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The News-Herald Election Questionnaire

Date Completed: September 18, 2011 Office sought: Village of Gates Mills Council Political party: N/A, as this is a non-partisan election

Name: Sandra Turner Age: 63

Gender: Female

Home address: 7620 Sherman Road, Gates Mills, Ohio 44040 Length of residence in that community: 22 years Occupation: Director, EY Assist Marital status: married Campaign website: N/A

Employer: Ernst & Young LLP Name of spouse: Harold Jeff Turner, Jr.

Name and age of any children: Patrice, age 32, Mario, age 26, William age 22 Public office experience: N/A Non-elected experience (committees, boards, etc.): Member of the Gates Mills Gas Well Safety Committee; President, national Employee Assistance Roundtable (EAR); Treasurer, Network to Educate and Organize for Gas Accountability and Protection (NEOGAP); Board Member, El Salvador Sustainable Economic Mission (ESSEM); Board Member, Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health; former President, international Employee Assistance Professionals Association; Founding Member, Employee Assistance Certification Commission; author of peer-reviewed articles, as well as conference presentations and publications. Education: High School College Graduate Graduate Other School/city/state Villa Angela Academy, Cleveland, Ohio Boston University, Boston, Mass. Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio Years 1962-1966 1966-1970 1970-1972 1999-2004 1990-1992 Degree-Subject or Certificate High school diploma B.A. psychology and political science MSW group work and community organization Ph.D. public social welfare administration Certificate in Organizational Development

Sandra Turner, Gates Mills Village Council

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Should you be elected, what are the three specific areas youd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it? The number one issue in the Village is averting a fiscal crisis due to the reduction of $1 million from the Village budget because of lowered state funding to local communities as a result of the economic turmoil across the U.S. The second issue is the increasing number of vacant homes in the community. Finally, the representation of the Village in the Mayfield School System is lacking, and must be improved by service on the school board, and enrollment in the schools. Increasing revenue can be accomplished in many ways without raising taxes. Grants can be secured, especially for conservation of land, water, air, and energy. Collectives, such as the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council, can reduce energy costs for the Village and its residents alike. Growth in home sales can be supported by joining with realtors and the Community Club to develop a plan to market the Village to newcomers to Cleveland. Home sales result in new income tax proceeds for the Village. We have already seen the success of donations to downtown development, namely the library. That experience can be duplicated. Donations for improvements to the tennis courts, for example, can result in a cost-effective partnership between residents and the Village. And then, contracting with a few neighboring communities for the use of these courts would cover the cost of maintenance. Promoting the use of the Community Center for catered events, incorporating a frequent customer program for residents would encourage use of the Center more frequently. Revenue must exceed cost, which I am not certain is calculated at this time. With regard to cutting expenses, the Village desperately needs to correct the state auditors finding of a significant deficiency regarding expenditures. Establishing a process for issuing purchase orders for larger Village expenditures will help. In 1993, the Village spent $10,000-$15,000 in engineering fees. In 2008-2009 it was $480,000. In 2010, it was $300,000. Why? The Village pays an engineering consultant for routine tasks like a communication to the bridge workers this year about where to park their trucks. Why? Asking such questions is the path to cutting expenses. Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? My intention in running for Village Council is to bring creative leadership, critical thinking, and fresh ideas necessary to handle the challenges ahead. I will be a servant leader in the Village. If elected, hold me accountable for fiscal restraint, long-term financial planning, and greater responsiveness to service requests. I will improve communications with residents, and reach out to the wealth of talent and expertise in our community to assist in Village matters.

Sandra Turner, Gates Mills Village Council

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