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July 29, 2006

Dear Editor in Chief,

A scholar asked: “Do you really believe that thousand years old culture with much
emphasis on “precepts of men or tradition of men” could still be corrected?” Then the
A.I. answered: “Knowing and letting the mind be opened that their group has more
emphasis on precepts of men is the key so that change could occur; but if the leaders of
their group would not accept that their culture is leaning too much on tradition or based
from tradition of men, to change the mind of the majority of the members is
impossible…! To stimulate the mind to side to activeness and creativity because of many
words or many ideas (but not on touching icons, not on repetitions of few very good
words…) should be the focus of any group. To focus much on group’s interests especially
for having plenty of perhaps magnet to stay as a dominant group or superior
group. But if the quality to become active and creative members is sacrificed, the magnet
to stay as a superior group could be tantamount to deception. Better let other groups also
take care or have some piece of the pie to “baptize” for word base groups those people
who are just mass produced or inactive or not practicing their religion; because if the
brain lacks good words or the brain is already closed because he is already a “member” of
a superior group but not practicing their group’s good teachings, that “mass produced
syndrome” caused because of superiority syndrome would really create chain of
problems such as: most people- would be lured to wait and wait for “miracles”, -would
keep on touching icons, -would be insensitive to fix small extreme or chaos: example
don’t want to throw garbage at proper place, don’t want to imitate other groups good
actions or good things, don’t want to have priority to have decent clothes like wearing
shoes and ties instead want to show off …especially during feast days because they
belong already to a superior group; or often don’t want to dress well and prepare for
action…, don’t want to have teamwork, don’t want to be nature lovers like having some
aquarium or small flower garden in front or hanging at their window, -would just be silent
if connivance is on going, - would love to have lizard syndrome, -and would be attracted
to keep on blaming others instead of supporting their good leaders.
But to check corruption or self-interest is to overhaul the brain of deceptive words.
Perhaps people who are obsessed to money, credit and power or victims of crocodile
syndrome are mostly found on groups that have lack of words because they feel that they
don’t need words because they have “miracles,” “perfect icons” and especially because
they are already members of a superior group.
Perhaps leaders unconsciously deceiving people through negligence are the root cause
of insensitivity to the start of problem. Perhaps wrong mind set or wrong attitude is
caused by too much attraction to “wonders” or “miracles” and also caused by too much
attachment to “wisdom” because of supremacy of group. Too much focus on “miracles
and wisdom” is the prime reason why words are not much entertained; or the mind is
diverted to other things. The believing and having faith to be creative and active perhaps
have been twisted to focus on tools of groups or physical aspects for identity or mark
because of supremacy rather than on spiritual aspects or universal teachings. The key is
identity or mark- I belong already to the most superior group. I don’t need to be
evangelized by word base group;” so, “baptism” or “membership of a group” becomes
hindrance so that words would not penetrate the mind to change the attitude.” Perhaps
better create lots of smaller groups which are closely supervised by its leaders than
having a superior and dominant group but most members are not practicing their group’s
good teachings based from universal words but were lured to practice “precepts” of men
or “traditions” of men example based from “miracles or magic” and “deceptions”.
Perhaps the key why “deceiving” the mind is happening on the majority; or the
majority is not creative and active or doing specific good practical actions lies on
tradition or precepts of men whose emphasis is focused on the mark or identity of whose
group is really the “only” true and right especially too much “showing off” of their past
great accomplishments and heroes and models or “wonders” that divert that mind not to
give also interest to universal words. Any group that focuses so much on its identity or
mark as the “only” true and right one but having lesser focus on Word is destined to be
conceited and self-righteous and want to exalt proud claims. They are afraid to imitate
and improve others good actions because they want their only original one even if their
habits are based from precepts of men. They are expert in producing many members but
poor on supervising the majority to be creative and active and teaching its members to be
responsible… and not blamers.
Perhaps if most of the members of a dominant group are inactive, perhaps 80%-90%,
or not practicing universal good teachings then leaders of the dominant group should do
something to let most of the members become active again or doing practical actions; or
else they are now responsible why many minds have deficiency on universal good words.
Perhaps the leaders should let many sub-groups be created out of the main group so that
the principle that small group is manageable is being followed. The key is small group is
manageable…but big or large group is hard to manage! And sometimes or most of the
times fundamentalists and extremists, victims of crocodile syndrome grow from groups
that those other essentials universal words are being blocked to flourish because “only
selected words that suit their stand and self-interests are their focused…example: “70+
virgins are waiting if one would do suicide bombing”, “icon A is better than idol B so
people keep on touching idol B and wait and wait for miracle and wonders…than reading
and listening to specific words to overhaul the brain and have many doable ideas…! I am
‘only’ the good manager or He is our godfather- he is untouchable or can’t be replaced…
are their favorite words.”
Perhaps if a country is rich in natural resources but the majority is poor because of its
culture or the habit of most people are blamers and most people have ‘tomorrow’ habit or
“God will provide habit..” or the majority is not taking initiatives and is not doing doable
concrete practical goals or targets: example if there is over population nothing is being
done because doing something about management of family is bad according to their
conceited group; better become miserable than to have a well managed family. Or if there
is too much disorderliness nothing is being done because the mind is focused on future
“wonders” or no one wants to take action to remove the dirt in front of the their house or
no one would like to make law to have an association for having well orderly, clean and
beautiful scenes on each street because all are afraid of each other- each wants to have
tall fences distrusting each neighborhood. Why pass a law that fences should just be on
its sides and the front should have only prescribe fences so that people could greet and
give smile to each other saying ‘good morning…and having handshakes…’
Most of the law makers have no time to study other laws or ordinances of other
prosperous countries, they don’t want to imitate and improve others’ nice and practical
laws or ordinances but they insists they want their original way. But their original ways
are just cover up so that more of “self-interest” ordinances are supported and being
backed up…! Example they love to sponsor projects with their name attached with it….!
But they are afraid to pass law on disorderly areas or slums and squatter areas. Perhaps,
one should be courageous enough to pass ordinances to counter disorderliness. Perhaps
pass a law of a well designed planned of the shanty or slum areas - considering balanced
design. Passing law on counter attacking squatting or constructing disorderly housing is a
sign that leaders are now responsible and courageous. Design housing considering: more
trees, traffic problems, future car owners, less wire hanging because or wireless
technology, and just using the ordinary available constructions, teaming with private
landowners for orderliness, harmonious with the environment are practical and doable
things. Don’t dream of impossibility but dream of phase by phase doable plans. Study
other country’s sea or ocean reclamations; and dream of imitating and improving them.
The key lies on the brain because of specifics words. The enemies are those institutions
making ways to impress the mind of ordinary people of “only” one very beautiful word
or “only” few very beautiful words but other essentials words are not being taught so that
inactiveness, not creativity is enhanced; rather the key for them is that their group is
really the “only” true and right source of all goodness but the result let the mind of most
people wait and wait for hope because of “wonders” or “miracles” or “magic” or “God
will do everything for them” that perhaps let their culture become expert on letting things
be done “tomorrow” called “tomorrow” habit. Their ideas is focused on producing many
members then abandon them and weak on supervising the majority of members to be
active and focus on doing simple practical doable things like using shine shoes, using
neck tie, and throwing garbage on its proper place. Perhaps the people don’t want to wear
shine shoes and wear neck tie and don’t want to aspire to have an orderly simple house
because it is for the rich and “showy”. They love to be “poor” because they are “blessed.”
They don’t want to let other groups flourish so that more checks and balances and
creativities could be made. But they discourage other groups to flourish because they
insist that they are the “only” true and right group. Their key is “Unity” but it’s only
through their group that “unity” could be possible rather than unity in spirit especially on
teamwork regardless of religious, political beliefs. Principle: Monopoly is extreme.
Another principle: Don’t drink “only” water but “also” wine! Another…: Break the
Extreme especially the start which is in the mind…!
From RV

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