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Using Personalizations to Give Your Self-Service Applications a Custom Look and Feel

Don Driggs, Solution Beacon, LLC Alison Campbell, Carnegie Mellon University

About Carnegie Mellon University

Private University in Pittsburgh, PA 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students Known for its research in robotics, computing, and software engineering 4,500 faculty and administrative staff Maintains satellite campuses in California, Qatar, and other locations

About Solution Beacon, LLC

Provider of Expert-Level Consulting Services for Oracle Databases and Applications Sponsor of the Road to Nashville Release 11i Workshops Oracle Certified Partner All Solution Beacon Consultants have Years of Oracle and Industry Experience

About the Authors

Don Driggs
10 Years of Oracle Experience, 8 Years as a Consultant Frequent presenter at OAUG Conferences Co-Author of Special Edition: Using Oracle11i

Alison Campbell
Manager of Oracle Applications Project Manager for recent upgrade to11.5.10 from 11.0.3 Former Consultant, Andersen Business Consulting

Define Self-Service Personalizations Demonstrate how to use Personalizations Discuss how to manage Personalizations

CMU decided to use Oracle Internet Expenses to manage their procurement card transactions Reasons to do this are:
Similarity of business processes between procurement cards and travel expense reporting OIE is integrated with Oracle Grants and the procurement card process is not Consistency in look and feel for users and approvers Ease of management for training and policy control

This Is Not . . .
. . . a discussion on how to use the Oracle Internet Expense application to manage Procurement Card transactions.

This Is . . .
. . . a demonstration to illustrate how personsalizations work and how you can use them to give your selfservice applications a custom look and feel.

What are Personalizations?

Personalizations refer to the ability to tailor the selfservice applications, specifically the look and feel, the layout and the visibility of the content Technology referred to as the Oracle Applications Framework Personalization Introduced with 11.5.9
Apply Patch 3323690

Standard with 11.5.10

Who Can Use Personalizations?

Does not require technical expertise They are somewhat intuitive to the functionally savvy You will want to limit the extent to which regular users have access to them

Profile Options
Personalize Self-Service Defn
Yes to allow personalizations

FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled

Yes to display the regional links to the personalization pages in the Self-Service applications

How Can I Use Personalizations?

Remove Buttons and Change Button Names Change Page and Section Headers Hide Columns Change Field and Column Names Set Initial Values Hide a Train Link Change Field Attributes Reorder Columns Add Items such as Buttons, Fields and Messages

Remove a Button Where
Page Layout: Expenses Home > Page Button Bar: > Button: Import Spreadsheet

Rendered = False

Change a Button Name Where Change a Button Name

Page Layout: Expenses Home > Page Button Bar: > Button: Create Expense Report

Prompt = Create Verification Report

Levels of Activity
Function Site Operating Unit Responsibility

Principles of Inherit
Default values defined in first column and then inherited at each descending level of activity Values can be changed at any level of activity Unless changed, every levels inherit the value in the level of activity immediately above it Clicking the inherit button erases the changes and causes that level to inherit the value of the level above it

Finding Tips
Simple View Complete View Expand All Collapse All Focus Regional Links Ctrl F

Change Page and Section Headers

Change Header Information Where
Default Single Column > Header: Track Submitted Expense Reports

Text = Track Submitted Credit Card Verification Reports

Hide Columns
Hide the Duplicate Column Where
Page Layout: Procurement Card Home->Header: Track Submitted PCard Verification Reports->Switcher: Duplicate


Change Field and Column Names

Change a Field Name Where
Page Layout > Page Button Bar: > Page Button Bar: Actions Region > Message Text Input: Expense Cost Center

Prompt = Default Organization Number

Set Initial Values

Set the Initial Value to PCard Verification and Make it Read Only Where
Page Layout > Page Button Bar: > Page Button Bar: Actions Region > Message Text Input: Purpose

Initial Value = PCard Verification Rendered = True

Hide a Train Link

Hide the Cash and Other Expenses Train Link Where
Page Layout > location > Train: OIE Train > Link: Cash and Other Expeneses

Rendered = False

Change Field Attributes

Change a Date Field to be Read Only Where
Page Layout > Flow Layout: Credit Card Expenses > Header: Business Expenses > Table > Switcher Error > Message Text Input: Date

Read Only = True

Reorder Columns
Reorder the Display of Columns Where
Page Layout > Header: Business Expenses > Table Choose the Level of Activity and click on the Personalize Box of the Desired Level Use the Up and Down Arrows Note: This reorder box includes all columns regardless of whether they are hidden or not

Add Items
Add Buttons Add Text and Images Add Messages (Data Fields) of many styles Add Tips Add Raw Text

Are they Upgradeable?

Can they Be Migrated to Other Instances?


Managing Personalizations
Use the Functional Administrator responsibility Go to the Personalizations tab In the Document Path enter the name of the page Click Go

Click the Manage Personalizations icon

Managing Personalizations
For either all or selected personalizations on the indicated page, you can: Deactivate Reactivate Delete Extract Upload

About This Page

In the lower left-hand corner of every self-service page. Use this link to see: Personalizations Patches Other useful information about the page

Application Messages
Defined in the Application Easily changed and survive patching and upgrades Use the Application Developer responsibility Navigate to Application > Messages Query the message Hint: Copy the text of the message from the self-service page and query on the text. Remember that tokens could be a part of the message.

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Don Driggs