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y 16, 2006
Dear Editor in Chief,
Then the A.I. noticed from TV show that there was accident happened killing 12
miners and just one critical survivor survived in an underground coal mine tunnel
accident. Perhaps the negatives that resulted to the accident could push law makers
to use balancing tactics especially sensitivity to the start of the problem-using
available technology, good teachings and law to create another economic needs or
stimulator to boost people to have jobs so that negative things in under ground
mine tunnel would be minimized: principle behind: Fire-a negative thing that
causes accidents triggered to invent fire extinguishers. These needs created resulted
to jobs creation. Perhaps fire- extinguisher products around the world is a billion
dollar industry.
Law makers could create consumable that has expiration and could create cycle
to prevent explosion in a tunnel. Or if there is explosion or fire or cave in
happening in a tunnel, the consumable could be available to lessen the destruction
and lost of lives. Perhaps, “tunnel emergency box” is mandated through law to be
in placed for every 200 meters of a tunnel. In the “tunnel emergency box,” there
are several consumables that could be in placed: 1) a smart sealed mechanical cell
phone that could be powered by mechanical drive of a hand to have power source
so that it could be stocked for 1 to 5 years and could be used without battery and
could function well even if stocked. And “sealed”-means rust proof or decay proof.
Since air signal is difficult inside the tunnel the cell phone is designed not to
depend from outside antennae, instead: a) mode- like two way radio and another b)
mode- it could be plugged on a cable wire placed there for communication
purposes as part of a tunnel code mandated by law. 2) An oxygen-tank with gas
mask 3) an artificial filtered gas mask to filtered poisonous air. Perhaps the created
need through law could create opportunity for people to be productive again and
lessen the negative of unemployment problems or underemployment problems. So
by just passing law on example a “tunnel emergency box” for every coal mine
tunnel another economic stimulator could be created. Principle behind: from
“ordinary” water to “show of pride- bottled” water as cash stimulator is the key.
Perhaps by just passing law many types of consumables could be created to
minimize accidents in cars, airplanes, streets, public offices, churches, schools,
subways, in military camps, in prisons, private houses and so on…! The key is
create as many as consumable needs that could be created through law to minimize
accidents and to show ones pride; and let man be motivated to do anything or many
things rather than do or create very few products or see “only” one- example rice
“only” as economic stimulus through “bias” land reform law to elevate man from
poverty. Perhaps, “bias land reform” just killed many sources of capitals and
people was promised falsely or trapped or diverted not to think of other economic
stimulus. Perhaps, the curious mind is trapped to see “only” rice as an economic
motivation and enhanced by an idea that a “good” government is blessing them to
be such….
Then the scholar reacted: if in country called “A” people there would pass law
about ‘product “tunnel emergency box” law’ to create additional economic
stimulus in order to have as many consumables or reason so that man could be
busy or not be idle. And the cost of the “tunnel emergency box” say is $50. But
another country “B” would just imitate and improve the new economic stimulator
so that plagiarism or faking is avoided. And the cost is just $10. Eventually, if the
people would buy those new cheaper economic stimulator products from country
“B” or else where, the people created to have jobs by that law example “emergency
tunnel box” would be out of job again-extreme! Then the A.I. reacted: If law is
ineffective, good teachings is being ignored and there is extremism happening
because certain product is very attractive that siphoned almost all the resources on
one corner or on one person, what would be the counter weight for this extremism!
If example brand “A” is very cheap perhaps law could balance the extreme.
Perhaps give 5 to 10 years leeway those people who invented and loan money so
that the new product could be produced and let them have the privilege to sell
those say “tunnel emergency box” product first through intellectual property law.
Then after the prescription expired the product would be open for all. Or let the
market be free-those with better marketing strategy would win the game. And there
would be really people that would become super rich or extremely rich that almost
all products could be siphoned to their company and many people would be
displaced again. Or that’s life! Free market for all would benefit the public. And
let’s innovate again and again and put some rules and law so that saturation and
stagnation or economic depression or economic bubble would not happen instead
economic cycles that could create another economic cycles; and this idea should be
On specifics: there are many extremes or negatives that could trigger the
curious mind to have chances to balance them with just the opposite from the very
start. The likes of accidents, over loadings, traffic congestions, car napping,
kidnapping of passengers, etc. could tickle the mind to search for the key. One
could enumerate many negatives from the extremes that could be balanced by law,
good teachings and available technology that could create an economic stimulator
or economic needs that could triggers a boost to employment, orderliness, beauty,
security, peace, health and safety and cycle of cash. Perhaps one example is “smart
car box.” The “smart car box” is mandated that all registered car should have it. It
has a GPS technology and two way radio technology so that the car could know the
flow or volume of traffic in a city one or two kilometer away. Or if a street is
becoming congested and the car is informed through software via wireless internet
system program, the car is warned not to enter a route. But if the car still pushed
through and contributed to a more congested street, the car would be automatically
be charged in the mother base through the GPS technology or positioning of the car
technology. It has smoke gauge installed to warn the driver of the level of smoke
exhausted perhaps using imagery technology. It has a security lock and un-lock
system where only the registered driver could let the car drive using cell phone
The key so that congestion could be known lies in the positioning of a car with
regards to many cars in a certain location through GPS technology. The key have a
lock and unlock system lies in the ability of the owner or driver or in the cell phone
of the driver to stop the car even not on the car. Example: when his car is being
stolen, he could immediately stop the car to run via cell phone and let the car alarm
to attract attention. And perhaps because of the GPS, the police could easily
coordinate among each other where the nearest police on patrol could reach the
stolen car immediately. For the smoke detector perhaps a simple camera attached
on the back could be the key. And just the retrieval of different pictures of degree
of smoke to compare could let the computer warn already the driver of the smoke
of the allowable degree of smoke allowed by law. Example: if the picture is dark,
and the latest picture is compared to a previous picture with dark picture then the
system could decide through comparison technique and easily warn the driver.
Perhaps there is now software that could be programmed on just picture but
perhaps during night or on the shade there could be problem. Perhaps the picture
shot should always have flash every time there is comparison being processed to
determine the presence of smoke. Perhaps through the technology of camera,
kidnapping and car napping could be minimized because there is spy camera
installed in every car mandated by law as another accessory built-in in the smart
car box. This smart car box has an internet access, TV, radio and cell phone and
two way radio capabilities.
Perhaps if law would push and give teeth that a “smart car box” should be
installed in every registered car on the street to balanced many negatives on the
street like: accidents, car napping, third party accidents of a running car being
pursued by a police car, a billion dollar industries could be created; and could let
man have another opportunity to do many things connected to “smart car box”-that
could result to have more economic domino effects.
But if human would not be sensitive to the negatives cause by small problem
and balance it with the opposite or positive things perhaps the curious mind would
be diverted to concentrate on: raw information, generalities, “personalities”,
gossips-long tongue, wonders, mysteries, “miracles”, blurred things, being the
“only” untouchable, the “only” representative of God, the “only” right product; the
“only” knowledgeable and the “only” “good” manager, the “only” good public or
private administrator who is obsessed to position, power, wealth, honor, fame. The
mind is not balanced or humane but instead like the mind of crocodiles and lizard
and snake whose specialty is to let his or her long tongue be longer and would tell
the world “you are just envy of my privileges, honor, fame and wealth.” Or
someone who has been victimized of the word “only” full of greediness,
selfishness and hatred because of he or she should “only” be the privileged one and
has the “only” honor and rights which is called the Ananias syndrome or the
Untouchable syndrome or God father syndrome. Why just delegate, share some…
or think of some ideas…rather than be obsessed…or be attached too much -it is
more balanced!
Perhaps, doing just the opposite or letting the negative be the sparking light to
think of positive things could be misinterpreted as too simplistic. Example: If a
human finger print was destroyed by a fire because the water was removed or
dehydrated, then perhaps others might say that the opposite solution is to put back
the water or re-hydrate; but doing just the opposite is just a spark to think of other
solutions and the product must be good, practical, clear, order, beauty; and not a
laughing stuff-extreme. Thinking of positive aspects which are derived from a
negative is a universal law. Animals are doing it especially connected for self
preservation. The “don’t vs. do” has been with mankind since the beginning. The
‘Ten Commandments’ is an example of don’t. And ‘The Love Commandments’ is
example of do.
In electricity, positive charge attracts negative charge to have perhaps
electricity. In physics especially connected to force, weight, negative direction and
positive direction could be equated to have balance. Sometimes shrewd activists or
politicians are using “balancing” but result to chaos. Perhaps during the process
there could be chaotic situation because of the struggle but perhaps the ultimate
result should be good.

From RVC,