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Yoga Way to stay healthy breathing exercise at office or workplace

Are you doing a desk job ,all the time sitting in front of a computer, then you may be at a risk of expanding your waistline, increasing your fat deposits on your flaps and that way getting more chance for high cholesterol and blood pressure.Yoga at office is a perfect way to stay healthy even with your desk job. As per the studies , 20 minutes of Yoga at office would help you to keep you healthier.Yoga is an ideal way to keep your stress away.

How to do Yoga at work place or office Avoid stress

When you hear about yoga at office or workplace dont shy away. I am talking about some simple breathing and streching exercises which can be done at your cubicle itself. It can give you a stress free life.

Sit comfortable on your office chair Close your eyes Imagine a full moon in front of your eyes Keep your head straight Take a deep breath slowly While taking breath raise your shoulder and chest Blow out the air through your mouth slowly Slower the better Repeat this 20 times a day. Try to retain the air you take-in for a longer period, as you practice.


Indian cardiologist and raja yoga practitioner Satish Gupta has come up with a research dubbed Soul-Mind-Body Medicine. It aims to help individuals make sense of their illnesses by learning to understand the core of their true being. He observed that early in his career, most of his heart patients were over 50. But in the past decade, his patients have been getting younger. Despite the advancement in science, there are more communicable diseases, an increase in coronary heart diseases, strokes, cancer and depression. He points out that disease is really born out of dis-ease, negativity borne out of lack of self-awareness. Point of light Gupta points out that the soul is a point of light, a conscient energy located between the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. It is the force that makes the body alive and is likened to the driver steering the car. The soul has three facultiesthe mind, the intellect and personality traits that rule the physical body. Gupta explains: The mind is the thinking power which makes the aura (subtle body) of a person. It creates thoughts that radiate mental energy to each cell of the physical body. This explains why in Kirlian photography (a technique using photographic plate under a high-voltage electric field that captures the aura surrounding a living being) is used in diagnosing a disease before it is physically manifested in symptoms. Gupta says the mind acts like a sieve between the soul and body. Negative mental patterns block the sieve and flow of positive attributes. Hence, negativity attracts microbes, oxidants and toxins towards cells of the target organ and impairs the immune system. On the other hand, if a person thinks positively, cells will be protected and will develop healing proteins, molecules, antioxidants to boost the immune system and speed up recovery. The mind-body connection is strong. Thoughts, emotions, attitudes and memories are definite electrochemical events occurring in the hypothalamus of the brain. Thoughts and emotions get converted into matter called neuropeptides (wonder words from the brain). They go to each cell of the body through the blood. Each cell has receptors for these neuropeptides that act as messengers from the brain to each cell of the body. The brain orders each cell of the various organ systems through the neuropeptides and the cells also talk to each other, says Gupta. Negative mental patterns send negative neuropeptides that go to each cell of the body especially the target organs. They release stress hormones, accumulate toxins and oxidants leading to disease. In contrast, positive thoughts release endorphins, melatonin, etc., which remove the toxins and catabolic products and produce more anti-oxidants that promote well-being. Thought patterns Another faculty of the soul, the intellect, enables the individual to judge and decide. It is largely influenced by thinking patterns. Old negative patterns, if left unchanged, will merely repeat the same attitude and behavior. By practicing raja yoga meditation, the intellect slowly becomes correct and we start taking positive decisions. These charge the battery of the soul. The accumulation of positive

decisions result in new personality traits and habits, says Gupta. The third facultypersonality traits and habitsare formed as a result of repeated activity. A person who smokes again and again is called a smoker. Similarly, if a person speaks and behaves sweetly, he is a gentle person, he explains. The harmonious synergy of these three faculties is important in maintaining positive health. Gupta says that each of the bodys main organ systems thrive on the special innate quality of the soul. The nervous system is the center of knowledge. Purity flourishes in the immune system, five senses and face. Peace flourishes in the respiratory system. Love proliferates in the circulatory system (hence the heart is the symbol); happiness is related to the gastro-intestinal system; bliss is plentiful in the hormonal system and the production of new cells. Power is manifested in the musculo-skeletal system. The harmony of all these qualities is encapsulated in the excretory system. The cardiologist cites an example: If there is a decrease in the love flow of the heart, it leads to coronary heart disease. The love flow is directly proportional to the coronary blood flow to the heart muscle. Similarly, disease is produced in other organ systems because of lesser flow of one of these innate qualities required by the organ system for its development. Ultimately, ones health is sustained with the practice of soul consciousness and a relationship with the Supreme. Gupta has helped cure thousands of heart patients when they practice the awareness of being a soul who is the master of the physical body. When my thoughts are focused on my body, relatives, possessions, work, status, I develop a headache and restlessness. This leads to dis-ease. Meditation harmonizes the spiritual, mental and physical with the Ultimate Source of Energy for enjoying health, wealth and happiness. The Brahma Kumaris Centers are offering free courses in meditation. Call (main center, Makati) 8907960; (Lotus, Quezon City) 4149421 and (Inner Space Manila) 5212015.

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