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Science Answers on Questions

1) Explain the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis needs sunlight, carbon dioxide, water. Its are raw materials. They produce Glucose( sugar) and oxygen. Light

6C02 +6H20
Carbon Dioxide Water

C6H1206 + 602
Sugar Oxygen

2)Explain where inside a plant photosynthesis happens? Photosynthesis occurs on leaves (chroplast). 3)Food web and food chain. Food web is the network of all the inter-related food chains in a biological community. Food chain is the sequence of who eats whom in a biological community.

The arrows in the chain show the flow of food energy. -The importance of photosynthesis for the organisms in a food web. Its important because all living things need plants. Even animals who are on the top of the food web, they get energy of the plant from secondary consumer who eats primary consumer who eats producer. For example, hawk eat snake snake eats rat-rat eats grasshopper and grasshopper eats producer( plant). Animals get their food indirectly. 4)Graph that shows the relationship between light intensity and rate of photosynthesis. On the graph there are distance from the light and the average number of bubbles in one minute. When distance is increasing the number of bubbles is decreasing. So, plant produce more oxygen in close distance to light. More light-more photosynthesis.

5)Elodia experiment in class. Our hypothesis was that oxygen will rise to the top of the tube. For this experiment we used jar, test tube, plant and water.
We put the test tube into the jar under water to make sure that here was no air in the test tube. We put the jar on the window sill. We expect happen a buildup of oxygen at the top of the test tube. But the plant didnt produce oxygen. Our mistake was that we didnt have CO2 and enough light. That is why, oxygen was not produced. We redesigned our experiment. We put pills with CO2. Also we put the jar with test tube into tanning machine. At last, oxygen released.

6)Geranium leave with aluminum foil experiment Our hypothesis was we will not find starch covered part of the leaf.

Procedure. 1) Take off leaf and take off aluminum. 2) Put the leaf into boiling water for 2 minutes. 3) Put the leaf into boiling alcohol (5min). 4) Take out the leave and rinse it with water. 5) Put iodine on the leaf. Wait 7 min. If it turns dark it means that there is starch.( type of sugar that we have in food)

We put iodine to check does it have starch or not. If the leaf turns dark it means it has, if not, it means it doesnt have. If there is no starch in the leaf there is no photosynthesis. 7. Photosynthesis with Respiration. Photosynthesis produces Glucose(sugar) and oxygen. Respiration produces carbon dioxide, energy and water.