motorcycle es o 8.1 Models M 9 All-terrain v vehicles (AT TVs) 10 Event spon nsorship 11 See also 12 References 2 13 External li inks

[edit] History y
Th section in his ncludes a list of referenc but its so ces, ources rema unclear because it ain ha insufficie inline cit as ent tations.
Ple ease help to im mprove this arti by introduc icle cing more prec citations w cise where appropria (July 2009) ate. )

In 1909, Michio Suzu (18871982) founde the Suzuk Loom Wor in the sm seacoast uki ed ki rks mall t f usiness boom as Suzuk built weav med ki ving looms f Japan's for village of Hamamatsu, Japan. Bu giant silk industry.[8] In 1929, Mi k ichio Suzuki invented a new type of weaving ma i f achine, whic ch [citation was expo orted oversea Suzuki fi as many as 120 pate and utili model rig as. iled y ents ity ghts. needed] The company's first 30 yea focused o the develo e s ars on opment and p production o these of ] exception nally comple machines [citation needed] ex s. Despite the success o his looms, Suzuki real t of , lized his com mpany had to diversify a he began o and n to look at other produ t ucts. Based o consumer demand, he decided that building a small car on r e

would be the most pr e ractical new venture. The project beg in 1937, and within two years gan , Suzuki had complete several co ed ompact proto otype cars. These first Su T uzuki motor vehicles wered by a th hen-innovati liquid-co ive, ooled, four-s stroke, four-cylinder eng gine. It were pow featured a cast aluminum crankca and gear ase rbox and gen nerated 13 ho orsepower (9 kW) from 9.7 m ss c. a displacement of les than 800cc orld plans for Suz zuki's new v vehicles were halted whe e en With the onset of Wo War II, production p rnment decla ared civilian passenger c a "non-e n cars essential com mmodity." A the At the gover conclusio of the war, Suzuki we back to p on ent producing looms. Loom production w given a was boost wh the U.S. government approved th shipping o cotton to Japan. Suzu hen t he of uki's fortunes s brightene as orders began to inc ed crease from d domestic tex xtile manufacturers. But the joy was short-live as the cot ed tton market c collapsed in 1951. Faced wi this colos challeng Suzuki's t ith ssal ge, thoughts we back to m ent motor vehicle After the es. war, the Japanese had a great nee for afford J d ed dable, reliabl personal tr le ransportation A number n. r of firms b began offering "clip-on" gas-powere engines th could be attached to the typical " ed hat bicycle. Suzuki's first two-wheel ingenuity came in the form of a mo S fo otorized bicy called, ycle the "Pow Free." De wer esigned to be inexpensiv and simple to build an maintain, the 1952 e ve nd Power Fr featured a 36 cc, one horsepower two-stroke engine.[9] A unpreced ree e r, e An dented featur re was the d double-sproc gear sys cket stem, enablin the rider t either ped with the e ng to dal engine assisting, pedal witho engine assist, or simp disconne the pedal and run on engine , out ply ect ls n power alo The sys one. stem was so ingenious th the paten office of th new demo hat nt he ocratic governm granted Suzuki a fin ment nancial subsidy to continu research in motorcyc ue cle engineeri ing, and so w born Suz was zuki Motor C Corporation. In 1953, Suzuki scored the first o many raci victories when the tin 60 cc "Di of ing ny iamond Free e" [9] ] class in the M Mount Fuji H Climb. Hill won its c

zulight 1955 Suz By 1954, Suzuki was producing 6,000 motor , s rcycles per month and ha officially changed its m ad name to S Suzuki Moto Co., Ltd. Following th success of its first mo or F he otorcycles, S Suzuki create ed an even m more success automob sful bile: the 195 Suzuki Su 55 uzulight. Suz zuki showca ased its penchant for innovation from the beginning. The Suzulig included front-wheel drive, fourt e ght l wheel ind dependent su uspension an rack-andnd -pinion steer ringfeature common o cars half a es on century later.

[edit] H Historical ti imeline

1909 Suzuki Loom Works founded in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, by Mr. Michio Suzuki. 1920 Reorganized, incorporated, and capitalized at 500,000 yen as Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. with Michio Suzuki as president. 1952 'Power Free' motorized bicycle marketed.[9] 1954 Company name changed to Suzuki Motor Co.,Ltd. 1955 Lightweight car Suzuki Suzulight (360 cc, 2-stroke) front wheel drive, marketed helping to usher in Japan's light-weight car age. 1961 Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. established by separating the loom machine division from the motor works and lightweight truck 'Suzulight Carry' marketed. 1962 Suzuki won the 50 cc class championship at the Isle of Man TT 1963 U.S. Suzuki Motor Corp., a direct sales subsidiary, opened in Los Angeles. 1965 'D55'(5.5 hp, 2-stroke) outboard motor marketed and makes early inroads and Fronte 800 marketed. 1967 Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. established as a local assembly plant. 1968 Carry full-cab van marketed. 1970 LJ-Series (Jimny) 4X4 marketed. 1971 Ts185 Enduro marketed. 1971 GT750 motorcycle marketed. 1973 Suzuki Canada Ltd., opened in Ontario, Canada. 1974 P.T. Suzuki Indonesia Manufacturing established in Jakarta, Indonesia, entry into medical equipment field by marketing the Suzuki Motor Chair Z600 motorized wheelchair, expansion into the housing field initiated with Suzuki Home marketing two models of prefab 'Mini-House' and three types of storage sheds. 1975 Antonio Suzuki Corp., a joint venture for knockdown production and sales, established in Manila, the Philippines. 1976 GS-Series motorcycles marketed. 1977 LJ80 4x4 vehicle marketed and exports of GS1000H motorcycle began. 1979 Alto marketed. 1979 SC100 marketed in the UK. 1980 Suzuki Australia Pty. Ltd. established in Sydney, Australia and entry into general purpose engine field by marketing three electric power generator models. 1981 Business ties with General Motors (U.S.) and Isuzu Motors, Ltd.(Japan) signed. 1982 4X4 production began at PAK Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. in Karachi, Pakistan and won maker championship for 7th consecutive year at the World Road Race Grand Prix 500. 1982 SC100 Discontinued in favour of Alto. 1983 Enters into a partnership with Maruti Udyog Ltd. to produce cars in India. 1983 Cultus/Swift 1.0-liter passenger car marketed and 4X4 production started at Maruti Udyog Ltd. in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. 1984 Suzuki New Zealand Ltd. established in Wanganui, New Zealand and began export of Chevrolet Sprint to the United States. Car production technical assistance contract signed with China National Aerotechnology Import & Export Beijing Corporation. Operation of Suzuki Motor GmbH Deutschland began in Heppenheim, Germany. 1985 SUZUKI of AMERICA AUTOMOTIVE CORP. established with the introduction of the Samurai, and the GSX-R750 motorcycle with an oil-cooled engine marketed and scooter production started at Avello S.A. of Spain. Agreement with Santana Motors to produce Suzuki cars in their Linares factory in Andalusia, Spain.

1986 American Suzuki Motor Corp is formed m p. merging U.S Suzuki Mo Corp an S. otor nd merica Autom motive Corp. Suzuki of Am 1987 Cultus s/Swift prod duction began in Colomb and total aggregate ca exports n bia ar eached 2 mil llion units. re 1988 Escud do/Vitara 4x4 marketed a total agg 4 and gregate car p production re eached 10 million units.. m 1989 CAMI Automotiv Inc. establ ve lished and began operati in Ontari Canada. ion io, LX kick egin in the U United States. Swift GT/GL and Sidek sales be 1990 Corpo orate name changed to Suzuki Motor Corporation. c r 1991 Car pr roduction sta arted in Kore through te ea echnical ties with Daewoo s Machinery Ltd and Cappu d uccino 2-seat marketed ter d. Shipbuilding & Heavy M

uki Esztergom, H Hungary has over 6000 e s employees. ( of 2007) (As ) The Suzu plant in E

1993 Passen nger car production/sale began at Suzuki Egypt S.A.E., ope es S t ening eremony for new car pro r oduction plan held at M nt Magyar Suzuk Corp. in Esztergom, ki E ce Hungary and Wagon R pa H assenger car marketed. r 1994 Marut Udyog Ltd of India to aggregat car produc ti d. otal te ction reached 1 million d nits. un 1995 Total aggregate motorcycle ex m xport reache 20 million units ed n 1996 Start o production in Vietnam (Motorcyc and auto of m cles omobiles) 1997 Achie eved 10 milli cumulati automob sales for overseas ma ion ive bile arket and 4troke outboa motors w the Innov ard win vation Award at The Inte d ernational Marine Trade M st Exhibit and Conference (IMTEC) in Chicago. E C 1998 Suzuk and Gener Motors fo strategic alliance an Chongqing Chang'an ki ral orm c nd mobile Co., L received official app Ltd. d proval from the Chinese governmen e nt Suzuki Autom fo production of passeng cars. or n ger 1999 Aggre egate motorc cycle produc ction reaches 40 million units and Jia s angxi Changhe Suzuki Automo C obile Co., Ltd receives o d. official appro from the Chinese oval e government f productio of comme for on ercial vehicle es. 2000 The co ompany com mmemorates the 80th ann niversary, ag ggregate car production t nt 0 ts ki n eneral at Kosai Plan reaches 10 million unit and Suzuk production starts at Ge Motors de Ar M rgentina S.A A. 2001 Aggre egate Launch of Suzuki L h Liana/Aerio. worldwide sales of Jim e mny/SJ eaches 2 mil llion units, production of Alto reache 4 million units and Su f es uzuki re ac chieves "Zer ro-Level" tar of landf waste rget fill 2002 Achie eved 30 milli cumulati automob sales for worldwide m ion ive bile market and America's #1 warranty: 100,000/7-ye powertrai limited wa A ear in arranty. 2003 Suzuk is #1 in Ke car sales f the 30th c ki ei for consecutive year and Tw the first win, ybrid Kei ca in Japan, m ar marketed. hy 2004 Aggre egate domest automobi sales reac 15 million units. tic ile ch n

2005 Swift was awarde the 2006 R Car of t Year. ed RJC the 2006 New X is mark XL7 keted particu ularly to the North Ameri N ican market; and GM ; ivested, selli 92.36 mi ing illion shares and reducin their stake to 3%. s ng e di 2008 GM d divested its re emaining 3% stake in Su % uzuki. 2009 Suzuk introduces its first production pick truck cal the Equa ki s kup lled ator. Volkswagen AG and Suz V A zuki reach a c common und derstanding to establish a close long g[10] te strategic partnership erm c p. 2010 Volks swagen AG c completed th purchase of 19.9% of Suzuki's ou he f utstanding hares.[11] sh

Maru Suzuk uti ki

Main arti icle: Maruti Suzuki

uzuki's A-St vehicle d tar during its unv veiling in Pragati Maidan Delhi. A-S n, Star, Suzuki i's Maruti Su [12] fifth glob car mode was desig bal el, gned and is m made only in India. Be n esides being Suzuki's largest su ubsidiary in terms of car sales, Maru Suzuki is also Suzuki's leading research and r uti developm arm out ment tside Japan

uzuki Swift Maruti Su

B ore Maruti Baleno Rally Car in Myso Safari Rally in 2005. Based in Gurgaon, In ndia, Maruti Suzuki Indi Limited is Suzuki's lar ia s rgest and mo valuable ost ry nnual produc ction of 1,018,365 units in the fiscal 2009-2010.[13] Suzuki subsidiar with an an

has a 54.2% stake in the Indian auto giant and the rest is owned by the various Indian public and financial institutions. The company was incorporated in 1981 and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India.[14] In 2005-2006, the company had a 54% market share of the passenger car market in India.[15] Nearly 75,000 people are employed directly by Maruti and its partners. Maruti Suzuki was born as a Government of India company, with Suzuki as a minor partner, to make a lower priced car for middle class India. Over the years, the product range has widened, ownership has changed hands and the customer has evolved. Maruti Suzuki offers 14 models, ranging from India's one-time best selling car, Maruti 800, for less than INR 200,000 (US$ 5000) to the premium sedan Maruti Suzuki SX4 and luxury SUV, Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara. Maruti 800 was the first model launched by the company in 1983 followed by mini-van Maruti Omni in 1984. Both models were huge success in their respective categories because of the use of high-end technology and good fuel efficiency. Maruti Gypsy, launched in 1985, came into widespread use with the Indian Army and Indian Police Service becoming its primary customers. The short-lived Maruti 1000 too achieved moderate success until it was replaced by Maruti Esteem in 1994, to counter increasing competition in the medium-sedan category. Maruti Zen, launched in 1993, was the company's second compact car model and also became extremely popular in India because of its high performance. The company went on to launch another compact car Maruti Wagon-R followed by Maruti Baleno in 1999. However, with increasing competition from Tata, Hyundai, Honda and Daewoo Motors, Maruti was not able to achieve the same success with Baleno as it had with its earlier models. So it replaced Maruti Suzuki Baleno with the Suzuki SX4. Currently Suzuki SX4 is facing stiff competition from the Honda City. In 2000, Maruti Alto was launched. The launch of Tata Indica and Hyundai Santro had affected Maruti's sales but Alto helped secure the company's position as the auto leader in India. It is currently the largest selling car in India. The Maruti models include Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, launched in 2003, Maruti Versa, launched in 2004, Maruti Suzuki Swift, launched in 2005, Maruti Zen Estilo and Maruti Suzuki SX4, launched in 2007. The Alto, Swift and SX4 are leaders in their respective segments in the Indian Market. On 14 February, Maruti Suzuki India, a Suzuki subsidiary in India, announced that it achieved one million total accumulated production volume of the Alto. The Alto has reached the million units mark in just seven years and five months since its launch on September 2000. The last half of the million has come in a record 25 months. The Alto has been India's largest volume-selling car, every month, for the past 37 consecutive months. Its popularity has continued to grow since its launch, with customers attracted to its low price with fuel efficiency. With this the Alto became the third car in the Maruti Suzuki stable to cross the million units mark. Previously, the Maruti 800 and the Omni had exceeded the million units mark. Besides its success in India, over 152,000 Altos made at Maruti Suzuki were delivered internationally, enjoying good outcomes in Algeria and Chile. Maruti Exports Limited is the subsidiary of Maruti Udyog Limited with its major focus on exports and it does not operate in the domestic Indian market. The first commercial consignment of 480 cars were sent to Hungary. By sending a consignment of 571 cars to the same country, Maruti crossed the benchmark of 3,000,000 cars. Since its inception export

was one o the aspect the govern of ts nment has be keen to encourage. E een Every politic party cal expected Maruti to ea foreign e d arn exchange. But compared to Hyundai Maruti Suz d i zuki is poor on export front. bsidiary com mpanies of th Suzuki M he Motor Corporation, Japan in India are e: Other sub

SUZUKI POW WERTRAIN INDIA LIM N MITED: Ma anufacturers engines for cars SUZUKI MO OTORCYCL INDIA PR LE RIVATE LIM MITED: Ma anufactures t wheeler two rs nder brand n name 'Suzuk Its two wheeler mode launched in India are 'GS 150R, ki'. els un In ntruder, Hay yabusa 1300 cc, 125 cc A Access, 125 c Motorcyc Zeus. cc cle

Amer rican Su uzuki Mo otor Corp. histo ory

American Suzuki hea n adquarters is located in B s Brea, Califor rnia. Throug an agreem with gh ment General M Motors, Suzuki began se elling a versi of their S ion Suzuki Cultu in the Uni States as us ited the Chev vrolet Sprint in 1985. Thi model wa initially so as a 3-door hatchback and would is as old k d be Chevr rolet's smalle model. est

zuki XL-7 2004 Suz The Sam murai was also introduced in 1985 for the 1986 m d r model year an was the fi car nd irst introduce to the Uni States b the newly created Am ed ited by merican Suzu Corp. No other uki Japanese company so more car in the Unit States in its first yea than Suzuk The old rs ted n ar ki. ertible or har rdtop and th company s he slogan was N Never a Dull l Samurai was available as a conve Moment. The Samura was succe ai essful until C Consumer Re eports allege the Samur of being ed rai ble ver ed h it, d susceptib to roll ov in a 1988 test. This le to a much publicized 1996 lawsui not settled until 200 04. In 1989, American Suzuki introd duced the Sw which w the 2nd g wift was generation Su uzuki Cultus s. ft able i hatchback wi a 4-door sedan follow ith wing in 1990 0. The Swif was availa as a GTi and GLX h A new sm SUV ca mall alled the Side ekick was al introduce in 1989. 1 lso ed 1991 saw the introductio e on of the 4-d door Suzuki Sidekick, th first 4-doo mini-SUV in North A he or V America. The Swift and e Sidekick were cousin to GM's G Metro an Geo Trac ns Geo nd cker and wer mostly pro re oduced in l, uzuki and GM joint ven M's nture, CAMI The Swift GT/GTi and I. d Ingersoll Ontario, Canada by Su 4-door m models were imported fro Japan. Negative evaluations from Consumer Reports of i om m the Suzuk Samurai led to some t ki l temporary se etbacks at A American Suz zuki as annu sales in th ual he following years dropped to below 20,000 uni g w its. In 1995, American Suzuki introd duced the Est teem and red designed the Swift. The Swift GT e pped and this version Sw was spec s wift cific only to North Amer where it was built at N rica t was drop CAMI. T These models were the fi Suzuki v irst vehicles to be marketed i North Am e in merica with

dual front airbags. A station wagon version of the Esteem was introduced in 1996. Worldwide Suzuki production reached more than 975,000 cars this year. Also in 1996, American Suzuki released the 2-door SUV X-90 and a revised Sidekick Sport model with dual airbags, a 120 hp (89 kW) 1.8 liter engine, 16 inch wheels and two-tone paint. The Sidekick was replaced by the Vitara and the Grand Vitara for 1999. The Grand Vitara would be Suzuki's first model with a V6-cylinder engine and available 4-wheel ABS brakes. The Grand Vitara XL-7 was introduced in 2001 as a stretched version of the Grand Vitara. The Grand Vitara XL-7 had a larger 2.7 liter V6-cylinder engine and 3-row seating. This would be Suzuki's largest vehicle to date. The Swift was dropped from the model lineup in 2001 and the Esteem was replaced in 2002 by the new Aerio, which was offered as a 4-door sedan and 5-door crossover with 4-wheeldrive as an option. In 2004, General Motors and Suzuki jointly purchased the bankrupt Daewoo Motors renaming the venture GMDAT. American Suzuki rebadged the compact Daewoo Nubira/Daewoo Lacetti as the Forenza and the mid-size Daewoo Magnus as the Verona. The Forenza gained station wagon and hatchback body style in 2005, with the hatchback sold under the Reno name. 2006 was the first year American Suzuki sold more than 100,000 vehicles in the United States. Suzuki redesigned the Grand Vitara in 2006 as well as introduced the all-new Suzuki SX4 and Suzuki XL7 in 2007. The Suzuki SX4 is produced as a joint venture with Fiat and the XL7 (notice the shortening of the name from Grand Vitara XL-7) was produced as a joint venture with GM at CAMI Automotive Inc. in Ingersoll. Suzuki put XL7 production on indefinite hiatus in mid-2009 due to low demand and subsequently sold off its share of CAMI back to GM later that year. Despite a difficult domestic US automarket, Suzuki has been keeping pace with its 2007 sales numbers including recording their best May ever in May 2008.[16]

Pakistani Suzuki Motor Company Limited

Following the terms of the Joint Venture Agreement between Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan (SMC) and Pakistan Automobile Corporation (PACO), Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMCL) was incorporated as a public limited company in August 1983.[17] The new company assumed the assets, including production facilities ,of Awami Autos Limited. PSMCL started commercial operations in January 1984 with the primary objective of passenger cars, pick ups, vans and 4x4 vehicles. The groundbreaking ceremony of the companys green field automobile plant at Bin Qasim was performed by the then prime Minister of Pakistan in early 1989.

On completion of first phase of this plant in early 1990, in-house assembly Suzuki engines started. The new plant was completed in 1992, and Suzuki production was transferred to new plant and three-box 1,300 cc Margalla car was also added to its range of production. In September 1992 the company was privatized and placed directly under the Japanese Management. At the time of privatization SMC increased its equity from 25% to 40% Subsequently, SMC progressively increased its equity to 73.09% by December 31, 2001. The Bin Qasim Plant further expanded its production capacity to 50,000 vehicles per year in July 1994 and 300,000 vehicles had been manufactured at this plant by December 2003. Paksuzuki currently exports its cars to countries like Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria & Maldives.

[edit] Suzuki Canada Inc. history

1973 June 1, Suzuki Canada Ltd. was incorporated with offices at Downsview, Ontario. Product lines included motorcycles, parts and accessories to Suzuki dealers throughout Canada. 1974 Vancouver branch office and warehouse inaugurated to service dealers in western Canada. 1980 Autumn - Suzuki Canada began its automotive sales with the marketing and sales of four-wheel-LJ80 in eastern Canada. November 1, the name of company changed from Suzuki Canada Ltd. to Suzuki Canada Inc. 1982 Introduction of a line of Suzuki all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in Canada. 1983 Introduction of a line of Suzuki outboard motors in western Canada. February 1, 1983 - Western Branch moved to enlarged facilities in Richmond, British Columbia. 1984 Began the sales of 'Suzuki Forsa' (Suzuki Cultus) automobile. 1986 A $600 million Suzuki-GM joint venture CAMI Automotive Inc. announced for the manufacturing of vehicles. Production was set to begin in 1989 at Ingersoll, Ontario. 1987 January 25 - Suzuki Canada Inc. moved to a new 110,000 sq ft (10,000 m2). head office and warehouse facility at Richmond Hill, Ontario. 1988 Autumn - Suzuki began selling the CAMI-built 2-door Suzuki Sidekick. 2009 Autumn - Suzuki sold its participation in CAMI to GM

[edit] OEM deals

Since 1985, Suzuki has shared or produced automobiles for other manufacturers around the world. General Motors Chevrolet Sprint - United States/Canada (Suzuki Cultus) Pontiac Firefly - Canada (Suzuki Cultus) Geo Metro - United States (Suzuki Cultus) Holden Barina - Australia & New Zealand (Suzuki Cultus) Chevrolet Swift - South America (Suzuki Cultus)

Chevrolet Cruze - Japan (Suzuki Ignis) Holden Cruze - Australia (Suzuki Ignis) Chevrolet MW - Japan (Suzuki Wagon R) Bedford Rascal - Europe (Suzuki Carry) Bedford Rascal - United Kingdom (Suzuki Carry) Holden Scurry - Australia (Suzuki Carry) Chevrolet Supercarry - South America (Suzuki Carry) Geo Tracker - United States (Sidekick/Vitara) Chevrolet Tracker - United States/Canada (Sidekick/Vitara) GMC Tracker - Canada (Sidekick/Vitara) Asna Sunrunner - Canada (Sidekick/Vitara) Pontiac Sunrunner - Canada (Sidekick/Vitara) Chevrolet Vitara - South America (Sidekick/Vitara) Chevrolet Grand Nomad - South America (Suzuki XL7) Holden Drover - Australia & New Zealand (Suzuki Sierra/Jimny) Opel Agila - Europe (Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Splash) Chevrolet MW - Japan (Suzuki Wagon R) Vauxhall Agila - United Kingdom (Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Splash) Fiat Fiat Sedici - Europe (Suzuki SX4) Subaru Subaru Justy - Europe (Suzuki Swift) Mazda Mazda Proceed Levante - Japan (Suzuki Vitara) Mazda Carol - Japan (Suzuki Alto) Autozam AZ-1 - Japan (Suzuki Cara) Autozam Scrum - Japan (Suzuki Every) Autozam AZ-Wagon - Japan (Suzuki MR Wagon) Mazda AZ-Offroad - Japan (Suzuki Jimny) Mazda Spiano - Japan (Suzuki Lapin) Mazda Laputa - Japan (Suzuki Kei) Nissan Nissan Moco - Japan (Suzuki MR Wagon) Nissan Pino - Japan (Suzuki Alto) Nissan Roox - Japan (Suzuki Palette) Maruti Suzuki Maruti 800 - India (Suzuki Alto) Maruti Omni - India (Suzuki Carry) Maruti Gypsy - India (Suzuki Jimny) Maruti 1000 - India (Suzuki Cultus)

Maruti Zen - India (Suzuki Alto)

All Maruti models since the Zen are referred to as Maruti Suzuki.

Volkswagen Volkswagen Rocktan (Suzuki SX4) - currently in development.

[edit] Automobiles

Suzuki models o Aerio/Liana o Alto o Alto Lapin o APV o Cappuccino o Carry o Cervo o Suzuki Cultus (aka Suzuki Forsa, Suzuki Swift, Geo Metro, Pontiac Firefly, et al.) o Escudo o Suzuki Equator o Esteem/Cultus Crescent o Fronte o Grand Vitara o Ignis o Jimny o Kei o Kizashi o LJ-Series o Mehran o MightyBoy o MR Wagon o Palette o Sidekick o Splash o SX4 o SX4 Crossover o SX4 Sport o Suzuki Twin o Wagon R o X-90 o XL7 Daewoo based North American models o Swift+ o Forenza/Reno o Verona

Chevrolet bas South Am C sed merican mod dels o Fun

[edit] Motorc cycles

otorcycle, the GSX1300R Hayabusa. e R Suzuki's flagship mo tarted manuf facturing mo otorcycles in 1952, the fi models b n irst being motori ized bicycles s. Suzuki st During th 1950s, 19 he 960s and the better part o the 1970s, the compan manufact of , ny tured motorcyc with two cles o-stroke eng gines only, th biggest tw he wo-stroke mo being th waterodel he cooled triple-cylinder GT750. f zuki's success in two-stro competit oke tion was the East Germa Grand Prix an A large factor in Suz racer Ern Degner, w defected to the Wes in 1961, [18] bringing w him exp nst who d st with pertise in two ostroke en ngines from t East Ger the rman manufa acturer MZ. Suzuki hired Degner, an he won th d nd he 50 cc cla F.I.M. roa racing W ass ad World Championship for t them in the 1 1962 season. Suzuki became the first Japa t anese manufa facturer to wi a motocro world ch in oss hampionship when Joel Robert won the 1970 250 cc title In the 1970 Suzuki es w 0 e. 0s, stablished th hemselves in the n motorcyc racing wo with Ba Sheene a Roger D Coster wi cle orld arry and De inning world d champion nships in the premier 50 cc division in road rac e 00 n cing and mot tocross respe ectively. Suzuki co ontinues to c compete in M MotoGP and last won the title in the 2000 season Since d n. 2006, the team is spo e onsored by R Rizla and is k known as Rizla Suzuki M MotoGP team m. It was no until 1976 that Suzuki introduced its first moto ot orcycle with a four-strok engine, th h ke he GS400 an GS750. nd In 1994, Suzuki partn nered with Nanjing Jinch N heng Machin nery to creat a Chinese motorcycle te turer and exp porter called Jincheng Suzuki. d manufact

[edit] M Models
Main arti icle: List of Suzuki moto orcycles Notable S Suzuki moto orcycles include some of the followin f ng:

Hayabusa (GSX-1300R) a sport mo H otorcycle cap pable of 190 mph (310 k 0 km/h) in 1999, and lim mited to 186 mph (299 km since 2000. m/h) GSX-R1000 the largest model of th GSX-R se G t he eries, first lau unched in 20 000. GSX-R750 the grandfat G ther of the G GSX-R1000, this designa ation is more than 25 e years old and this model is being upd d i dated/redesig gned entirely every two t four years y to s.

GSX-R600 a smaller ve G ersion of the GSX-R750 e 0. GSX-650F introduced i 2008, this new sport touring mode fills the vo of the G in s el oid re etired Katana The 2009 model has A as a sta a. ABS andard featur re. SV650 intro oduced in 19 as a bud entry in the emergin naked bike market and 999 dget ng e d, as of 2008, of s ffered both naked and fu faired. Since 2009 it is also offer in the n ully S t red Gladius varia G ant. Burgman se B eries of urba scooters w engine c an with capacities fro 125 cc up to 638 cc om p pr roduced in Japan, Italy a Spain. J and RGV250 th road-racin replica of Kevin Schw R he ng f wantz's RGV V500 GP race bike e

[edit] All-terr rain veh hicles (A ATVs)

S Z400 with some common and custom modificatio done n m ons A 2004 Suzuki LT-Z

Suzuki Eiger 400 Suzuki LT 23 30 Suzuki LT-R4 (race rea 450 ady) Suzuki LT250 0R

[edit] Event sponsors s ship

Suzuki is a major spo s onsor of luge biathlon, a cross country skiing sporting ev e, and g vents. They also the c current title s sponsor of A ASEAN Foot tball Champ pionship