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Unit 5 AO 4,5,6 and Unit 6 AO 5,6 Analysis of DOE from the 17th to the 18th June Intro

On the 17th to the 18th of June our public services class went on an expedition called the DOE (duke of Edinburgh) and our aim of the expedition was to reach certain checkpoints over long distance walking until you got the camp site (some were longer than others) were you slept for the night this was the first day the second day it was practically the same but instead of camping go home at the last checkpoint. The public service class was doing it for 5 AOs or one unit when the other groups were doing for the DOE award. We started the expedition at Port Eynon beach near fish and chip shop and around about that was the first checkpoint the second checkpoint was Horton then followed by Hangmans Cross then Penrice then to the forth checkpoint which is the quarry then to little Bryngwyn then to Penrice wood then to the final checkpoint of the day Nicholaston Farm. On the second day we stared at the farm and the first real check point was at path cross roads then too North Hills Farm then Parkmill then to Pennard castle then too west cliff then our last checkpoint was Widegate and this is where we finished. On this expedition our leader was Mr. Davies and the organizer of the event was Mr.Turpin. Our group tried to followed the route card but we got lost a few times and the times on the route card s we also tried to follow but we had a set back because one of the group members Kieran had a injury while he was walking so that put our times behind what we hoped for and the fact that we got lost. This is the equipment that we used

Tranger Tent (separated between three) Food Drink Money (for the showers) Knife, fork ,spoon Bowl and cup Spear clothes, towel, toiletries Blue meths Torch Matches

Planning and preparation

We planned all of our work in class as a group just to make sure we got it correct. If we didnt plan it right or made a big mistake we could have got lost or worse like someone gets hurt (and sir wouldnt have known where we were to help us). We planned the route that we were going to take together as a class to see witch route was going to be easier for the group and planned on when we would take rests and to stop for brakes to regain some energy by eating food and drinking water. The equipment that was used like the tent, the tranger and the big rucksacks where tested before we

actually went on the expedition. As a class we went out onto the field to set up the tents and trangers to make sure that everything was able to be set up properly and also to make sure that nothing was broken or lost. And to practice setting them up and putting them down so we could leave the camp site earlier. In the big bags that we took we put the items that we didnt use a lot of or only at the camp site at the bottom like the tent , tranger and our personal items e.g. bowl , knife ,fork , and other stuff like shampoo, shower gel , tooth brush and tooth paste because we didnt use them until we got to the camp site but the things that we put up the top were like food and drink for the stops that were made when we took a rest and the main thing that was should have been at the top of the bag was the first aid kit just in case something bad happened .

Hazards, health and safety and weather conditions

Out on the expedition there were a few hazards that needed to be avoided like the wild life with the wild life you werent allowed to go anywhere near the animals like the cows and sheeps but sometimes the animals are protected by fence so there for you shouldnt climb that particular fence. Also the barbed wire you would have to be careful with and put one foot on the wire and pass the big bags through one by one. And you have to always walk on the right side of the road so that the cars can see you, NO messing around on the roads, shut the farm gates if you opened them and leave any animals alone. If a major accident happens you must find the nearest road and ask for help thats if you cant get hold of your leader first, and the two members of the group who are wearing the high visibility jackets one must go at the front and one must go at the back. On the day that we set off the weather wasnt that that good It was quite rainy but with some sunny patches. But the weather could have been worse like in the winter time around December time it could have been snowing or in other parts of the year there could be icy roads and heavy fog. For health and safety there were a few things that we could of done differently and something I shouldnt have done. Some of the things we could of done better as a team were we could of stuck together a bit more instead of separating into smaller groups, we could of picked a main leader instead of all of us shouting out ideas and there was a point in the expedition where I left the group to see if there was a different way round for the group while they rested for a bit but I shouldnt of done that because if I would of tripped of fallen and hurt myself the rest of the group wouldnt of known and they couldnt help me if I didnt have the first aid kit.

Day 1
On the first day we arrived at the first checkpoint on time around about 9 oclock at Port Eynon at a fish and chip shop and began our expedition there as a group. Just before we got there another group had just left on their route but we and the other group had different routes so we wouldnt meet each other group to ruin their expedition. At the point where we left we had no arguments at this point and the morale was high with Alex one of our group members who started to sing and chant and he got the all of the team members in our group to start singing with him and well this high morale was kept for quite a while I would say the first few checkpoints then the morale stared to slip a bit when Kieran hurt his leg by twisting it and he found it difficult to carry with the expedition and he stared slowing the group down and thats when the group was split into two groups this is because some of the group members (not naming names) stayed behind to help Kieran with his twisted leg and the other

group members carried on walking this carried on for a while. Then we had a rest when we just passed Penard common and when they were resting I left the group to see if there was a different way round the barbed wire fence that was in front of us blocking the way for the group to pass but while they rested for a bit I know now that I shouldnt of done that because if I would of tripped of fallen and hurt myself badly the rest of the group wouldnt of known I was hurt and they wouldnt of known if I needed help or worse and if I needed the first aid kit but as they say you learn from your mistakes but any after that we found a way around the fence and decided to walk up a big hill and rested at the top of it. When we carried on it happened again the group broke into smaller groups again and happened to stop and rest again later on down the path that we took and while we were waiting for the other group to catch up a few of the other decided to take a look at the map and route cards just to see where we were. And after that we stay together for a bit then later on Kierans leg got worse when we took a wrong turning and went the wrong way and hat to backtrack on our selfs to get back on track but Kierans leg was really bad so we tried to phone sir. Sir then told us that we werent that far away from the camp so encouraged Kieran to until we got to the camp. When we got to the camp site we hat to set up our tents I was in the tent with Dom and Rhys and personally I would have liked it if they helped more with setting up the tent. But on a whole we worked as a team when it came to the cooking because our groups food of pot noodles 2 of them burst open and was uneatable but luckily enough one of the groups members (Rhys Morris) had a another pot noodle and I cooked it then Rhys let me have some. Our matches that was supposed to of been between our group of three but our matches were damp and couldntt be used but the others members of our group let us borrow there matches.

Day 2
On the second day we woke up early and got dressed into warm clothes ready to start the second day and we needed to get up early so we could clear all the rubbish that was left from the night before so then we could pack away the tents and trangers so we could set off by a certain time. Dom and Rhys also helped me take our tent down (witch I was impressed with) and then when everybody had breakfast and was packed up and ready to go then we left. We left on time and we were one of the last groups to leave the camp site this is because each group had to leave the camp site by a pacific time. When we left the camp site the morale started off okay but could have been better or been improved. When we started off Kierans leg was still hurting so we improvised and instead of walking all the way round we all agreed to make a shortcut and went up a hill which helped Kieran with his leg and cut a lot of time off our original time also the rain slowed us down a bit because we had to stop to put our water proofs on. But it was also a bad thing like if someone got hurt badly sir wouldnt of known where we were and also we accidently cut passed the group that left the camp site before us and slowed them down as well be talking about the short cut. In the middle of the expedition we came across a massive mud slide that we had to climb it got to be said it was fun but also hard work we had a few members of the team that found it hard and struggled but with a bit of laughter and enthusiasm and quite a bit of encouragement we all made it up the muddy hill. And during the walk to the last few checkpoints we came across a big sand dune and this point Kieran was in a lot of pain and it looked like he wanted to quit so for the sake of helping Kieran I

decided to carry his bag all the way up the sand hill. The group spilt again and I could feel that the group where getting tiered and frustrated but Alex the good man that he is he encouraged Kieran the most but then most of the group stared to join in . We also encouraged Kieran all the way to the final check point and he gave a good push towards the end and at the end of this expedition we all felt a sigh of relief as we didnt have to carry those big and heavy bags any more. Strength and weaknesses I think the main strengths in the group were to encourage the members of the group that struggled or perhaps found parts that were hard at times and also another good strength that the team had the ability to share things and to be kind to other members of the group. Some of the main problems or weaknesses of the group were that they werent able to stay as one group and that could of caused so tension between the group and a weakness that could have been sorted out before we left or discussed it class is that we had no proper team leader and this resorted in a few arguments because we were all shouting out ideas and if we selected a leader at the beginning this might not of been that much of a big problem. Analysis I think that we all did well in some parts of the expedition some more than others and we could have worked more as a team I think and not have left Kieran alone with two or three guys (should have stuck together more.) but on a whole it was an alright effort

Conclusion www:
I think that all the group worked mostly as a team Kept morale up though out the expedition We shared food and drink Helped others Over powering problems

Had a few Arguments A bit of tension Rain-slowed us down