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The News-Herald
Election Questionnaire

Date questionnaire completed: 9/18/2011

Office sought:

Newbury Township Trustee


Political party: Republican Name:David A. Snively _ Age: 71 _ Home address: 13575 Rockhaven Road, Box 623, Newbury, Ohio 44065 Length of residence in that community: 17 years Occupation: Newbury Township Trustee _ Marital status: Married Gender: Male

------------------------------------------------------Campaign Web site: N/A

Employer: Newbury Township Name of spouse:Heather

Name and age of any children: David 45, Devi 41

Public office experience:

Political office held


Years served

Elected or appointed?

Township Trustee Republican Central Committeeman

Newbury Newbury Precinct A

3-1/2 3

Elected Elected


3. 4.


Non-elected experience (committees, boards, etc.): Vice President, Retail Marketing, BP America Vice President, Government and Community Affairs, BP America .

School/city/state Years Degree-Subject or Certificate

High School College Graduate

Linton High School, Schenectady, NY Union College, Schenectady, NY

3 4

Graduated BA, Economics



Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

3 Months

Certificate of completion, Program for Senior Executives

(Note: Only list schools from which you've graduated and/or earned degrees. Please indicate if currently attending.) (Note: If you've completed a certificate program, please list in "Other" row and indicate certificate obtained.) Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it? 1. For the immediate future, Newbury Township is facing projected declines in revenues at the same time costs are increasing. Reviewing current operations and finding cheaper and better ways to accomplish them has been an important goal and will continue to be. Over the past three years, we have also worked to attract new businesses and to help existing businesses expand. As we succeed in this, the tax base improves and revenues increase without raising taxes. I plan to expand this effort by working closely with groups like Geauga Growth Partnership to make sure new businesses are fully aware of the many opportunities Newbury Township has to offer.

2. . Newburys attractiveness to new businesses and new residents is derived from its nearly unique combination of rural, agricultural charm coupled with close proximity to a large metropolitan area. Its important to manage this carefully, requiring close attention to zoning, commercial development and the township services provided by the Road Department, Newbury Volunteer Fire Department, Newbury Cemeteries and Oberland Park. Were fortunate to have many attractive building sites already zoned for commercial or industrial development which means none of the rural charm needs to be sacrificed as Newbury expands its tax base without raising taxes. 3. The third area which must be continued if Newbury is to achieve its goals is for the trustees to find the time to manage all that must be done. Invariably, when something goes wrong in a township, either financially or in terms of missed opportunities, it comes down to the people in charge not paying close enough attention to whats going on. In the next few years, as conditions get more difficult, it will be very important for the trustees to be directly involved with the day-to-day details of managing the finances and recognizing the opportunities.

Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you?

The Township Trustee position is not defined as a full-time job. In Geauga County, many incumbents hold full or parttime jobs elsewhere which compete for their time and attention. Newbury is fortunate to have two trustees who are available full-time. I am one of them and when there are important meetings to attend, opportunities to pursue or problems which must be promptly handled, Im ready to respond. For me, Newbury Township Trustee is a full-time job and I take it very seriously. Being able to easily adjust my schedule to the needs of others and having a 30 year career of corporate experience with the same issues I face as a trustee are qualities few others can match. Newbury Township Trustee is, in many ways, the best full-time job Ive ever had. I promise to continue and expand my attention to Newbury Townships needs and opportunities and I stand on my record over the past three years as I make this pledge.

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