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According to Kate Adams, founder of a fitness club, you can lose up to 3 .

5 kg in a week and precious inches from the waist following a strict diet and d oing sports. Often surrounded by everyday stress you realize later that your clo thes do not fit you so well after a few weeks. Then try to keep different diets, but also because the program fails to keep you busy more than 3-4 days and then you go back to the unhealthy life from before. But there comes a time you notice that you really need to take serious m easures. Kate Adams managed to lose 3 kg in a week drawing up a strict plan. And after that,she continued a diet and has gained an enviable figure, which she ma naged to keep in time. It is shown that every day you find some time to relax the body and the best way is to carry out exercise. Thus, the brain will release serotonin (happy hormone) and you get rid of stress. Here are some exercises indicated: 1.Lying on the floor with your knees bent, feet placed on the floor and hands behind your head, palms touching the tip of the ears and elbows pointing s ideways. Gently lift off the ground, while you feel the abdominal muscles pumpin g. 2.Lying on the floor still with knees bent, this time with hands stretch ed up towards the ceiling. Lift your shoulders until your hands reach your knees . 3.Adopt the same initial position as in the first exercise. Simultaneous ly raise your right knee and left shoulder to meet, then repeat using the other parts of the body movement. 4.Stay lying on your back with legs raised and knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Try to pull your legs toward you, gently lifting the bottom of the ground. You feel that this exercise will work when your stomach strains. According Health.yahoo.net, muscles store energy as glycogen, and when y ou exercise these substances are used as fuel. Then, carbohydrates from foods co nsumed by the muscles will be used to replenish glycogen stores and thus the for mation of fat should be avoided. You can draw on these methods of practice to ha ve a flat stomach: A. Cardio Exercises Use this method for short duration, but intense, that will cause your bo dy to burn fat at a much higher rate for a while. You can do so in the park, on a special running band, but if you have more than 20 kg more weight than normal, use a bicycle to reduce the impact on knees. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Start slow (about 40% of total capacity) and continue for 90 seconds. Increase speed and then maintain it for a minute. Rest for a minute. Restart at a higher speed for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Run as fast as you can for one minute.

B.Exercises with weights In addition to cardio, you require some weighst for you to have perfect abs in little time. The good news is that you do not need sophisticated equipmen t and you can do it anytime. Repeat 10-20 times each exercise, resting 2 minutes after each series.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Jump squats Pushups Lunge Mountain climber Ramat reversed

To achieve extraordinary abdominal muscles need more than 1,000 crunches a day. The 1,000 crunches for you to have perfect abs is just a myth that has b een busted over and over again! The myth of reducing fat in a certain area of th e body (abdomen, buttocks, thighs) insisting on local muscle training, seems to be not dead. Here's the explanation: a complete abdominal exercise, though diffi cult, will work the thigh flexors, which have absolutely nothing to do with how your stomach looks. Variety is the key to get the much-wanted abdomen. Try to pe rform exercises from different angles - so you will not only work rectus abdomin is, the most prominent muscles, but also internal and external,oblic and transve rse muscles. When you work abs, you need to keep in mind the following tips: 1. Lie back on the floor with knees flexed and legs well supported and l ess distant. 2. Keep your eyes towards the ceiling. This will protect you putting you r chin on your chest. 3. Pretend that you have an orange under your chin resting on your chest . You want to pull the neck and chest to push your chin. 4. Put your fingers just below the head, not the whole palm. And this tr ick will help you keep your chin right. 5. When you exercise for your abdominals, raise your shoulders slightly lower, so you work your abs and keep you flexible in relaxed muscles. 6. Control your body from the negative movement: let your stomach relax slightly when returning to the floor. Anatomy The middle part of the body is very important. Good muscle tone in this area and its development are crucial aspects when it comes to strength training. Besides aesthetics, abdominal muscle training help with lumbar spine injury pre vention as a stabilizing during exercise with weights. Abdominal muscles allow t he trunk to lean forward, backward and sideways and to rotate the shaft. Also, a bdominal muscles connect the lower and higher train, which is evident especially in contact sports when members force is transmitted through the lower abdominal muscles to the torso. On the other hand, abdominal muscles protect the internal organs. Right abdominal muscle, the one that interests us in particular, origina tes on the pubic bone. Insertion is on its ribs and sternum of the xifoid. Prima ry function of the right abdominal muscle is to make the tank trunk flexion (the movement we make when we get out of bed). The best way to get good abdominal muscles is to insert the next 9 exerc ices on the end of your normal workout during the week. 1.Leg raises 2.Weighted sit-ups 3.Swiss ball crunches 4.Bicycle 5.Gut suck 6.Long arm crunches

7.Reverse crunches 8.Planking 9.Woodchoppers