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CIVIL 716 ENGINEERING RISK MANAGEMENT (15 Points, SC 2011) COURSE CO-ORDINATOR: Dean Myburgh 80-20 Options NZ Ltd.

. Office: (09) 4798661 Mobile 0274314429 SEMINAR TIMES: PHILOSOPHY: This is an online course. Readings will be given each week via the University course management programme Cecil. Students are expected to read the material and answer the associated worksheet questions. For all students there will be 11 optional contact weeks, where topics will be debated in the group. There will also be an industry guest speaker(s) to provide context to the risk management study. The course covers a broad based understanding of the critical elements of risk and risk management within industry. Key elements include a Framework for Risk Management, risk management principles and the risk management process (risk identification, analysis, treatment and evaluation). The course is designed to have a practical flavour, both in the discussion of risk management approaches as well as in the conduct of worksheets and assignments designed to give participants the tools they need to effectively manage risk. ASSESSMENT: Worksheet 1 20% Worksheet 2 20% Assignment 1 30% Assignment 2 30% Friday 12.00 2.00 Clock Tower T029

Hand-in time for assignments: Worksheets are due by 5.00pm on the Friday of each week specified Assignments are due by 5.00pm on the Friday of the specified week

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: By the end of this course, the student should: have a general understanding of the critical elements of risk and risk management within the engineering industry be able to apply the sequential steps of Risk Management be able to apply their learnt knowledge and techniques into real world projects to effectively manage risk

COURSE OUTLINE: Week 1 Topic Introduction to Risk Management: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 A framework for Risk Management Risk Management principles The Risk Management Process Comments Introduction week

Risk Context Identify Risks Risk Analysis Risk Evaluation Non Contact Week Risk Treatment Risk Case Study Risk Monitoring, Reviewing, Control Risk Case Study Risk Management Software Risk Management Review Guest Speaker Assignment 2 due Worksheet 2 due Assignment 1 due Worksheet 1 due

Required reading: AS/NZS ISO31000 (2009): Risk Management Principles and Guidelines Core Texts:

Bowden, Lane, Martin, (2001), Triple Bottom Line Risk Management, Chapter 1 Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge, (Third Edition), Chapters 11

Useful Risk Management websites: The New Zealand Society for Risk Management: www.risksociety.org.nz The Risk Management Institution of Australasia where there are newsletters on the risk management practice Risk Profession: www.rmia.org.au